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SOOP_HOT_NEW_BOOK_IDEAS1-217x300Good evening my beautiful readers, writers, and everyone in between! This Saturday I am eager to bring you a fresh crop of new book ideas, and a few shout outs besides. 

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In the order they appeared as of August 20, 2016, the newest Book Ideas are… 

Just visit their book idea page, read their synopsis and vote. Remember, a valid vote is one that expresses genuine interest in potential purchase of the book at a future date (it’s not a commitment). Looking for a book idea to vote for? See all the latest book ideas here

Shout Outs!

Look At That Rising Star Shine Shout Out to Anne Marie Waters, author of Beyond Terror, the Book Idea taking our Top 20 List by storm. This Book Idea currently has 1,657 votes. 

And a First Milestone Shout Out to Finding Light by Pamela Bhatia, which is actually on this New Book Ideas List! This Book Idea recently passed the 50-vote milestone and currently has 182 votes. Wow! Keep it up Pamela!


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  1. Petar Zvonbimir Jakovac says:

    I just wan’t to say that to all the hard working folk (chaps) out there from young to old i got respect for you all. You set you’re selves appart from the get go took advantage of you’re GOD given gift(s) in writeing and made something out of you’re selves in which you lift other(s) that believe(d) and were there as support, i also want to say that book’s are the gateway into imagination of the person responding to the read, and reacting to the view of the writer to there own view(s). Get you’re copy if it pleases you and it’s what you want, and belive that it will benefit you.

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  3. obrigada amigo

  4. As long as I wrote stories in the past years and they are still on the shelf – the Lord has helped me to get to know you so as to remove the dust from my past stories that it is exciting to deal with many Of social things in our world and the past – and finally finished writing very scary and exciting – from the bottom of my heart I thank you if you grabbed my hand to the path of success – with sincere love and appreciation

  5. Joseph Iaquinta says:

    I would love to introduce my novel, REBEL: Are You Brave Enough To Join? to you all. Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi, Progressive Political Thriller.

    An origin story based on literal fiction, Nickolas Leader is torn between two worlds, His father represents Corporate America, while his mother’s family is working-class. Nickolas witnesses the corruption that causes climate change and destroys the American Dream. Nickolas puts himself in a position of power and influence, creating a Superhero who takes on these white collar criminals.

  6. Seventies Americana fosters popularity of British Bands, Jackson 5, bell bottom jeans, mini and maxi skirts and platform shoes. Watergate is in the news. Hope Johnson (Sweet Pea to family), is recent graduate of UNLV idling away life in Downtown clothing store two years between relationships–all too familiar with lonesome and along. Her reputation as 20-something privileged brat fosters resentment among work force which fuels father’s doubt about her as heir to operation of store.
    At crossroad of change for Mr. Vegas,Hope Johnson clashes with father, Rob, over management style and conservative clothing lines. This clash leads to her firing of Dad’s Manager (washed-up New York retail specialist–mostly schmoozer–fired with threat of retaliation for returning–unbeknownst to her father). With Hope as connection to culture of privilege, Dave Taylor develops under her as mentor into top salesman while becoming welcomed member as one of the fellows in Dad and Uncle Chad’s Las Vegas circle of inclusion.

    You just read the story line for American Princess Meets Homeboy–read more!–if impressed
    vote for publication–readers and writers are universal kindred spirits–right?

    Jamy Rosser

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