‘Mysteries of time’ by Emmanuel Ekenshine

The Mysteries is a knowledge that will open you up into the experience of the realities of the world you live in. it will unveil to you the secrets programming that we all must flow in, so it either you program yourself or you are been programmed without even knowing; thereby flowing in the reality of what others fashioned for you, even against your will. After years of walking on this ground you will realize you just ran the race programmed for you which was never yours, you just spent a life time you will never get hold of again ever in living a lie. Men manipulating and navigating spiritual laws and principles to affect other men and live the stamps of their realities on them What I want to open you up to are mysteries that are not known by all men. I tell you the truth, do not think that everyone you see are like you and they know what you know or even more. Please do not be deceived, there are things that are not know by all or ought not to be known by all because they are secrets and mysteries, the ancients understood these truths, that mysteries are not suppose to be known by all except the elects and knights. During the ancient times, there are secrets passages out and into a kingdom but only known by the king, the crown prince and few loyal to the core elects and Knight.

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