#MarketingMondays: If A Tree Falls in the Woods

    Here’s the thing about social media – if a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound?   And that is my somewhat archaic was of making a very simple point: if no one follows you, no one is going to know that you’re posting! It’s like shouting into a deep, dark, empty void along with millions of other people, each hoping for an … [Read more...]

#MarketingMondays: Stay Active

    Word of advice, writers – don't neglect your efforts.If you're on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (which you should be) you can't just exist on those sites. There are several things that you must do in order to have a successful social media marketing campaign.Produce ContentIt isn't enough to simply exist. In order to make your page … [Read more...]

#MarketingMondays: Try and Try Again

  Try and try again. Seriously. It's not a new message. In fact, we've already devoted blog posts upon blog posts to the importance of persistence in marketing. And I think it bears repeating just one more time.You post something of Facebook expecting a positive engagement. Maybe it's an announcement or blog post. You were expecting some … [Read more...]

#MarketingMondays: More on Networking

 Here’s the thing about Networking as a marketing technique: There is never enough said on the subject.Seriously, author-hopefuls, networking is the cornerstone of all success, and not just in the publishing world. You need a job? Knowing someone, who might know someone, is probably the way you’re going to get it. Want your book published? Knowing … [Read more...]

#Contest: Winners

Hello faithful readers, writers and authors! This beautiful August day brings you an overdue post about some very talented people. We started a contest many moons ago, and we honestly don’t know exactly when it happened. It was a first line contest on Twitter (@SOOPROCKS) and we had many wonderful entries. Despite the time lapse, we have finally … [Read more...]

#MarketingMondays: Special Edition

 Refining SOOPAs most of you might have noticed, SOOP has been doing a lot of growing in the last year. We have so many new book ideas, and out Top 20 list is chock full of authors and books that are quickly approaching their publishing contract milestones. Our audience has grown, and so has the number of people that see the value of SOOP and … [Read more...]

#MarketingMondays: Balance

Think BalanceBefore I was the chief writer of the #MarketingonMonday blog, the majority of posts were tip and trick oriented. There were lots of suggestions and app recommendations. My posts, however, are principle driven. Things to keep in mind when you approach the battle that is personal marketing. I had every intention of returning to the old … [Read more...]

#MarketingMondays: Persistence is Everything

The Name of The Game is Persistence This is a simple, simple concept. This isn't a trick. It's barely a tip. It's more of a cautionary tale. You see, without persistence in all things, there will only be failure.As aspiring authors, you probably already know that seeing a project through to the end is not easy. And marketing is the same way. It … [Read more...]

#MarketingMondays: Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth"I just don't know what to read next.""Got a pen? I have plenty of suggestions!"That was a sample conversation I have had hundreds of times in my life. While I always have my go-to suggestions of much-beloved authors from years gone past, at least one or two newer titles or names get cycled into the mix. Now, why is anything I talk to … [Read more...]

#MarketingMondays: Say Yes!

 Hello readers! Today we welcome a guest writer to our Marketing Monday offering. Jennifer Irwin, author of A Dress of the Color of the Sky, current number one Book Idea, offers her thoughts on the power of saying 'yes.'  "When I dropped my oldest son off at college, I attended his orientation. The orientation leaders told the freshman students … [Read more...]


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