‘The root to a lawless nation’ by Emmanuel Ekenshine

In life, I have come to understand that many always think and have grown with the mentality that; they don’t really matter as a result with the national affairs as long as they are not in power or in any major leadership position in the nation. I bet to disagree and after going through this book you will realize that you affect the nation at every position and your effect go a long way in affecting the nation positively or negatively. Until you come to the knowledge and the understanding of this reality; knowing full well that in life nothing ever worth fighting for is ever easy because doing easy things all your life doesn’t make you lucky but weakens you, do not think the ripple effect of your negligence and folly is not felt by the nation at large. I tell you a truth it does and a lot because you may think it doesn’t matter and it just small and little, but it ripple effect triggers a lot of effects. Sometimes the little things we think are not important are the stuffs that affect us and it effect on us live. In a nation we have three kinds of people and everyone must fall into one category at every given time and you can never be on the fence; People who make things happen People who watch things happen People who have no idea of the consciousness that things are happening.

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