“What is Left of Life” by Raghad Hassan

*This is based on a true story* It is about a 3 year old boy named Yousef during 1979. Who stays out too long in the sun that eventually gets hit by a sun stroke. His family find his body collapsed on the pavement. A hospital was no where near as the family lived in a village, and so the family announced him dead without medications of any sort. They then rapped his body in a white clothe and took it a room that was built for the burial of the bodies of those living in the village. The following couple of months someone else from the village dies, and when they take their body for burial, they realize that yousef’s body was next to the exit. Why you may ask? Simple, he was buried alive.Here is more info (AKA twisting the story) The story is about an adventurous 3 year old Palestinian boy named yousef. The story starts with him and his best friend suleiman playing marbles. Soon after, suleiman goes home whilst yousef stays outside in the blazing Palestinian sun. He sees a bird with two chicks and an egg. The mother bird is trying to feed the chicks, when suddenly it hits the egg and the egg come crashing down. Yousef watches as the mother bird goes to the egg as if it were trying to save a life but how it moves on ti the chicks, never returning to the egg. Yousef had observed every move of this bird that he had not realized he was out for hours. As he tries to stand up, he feels a burning pain on this legs, his breathing becomes rapid and his pulse starts rushing throughout his body. He cannot move, nor can he think, when suddenly he comes thrashing to the ground. Soon after he is buried, he wakes up not knowing where he is. He cannot see, or feel anything but hard yet smooth surfaces (Bones). He scream day and night but no one can seem to rescue him. Until one day, Suleiman decides to visit the room-like grave. As he approaches the tightly closed room he hears a weeping of some kind. Suleiman starts screaming thinking it was a ghost and runs away. Eventually, Suleiman realizes that yousef is alive, and the two start to make conversations. (Remember that suleiman is outside the room as he cannot enter it). However when he tells his family, they seem to think he was speaking to spirit or ghosts of some sort. What-is-Left-of-Life
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