The Easiest Way to Get Votes: Part Ten

At this point in our series, with this being the tenth installment, you guys definitely know how to use Twitter to bring in votes and to build and maintain profiles adequate for doing so. While the tips presented in this series definitely do work (as I have personally used them to bring in over a thousand votes for Sealed, my Book Idea), there are some situations that necessitate that you tweak your strategy. Perhaps the way that you say something rubs people the wrong way or perhaps one way of delivering a message is very, very effective. Today we’ll look at how you can analyze the effectiveness of your efforts on Twitter.
I use two different tools to measure how effective I’m being on Twitter. The first is actually built right into Twitter, which is obviously very helpful. If you log into Twitter then click on your avatar (which is located at the top towards the right corner), a drop-down menu appears that includes “Analytics”. Look through the various analytics pages just to familiarize yourself, but the main thing that you want to look at is the “Tweets” page. This page shows all your tweets and how they performed. This is a great page to use when refining your content strategy. Looking at mine right now, I can see that I probably should do a lot more writing tips than political commentary. 😉
I also use a tool called Klout to measure how I’m doing with Twitter and then just generally with my other social media accounts. Klout is great because it shows you how influential you are rather than how many retweets or favorites you’ve gotten. This is great because the point of being on social media isn’t necessarily to get a thousand retweets a week or to have a hundred people reply to each one of your tweets. Really, the point is to influence people.influencer-network
Klout obviously isn’t perfect, but it gives you a good indication of how well you’re doing as an “influencer”. Work towards a score of sixty. It can definitely be done if you’re consistently active. While you’ll probably never get to a ninety-nine as only people like President Obama have such a high score, you can definitely make it to sixty and a little ways beyond.
This week, spend some time analyzing how you’re doing on Twitter. You certainly don’t have to do it every day, and you don’t have to get fancy either, but make sure that you’re intelligent with your promotion. Always look for ways to improve. Looking for ways to improve is, after all, the way that people become successful in every industry.  

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