SOOPWinners: Participate in our new Cuppa SOOP Awards

The cooks in SOOP’s kitchen are tripping over themselves to announce a few more details about our new Cuppa SOOP Awards! We previously shared the basic recipe and here are the first samples of what you can expect to win, as you compete within our platform to earn valuable prizes, which we call…

SOOP Bouillon – for Authors (and our Service Providers)

This is SOOP’s version of gold. SOOP Bouillon awards help you hire editors, proofreaders, marketing specialists, and more. These professionals will help you cook your books to consummate perfection – legally, of course, and without getting the SEC involved. SOOP Bouillon Coupons have a monetary value that can be used in SOOP’s Store to purchase products and services from SOOP or any of the Service Providers in our Marketplace.  We’ll start by awarding these to #SOOPWinner Authors who reach the top of our monthly Top 30 Blogs, but we’ll be coming up with more ways in which you can earn these awards in the near future. Stay tuned to this blog and to our Facebook page.

SOOP Broth – for Readers (and our Authors)

SOOP Broth Awards recognize our readers who like to sip, slurp or gulp the tastiest offerings from new or emerging Authors in our platform. We’re already giving away a free book every week to a lucky #SOOPWinner reader, chosen in a random drawing, from among all voters for our Authors in our platform. There’s a lot more broth to come, as we grow our platform and reward those readers who are rewarding our Authors with their patronage. Vote for more books today, to increase your chances of winning.  Unfortunately, due to shipping costs, our full menu of print books are only available for US Readers. International readers can choose from a tasty variety of eBooks.

SOOP Stock – For Service Providers (and our Authors)

SOOP is a platform designed for Authors to take Stock of their work.  And they are looking for help. SOOP’s mission is to unite these Authors – not only with their readers – but also with the Service Providers who can help them take their book from R&D to public offering   Service Providers who achieve positive customer satisfaction will become #SOOPWinners of a Stock Certificate with a monetary value that can be used for a free listing in our Marketplace, and to offer discounts (reimbursed by SOOP) to the Authors in our platform.


Do you have what it takes to be a #SOOPWinner? Do you need more information, or help, to get cooking?  

Stay tuned and follow further announcements on SOOP’s social media platforms.

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