‘Visceral Urn (book one)’ by Jennifer Kenny

A long time ago, the war turned the once green world into isolated patches of barren land. A new way of survival was needed, and as people perished, others found a way. Over time, people forgot that this wasn’t always the way of the world. Power cells were drying up all over the world and plunging the struggling cities into darkness and removing the last piece of tech from the old world out of their lives. All seemed lost until someone discovered the power cells could be recharged using Fallible Orbs. These Fallible Orbs could only be found in the lungs of citizens who breathed in the toxic smog that settled around the slums. Hunting Fallible Orbs became a bloody, but competitive, way to make a living. Not satisfied with the way of the world, Lindon turned to books while waiting for starvation or one of the hunters to make short work of his miserable life. It was there, hunched over an old text, that he found the first hint to a cure. The Visceral Urn. The Urn was supposed to be able to reconstruct the timeline of the world history. Afraid of the implications, the Urn was mysteriously broken into five pieces and scattered across the globe. Is the Urn just a legend? Or can the pieces be reunited? ———— Visceral Urn is an experimental piece of writing by a n

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