#SOOP on Monday: Top 10 Short Story & Book Ideas for November 27, 2023


We are pleased to unveil the Top 10 short story and book ideas in the SOOP community! 

Congratulations to the talented writers whose exceptional creativity has earned them a spot in this prestigious ranking. Your imaginative narratives have captivated potential readers, and we can’t wait to see these stories come to life. Now, let’s talk about the next exciting step – generating enough interest to propel your creations toward a publishing contract. 

Here are some great tips to ignite interest and garner votes:

  1. Summarize your story in a way that leaves readers eager to delve into your world.
  2. Tease your audience with snippets highlighting your narrative’s essence, leaving them hungry for more. 
  3. Engage with readers through social media, book clubs, and online forums to build a community around your work.
  4. Create visually appealing content such as book trailers, character illustrations, or mood boards to enhance your story’s appeal.
  5. Positive feedback creates buzz and encourages others to support your story. Ask friends, family, and early readers to share their thoughts. 
  6. Connect with potential readers by answering questions about your writing process, inspirations, and the themes explored in your story.

We look forward to witnessing the continued success of our authors and the incredible stories that will soon grace the shelves of readers worldwide.

Imagination High

Genres: Book Ideas, Fiction, Relationships, Teens

The Big Snow

Genres: , ,

The Trial Accord to Alan Barysh

Genres: Book Ideas, Fiction, Mystery & Suspense


Genres: Book Ideas, Fiction, Relationships, Romance

Long Days, Short Knights

Genres: Book Ideas, Fiction, Humor & Entertainment, Literature & Fiction

Cherry Red

Genres: , Contest Category – Romance,

My Father’s House

Genres: Book Ideas, Biographies & Memoirs, Relationships, Religion & Spirituality

The Princess and the Guard

Genres: Book Ideas, Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy

Heightened Awareness

Genres: , Contest Category – Romance,

Traveling through a Snow-globe: A Cross-country Tale

Genres: , Contest Category – Travel,

How to Get into the Top 10?

Gather as many votes as you can! It might sound like too much heavy-lifting but read this blog to gain additional guidance on how the voting program works. 

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Premium Support for Authors

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