“Walk-In Investigations: A Spirit’s Oracle – A Paranormal Detective Mystery” by Joyce Kostakis

Walk-In Investigations novel is like Ghost Whisperer meets Cagney & Lacey and is the first in a planned series that takes readers of detective novels to a different level with a paranormal twist. When Detective Katie Hanson woke up in the hospital after her suicide attempt, she could never have imaged that the decision to end her life would open the door to not only the spirit world, but a parallel universe. Working closely with her parallel self and the spirit of the deceased victim, Katie investigates the department’s cold cases.As her first case unfolds, Katie realizes a deceased witness testimony can be just as flawed as the living. Nothing is as it seems. The victim’s testimony doesn’t match the evidence. The deceased mother, Sarah and son, Matt give conflicting accounts as to who murdered them. Sarah’s account implicates her husband as the murderer and Matt is positive his father is innocent. Will following the footsteps of parallel Kate’s investigation lead her to the truth or cause her to arrest an innocent man?
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