“Lemonade Kiss” by N.R Moore

Lily Ann moved to a new town with her six year old daughter Brittany after her husband was killed in a line of duty. After a year in a half of grieving, Lily Ann decides it’s time to move onto a fresh start. After settling in their new home. Lily Ann decides to have a yard sale to get rid of her unwanted belongings. Brittany ask her momma if she can set up a lemonade stand. A handsome single young man by the name of Bryce comes over to welcome Lily Ann to the neighborhood. While mingling with Lily Ann; he purchased some lemonade from Brittany. A year go by and Bryce has fallen hard for Lily Ann; he asks her for her hand in marriage but she started to get cold feet and turn down Bryce’s engagement, Lily Ann’s heart hasn’t been able to heal completely because it’s her husband’s one year death anniversary. Time has passed and Lily Ann is for certain she’s ready to move on. Bryce decides to surprise Lily Ann, he sets up the back yard with elegant garments and to set the mood. Bryce asks Lily Ann again for her hand in marriage. He pulls out a poem he wrote for Lily Ann and a ring. Will Lily Ann say yes or will she say no? image2
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