SOOP on Saturdays: New Book Ideas and “Shout Out” for great progress!

We just can’t wait until next month to post a list of new book ideas for March! We just had to share the 18 new book ideas that their writers have already posted so you can see for yourself and start voting.voteforthisbookidea

Do you know anyone with a book idea in them? You probably rub shoulders with or pass in the hallway other people who have a book idea brewing in them too, so “pass the SOOP” and see if you can start a whole new conversation.

There’s also a lot going on behind the scenes (sorry, no photos to share… yet) as you and your book ideas keep us busy. We may look like a big operation, but “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” while we work our magic at making some good SOOP for everyone!

To date in March (this being the 21st), here are the 18 new book ideas you SOOPer writers have posted:

Keep those new book ideas coming! When your idea gets votes (and it’s all about getting votes), we recognize the authors whose book idea has shown significant progress upward in the Top 20 chart.

Let’s hear it for these “movers and shakers”:

  • Stepping it Up—author of the book idea that moved up the most slots within the chart. Congratulations to Ann Harrison for A Journey of Faith, which has climbed 2 slots to 7th place. Considering the battle in the top 5, this is noteworthy for her persistence in holding and gaining ground. Fight the good fight, Ann! trumpet-blast-by-elephant
  • Most Increased Votes—author of the book idea that showed the largest numeric increase in votes since end of February. Congratulations to Wade Fransson for The Rod of Iron, whose idea added 135 votes since last month. Woohoo Wade!

We plan to recognize authors and their progress on a monthly basis for the previous month’s accomplishments.


  1. Daniel J. Wilson says:

    How do I get my two new books reviewed; Title one; The best kept secret is “YOU” A journey into the rabbit hole with Autism and Love. The second; I think “NOT” therefore I am unlimited. Please drop me a line Thank you… Dan

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