‘Memories of Today’ By Lisa Hendricks

This book with paint a canvas of the tumultuous relationship of me and my mother and its after-effects. A canvas painted with life of violent abuse from my mother; both physical and mental; there are MANY stories from my childhood to teenage years. A canvas portraying Reckless decisions and powerful consequences. For example, me desperately trying to escape her caused me to enter into a relationship with a pedophile; which I didn’t realize until 25 years later. All i thought at the time he was my Savior. A portrait that makes vivid a life that involved drugs, sex, and the repercussions from that. How I almost destroyed my marriage with drugs and affairs.A portrait that illustrates an overdose that led to me aspirating, and waking up 2 weeks later from a coma. Learning to walk again and drinking thickened water for weeks. A portrait tracing my demons that followed me into my marriage and raising my kids.And finally, a portrait of me narrating where I am now and how I conquered my past and used it to help teens overcome theirs.All these stories will be told in vignettes flashing from the past and present.

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