‘My Millennial’ By Myranda Marie

One parent’s unique and honest perspective on raising her millennial from the first hasty and negative judgment to the present day as her son approaches his thirties. This generation, named for their coming of age as we celebrated the next millennium, carry a stigma of refusing to accept real responsibility for their actions and behaviors as if every outside influence was in fact their fault. Millennials are said to prefer technology and virtual reality over real life and real-world issues and obligations; however most who pass this judgment have not considered why. This misunderstood generation was expected to possess efficient coping mechanisms and universal knowledge as if it were woven directly into their DNA. They are cut no slack and chastised for underperforming according to the expectations of previous generations simply too set in their ways to consider anything otherwise. One mother cannot be the only mother with a story to tell as she commits to keeping her millennial from dropping into the chasm between generations, lost and forgotten without an opportunity to share his gifts and experience with generations to follow.

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