The Hardness of the Heart

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Author: Wade Fransson





The Hardness of the Heart
Wade Fransson continues his relentless search for answers in the phenomenal sequel to The People of the Sign.

In the wake of the spectacular implosion of the Worldwide Church of God, Fransson gingerly steps through the piercing splinters of that organization while launching a new career. He negotiates bus crashes, the dot-com bubble, 9/11, hypnotism, and corporate corruption to pursue a higher calling that leads to serving the needy in India.  As his focus turns to homeless children in the teeming city, farmers in a remote agricultural area, and the HIV+ infected living in their own separate village—his marriage crumbles around him.  The insights and transformational lessons are personal, but have universal appeal.

3 reviews for The Hardness of the Heart

  1. Vincent Wondra

    This was an excellent book!

  2. eric

    Wade Fransson’s Hardness of the Heart is an engaging, can’t-put-down read, with a no holds barred look into the journey of a man in search of the meaning of life and his very existence. It is a well-written story of personal triumph with universal appeal – one that will be of interest to, and motivate, seekers of all faiths, in their noble quest to understand the Mystery of God. Wade uses his life, with its many ups and downs, its incredible accomplishments and failures with new insights uncovered at every unexpected turn to explore the meaning of reconciliation, forgiveness, strength and courage. His exploration of religious identity and faith, his quest for “pure and undefiled religion” (from James 1:27), will be of interest to all, no matter one’s religious identity.
    Without preaching, Fransson provides us an opportunity to explore what is truly important in our own lives with direct relevance to the challenges facing America and the World. The Hardness of the Heart is neither the beginning nor the end of the fascinating voyage that Wade is undertaking, and thankfully has been willing to share with anyone who is as curious and in awe of life as he is.

  3. amirtharaj

    These are my views of the book THE HARDNESS OF HEART

    This book revolves around two prime characters one is wade fransson and other one is myself. wade fransson white American and myself Brown skinned from India. AS you read the stories , the reason I mention as stories is this book contain stories within stories, some are uplifting , some are disappointing as compared to vagaries of life.

    Wade has brought the story in this book in an amazing manner to the reader who would not leave a page unread forgetting oneself till book Is finished even not yielding to nature calls . Wade needs a big congratulations, gifted writer and many of the portions so heartfelt and so close, well any honest reader would wonder why this man (that is myself) has been element of disappointment to wade in some areas and yet wade loves him so much.

    Yes this is a UNION OF LOVE, AFFECTION, SQUABBLES, BETWEEN BROTHERS OF DIFFERENT COLORS. A Normal reader would weigh the characters from this book between an Angel and Non Angel, rather , it is inspiring every reader to Journey beyond characterization and feel the Divine Almighty’s role and ancient wisdoms poured around, where the feel of goodness, serenity , peace, love, can turn from temporary to eternity.

    Let goodness happen for the all the brethren we all would Dwell in that state of peace and Brotherhood.


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