Top 5 Best Twitter Apps

  As we have already stated, Twitter is, in our opinion, the very best way to bring in votes for Book Ideas. While you can do a lot with only basic Twitter skills, familiarizing yourself and getting skilled with various Twitter web apps can highly increase your chances of succeeding. Let's take a look at what we think to be five of the best Twitter … [Read more...]

Show Yourself WINNING

 It's always our goal that our author's books will be #1 Hot New Releases, and our goal is for RED: A Love Story to be an Amazon Bestseller. Why are those goals so important to us? Both show our authors, our books, and our company winning. Showing yourself winning is so important as an author and is important in any marketing setting. As Donald … [Read more...]

Author Updates That AREN’T Lame

  Now that we’ve finished our Easiest Way to Get Votes series, I thought that we would look at an important subject that isn’t just applicable to Twitter. In order to be a successful author, people need to like and be interested in both your book and YOU. While most people aren’t going to turn down investment advice from Warren Buffett even if they … [Read more...]

The Easiest Way to Get Votes: Part Eleven

 Well, if you guys have read through this series, you all definitely know how to bring in votes via Twitter. We’ve covered a ton in this series, and it’s time to wrap it up. Tweets are 140 characters after all, so keeping a blog series about Twitter somewhat concise is appropriate, right? To wrap up our series, I’d like to give ten key things that … [Read more...]

The Easiest Way to Get Votes: Part Ten

  At this point in our series, with this being the tenth installment, you guys definitely know how to use Twitter to bring in votes and to build and maintain profiles adequate for doing so. While the tips presented in this series definitely do work (as I have personally used them to bring in over a thousand votes for Sealed, my Book Idea), there … [Read more...]

The Easiest Way to Get Votes: Part Nine

 Now that we know about the importance of tweeting at the right time, let's look at what can be done to make our tweets more interesting. What can we do to make it more likely for people to engage with us in response to our content? Remember looking at books as a kid? How much reading did you actually do when you were five? You probably spent a lot … [Read more...]

The Easiest Way to Get Votes: Part Eight

  While one would think that logically our #MarketingMonday series dealing with bringing in votes via Twitter should now cover what sort of content should be shared in order to draw in interest, I believe that instead we should examine at which times and in what quantities one should share content. It's so important, and it's something that is so … [Read more...]

The Easiest Way to Get Votes: Part Seven

 This week we discuss how you can easily get promotions for your Book Idea in front of thousands or even tens of thousands of people using Twitter. We're going to be discussing getting retweets, and because we've recently reached twenty five thousand followers on Twitter, retweets from us will definitely help you guys. Besides, for now, simple … [Read more...]

The Easiest Way to Get Votes: Part Six

  As I alluded to last week in my post regarding how to actually ask for votes for your Book Idea on Twitter, there is an even faster way to do it than either the simplified version of my method or Wade's equally good method. In fact, once you've set it up, you don't have to do anything at all with regards to asking folks for votes on Twitter! It … [Read more...]

The Easiest Way to Get Votes: Part Five

  By this time in our series, you know how to set up an effective Twitter account, how to bring followers to it, and how to keep yourself from following bad apples. That’s all great, but simply growing a Twitter account isn’t going to get you any votes for your Book Idea unless tons of folks click on the link in your bio and decide to vote. … [Read more...]


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