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The People of The Sign

What do divorce, kidnapping, ancient prophecies, and the collapse of the Soviet Union have in common with the music of the Beatles? The People of the Sign effortlessly weaves these together, proving once and for all that truth really is far, far stranger than fiction.

The Hardness of The Heart

The sequel to the surprise hit “The People of the Sign” follows the protagonist around the world, as he continues his search for answers. In the process much is lost along the way, some of which brings freedom and opportunity.

The Rod of Iron

Fans of The People of the Sign and The Hardness of the Heart are sure to find The Rod of Iron a fascinating, surprising, and satisfying conclusion to Mr. Fransson’s opus. The lyrical threads of the author’s life come together in a crescendo worth the considerable effort needed to digest the vast internal and external territory covered along the way.


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