‘Tentative: The myth of creation and rain’ By Comfort Mordi

A very long time ago the earth was dark, empty and so shapeless. Nothing lived on earth. There were no trees, farmlands, animals, houses, or humans like we have today. Everywhere on earth was very still.

One day the great one looked down from his home in heaven and saw how dark, empty and shapeless the earth was. He wasn’t happy about how dark, empty and shapeless the earth looked. So, he decided to do something about it. The Earth was part of his handy work and since he loved perfection, he wanted the earth to have a very perfect look. Great, right?

First, he imagined the wonders he wanted the Earth to have. He thought of what he could make out of Earth’s shapeless nature. After much thought, he drew a plan. He showed the plan to his servants and asked what they thought of it. Servant Gabriel said it looked good while servant Micheal was very amazed at the beautiful art Eleduwa had drawn. All other servants also thought the plan looked great. In Eleduwa’s plan, there were beautiful trees, water bodies, amazing creatures, and lots more. After confirming that the plan was an amazing plan the journey to earth began. The journey to recreate and redefine the earth.

As soon as Eleduwa’s feet touched the earth, his presence brought light to the dark earth. Then step after step he began making the earth look beautiful as he had already drawn in his plan.

He spoke first to the roof above the earth and created the clouds. Then after that, he made the sun, moon, and beautiful stars. When he was done with that he spoke and brought to life all kinds of birds and ordered them to fill the clouds. It was indeed a beautiful sight to behold.

As the servants cheered at the beauty of creation, Eleduwa felt something was amiss. What could be amiss? Can you guess?

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