“The Private Rage of George” by Abe Rooten

George Browne has been bottling up his rage since he was a little boy, pushing it down deep inside. His fantasies mainly involve dismembering his fellow commuters, or anyone else who annoys him, which are most people. Nothing is going right for George, his job is a dead-end, his love life looks a lot like his right hand and he has forgotten what happiness is. A little mishap with his genitals at a friend’s party is the final straw, propelling George into a secret life of urban vigilantism, righting the perceived wrongs in local society that have annoyed him for so long. He discovers a new confidence that allows him to expunge some of the toxic frustration that has bubbled away inside him for so long. Homemade bombs, sex with strangers, it’s all an adventure and George is quickly taken over by the power his new life brings him. Local news is hot on his story, the police are after him and he’s heading for a sticky end. Thankfully, he meets Frida, who brings him back down to earth and reminds him of life’s simple pleasures. If you’ve ever thought about doing something terrible in the queue at the supermarket, George has too; the only difference is that he’s going to do it.
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