“Snarls of Love ” by Sandra Carvalho: Now Published!

  Snarls of Love (Paperback) Snarls of Love (Kindle)   A Professional Hitman goes by the name ” Judas” hired by an elite shady corporation .. working alone always sometime has it moments where love can have a name ” Sara ” possess his mind with her Telepathic gifted powers seeing his every move yet […]

“The Supernutrients Diet” by Natalie Minnis

Dieting is often summed up in a simple equation: fewer calories equals greater weight loss. Eat less; exercise more. Simple.The reality, as many dieters find out, is rarely so simple. When we reduce our food intake, we experience cravings. Our metabolism is disrupted. The body has a tendency to store fat if it thinks a […]

“Climbing the Cross Cultural Cliff” by Rali Panchanatham and Wade Fransson

Ten years ago an American Executive/Philanthropist met with a successful Indian CEO to discuss an innovative approach to helping the 400,000 homeless children of Chennai. That effort ultimately failed due to the cultural divide between the East and the West, but the relationship struck by these two men endured. Over the years they’ve continued to […]

“The Time Manipulator’s Son” by Rohini Singh

Powerful aliens hide on an asteroid floating above the planet Chyspah. Fearing for her child’s life, a widow breaks the laws of her people and makes contact with the leader of the planet. Her actions kick off a long series of strange occurrences and unexpected discoveries that lead three boys to solve their parents’ mysteries […]

“SoMe… Who Me?” by deMarie Malnar

 Wanting to learn how to navigate the world of social media to help promote your business, stay in touch with faraway friends or document your exciting life?   Vote for this Book Idea Voting Status Countdown to 1000 votes remaining 50 votes – Production self-help guide 125 votes – Platform self-help guide 200 votes – […]


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