“Through My Imagination” by Erick-Louise Dowers

Twenty-two year old Willow Blair has never felt true happiness, but how can she when she’s never had the opportunity. Life has never treated her well and now she lives day by day without any change, the only change is the customers who walk through the cafe doors every day. Her only escape is her […]

“Empathy” by India Wallbridge

“I do.” she whispers.  As if the gods were on her side at this significant moment, the cheers from the crowd are diminished underneath the sound of the rushing wind. She never could handle overt emotional display. With each step forward her hands began vibrating with rhythmic *thump* of her adrenaline-filled heart. Her once curled […]

“Stolen” by Haley Sulich

It’s always been the same: a burning city, gunfire, and death. Jadelyn’s nightmare has never changed. She knows there must be a connection between the terrors night brings and the underground city, Enmity, that forbids love. Jadelyn has lived in Enmity for as long as she can remember, but it isn’t enough to prove her […]

“The Phoenix Legion & the Dark Occults” by Zohaib Ahmed

A group of six friends have been chosen to be part of world greatest University of all time. A University which was the birth place of re-known scholars and rulers of the world. There was one thing that was different about the university and that was it being hidden by the world, only chosen few […]

“Next Of Kin: Blood Is Thicker Than Water” by Aray Brown

Medina Price always wanted to be a cop, just like her successors, until she gets thrown into a corrupt life at an early age due to witnessing her mother being slaughtered at the hands of a hired gunman. Now that she’s been seduced by darkness, she vows to get revenge, but she gets more than […]

“The So Solid Crew” by Kyle Dunn

Basically, this book will be four stories from 25 people that I know in some way shape or form. Some I only know from the cyber space, some I know as friend some are just people I am aware of. From being a student I’ve learned that most people have absolutely hilarious embarrassing jaw droppingly […]

“The Genesis Code: Lambda” by Robert Parkin

Zackary Allan Knight is just your typical eighteen year old teenager on the outside, but a genius within. Withdrawn, and reserved, he goes about life as if it was a chore. With parents that are never around, only one friend that laughs at his expense, and a famous idol for a sister, Zack can’t help […]

“The Path Unseen” by Tolina Rowlands

Did you ever wonder what would happen when all of a sudden , you were sent off on a ship to marry a man who you’ve never met? The only problem is- you never get there. That is how Jane Euro soon discovers just one of the countless secrets that lies beneath the ocean’s surface, […]

“Second Chance: Get Up Again” by Divya Jain

This book is the journey of life. In this book life will tell you the three tales of its journey. Three different stories about the three people. Their life and situations are completely different from each other but at some point they all get same decision. Nikhil, Meera and Ayaan three different people three different […]

“Bad Fiction” by Alika Young

A collection of three, potentially four stories dealing mainly with platonic relationships and reversed gender roles. The first story, The Fever Dreams of Hell Week(3985 words) recounts one heroin addict’s grueling first week of detoxification in a court ordered rehabilitation clinic. The second story, Four-Twenty (9130 words), is based on the massacre that took place […]


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