“Rebel Thirds” by Jillian Torassa

After the End of All Things, The Ten Colony Council enslaved all of the Third Class Citizens (the Smarts who helped destroy the world) in order to protect the more upright members of the dwindling population.Jade Doe is one of these Thirds, learning to control her inherent Knowledge so that she can redeem herself by […]

“Sealed” by Christian Lee

If you shot yourself in the head, you would die, right? What if you shot yourself then came back to life just a minute or two later? That’s what happens to Ashton Thorn in Sealed. While still lying in the muck that resulted from shooting himself, Ashton learns from his grandfather, who seems at that […]

“The Colossus of Rhodesville” by Andy Kubai

Compared to technological behemoth of a megastore, shoppers and employees seem like grit on the wind. But these stories, human stories, are the beating heart that fills the void where the concrete, steel, and plastic end. A collection of loosely interlinked tales, The Colossus of Rhodesville explores the soul beneath the dog-eat-dog corporate world, examining […]

“From the Beginning” by Brianna Webb

From the Beginning is a novel about a teen girl living her life. She is a senior in high school struggling with college applications, family problems, school pressure, and her first love. Through her various experiences, she learns so much about herself and the world around her. She becomes aware, she becomes inspired, and she […]

“Destiny Maybe” by Hanzel Calangan

When Gray Langdon shows up in Lucy Woods’ life she realizes that she’s finally met her mortal enemy, but what if destiny–plus the plotting minds of their parents–force them together to save their collapsing enemy? Will there be a place for love above the impending war between them? Vote for this Book Idea Voting Status […]

“Mark It Book: Dirty Minded Sales Calls” by Glenn Rhea

For almost 4 years we have written down phrases that our team has used on sales calls that could sound dirty to someone just coming into the conversation. Example: “Don’t worry. We will keep touching them until they say no.” So the idea is have the phrase on 1 side and then explain what they […]

“Tales From The Suburbs” by Lateisha Schmidt

The story of my life. I am an almost normal, product of the 1990’s. I come from a broken home. My parents were divorced during my early life. I’ve dealt with numerous comical, depressing, and life changing events throughout my life. From the first time that I attempted to smoke marijuana, at an early age, […]

“From Christina to Ada” by Ada Shaker

My name was once Christina Stewart but now it is Ada Isadora Shaker and this is my story. For the last 25 years of my life I have had to fight against the woman who brought me into this world. As a child I had to hide my younger siblings from her because she tried […]

“Tales of the Heavenly Oak” by Philip Bauer

12 compelling characters are introduced to the reader at the point of thier death. In Heaven a tree is planted at the inception of each life. These characters wake up under thier own appointed oak tree. They are met by a guide who takes them through thier book of life. The flashbacks into thier lives […]

“Mistakes?” by Ananth Chenimineni

It’s safe to say that prior to my sophomore year, I had absolutely no idea the name Alecia even existed and that there was a girl to accompany it. I think there’s a sad truth to high school doing a poor job of providing kids with an education, but I did gain many helpful tactics […]


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