‘Avoiding Superman’ by Gregory Copeland

Everyone loves a superhero. Heroes ignite our hopes dreams and fantasies. Many even change the world. But have you ever considered just how much that change affects the average person? How deep is the impact that a superhero can make on the life of an everyday citizen? Just as every hero has his origins, every Master Criminal has his motivations. After all, every good villain has to start somewhere. Lazarus Lorenzo has just been fired. He was just weeks from becoming a shareholder at one of the top law firms in the country. He has lost his girlfriend, his pride and his ambition. Pushed into his personal despair- a world of indifference and lethargy, Laz decides to regain his rightful place amongst the elite by ridding the world of its oppressor, its enslaver and the common factor that Laz feels is the reason why he has lost so much. Aided by his best friend Rafi, Laz embarks on a mission that takes them through the soft underworld of Metropolis. With each unlikely contact they meet it brings them closer to gaining possession of the ultimate prize- the one weapon that cans subdue their oppressor. On this journey both Laz and Rafi begin to find themselves, unveil their true nature and realize their purpose.

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