#MarketingMondays: Have You Ever Had Writer’s Block?

Have you ever felt like you couldn't continue writing? Did it make you feel like it wasn't all worth it? Well, that is what we call writer's block. Having writer's block is not the end all be all for writers. A lot of authors may think that when they get writer's block, their career is over. Whenever I get into this situation, I just walk away from … [Read more...]

#SOOP on Sundays: Top 20 popular book ideas for January 21, 2018

January is coming to an end, and the weather is up and down and making us sick. Grab some kleenex and a hot drink, then cuddle up with a good book. While you do that you may wonder what the top 20 are this week so, come check out this week’s Top 20, scroll down to see your favorite, and please vote for them if you haven’t … [Read more...]

Soft Cover Release of Jennifer Irwin’s Book A Dress The Color of The Sky on January 16th

Jennifer Irwin's book A Dress The Color of the Sky is having a soft cover release on January 16th on Amazon. For only $15.99 you can read a fantastic story about a young woman named Prue. Come check out this excellent book written by Jennifer Irwin. Synopsis from her website: For too many years, Prudence Aldrich has been numbing the pain in her … [Read more...]

Top 40 Votes of All Time

The holidays are behind us and the new year in front of us. This post is a special one to wrap up the year and give a look at the year in retrospect. The Top 40 of All Time is a list of book ideas that have the top votes. Please scroll down and check out the book ideas that have generated a lot of votes. Don’t hesitate to check out the Book Ideas … [Read more...]

#MarketingMondays: Writing In the New Year

Happy New Year everybody. I hope you had a great holiday season. Now that they are behind us and the new year is ahead we must think about pushing forward with our writing. That is not as easy as one might think. Getting over the holidays and all the fun and craziness that comes with it, is just not easy, trust me I know. Have you ever wondered … [Read more...]

#Marketing Monday: Building a Fan Base Before You Publish

I bet you are wondering how you would be able to build a fan base before you publish? Building a fan base is something that an author needs to do before you even get started writing. This will help you publish your book and generate the buzz you want. If you already have a loyal fan base, then you have nothing to worry about when getting ready to … [Read more...]

#MarketingMondays: If A Tree Falls in the Woods

    Here’s the thing about social media – if a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound?   And that is my somewhat archaic was of making a very simple point: if no one follows you, no one is going to know that you’re posting! It’s like shouting into a deep, dark, empty void along with millions of other people, each hoping for an … [Read more...]

#MarketingMondays: Stay Active

    Word of advice, writers – don't neglect your efforts.If you're on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (which you should be) you can't just exist on those sites. There are several things that you must do in order to have a successful social media marketing campaign.Produce ContentIt isn't enough to simply exist. In order to make your page … [Read more...]

#MarketingMondays: Try and Try Again

  Try and try again. Seriously. It's not a new message. In fact, we've already devoted blog posts upon blog posts to the importance of persistence in marketing. And I think it bears repeating just one more time.You post something of Facebook expecting a positive engagement. Maybe it's an announcement or blog post. You were expecting some … [Read more...]

#MarketingMondays: More on Networking

 Here’s the thing about Networking as a marketing technique: There is never enough said on the subject.Seriously, author-hopefuls, networking is the cornerstone of all success, and not just in the publishing world. You need a job? Knowing someone, who might know someone, is probably the way you’re going to get it. Want your book published? Knowing … [Read more...]


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