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Here’s the thing about Networking as a marketing technique: There is never enough said on the subject.

Seriously, author-hopefuls, networking is the cornerstone of all success, and not just in the publishing world. You need a job? Knowing someone, who might know someone, is probably the way you’re going to get it. Want your book published? Knowing people who know other people, in the business or simply as potential consumers, is the number one path to success.

Now, it’s lucky that you’re entering this process of self-publishing in this day and age. Even though it’s still monumentally difficult, there are so many more ways to meet people than there used to be. Just take a look at the dating scene. Find it difficult to meet new people because of non-conducive work life or a general aversion to the bar scene? There are apps for that. And not just a few, but MANY. (So many, in fact, even Business Insider http://www.businessinsider.com/search-for-love-sparks-dating-app-growth-2014-7 neglected to put an actual number in their articles on the subject).

Now, getting published and selling your book isn’t exactly the same as finding a date, but it kind of is, isn’t it? There’s a sense of franticness easily confused with desperation and 90% of profile views will not result in a sale. But, like dating, all it really takes is that one match. That one person to show an interest. And suddenly, you’re riding on air.

But what does this metaphor mean to you? It means that there’s a big old world out there, and real connections are few and far between. There are thousands of books on those shelves, authors, and you need to make a connection, because it’s very easy for that reader to simply miss your book. It means that sometimes, you have to reach out and make that connection yourself.

I’ve talked before about the necessity of actually talking to people, but I cannot force the point enough. Be bold! Be brave! And connect with your audience! This is a time when an audience wants to feel close to their content creators. There’s a reason comic-cons are so gosh-darn popular these days. It’s now mandatory that pro athletes be available post-game, still on the field, for reporters to get their reactions.

The people want to know you. The more available you make yourself, the more likely they’ll be interested in what you have to say.

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