#SOOP on Sundays: Top 20 popular book ideas for May 27, 2018

Memorial Day is tomorrow and I hope we all have family to spend this day with. Let us take a moment and remember all of the people who have fallen in combat or we have lost throughout the years. After you take time to remember, please scroll through our top 20 and choose your favorite  […]

#Marketing Mondays: What Should You Post About?

As an author, you may wonder what your audience would like to see on your blogs and posts. The answer is simple. Give them something that will make them remember you. Tell them a little bit about yourself and where you are on your writing journey. Give them something that screams something personal about you […]

#Marketing Mondays: Creating Your Author Brand

What does it mean when someone says author brand? It means that you have to build a way for people to see you as an author. You have to present yourself to the public in a way that stands out, something that makes you and your work stick in people’s minds. Creating this takes time […]

#MarketingMondays: What is the Best Social Media Platform for You?

The question you may be asking is which social media platform is the best one for me or do I need them all? The answer to that is it depends on you and your needs. All of the different social media platforms can be an overwhelming thing for a writer. You should choose the social […]

New Book Ideas as of September 28, 2016!

With our new Hot 20 showing popular Book Ideas really are, it should be no surprise that some of the former Top Book Ideas are being replaced by younger and more fashionable Book Ideas. But it may be a surprise for you to see that some of the Book Ideas on this list made it […]

New Book Ideas and SOOP Dollars!

  Who took a look at our new Hot 20? If you didn’t, you certainly should, and if you have, tell us what you think! I think it’s a great way to look at how everyone really stacks up against each other, especially as many of the Book Idea that were previously featured on the […]

New Book Ideas and Shout Out

  Good evening my beautiful readers, writers, and everyone in between! This Saturday I am eager to bring you a fresh crop of new book ideas, and a few shout outs besides.  Don’t forget when we’re done here to go take a look at all the Book Ideas from the recent past. Vote for your favorite […]

New Book Ideas and SOOP Dollars!

  Welcome to August readers, writers, and everyone in between! I’m pleased to bring you the most recent incarnation of the New Book Ideas and SOOP Dollars post. I thought we’d refresh everyone’s memory on what SOOP Dollars are, as it has been a while. SOOP Dollars are awarded to the top five Book Idea […]

#SOOPOnSaturdays: New Book Ideas and Shout Out!

  Hello readers and authors! This post is a day late this month and for that I apologize. Between packing for a major move and going on vacation, getting to my computer has been tough! But never fear! I will dutifully report our newest crop of Book Ideas and Shout Outs!  In the order they […]

New Book Ideas and SOOP Dollars!

  It’s officially the middle of the year, and I think that so much has happened here at SOOP over the last six months that every single one of you readers and authors should take a few minutes to go through all the Book Ideas we’ve got to offer and vote for every single one […]


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