#SOOP on Monday: Top 20 Short Stories & Book Ideas for August 28, 2023


The start of a new week brings us a unique opportunity to showcase the top 20 short story ideas at SOOP, and we want to use this opportunity to highlight the benefits of the Annual Short Story Contest qualification pathway. 

In the digital age, where connectivity and engagement are at the forefront, developing writers seek to master an incredible ability: effectively bringing together their most valuable readers and supporters. In that sense, SOOP’s voting program has proven invaluable for writers looking to build their fan base and create a more meaningful impact with their cold audience.

Crowdsourcing allows you to build early excitement in your work, enabling you to warm your audience by making them active participants in your publishing journey.

Involving your voters in the creative process fosters a sense of community and investment. Once you’re ready to publish, our model involves your readers and supporters in decisions related to cover design, book titles, and promotional materials. When people feel they’ve contributed to your work, they’re more likely to become loyal fans and advocates, and their engagement can lead to word-of-mouth promotion, helping you expand your reach and impact.

Engaging your audience early in the process builds anticipation and momentum for your upcoming release. Ultimately, we want your voters to become invested in the success of your book, leading to pre-orders and a more impactful release. Crowdsourcing is more than just obtaining feedback; it’s a strategy that empowers writers to build their fan club by building solid relationships with their readers that can ensure a successful, long-lasting writing career.

Remember that the qualification period ends on September 15th, and if the voting process is too overwhelming, we invite you to try our contest fee option, which streamlines the voting process. 

Thank you for giving a try to the SOOP model. Good Luck, and congratulations to the Top 20 writers!

Last Weekend in Lahaina, Aloha and Mahalo

Genres: , ,

Plant Based Soul: Comfort Food for Foodies

Genres: , Contest Category – Health & Wellness,

White Angel

Genres: , Contest Category – Detective & Mystery,

Crosswalk Blues

Genres: , Contest Category – Young Adult,

Monsters at Night

Genres: , Contest Category – Horror,

The City of Jewels

Genres: , Contest Category – Adventure,

Where is Bob?

Genres: , Contest Category – Science Fiction,

Heaven’s Warrior

Genres: , Contest Category – Families & Relationships,

Combat Fatigue

Genres: , Contest Category – Historical Fiction,

The Wolf’s Heir: Katrine’s Awakening

Genres: , Contest Category – Science Fiction,

An Otherwise Ordinary Moment

Genres: , Contest Category – Families & Relationships,

Meeting Aaliyah, One in A Million

Genres: , ,

Unlikely Heroes

Genres: , ,

The Necromancer’s Triumph

Genres: , Contest Category – Fantasy,

Shifting Gears

Genres: , ,

Dreams in Technicolor

Genres: , Contest Category – Young Adult,

Hidden History of the Hamptons

Genres: , ,

Nine Days

Genres: , ,

Sheryl Manson: Cry for Help

Genres: , ,

Long Story Short

Genres: , ,

How to Make the Top 20?

Simple! Gather as many votes as you can! 

Read this blog to gain additional guidance on how to promote your idea through our Fan Base Building Model. If qualifying is too challenging for you, here’s an option you may want to explore. 

Work with SOOP

Everyone at SOOP will help you work towards success.

When you submit your Book Idea, you can choose one of two ways to reach your publishing goal: Free or Premium Levels. At each stage of the voting process, SOOP’s Free Level assigns homework, which helps you not only make substantial progress in marketing your work, but also helps you develop the best story possible. SOOP manages your homework in phases and returns your homework on a pass/fail basis.

SOOP’s Premium Level also assigns homework with a required 85% passing grade, ensuring you understand the curriculum before proceeding. In addition to a higher standard for your homework, our panel of experts provides personalized feedback, arming you with more information and allowing you to adjust the course when necessary.

Explore our website to purchase our Certification Program, learn more about Author-Driven Publishing, read additional FAQ answers, or submit a Book or Short Story Idea.


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    I am having a problem with my link for people to vote on my book. What do I need to do. This link does not take my friends to the area to vote for The Little Black Book.

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