The Hardness of the Heart by Wade Fransson

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The sequel to the surprise hit “The People of the Sign” follows the protagonist around the world, as he continues his search for answers. In the process much is lost along the way, some of which brings freedom and opportunity.

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Wade Fransson´s diverse background includes writing, international public speaking, executive roles with various corporations, and three technology startups. He currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin, with his wife, two children, and a growing menagerie of pets.


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10 reviews for The Hardness of the Heart by Wade Fransson

  1. Eric Mondschein

    Wade Fransson’s Hardness of the Heart is an engaging, can’t-put-down read, with a no holds barred look into the journey of a man in search of the meaning of life and his very existence. It is a well-written story of personal triumph with universal appeal – one that will be of interest to, and motivate, seekers of all faiths, in their noble quest to understand the Mystery of God. Wade uses his life, with its many ups and downs, its incredible accomplishments and failures with new insights uncovered at every unexpected turn to explore the meaning of reconciliation, forgiveness, strength and courage. His exploration of religious identity and faith, his quest for “pure and undefiled religion” (from James 1:27), will be of interest to all, no matter one’s religious identity.
    Without preaching, Fransson provides us an opportunity to explore what is truly important in our own lives with direct relevance to the challenges facing America and the World. The Hardness of the Heart is neither the beginning nor the end of the fascinating voyage that Wade is undertaking, and thankfully has been willing to share with anyone who is as curious and in awe of life as he is.

  2. Bernard Bradley

    Wade Frannson’s latest book, The Hardness of the Heart (HOH), is another engaging and compelling read. Like his first book, The People of the Sign, I found myself unable to put it down until I had consumed every word on every page. While the first book was an amazing and courageous story, HOH is a more relatable story: a person searching for meaning and spiritual confirmations in our materialistic world. In this phase of his life, Wade’s experiences are more common to his readers; work, finances, relationships, and a continued search for a spiritual home; but his past ministerial role in the WCG provides him with opportunities for spiritual growth that make his journey very unique.

    What I really enjoyed in HOH is Wade’s exploration of the spiritual inconsistencies in our world and his reconciliation thought process. I was reminded of having the same questions and his exploration of the subjects provided me new insights. Issues like the roles of men and women, differences in religious beliefs and practices, and a real soul search around the human tendency to develop an attitude of superiority based on sometimes rationaly flimsy yet deeply held beliefs. Wade approaches these issues from a knowledgeable and biblical perspective but does not fall into the the normal theological traps. He left room for me to contemplate and reflect on my own experiences and further refine my personal understanding.

    I think that anyone who is on a search for a spiritual understanding of life, or has ever felt the need to search for a spiritual home, will appreciate this story. It will deepen your understanding of the spiritual challenges in our modern world.

  3. Hubert

    These are my views of the book THE HARDNESS OF HEART

    This book revolves around two prime characters one is wade fransson and other one is myself. wade fransson white American and myself Brown skinned from India. AS you read the stories , the reason I mention as stories is this book contain stories within stories, some are uplifting , some are disappointing as compared to vagaries of life.

    Wade has brought the story in this book in an amazing manner to the reader who would not leave a page unread forgetting oneself till book Is finished even not yielding to nature calls . Wade needs a big congratulations, gifted writer and many of the portions so heartfelt and so close, well any honest reader would wonder why this man (that is myself) has been element of disappointment to wade in some areas and yet wade loves him (me) so much.

    Yes this is a UNION OF LOVE, AFFECTION, SQUABBLES, BETWEEN BROTHERS OF DIFFERENT COLORS. A Normal reader would weigh the characters from this book between an Angel and Non Angel, rather , it is inspiring every reader to Journey beyond characterization and feel the Divine Almighty’s role and ancient wisdom poured around, where the feel of goodness, serenity , peace, love, can turn from temporary to eternity.

    Let goodness happen for the all the brethren we all would Dwell in that state of peace and Brotherhood.

    M.r. Hubert

  4. Mark Schnee

    In “The Hardness of the Heart” Wade Fransson commendably and disarmingly discloses his inner thoughts on the outer events happening around and to him while on his walk and journey in following our resurrected Lord Jesus Christ. Whether it is his struggle and conflict with ministers from religious organizations, a disintegrating marriage relationship, devastating business tornadoes or deflated personal ventures, we can identify with the roller coaster of emotions and thoughts that he experiences. Yet, he reminisces and remembers that no matter how raging or calm the waters are on the outside, he has an inner anchor through our living Lord Jesus Christ to God. This is a must-read!

  5. Erik Nelson

    If you haven’t read Wade Fransson’s book “The People Of The Sign”, don’t read this book yet. Read “The People Of The Sign” his first biography before you read his sequel biography; “The Hardness Of The Heart”. In his first biography, Wade talks about his troubled childhood and how he found relief by joining The Worldwide Church of God. He believed it was the ideal place for a life because it was full of peace; something that his childhood outside of the Church was not. Near the end of “The People Of The Sign” he reveals that the Church turned out not to be the place he had hoped it would be. In his sequel biography, he talks about how he had to find peace and an ideal life outside of the Church. That may seem like an easy quest but when you’re in disbelief in something that you truly believed in before and have to search for something else, it’s extremely difficult. As Wade goes through his journey, many of his beliefs and characteristics are put to the test. We see that he isn’t just on a journey to find a new life. We see that he must find himself before he finds out what he wants to do in life. Like he did in “The People Of The Sign”, he uses his love for The Beatles by using song titles or lyrics as chapters in this book too. I also admire how he used a subliminal message in the title. It’s taken from Matthew 19:8 in the bible as quoted; “He saith unto them, Moses because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives: but from the beginning it was not so.” I haven’t read the bible so maybe my interpretation of this is inaccurate but from what I understand is that before Moses and what he did to free his people, divorce was not legal but because of him, it turned out to be legal or appropriate? Well, whatever it means, I believe it’s a strong title for this book because Wade had to divorce himself from The Worldwide Church of God in order to find his true self. In the eyes of the WCG, divorce from the Church is wrong. But from the eyes of Wade, it was right because he was suffering after seeing the harsh truth of the church. Like his first biography, this book cannot be put down until you’ve finished reading it. And I hope that in the future if he plans to write another book about other events in his life, I not just hope, I know it will be like his other two biographies.

  6. RonRay

    The journey of a Life in Progress. The hardness of the heart takes us places we all have been, either literally or certainly in our Hearts. You feel the pain and triumphs of Wade’s journey as he has a magnificent way of relating to the reader. You know that point in a good story when you stop and say, “THAT IS ME!” This book shows that life is full of 2nd chances, if we only know where to look. Do yourself a favor and Read this book.

  7. donsabai

    Engaging and Gripping. The sequel to The People of the Sign, continues the spiritual journey of Wade Frannson from his corporate successes, in Southern California, to his spiritual awakening among the ghettos of South India – a journey which could have cost him his life! Hardness of the Heart dissects the twin organs of faith and reason and lays out, in organic detail, the struggles we all have to balance our spiritual hearts and minds. Wade’s journey to enlightenment is one man’s story of learning to live the full life while answering the aching questions faith, heart and hope!

  8. Howard Pepper

    The Hardness of the Heart is an interesting form of autobiography covering a portion of Wade Fransson’s life. It is the second volume of a trilogy which focuses primarily on his spiritual transformation and maturation.

    It covers a couple decades of Fransson’s life and ties periodically back to issues and themes begun in volume one, The People of the Sign, which covers the author’s earlier years. As you’d suspect from there being three volumes (the last soon to be published), the book goes into a lot of detail. I found the specifics to be engaging and often fascinating. Whatever one may think of Fransson’s religious beliefs and spiritual emphasis, there is plenty of drama in his life experiences and in the way he describes them. As a former preacher in the Worldwide Church of God, he knows how to tell a story. And he does it throughout the book.

    The narrative, along with the transparency of a man exploring his own psyche, willing to expose his failings and falterings, keep the theological reflections interesting. I presume this would hold for most readers even with little religious background or interest.

    For readers who do have similar religious backgrounds, there may be special “aha’s”, a feeling of camaraderie, or perhaps an experience of support in growing beyond the boundaries often set by conservative or “literalist” styles of church.

    I personally found particular interest in how the author progressed through stages of deeper understanding, confrontation both inwardly and outwardly toward others, and step-by-step withdrawal from the “Church” (basically a small denomination). This was sometimes painful and always stressful. The story has an extra layer than that of most who’ve gone through a similar process, as I have myself — Fransson was a minister and missionary of some repute in the Worldwide Church of God when it went through a series of splits. So this meant not just a quiet, simple withdrawal but a number of wrenching person-to-person tensions and partings.

    The frustrations and trials of organizational life don’t end there in this book. Minister Fransson becomes Corporate Man Fransson, only to encounter a similar set of personal ambition, authority and ethics struggles in some of America’s medium-sized to very large corporations… names you will probably recognize. This slice of the book I consider perhaps as valuable as the insights on personal development and “demon slaying”. What you probably realize goes on in corporations you will get an inside glimpse of here; and sadly, it’s not a pretty picture in all too many frames.

    There is a further level of self-revelation in The Hardness of the Heart — that of Fransson’s romantic life and family life. We get to see the slow agony he underwent in the collapse of his first marriage. This is part-and-parcel of the other elements he develops in greater depth and his inclusion of it certainly fills out the picture of his life… going beyond the “religious” or belief-system and career aspects. Happily, we see him learn and grow into a readiness and ability to build a deep and harmonious new relationship. His telling of this process and a suspenseful proposal to the woman he’s come to completely adore (as well as be a true friend to) I found to be a great finale.

  9. Kolya Schweppe

    This is the biography of a fundamentalist Christian minister whose hard heart and closed mind are opened by international experience, quantum physics, open minded study of the bible, experience in the corrupt dishonest corporate world, yoga and interfaith discussions. I found it very interesting, even better perhaps than the first book in the trilogy (which you don’t have to have read to read this one).

  10. Bill Fairchild

    Another great read in Fransson’s trilogy of his life story. This one takes us to Pasadena, Germany, Russia, and India as we follow the author’s spiritual journey in which he keeps trying to understand what he believes to be God’s will for him to accomplish in his lifetime. The book reminds me of a cliffhanger serial movie as we witness Fransson keep getting into seemingly inescapable conflicts between his personal health and his desire to fulfill God’s will. Well written, exciting, and compelling.

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