Announcing the Semi-Finalists and the Curator’s Choice Awards!

Something Or Other Publishing is delighted to announce the winners of the Curator’s Choice Awards and the semi-finalist of the 2nd Annual Short Story Contest, our flagship program to provide emerging authors with a unique opportunity to get started in the publishing industry.

SOOP rewards cash prizes when a category collects more than 25 qualified submissions (a heat), where our selected curators choose a winner from each and passes up to 3 entries on to the semi-finals to be reviewed by our independent panel of judges. 

This year’s panel of curators included some of the historic names in our revolutionary platform: Eric Mondschein, Author of Life at 12 College Road; Wade Fransson, author of The People of The Sign; Alia Luria, award-winning author of the Sci-Fi series, The Artifacts of Lumin, and Eileen Maddocks, author of the trilogy, The Coming of The Glory. 

The results of this year were fascinating, with a lot of quality, diverse writing styles, and distinctive narratives that make this group of writers an exciting generation of authors ready to conquer the world with their short tales.

We sincerely apologize for the unexpected delay in the announcement. Please stay tuned for the final contest results in the coming days. 

2nd Annual Short Story Contest


Curator’s Choice Awards Winners 2022
A Few Stifled Tears by Jessica Reese

Detective & Mystery

Us by A. Moth 

Positive Social Transformation

Zeepak and the Wheelchair of Fortune by Selcuk Ceylan 

Children’s Fiction

Nine-Thirty by Beatrice 


White Walls by Ashley Raquelle

Young Adult

On Being Alone at the End of the World by Liana DeMasi


The Dragon of Chilkoot Pass by Henrietta DuCap


Dirty Laundry by Adanya Shadi

Humor and Entertainment

Stay with Me by Marcus Lopes


Mind the Gap by M. Catherine Frederick

Literary Fiction

What Remains by Christopher Epley

Science Fiction

Breaking Through by Lisa Jane Hussey

Motivational & Inspirational

Suicide by Assassination by James Coffey

Historical Fiction


Additional Category Semi-Finalists
Tentative: The Myth of Creation and Rain by Comfort Mordi
No Monsters in this House by Preeti C. Sharma
The Confession by Beatrice
Missing Light by Ishma Ockerman
The Queen of the Sea by Robert D’Emilio
The Wrath of Selene by RS Morrison
The Drouth by Dennis McCurdy
A Christmas Story by Susan Barr
Collecting Dust by Lauren Parisi
In These Dark Woods by J. C. Gentry
 Ophelia and The Tin Knight by Roberta Azzopardi
Broke by John Jeffire
Wish by Soham Ganguly
The Shrimp Incident of 92′ by David Lastinger
The Etching by Dylan Lyons
The Woman With Silver Hair by Clarissa Lux
Living My Vision Without Sight by JW Smith
Confused by Eric Bianchi
Social Cancer Breakout by HAMXAAXISM
DICK by Professor Arturo
They Love Me There by Pastor Dale
The Little Things by Celine Elizabeth
No Time For Kisses by Sharon Grata
Chronosphere by Stephen St. Clair
Second Chance by Jamey O’Donnell
Nature Invites Us to be What We Are by Melanie Pensak
Why I Chose to Fight Back Against Stress by Professor Pete Alexander
Killer Snow by Laura Mullins
A Picture Paints A Thousand Words by W. Richard Krall Jr
Junior and The Doll by Liz Reeder
The Birthmark by Ashleigh Underwood

Thank you so much for your participation, and don’t hesitate to test your talent one more time by submitting to our 3rd Annual Short Story Contest.



  1. Chimnese Davids says:

    Just a little bit sad that my story “Adventures with grandma” didn’t make the semi-finalist cut.
    But it was great to be part of this contest.

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