#SOOP on Monday: Top 30 Short Story & Book Ideas for July, 17

Greetings, talented writers!
We hope this blog post finds you inspired and passionate about storytelling. Since we didn’t have a top 20 last week, we are featuring today a unique Top 30 blog and some exciting news regarding the qualification period for our Annual Short Story Contest.
Due to popular demand and the desire to provide every writer ample opportunity, we have extended the qualification period until September 15!
We understand that gathering 50 votes to qualify your short story in the contest can be challenging. We want to offer tips and insights to help you gather readers and supporters and reach the coveted vote count. Remember, this is your chance to shine and make your mark in the literary world, so let’s make the most of it together!
Share Your Story Idea with Passion:
  1. Start by sharing your short story idea with those who still need to support you. 
  2. Tell them about your participation in the Annual Short Story Contest and the importance of their support. 
  3. Be enthusiastic and passionate when discussing your story’s concept; your excitement will be contagious and draw others in.

Utilize Social Media:

  1. Leverage the power of social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Wattpad, to name a few) to expand your reach and connect with potential readers and supporters.
  2. Please share your story description and a call to action asking for their vote.
  3. Engage with your followers, respond to comments, and create a community around your writing.

Reach Out to New Audiences: 

  1. Reach out to new audiences who may resonate with your writing.
  2. Consider joining writing groups, online communities, or forums to connect with fellow writers and readers who appreciate your genre or writing style.

Create Engaging Content:

  1. Enhance your online presence by creating compelling content related to your story.
  2. Write blog posts, create videos, or record podcasts exploring your story’s themes, characters, or inspiration.
  3. Share these content pieces across social media channels and encourage your audience to vote for your story.

Engage with Book Clubs and Reading Communities: 

  1. Connect with book clubs, reading communities, or literary organizations that align with the genre or themes of your story. 
  2. Offer to participate in virtual discussions, provide author insights, or share excerpts from your work. Engaging with these communities can generate interest and votes for your story.

Remember, the qualification period has been extended to September 15, so seize this opportunity to gather votes and make your mark in our Annual Short Story Contest. Stay proactive, be persistent, and keep sharing your story idea with as many people as possible. Your passion and dedication will undoubtedly resonate with readers and supporters who believe in your talent. If qualifying is too challenging for you, here’s an option you may want to explore. 

We are excited to witness the incredible stories that will emerge from this contest, and we are here to support you throughout your journey. Should you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated contest team at [email protected].

Best of luck to all participants! Let’s make this Annual Short Story Contest a celebration of exceptional storytelling.

I am really sorry, Nelly

Genres: , ,

My New Best Friends

Genres: , ,

Becoming The Beast

Genres: , ,

Stolen Shirts

Genres: , ,

The Doll House

Genres: , ,

The Hope of the Wounded

Genres: , ,

The Race and repel

Genres: , Contest Category – Science Fiction,


Genres: , Contest Category – Science Fiction,

My Broken Heart

Genres: , Contest Category – Memoir & Autobiography,

Dale Mabry Hwy.

Genres: , Contest Category – Memoir & Autobiography,

Stoned Spirit

Genres: , Contest Category – Fantasy,

The Skeleton Key Handbook

Genres: , ,

The Flag

Genres: , ,

An Iguana Amongst Cigar Workers

Genres: , Contest Category – Dystopian,

My Millennial

Genres: , Contest Category – Memoir & Autobiography,

How Groundhog Saved Planet Earth 

Genres: , ,

Disappearing Wedding Ring

Genres: , ,

Life is Hard, Love Harder

Genres: , ,

Growing Up Cipoletti

Genres: , Contest Category – Memoir & Autobiography,

My Dad Who Hated Cats

Genres: , Contest Category – Memoir & Autobiography,

A Chip In The Mask

Genres: , Contest Category – Fantasy,

My School is Better

Genres: , Contest Category – Fantasy,


Genres: , Contest Category – Horror,

Hyde Side

Genres: , Contest Category – Science Fiction,

West Valley Divide

Genres: , Contest Category – Fantasy,

Musings of a Marigold

Genres: , ,

Cruiscin Lan 

Genres: , ,

Poems of Romance

Genres: , ,

The Spiders Meet The Children

Genres: , Contest Category – Children’s Fiction,

The Gospel of Jesus

Genres: , ,

How to Make the Top 30?

Simple! Gather as many votes as you can! 

It might sound like too much heavy-lifting but read this blog to gain additional guidance on how to promote your idea on Social Media. 

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SOOP’s Premium Level also assigns homework with a required 85% passing grade, ensuring you understand the curriculum before proceeding. In addition to a higher standard for your homework, our panel of experts provides personalized feedback, arming you with more information and allowing you to adjust the course when necessary.

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