#SOOP on Monday: Top 20 Short Stories & Book Ideas for June 12, 2023

This new Top 20 is a great opportunity to share a little bit more about us. As a published author, your ultimate goal is to get your stories out there and reach a wide readership and generate sales!

At Something Or Other Publishing, we believe in a holistic approach beyond mere publication that empowers the authors with resources and guidance to boost their presence authentically. Here are some insights on how SOOP can help you maximize your sales potential and reap the rewards of our comprehensive publishing program:

Marketing Materials

Alongside your manuscript, invest time and effort into brainstorming the branding of your short story or book idea. Suitable marketing materials will entice potential readers and increase the chances of converting interest into sales:

  1. Start by crafting an enticing book blurb that grabs readers’ attention and compels them to explore further. 
  2. Our team will create eye-catching artwork that aligns with your story and can help you stand out on online platforms and bookshelves. 

Leverage the Power of Social Media

Social media platforms are invaluable tools for promoting your work and driving sales. By effectively utilizing social media, you can reach a vast audience and drive traffic to your book’s sales channels:

  1. Establish a strong presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. 
  2. The SOOP team will help you engage with your audience by sharing enticing snippets, organizing contests or giveaways, and running targeted advertising campaigns through our various publication phases.

Collaborate with Influencers and Book Bloggers

Influencer marketing can significantly boost your book’s visibility and sales, and SOOP’s endorsement can introduce your work to a broader audience and help generate buzz and sales:

  1. Our network of relevant collaborators and bloggers in your genre or niche will help you approach new people and get new collaboration opportunities. 
  2. Once you establish a connection, you may seek reviews for your book, interviews/podcast appearances, and guest blogging opportunities.

Tap into the Power of Email Marketing

Building an email list of interested readers through our Crowdsourcing Model is a valuable asset for driving sales: 

  1. Create a compelling description to entice readers to vote for your idea.
  2. Once your short story gets assigned to an anthology project, or your book idea is ready to enter the initial publishing phase, our team will map out an email communications strategy to regularly engage with your voters by keeping them updated throughout the publishing process. Develop a relationship of trust and loyalty through these communications, and you’ll have a dedicated audience primed to support your book releases.

Plan Engaging Book Launches and Events

A well-executed book launch can create excitement and generate immediate sales:

  1. Using platforms like ZOOM, plan engaging virtual or in-person launch events that showcase your book and connect with your audience. 
  2. SOOP will help you organize author Q&A sessions, virtual readings, or panel discussions. Collaborate with local bookstores, libraries, or literary festivals to expand your reach and attract potential buyers.

Optimize Online Distribution Channels

SOOP will ensure your book is available on popular online platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and independent bookstore websites:

  1. Our team will constantly optimize your book’s metadata with relevant keywords, categories, and compelling descriptions. 
  2. Encourage buyers to leave reviews, as positive reviews can significantly influence potential new customers to discover your books. 

Engage in Continuous Promotion and Advertising

Marketing your book continues after the initial launch. Consistently promote your work through various channels: 

  1. Consider running targeted online ads, participating in genre-specific promotions or book fairs, and seeking opportunities for media coverage. 
  2. Maintain an active presence on social media, engage with readers, and leverage word-of-mouth recommendations to keep your book in the spotlight.

Mastering SOOP’s Author-Driven publishing model is vital to boosting sales and reaping the rewards of your hard work as an author. Our comprehensive approach focuses on your success as an author, and once your story is qualified for publication, we’re sure that a bright future awaits you! Here are this week’s Top 20 Short Stories & Book Ideas: 

The Quiet Storm

Genres: , Contest Category – Science Fiction,

The Gift

Genres: , Contest Category – Motivational / Inspirational,

What the SHELLL!

Genres: , Contest Category – Children’s Fiction,


Genres: , Contest Category – Families & Relationships,

A Dream Come True

Genres: , Contest Category – Fantasy,

Love is My Superpower

Genres: , Contest Category – Motivational / Inspirational,

The Legend of the Liver Eater

Genres: , Contest Category – Horror,

Day Three

Genres: , Contest Category – Horror,

She Was…

Genres: , Contest Category – Families & Relationships,

The Spiders Meet The Children

Genres: , Contest Category – Children’s Fiction,

Crying in the Stars

Genres: , Contest Category – Fantasy,

The House on Old Plank Road

Genres: , Contest Category – Horror,

Flying Cow Ranch

Genres: , Contest Category – Fantasy,


Genres: , Contest Category – Thriller,


Genres: , Contest Category – Fantasy,

Lost & Found

Genres: , Contest Category – Detective & Mystery,

Two Homes

Genres: , Contest Category – Fantasy,

Cranky Pants

Genres: , Contest Category – Children’s Fiction,

Finding Me and She

Genres: , Contest Category – Detective & Mystery,

A Post-Collapse Tale

Genres: , Contest Category – Dystopian,

How to Make the Top 20?

Simple! Gather as many votes as you can! 

It might sound like too much heavy-lifting but read this blog to gain additional guidance on how SOOP’s Crowdsourcing Model works. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Publish with SOOP

Everyone at SOOP will help you work towards success.

When you submit a Book Idea, you can choose one of two ways to reach your publishing goal: Free or Premium Levels.

SOOP’s Free Level assigns homework at each stage of the voting process, which helps you make substantial progress in marketing your work and improve the quality of your story. SOOP manages your homework in phases and returns your homework on a pass/fail basis. 

SOOP’s Premium Level also assigns homework with a required 85% passing grade, ensuring you understand the curriculum before proceeding. In addition to a higher standard for your homework, our panel of experts provides personalized feedback, arming you with more information and allowing you to adjust the course when necessary.

Explore our website to learn more about SOOP’s Author-Driven Publishing Model, read additional FAQ answers, or submit a Book or Short Story Idea.

Something Or Other Publishing is committed to improving the connection that readers, writers, and providers can establish in today’s publishing industry.

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