Wednesday is for Writers: Christian Lee on keeping your momentum

Remember the first time you were able to drive on your own without your nagging parent telling you to turn with a half-second to spare? That was super exciting, right? Do you honestly get that excited about the prospect of driving to work now? Probably not. I think that the same thing can happen with […]

SOOP on Saturdays: New Book Ideas for February 2015

March, they say, comes “in lion and goes out like a lamb”. That’s great for the weather, but what about books and new book ideas? Here are some great “lion and lamb” ideas ranging from blasted pop stars meeting on a dark rainy day to pretty silver warriors enduring a beatific destiny in a taxi. […]

SOOP on Saturday: Top 20 popular book ideas for February 28, 2015

Congratulations to all the authors whose books are “steady” and steadily climbing the SOOP Top 20 most popular book ideas list. We’ve had some great voting at the top of the chart and a lot of ideas holding their own among the ranks. The Top 20 most popular book ideas as of February 28, 2015 […]

Wednesday is for Writers: Nicole Collet finds her readership

I would like to share my journey as a first-time fiction writer and how I found my readership. Perhaps that will inspire and enlighten whoever reads this. It all started 3 years ago when I read a news article about a fellow Brazilian writer who had posted a young-adult novel in English on Wattpad, the […]

SOOP on Saturday: Shout Out for great progress by new book ideas!

Keep ’em coming! You writers have posted 13 new book ideas since the beginning of February,  and we’re here to give a “shout out” to some great progress made by writers already climbing up the ranks. Following are our greatest “movers and shakers” — those authors whose book idea is “knocking it out of the park” […]

SOOP on Saturday: Top 20 popular book ideas for February 14, 2015

Seems fitting, for Valentine’s Day, that we have a book titled “Red” in top spot! See who appears “out of the blue” into the top 5 as a popular book idea; read who has entered the list for the first time; AND learn who we love by reading all the way to the bottom! The Top 20 […]

Writers on Wednesday: Eric Mondschein’s Author-Driven Marketing: It’s a Long Road

My journey continues down that long, winding road we call author-driven marketing, but it is a road that we must travel if we are to let people know that we have a book and encourage them to read it. I, and others, have mentioned the need to stay active in social media. You must make […]

SOOP on Saturdays: New Book Ideas for January 2015

The year is off to a great start with 17 writers posting their new book ideas in January. Paul Long’s title The Time-Walker Chronicles: Jason Brightday and the Lords of Eh’den has leapt out front with over 250 votes and already qualified for a book consultation! Congratulations Paul! Way to make an appearance! In a totally […]

SOOP on Saturday: Awarding SOOP dollars to our top 5 authors

It’s been a race to the finish line for January 2015 authors. With five Saturdays this month, we’ve had lots of opportunity to count votes and tally progress. The biggest news was a RED hot streak by our top author, with almost 200 votes gained since last month, putting her in a league of her own at […]

Wednesday is for Writers: Christian Lee discusses using short links for marketing

Any time I hear someone say “less is more”, I tend to roll my eyes and think that he has never munched on a good steak or had a few bucks in his pocket. The whole concept just sounds ridiculous, but it holds true in certain areas. One of these areas is that of book […]


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