“Empathy” by India Wallbridge

“I do.” she whispers.  As if the gods were on her side at this significant moment, the cheers from the crowd are diminished underneath the sound of the rushing wind. She never could handle overt emotional display. With each step forward her hands began vibrating with rhythmic *thump* of her adrenaline-filled heart. Her once curled hair was now forced to blow out behind her, waving to the people eagerly awaiting her journey across. She can’t afford to slip… She can’t risk the plummet below. Only a few more steps to go and she will have passed. Five steps to go.. Four.. Three.. She only has two more steps to take until she is transported into the world beyond… Or so it seems.Alyssa Fierce is no longer an ordinary 17 year old girl, no, not any more. Her leap into the unknown proved her bravery and landed her in the world of underground Misfits.
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