#SOOP on Monday: Top 20 Short Stories & Book Ideas for June 26, 2023

Calling all aspiring authors and creative storytellers! 

Something Or Other Publishing (SOOP) is thrilled to announce that the qualification period for the 3rd Annual Short Story Contest ends soon. 

Our prestigious contest offers a unique platform for talented writers to showcase their work, compete for generous cash awards, and potentially secure a publishing contract. Honoring excellence in short story writing and providing extraordinary opportunities for aspiring authors to make their mark in the literary world is what SOOP does best!

Short stories hold immense power, offering glimpses into captivating worlds, exploring complex characters, and evoking powerful emotions within a limited space. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or new to the craft, this contest welcomes all voices and perspectives.

The deadline for qualification is set for July 31st to ensure all writers have ample opportunity to submit their best work. We encourage you to submit your stories before this date to be considered for the contest and potential publication opportunities.

To participate in our Annual Short Story Contest, please review the submission guidelines provided on our website. Pay close attention to this year’s contest’s formatting requirements and all the categories open for submission. Your story should be a true reflection of your creative voice and showcase your storytelling prowess.

We will announce the winners and publish contract offers shortly after the contest deadline, so keep an eye out for updates on our website and social media platforms. We cannot wait to read your extraordinary stories and witness the brilliance of your creativity!

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Start crafting your captivating short story, pouring your heart and imagination onto the pages, and prepare to captivate our judging panel with your words, just like the stories in this week’s Top 20 blog!

A Siren’s Treasure

Genres: , Contest Category – Fantasy,

Why Is It Called A Ghost Pepper? 

Genres: , Contest Category – Humor & Entertainment,

Murder Book

Genres: , Contest Category – Historical Fiction,

The Planet of the Shining Diamonds

Genres: , Contest Category – Fantasy,


Genres: , Contest Category – Fantasy,

My Millennial

Genres: , Contest Category – Memoir & Autobiography,

The House on Old Plank Road

Genres: , Contest Category – Horror,

The Child No One Heard

Genres: , Contest Category – Memoir & Autobiography,

West Valley Divide

Genres: , Contest Category – Fantasy,


Genres: , Contest Category – Fantasy,

Suffering In Silence

Genres: , Contest Category – Families & Relationships,

It’s Tragic

Genres: Book Ideas – Children’s Books, Family & Parenting, Religion & Spirituality

My School is Better

Genres: , Contest Category – Fantasy,

Day Three

Genres: , Contest Category – Horror,

The Third Sunday

Genres: , Contest Category – Young Adult,

Eyewitness accounts of the Paranormal, Cryptids and Third Kind

Genres: , Contest Category – Young Adult,


Genres: , Contest Category – Motivational / Inspirational,

The Gift

Genres: , Contest Category – Motivational / Inspirational,


Genres: , Contest Category – Children’s Fiction,

Crying in the Stars

Genres: , Contest Category – Fantasy,

How to Make the Top 20?

Simple! Gather as many votes as you can! 

It might sound like too much heavy-lifting but read this blog to gain additional guidance on how SOOP’s Crowdsourcing Model works. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Publish with SOOP

Everyone at SOOP will help you work towards success.

When you submit a Book Idea, you can choose one of two ways to reach your publishing goal: Free or Premium Levels.

SOOP’s Free Level assigns homework at each stage of the voting process, which helps you make substantial progress in marketing your work and improve the quality of your story. SOOP manages your homework in phases and returns your homework on a pass/fail basis. 

SOOP’s Premium Level also assigns homework with a required 85% passing grade, ensuring you understand the curriculum before proceeding. In addition to a higher standard for your homework, our panel of experts provides personalized feedback, arming you with more information and allowing you to adjust the course when necessary.

Explore our website to learn more about SOOP’s Author-Driven Publishing Model, read additional FAQ answers, or submit a Book or Short Story Idea.

Something Or Other Publishing is committed to improving the connection that readers, writers, and providers can establish in today’s publishing industry.

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