‘What the SHELLL!’ By David Alan Binder

A tortoise has to have a shell or does it? Maybe but not necessarily, A tortoise shucks fear and then its shell. Where did it go? What to use for a replacement shell? A little girl lovingly helps ultimately assistance is found from a respected authority. What the SHELL! is a children’s chapter book of 788 words and copyrighted.
“The chapter book-super cute! …I wouldn’t change a thing!” states Professional Editor and Author Jennifer Cyr

“the story idea and the telling is excellent” Sybrina Durant Author

“I really enjoyed your book. It had a lot of facts in it and I learned a lot about tortoises. …it [is] a very interesting and creative story. The personality of Tortugli was cute and engaging. Adults and children will enjoy reading this book.”, author Pamela Allen-Sanders

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About the Author: David Alan has been published 14 times, award winning (one with 2nd place, monetary prize, two honorable mentions, and is a Member of Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. He has a masters degree and has a blog with thousands of followers and readers.
David Alan Binder in addition has written 12 books (4 ready to publish, 4 complete, 4 more in draft)

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Of course this book is unique! There is a book “The turtle’s cracked shell” a tale from Africa and”How the turtle cracked its shell” and “Turtle comes out of her shell” addresses behavior issues.

Here is this fantastic story:

(A Tortugli Adventure) [pronounced tore-two-glee]
Chapter One
A tortoise can have fun by crawling around but not Tortugli.
Tortugli is afraid. WHY?
It is scary to stick a head, tail or legs outside of the shell because of what might happen.
What if something comes along and wants to bite the sticking out parts?
Oh, no, what a horrible thought.
This thought scared Tortugli.
So Tortugli got even more afraid and found out the worst part…
Tortugli was a scaredy cat!
Who knows what might swoop down and bite arms, legs or even the head!
Tortugli’s stomach makes a large rumbling noise. “What is that?”
“Phew, just my tummy.” What a funny sound.“
So Tortugli starts by a few minutes at a time moving around to a leaf and munching on it.
There are some bugs around but Tortugli prefers vegan.
Gradually as Tortugli discovers that the shell on its back is a great shell-ter.
Fantastic protection from the weather, from scrapes and scratches, from other animals.
Then it gets more and more used to the idea of moving around and eating a bit here and there, being careful. And also. Oh so observant for threats.
If a threat appears, boom, pull all the legs and head and tail into the shell and disappear.
After a great while Tortugli makes a FANTASTIC discovery.

Chapter Two

Tortugli figures out how to come out of the shell and be unencumbered.
How much faster it is to be without the shell to lug around!
Plus it is heavy!
And cooler in the heat of the day.
It is a game Tortugli likes to call SHELL OUT!
How long can it be played until a need to retreat back into the shell?
Interesting game. Tortugli tries it for minutes at a time, then works up to an hour or two.
Maybe all day?
Then oops, a horrible thing happens. OH SHELL!
Tortugli forgets where the shell-ter was left behind.
This turns the game from how long, to hurrying and QUICKLY, VERY QUICKLY!
Find that darn shell-ter. Got to find the shell!

Chapter Three

A carb family is out for a walk on a beautiful day.
They are enjoying themselves and ambling along.
Around a curve in the path they stop.
“Oh! What is this object here?”
“This is quite the find!”
As they explore around it and then climb in it then one of thems says,
“This will make a great home for us!”
“Let’s haul it to where we live and it will make a shelter for us.”
After hours of pulling and tugging and struggling they make it back.
“This is going to be so wonderful. A home of our own!”
“Protection from the rain and wind, a shelter of our own.”
Much later…

Chapter Four

Along comes a child.
“Oh, what’s this?” the child wonders
“What an unusual animal?”
“Oh, it is just a turtle without a shell.”
Oh, that is very curious and starts reading about turtles.
It turns out that this turtle is not a turtle.
It is a tortoise, how does the child know?
A turtle is a water animal and a tortoise is a land animal and both are protected with a shell.
And I shall find the Tortugli a shell.
“Hmmm? What can be used for a tortoise shell?”
A rock?
A stick?
A flower pot?
Which one?
Too small.
Too large
No, too heavy!
How about a unique approach? Tinfoil?
Too shiny? Yeah, not very camouflaged.
A ball cap?
Which one?
The red one or the blue one?
The brim front, rear or to the side? Nah just doesn’t fit right; however, it is kinda cool looking.
A plastic bucket?
Too tall!
A discarded watermelon rind?
Too drippy!
A bowl?
Again too small or too large and too round, it just doesn’t fit right!
Half a ball?
Nah, too circular!

Chapter Five

It is time to get an expert!
The child takes the tortoise to a University.
Asking around to see who might be able to help.
A professor of biology volunteers.
The child states, “I need some protective gear for my unprotected tortoise. What do I do?”.
The professor consults the other staff and students.
Many ideas are suggested.
Ideas are bouncing around.
After many other ideas are floated around one comes up with using an old army helmet.
Which is close to just right!
Camouflage and toughness.
SHELLO! What a great idea!
Tortugli wears it proudly.
A huge exhale comes from the child, “What a relief it is not to worry about protecting Tortugli!”
Tortugli thinks, “At least I have some protection back when I need it.”
“Now how do I get away from this child?”

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