“The Accident” by Pierre Herholdt

  After a weekend with his friends, Mason Henderson returns home but while on his way, his friend accidentally hit someone which also made him lose control of the car and hit a tree with the only real person who is injured is Mason.Waking up in the hospital, next to the girl they hit with […]

‘EH’DEN FALL : Book 1 of The Jason Brightday Chronicles’ by Paul Long

  Available at Amazon in Paperback and Kindle: Eh’den Fall (The Jason Brightday Chronicles) Humanity’s destiny is a fragile thing. Like the course of a river, it too can be altered. With enough time and effort that is, but who would want to and why?  Not the kind of question a sixteen year old boy […]

“Destiny Maybe” by Hanzel Calangan

When Gray Langdon shows up in Lucy Woods’ life she realizes that she’s finally met her mortal enemy, but what if destiny–plus the plotting minds of their parents–force them together to save their collapsing enemy? Will there be a place for love above the impending war between them? Vote for this Book Idea Voting Status […]


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