Upcoming Newsletter 06/06

June Newsletter Coming 06/06

In this newsletter, SOOP announces Anne Marie’s book Beyond Terror‘s advance review copies were announced by Daniel Pipes on 05/22. The opportunity to pre-order the book will be available when the newsletter comes out on the 6th of June.  We are also announcing that our founder, Wade Fransson’s book Rod of Iron is next to be published. There will be special offers for our Book Idea authors in this newsletter. The list below outlines what is going to be in the newsletter for June.



#1 SOOP has a new mission statement, “Uniting authors, readers and providers through a revolutionary book publishing platform.” 

#2 Anne Marie Waters Beyond Terror is discussed at Middle East Forum fundraiser in Chicago.

#3 Spotlight on Anne Marie and Beyond Terror

#4 Be the first to pre-order Beyond Terror

#5 Next up for publication Rod of Iron

#6 Special Offers for our Book Idea Authors


A few quotes about Beyond Terror and a quote from Anne Marie herself:

“Anne Marie Waters is a courageous woman with integrity who stands on the strength of her convictions. She is not afraid to speak the truth and will not be intimidated, bullied or silenced into submission for the views she holds. Anne Marie takes on the beast of political correctness and the hypocrisy of the left, especially regarding Islam. She raises her voice for us all and gives us hope that sanity can prevail.” Kirralie Smith, Australian Conservatives

“The threat to the west goes Beyond Terror, and Anne Marie Waters’ summary of this threat is incontrovertible. Beyond Terror outlines how, through a long march, and a paradoxical alliance with the Left, Islam has taken a hold of the inner workings and political leaders of the civilized West.”  Jack Buckby, Author and Journalist

“Mass immigration to the West has brought with it attitudes to women, Jews and homosexuals which had largely deemed immoral and unacceptable.  Now, these attitudes are on the rise again” Anne Marie

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