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ImageTitleShort Story GenresTagsSummaryDate
‘The Arrangement’ By Stephanie Sims, , A vampire hunter makes a dangerous deal with a predator.June 21, 2021Vote
‘Return of the Guardians’ By r.e.joyce, , The world once again needs them, and the dragons heed the call. GarBreth starts the calling not realizing what his action will cause but knowing the good earth once again needs the ElementalsJune 21, 2021Vote
‘Masked Ball’ By Jay Amari, , Jake and his friends at Inwood Park Tennis Courts strive to survive the pandemic as everyone seems to be seeking ways to connect in the blur of days sheltering away from others.June 21, 2021Vote
‘IT HAS HAPPENED TO EVERY FOX TO BITE ITS TAIL AT LEAST ONCE.’ By Anja, , The story is about one fox and her broken heart, and her wood friends who are supportive in her hard days. This is one healing, optimistic story which shows that friends can help no matter how hard the situation is.June 20, 2021Vote
‘A Turn To Ashes’ By Arjun Ashryver Galathynius, , In his quest to snare the coveted Imperial State Crown housed in the Tower of London, England, William Schaffhausen gets embroiled in a conspiracy involving a network of terrorists known as the Revolutionaries. Their mysterious leader seems to have a vested interest in Wilhelm—and will do anything to get the young criminal to join his side, even if it means revealing a deadly secret about Wilhelm's past.June 20, 2021Vote
‘Sweet Rot’ By Benjamin Headlee, , In the distant future, a desperate search for treasure on a derelict space cruiser goes awry for Professor Kali and her crew. Will the addition of unlikely allies be enough to save them from the unseen menace lurking in the shadows?June 19, 2021Vote
‘The Book’ By Larry Holmes, , A boy in a post apocalyptic world searches for a book the bring humanity back from the brink of extinction.June 18, 2021Vote
‘Hiraeth (I long to return home to you)’ By Rennaya Writes, , Veronica has a steady routine, every Thursday she would head to her therapists office like clockwork. For as long as shoe could remember that was what she did, the idea of time was a foreign concept to her, nothing seemed strange or ordinary until she started having those dreams, dreams that felt to real to simply be ignored, dreams that stirred up feelings familiar within her, like a memory locked away. She felt lost, and she felt an overwhelming longing to return somewhere, to return to the face from her dreams. She seeks the help of her therapist Dr. Leanne to help her make sense of things. But the truth she discovers shakes her to her very core. Her dreams were not just dreams and her current reality was a dream, a dream created by her therapist who happened to be a mythical being to keep her safe, to help her return home.June 18, 2021Vote
‘Still Waves’ By Laurel Quinn, , With the impending move to the New World quickly approaching, young Prudence is forced to face her fear of the unknown as she becomes one of the many passengers of the Mayflower in 1620. As violent storms that batter the ship and alter the course, Prudence learns to rely on faith in the face of fear.June 18, 2021Vote
‘The charismatic stars’ By Hudaif, , This story is about an ill-lucked boy named Wasad who after facing twists & turns of life begins to develop severe emotional issues with his parents.He no more cares for them,but sees them as his enemies. How could those who sacrificed everything for Wasad's happiness become a hurdle in his progress!When life knocks him totally down,then only does he realize his mistakes & feels burdened by his own guilt.Not wasting any more time,he apologizes to his parents who readily forgive him ,thus relieving his heavy heart.He then assures to take their good care .He eventually revives the beautiful bond bond between him & his family & leads a joyous & peaceful life with them again.June 18, 2021Vote
‘Summoning Space Travelers’ By Angela Acosta, , How will humans cope with life among the stars? What binds past and future generations of voyagers together as humans? The poems in the “Summoning Space Travelers” collection reflect on how humans will manage the anxieties and victories of manned spaceflight in the near and distant future. They include lessons learned from the twenty-first century to motivate and inspire future generations of space travelers.June 17, 2021Vote
‘the dark path of memory’ By NANDO PAUL, , What is it that we keep hidden inside us, where do we hide the secrets that bother us the most? What do we keep in the dark from the view of others, hoping it will never be revealed, even though we know someone else may know about it? What is it we hide in the dark path of memory, that we hope will never be revealed?June 17, 2021Vote
‘The secret of a successful relationship’ By Marvelous nzube, , For love to be perfect, The both partner must:- Love each other truly Never compare each other to another Tolerate each other Forgive each other And have sex with each otherJune 17, 2021Vote
‘Beygja’ By Scott Reed, , Nameless lords fight over ancient lands, imagined insults, or the glory of the raid. Rað only ever wanted his life to continue as it had, but that time is over. An army has amassed outside his village, and now Rað has been called to fight. Hope lies upon the Savior, a mail-clad warrior who has come to lead Rað's people to victory. Here, in this unknown place at this unknown battle, Rað's Affliction began.June 16, 2021Vote
‘A Very Beautiful Rainbow ‘ By Marcus Mulenga, , Kindness has the power to brighten up the world! This is a valuable lesson that a very beautiful rainbow named Roy learns as he shares his colors with everyone around him, with some surprising results! Readers of all ages will enjoy following Roy on this colorful adventure as his new friends help him learn about the importance of giving to others.June 16, 2021Vote
‘Alex and the Magical Coat: Standing Up For Others’ By Julia Reid, , Alex has a secret.For generations, his family has possessed a magical flying coat, which only works if he used to help others. Join Alex on his second adventure as he encounters a blind boy, Mason, from school and three bullies. Alex must decide between flying away and not getting involved or helping Mason and risk getting teased himself. Alex knows what he should do, but knowing and doing are two very different things. Well Alex stand up to the bullies and help his friend?June 16, 2021Vote
‘Flawful Loyalty’ By Sahana.J, , Chaos began when the queen of witches came with the dragon clan to vanquish the humans from their land. The human were perplexed, unaware of the mistake committed by their kind. However, Emma stood right by the side of her people, defending them. She always thought that those people will live her, no matter what and that was the biggest delusion of her lifeJune 16, 2021Vote
‘The Arrival’ By Evalorreen, , A new life beginning, a souls return.June 16, 2021Vote
‘Verenice – The Snowflake’ By K. Emerson, , Jonathan, a lonely teenager in an arid two-story town, does nothing but complain about how boring the holidays are. It never snows in his town during winter time. However, the universe surprises him beyond his wildest dreams. One Christmas Eve, Jonathan's little house gets miraculously blanketed by a thick layer of the frozen dust. Desperately wanting to keep snow forever, he decides to put a single snowflake in a container. The teen ignores that the apparently insignificant decision will change his life forever, and send him down a path of a magical friendship, self-discovery, and enthralling mysticism.June 15, 2021Vote
‘Constructed’ By Mica L. Rich, , A poem about the struggles of untangling oneself from childhood trauma and striving to find a personal identity among the harsh remnants of who one becomes in order to survive.June 15, 2021Vote
‘From Behind the Wheel of a ’92 Mercury’ By Mica L. Rich, , A pair of teenage boys, caught in a freak thunderstorm, come upon an old, abandoned car in the woods. The machine gives off a strange aura but there is nowhere else to hide from the rain. They get in. They do not get out.June 15, 2021Vote
‘A Hot Slow Sticky Day in Summer ‘ By TheWomynWhoWrites, , A short story depicting a young man's thoughts and perspectives in regards to his friend's new job interview on a hot summer's day.June 15, 2021Vote
‘A Product of Good Intentions and Good Tequila’ By Mica L. Rich, , A story of shenanigans, shared secrets, and sock puppets, but mostly of family, and of memories that will never die. *all names and some details have been changed to protect the identity of the individuals in this story.June 15, 2021Vote
‘The Willow in the Woods’ By Mica L. Rich, , A young farm girl in the 1600s ignores her mother's warnings about dangerous forests and cursed exchanges, and ventures into the woods beyond the farm, seeking something more than the monotonous life she sees before her.June 15, 2021Vote
‘At First Snowfall’ By Cecilia Corona, , May all your dreams come true, takes on a whole new meaning when Xiomara finds out she's an Oracle with Fae witch powers, and her boyfriend is a werewolf from another realm. When her half-brother shows up on her doorstep with his prophecy, the true nightmare begins. She must stand beside him in the battle of Galant or the evil Queen will destroy the kingdom.June 15, 2021Vote
‘Bity Nightmare Byte’ By GMC Drawings by Brendon, , Bity's Young love dies. He forgets all, becoming a Nightmare.June 15, 2021Vote
‘Poems from the Pandemic, “The only way up is down”‘ By Katie Kirwan, , Poems from the Pandemic. There are more 🙂June 15, 2021Vote
‘How was your day?’ By Pranjal Joshi, , A father narrating the silly yet simple and sweet story of his childhood love to his son, drawing comparisons between the polar opposite generational difference that has been originated because of technological boom in recent 2-3 decades.June 15, 2021Vote
‘Margot & Bunny and the business of fast fashion ‘ By Rebecca Clements, , Margot & Bunny and the business of fast fashion focuses on an important and relevant topic in today's environment and how our future leaders can help shape the world into a better place. A fun, upbeat tale of one very determined reporter and her fabulous friend, who teaches her an important life lesson about how to be sustainably fabulous!June 15, 2021Vote
‘The Battlefield’ By Mystical mystique, , Two brothers - Arthur and Alan have always fought life's battles together but not this time. Arthur is stuck with a life-and-death battle inside a submarine while Alan is struggling with a life threatening disorder in a hospital. Will both the brothers emerge victorious or will they succumb to their helplessness situation ?!June 14, 2021Vote
‘Be Home Soon’ By Alex Teplish, , After attending a tech conference abroad and boarding my flight home, I find myself 20 years in the future with all its technological advancements.June 14, 2021Vote
‘Pink with Sprinkles’ By Cordelia Byllesby, , Whenever she sees a donut, the memories come back to her.June 13, 2021Vote
‘The Cast’ By Douglas Rodoski, , An Army veteran seeks to avenge the death of his son from drug addiction.June 11, 2021Vote
‘Population Control’ By Scott Blanke, , Please consider for publication this 1200 word short story, "Population Control'. In the overcrowded world of Xizzon 42, the population computer determines if you are allowed to have children. How far are you willing to go, to pay the expected price?June 11, 2021Vote
‘How Could You?’ By Shanika Douglas, , How Could you is a poem about black Americans. It ask the question of how could they allow cruel and inhuman things to happen to them. This poem should make you think about your actions and the actions of your ancestors and ask the question why. It should inspire black Americans to "come up with a plan."June 9, 2021Vote
‘Not All Love Can’ By Amanda Loper, , "Not All Love Can" is a poignant and wistful reflection of a relationship that did not last, but which served its exact purpose in the author's life. It delves into the role people play in any love, and the favors we do for each other as we move on.June 9, 2021Vote
‘Tooly Land ‘ By Ivanna Kusijanovic, , Fantasy, outer space/ other dimension travel. Book Description and Outstanding Features This is a story for upper elementary school children (ages 9 to 11). It is an imaginative adventure, perhaps a bit of absurdist fiction, adapted to this age group. My intention with this book is to entertain my students and spark their imagination. I would love for them to see how imagination can be such a wonderful and limitless thing. The distinguishing features are the vivid descriptions of the landscape in a different planet or world, as well as the intelligence of the child who gets lost in this strange place. Outline This is a short story for children, so there are no chapters. There are parts to the story, of course. The protagonist travels outside the planet in her own home and after a series of adventures and using her intelligence, manages to get back home and later she is unsure about how it is that this trip happens and if it was even real. I’d like to have pictures in this story but I would need to have a book designer read through it and draw accordingly. I am sending in the full story, but editing is still pending.June 9, 2021Vote
‘The house of Dark’ By Scarlet T., , Crystal Dark, a 17 year old girl who’s suffered a dark past...her life flips upside down when she stumbles upon her family’s history and discovers that magic runs threw her blood. Intrigued and shocked she digs deeper but soon realises she’s made a big mistake. Follow Crystal, her brothers and friends in an shocking adventure as she tries to understand more about her past.June 9, 2021Vote
‘Killer Butterflies’ By Katie Arminie, , A depressed young woman is driving to a bachelorette party when a large swarm of butterflies cause her to get into a life threatening car accident.June 9, 2021Vote
‘Paid for Rent || Jeon Jungkook FF’ By Xz, , One day you wake up to 30 dollars and a note that reads, "For rent" the odd thing is that you aren't renting out the place. The following day you spot a spider on the wall, and right as you're about to kill it you hear it say, "Please don't kill me! I paid for rent!" looks like you finally have an awesome companion other than your boyfriend Jungkook.June 9, 2021Vote
‘Opposing Commonalities ‘ By Catherine McNulty, , Metaphors not only make the familiar similar, but also create oppositions within their comparisons. Just as decorative lace and fishing nets are similar in the material they are made from and the form they take, the means they pursue and are at opposite ends. One’s delicate lines are used to decorate our lives while the latter is used often to sustain or end life. This dichotomy is what inspired me to write palindrome poems. The poems I have submitted are part of a small collection of poems I have already published. Each poem can be read from top to bottom and bottom to top. Each poem uses the same words to express a different or opposing idea. The poems I have chosen to submit were published with some lined pages to inspire the reader to take time a reflect on their own lives or possibly write their own palindrome poem. The poems I have chosen to submit were inspired by my passions, observations of certain cultural aspects, and the works of other poets such as Maya Angelou and Carl Sandburg. Specifically the poems “Singing Always” and “Enough Now” were inspired by “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” and “Who am I?” respectively.June 8, 2021Vote
‘The Basement’ By Robert Agnello, , When he was modifying his basement he never knew it would save his life. Unfortunately it couldn't help save his wife and son. The pandemic came quickly and now it's just him and his shotgun.June 8, 2021Vote
‘Alfie’s Adventures – Hyacinth Macaw’ By Hayley Jane Smith, , I have written and fully illustrated a children's picture book called ‘Alfie’s Adventures’ which educates children about the plight of parrots in the wild in a fun and engaging way. The book aims to educate children about how man-made environmental destruction is threatening the species of fauna and flora on this planet, and how this can be addressed through ecological conservation. This is an issue I strongly care about and want to communicate with the world. There is potential to make this into a series of books, with stories about other species of endangered wildlife, I have already started one on wild African grey parrots. The premise of the storybook is: 'Alfie the African grey parrot loves educating children about the plight of animals in the wild in a fun and engaging way. Alfie's first adventure to Brazil sees Azul, the naughty hyacinth macaw, experiencing the effects of people's destruction to his rainforest home. Can Alfie save the day or is it up to us?' Please feel free to take a look at my website which includes a portfolio of my other artwork 8, 2021Vote
‘Silent No More: An Intimate Portrait of How Trauma Affects Us All’ By Iram Gilani, , Whether you are a trauma survivor of any kind or a loved one of a survivor, this book is for you. In Silent No More, Gilani carries her readers through an honest exploration of suffering and survival as it affects us all. By drawing upon her personal experiences, she shines a light on the tumultuous landscape of trauma as a whole. The societal forces shaping human behavior across time and cultures. The powerful ways in which we all influence one another, through our worst mistakes and our warmest compassion. How trauma touches our minds and hearts, rendering us as vulnerable to pain and suffering as we are to shared strength and joy.June 8, 2021Vote
‘Veering Waves’ By Lauryn Dyan, , Can three simple words and one kind gesture inextricably alter the course of two young lives? For Dalia, everything changed one sunny day when a sweet surfer boy's simple offer to give up his turn at a wave turned into so much more, veering both their lives off course--one toward a bright future, the other toward something much bleaker. Yet, motivation and determination can come from tragedy, and the legacy Dalia builds from these events will forever honor them both,June 6, 2021Vote
‘Reminiscent of the Past’ By Shruti A Chhabra, , Born with a silver spoon. Akshar has his entire life chalked out in front of him. A good job, loyal friend, lovely family, and a longtime steady girlfriend. What else one would need in life. His life comes to a screeching halt when her fiancee tells him that she is expecting and the child is not his. Akshar's rosy world comes shattering down in front of his eyes in a span of a few minutes. What will Akshar do? Will he take revenge for this treachery, or will he let it pass? This a saga of a boy who is shattered to the core. How he builds his life again after such a big jolt is what the story is all about. The story is full of twists and emotions.June 5, 2021Vote
‘On Holy Ground’ By R.A. Buratovich, , A man commits a foul deed on the grounds of a cathedral in order to save the soul of someone he loves.June 4, 2021Vote
‘Poland, 1942’ By R.A. Buratovich, , A young Jewish boy living in Nazi-occupied Poland befriends the son of a foreign diplomat.June 4, 2021Vote
‘The Collector’ By Haley Forté, , Every October the Carnival arrives in Rosalind's small farming town to entice the residents. An urban legend follows in its tracks, a story about a menacing man who dwells within a tent and takes what he wants. When Roz and her two best friends, Olivia and Mason, enter the fabled big top, Roz finds out that perhaps the tale of The Collector may not be as fictional as they first thought.June 3, 2021Vote
‘Dzimba dzemazeno (house of zeno)’ By Mashkai, , A fictional history remake of the first chimurenga in Zimbabwean historyJune 2, 2021Vote
‘Spy and Villain’ By Joy M. Lilley, , A physically handicapped lady, thinks she sees dastardly goings on in the house opposite to where she lives. She is convinced that the woman opposite is being abused. A Christian theme runs through this story of a spy, the lady in the wheelchair who spends much of her time looking at others through her window. The story takes a dramatic turn when she is proved to be right. And becomes a friend of the abused woman.June 2, 2021Vote
‘A Sullivan Survives’ By Jo Underwood, , The story of my Grandfather's life, told by me through his eyes.June 1, 2021Vote
‘Crossroad: The number 49’ By Christina Atmatzidou, , Noel-Giorgio Brown, never had a choice. Having a violent father, a mother victim of his outbursts as well as a depressed sister, he succumbs to multiple personality disorder, dragging innocent souls into his path. He, and the voices which live in his head, holding the hostage at home on Crossroad Street, number forty-nine.June 1, 2021Vote
‘The Park Bench’ By Jennifer Wedmore, , A flower vendor watches a couple from afar. She sees their relationship change and reflects on how it makes her feel.June 1, 2021Vote
‘Light Blue Like the Sky’ By Victoria R., , A personal meditation on relationships, religion, growing up, and familial expectations in the south as a young woman of Italian-American heritage.June 1, 2021Vote
‘Rebecca’s Dresses’ By Annie Earnshaw, , This charming short story about memory, family, and love follows Amy Fischer, whose curiosity about her late mother Rebecca leads her to a family reunion. As Amy immerses herself into the quirky and welcoming family culture, she faces the ultimate questions: who are we without our parents, and how do we keep loving them after they're gone?June 1, 2021Vote
‘Three Words’ By Erin W, , All it takes is one nightJune 1, 2021Vote
‘Rebel by Nature (and Probably Nurture): A Story of a Mental Health Therapist’ By Terri Parke, , Here's a story of some of my early interactions as the 2nd born of 3 children, and some of the effects I have noticed to my career as a mental health therapist who moved in 2019 to Texas from Noblesville, Indiana. Read on to learn more about me and my experiences growing up in a small town, where there was a tragic death just as we moved to Tipton from Noblesville, when I was 5 years old.June 1, 2021Vote
‘”3228″‘ By djonesboy, , About following my wife in an inter-racial relationship from Illinois to Oklahoma and getting dissed by her White side of the family and by the Healthcare Industry and Workforce.May 31, 2021Vote
‘Rising’ By Jennifer Kurdyla, , A story of my relationship with sourdough bread as a metaphor for personal healing.May 31, 2021Vote
‘Thy Name is Woman’ By Ayesha, , I am a Masters student of English Literature and correctly I am taking a course on 14th and 15th Century Poetry. I was inspired by the course to write this.May 31, 2021Vote
‘Legacy House’ By R. J. Spruce, , Want out? Want to end it all? Feel like you have no other choice? Here at LEGACY HOUSE, we understand. Wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t die in vain? Your choice, your body, your Legacy. You decide how you want to be released.May 30, 2021Vote
‘Being Different’ By Berrynilla, , This tells the story of a young student who worked at an organization for a learning experience. At the end of her stay, she realized that she was being watched and it was safe to say that she was different after all.May 30, 2021Vote
‘The Lost Heir’ By Berrynilla, , A baby Prince was stolen from the palace and left to die in the thick forest by his jealous uncle, whose main focus was on the throne. Some years passed, and the uncle almost succeeded in his plot to usurp the throne unrightfully before the gods intervened.May 30, 2021Vote
‘My Friend Tim’ By Richard Hulse, , Tim was a precocious teenager. A UCLA grad. An officer in the United States Navy. After a stint trying to be a salesman and father, he fled to Colorado, where he headed the Aspen ski patrol for many years before returning to California to retire.May 30, 2021Vote
‘The Shallow Tree ‘ By Ayush, , The Shallow Tree is a story of young boy, Kishan. Kisan had a past which had chased him. His present girlfriend Meera was astonished by sudden disappearance of Kishan and bewildered by the knowledge of her past girlfriend Radhika. Kishan left Meera without saying anything and left his diary behind. The past of Kishan had never left him in peace.May 30, 2021Vote
‘My fathers school’ By Dutta, , A short poem on My father's schoolMay 30, 2021Vote
‘An Assassin On Thet Anneth’ By Jason Russell, , Coming in at 5,250 words, Assassin on Thet Anneth tells the first-person account of a hired assassin who crosses the Andromeda galaxy to the planet Thet Anneth for a contract on a controversial political figure. Thet Anneth is a world like none he had encountered prior - one where plants evolved to become the dominant species and mammals remain stationary. In a moment's hesitation, the assassin discovers he wasn't sent alone to ensure completion of the job and unless he pulls the trigger, his own life is in danger.May 30, 2021Vote
‘Origami’ By Melody Friedenthal, , What do you get when you mix origami with magic?May 29, 2021Vote
‘Child of Mourning’ By Melody Friedenthal, , When you and all your family live well into your 2nd century, what do you do when you have a child with a different fate?May 29, 2021Vote
‘Tales of hunger in the forest of death’ By Amrita Chatterjee, , The Sunderbans, the largest mangrove forest sprawling across India and Bangladesh, are one of the most ruthless terrains for both man and beast. Persevering in its rugged terrains is a challenge that requires resilience, courage and above all the will to defy death. Hunger is the driving force here. Sheeba, a tigress, a native of these lands treads out in search of food for herself and her cubs. Scarcity of game in the forest has made her desperate. She has become fearless enough to cross the raging rivers and trespass into human settlements to forage for food. Arati is ostracized from her society as her husband, a honey collector, was killed by a tiger, a fate that most people of his profession are destined to. Left alone to fend for her family she has started fishing and often has to go deeper into the forest for a better catch. In doing so, she must ignore risks to her life from crocodiles and tigers. Both Arati and Sheeba are mothers, both are hungry and both are trespassers into lands where they are not wanted. They struggle to feed their family and to continue to exist despite everything. Will they be able to win this battle? If then who is the victor and who will be the vanquished?May 29, 2021Vote
‘Lies, Sex and lnfidelity’ By Jaqueline Williams, , A judge cheated with the court house clerk. A child that is not the and someone has Hiv.May 29, 2021Vote
‘The Dream Weaver ‘ By RJ Barduhn, , Nyota wakes up within a dream but it's unlike any other. She also discovers herself in a wonderous room and from there she begins her journey. Her mind starts to fill to the brim with questions about this dream and where it all started. Despite being fully aware, why is it she can't remember what her life was like in the conscious world? Was she destined to stay here? Soon enough, Nyota will discover she is not alone and her truth will soon reveal itself.May 28, 2021Vote
‘My Heart Aches Too ‘ By Ashi, , Sarangi who was once the charm of her mothers’ eyes and the pride of her father has now become a burden to the family. Three years ago, she completed her education from an excellent university securing the highest package from an admired company. For the first time she felt people saw the potential in her and finally looked through beyond her dark complexion. However, the past three years have been difficult for her as her family has been desperately trying to search a suitable groom for her. Disgraceful comments about her skin colour have completely shattered Sarangi from the inside and decimated her self-esteem. Already been rejected by twenty families she is getting ready to be presented in front of the next prospective groom Daiwik. As soon as his family arrives, they express their discontent about how they have been cheated through fairer photographs of the girl. Sarangi is very close to a mental breakdown until Daiwik decides to talk to her alone. Soon, the girl finds herself sympathizing with the aggrieved soul of Daiwik who is a transgender but was never allowed to become a girl. The story unfolds as the two pestered souls have a heartfelt conversation about how the cruelty of the world broke them piece by piece. The conversation ends with Sarangi developing a deep appreciation for her beautiful feminine body while Daiwik sings a poem to express his torment.May 28, 2021Vote
‘Crime Against Humanity’ By Jo Recchia, , Poem about indeginous peopleMay 28, 2021Vote
‘Cravings of a Broken Heart’ By Hala Bakir, , Anyone who has ever been heartbroken, is in a constant rush to get over the pain of the heartbreak. Each person deals with it in a different way, we get into new relationships sooner or later and then what? Without true understanding what a broken heart craves, what pushes us to jump into relationships that break our hearts, and what it is our heart truly desires, we will continue to fall into the same patterns, whether we realize it or not. In this short story, you will get insightful tips and eye opening realizations with a touch of humor, and whole lot of truths.May 27, 2021Vote
‘Bonds’ By Joel Fisher, , A family of three is torn apart by sickness, while grief plays a role in a very literal way. Connecting with your 8 year old son is not a walk in the park.May 27, 2021Vote
‘Wood and Gold’ By CSbennett, , A tribe of Barbarians prepare themselves for a battle to reclaim their homeland that was stolen from them thirteen years prior and are dead set on using any means necessary to accomplish their goals.May 26, 2021Vote
‘The Journal of Levi Bloom’ By Bruce Walker, , Two men returning from a camping trip in Montana uncover an old journal kept by a small town South Dakota resident once thought to have committed an unsolved robbery.May 26, 2021Vote
‘The Afflicted’ By Emmie N. Pasley, , Eradicating the mentally insane is what Cordelia was trained to do. Eradicate the "Afflicted." But when Cordelia's eyes are opened to reality, she realizes the truth about the "Afflicted"; they're not mentally insane, they just know the truth.May 26, 2021Vote
‘Ode To An Unsung Verse’ By Kasturi Goswami, , Neelam coincidentally discovered one of her mother's old poems. What intrigued her was the fact that it talked about a heart-rendering one-sided love. Who was this mysterious person Mehar seemed to illustrate in many of her works? Neelam decides to face her mother. What she learns is a myriad of emotions. Will her view change and accept the answer Mehar delivers?May 26, 2021Vote
‘Liana and the Seventh Spin’ By Roberta Azzopardi, , The house that sits by the sea does not age. The villagers fear the dwelling that exists like a fly in an amber stone, but a girl, who dreams of a better life than the only one offered to her in their tiny community, is lured by what it might symbolise. When on her 18th birthday, she finds a strange object while working on the fields, the house calls to her and she, full of hope and dread, answers. What she discovers in the timeless house by the sea will change the course of her life over and over again.May 26, 2021Vote
‘The Runaway Princess’ By Michaela Vlčejová, , Dear diary, I don't want to marry a prince I have never seen, so I will run away from my beautiful palace in the twenty first century, where I was meant to be crowned as a Queen in a year and travel the world, running away from the knights, assassins, and the prince that I should marry. Who could predict I would fall in love? With love, Princess Gwen.May 26, 2021Vote
‘Kabir’ By Mitali Kaushik, , A clichéd story of love, heartbreak, and beauty with a twist. It'll make you dream. And then turn it into a nightmare.May 26, 2021Vote
‘Dreams Are Made And Stolen’ By Golden Angel, , Two ethereal beings often find themselves on the opposite side of life. One makes the beautiful dreams of children while the other fought against their own natural urges to steal the dreams their friend made, leaving nightmares.May 25, 2021Vote
‘Colin’s Choice’ By Keighley Miller, , The Chosen are highly prized for their collective value as harbingers of change, as well as protectors of time - without them, the history of the world could have occurred quite differently. However, to be Chosen is not without its sacrifices. In Colin Waters' case, his sacrifice was not made by any choice of his own. After years of traumatic training to prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to jump through time, Colin is jaded to the process, and resentful of his coveted role as one of Drostmeyer's Chosen. Despite his failure to complete the jump early in life, he is still required to attempt again, until he is successful, or until he is dead. Now that the time has come for his next chance, he is at a crossroads - will he be able to complete the expectations that are required of him? In this point of his story, accompany Colin through his process to prepare for this second chance - and expect the unexpected.May 25, 2021Vote
‘The Marriage Graphic’ By Elmer Zook, , Young bartender is considering getting married. Then he is shown a diagram that makes him reconsider his life.May 25, 2021Vote
‘How To Master Your Mind?’ By Umar Sofi, , It is about everything you need to build a disciplined mindset and make your self a highly successful person. The thoughts about feelings, emotions, intuition and critical thinking are needed to be clear. We should only trust our deep feelings and intuition rather than the conditional feelings as they change over time. Similarly emotions must not be judged and processed on our own perspectives only but we should gain more knowledge about as many perspectives as possible.May 25, 2021Vote
‘Mors tua, vita mea’ By Arianna Dongu, , Count Dracula kidnaps a young virgin to lure Abraham Van Helsing in his clutches. Abraham, though, is smarter than the vampire thinks and comes to his castle when the sun is still high to kill him. He then rescues his lover, but only to die at her hands: she willingly became a vampire in turn, and now she will rule over Wallachia.May 24, 2021Vote
‘Agorafobia’ By Arianna Dongu, , A man fights against his own fear, embodied in a demon, but soon he finds out he has become the fear itself.May 24, 2021Vote
‘Mystery Houses and Memories’ By Navyata Mehta, , Did you ever imagine that you would be able to relive the one time in your life over and over again as if one time wasn't enough? This is a story when Sarah Winchester visits a mysterious tourist attraction; a mysterious attraction that brings back memories buried so deep, she couldn't even remember them until she visited the labyrinth.May 24, 2021Vote
‘The Dreamland Shore’ By Josephine Winter, , In the mind realms there are many planes, and nightmares haunt the dreamlands. Daeryn is a hunter. It is his duty to protect the realms from the terror of these horrifying beasts, but recently he has been eyeing the lake that he knows one day he must cross. What lies on the other side of the horizon is unknown, but the time will come when he will be allowed the opportunity to find out.May 24, 2021Vote
‘Let Not The Past Be Forever’ By Laura Corbino, , A young girl tortured in the present escapes to past.May 24, 2021Vote
‘The Midnight Doe’ By Serena V.T., , Alba's life is a living torment. Promised to a man she doesn't love, feeling compelled to do anything in her power to protect and support her family and even obligated to follow certain deep-rooted customs. She is in distress. She just goes with the flow while war is emerging between the two Chimera tribes. One encounter with the enemy's archer, Ifrit, will be enough to turn her world upside down. She is desperate and Ifrit her last hope. To whom does the fatal choice belong to after all?May 23, 2021Vote
‘The Cursed House’ By Falguni Jain, , Abir found out Kyra's ancestral house, which she hadn't been to since she was 5. As much as Abir has fallen in love with the place, Kyra can't stand being around the house. What happens when Abir surprises Kyra by taking her to that house on their 1st wedding anniversary? What is Kyra hiding? Will Abir still love that place after knowing its dark secrets?May 22, 2021Vote
‘The Loneliness’ By Sharad Vemalanathan, , Living with an autoimmune disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome, but more focused on social isolation.May 22, 2021Vote
‘Tell me if your leaving’ By Mauren Lopio, , Tell me if your leaving "hey love! ", i called her, my girlfriend, my future wife hehe "oh? ", she respond with a smile in her face "i wanna tell you something hehe", i excitedly ask "what is it? " "I LOVE YOUUUUU", i said and make a finger heart "hahahahahahaha i know you always say that to me tsk", "i just want you to know i love you every second every minute every day foreverrr", i said and hugged her tight "Love you too", she sweetly answered Were studying college right now, im an engineering student while she an taking accountancy.  Were just in one apartment, in the first place our parents do not agree because of negativity tss..but we prove at them that we dont do as such things that can ruin our dreams. In our apartment we have different rooms to avoid things. But even were in one apartment i miss her specially when were sleeping. Shes my life and i dont wanna let go of her no matter what happens. But one day all changed. I dont know why, why she's wearing make up? Shes not Yana i meet before, yana whos just a simple lady? Theres so many questions in my mind. "Love, i thought your not using make up" i asked "just dont asked tsk", she irritatedly said "sorrryy hmmm", i pouted and make my face cute to make her smile but i failed "just lets go tss". Day passed she'svery cold in our relationship but i always understand her even i dont know what shoul i understand. "Love! " i called her "oh? ", she asked,  she really changed.  She used make up even we didn't have school. Hayss whats going on in her? Shes beautiful even without make up hahays "I'm going to my familes house, I'm leaving with them" "why?", i curiously asked "i really missed them" she answered "were going there right!?  When our school hours done? " i asked "don't you just asked?", she said with anger in her voice "why your angry everytime ha?" i asked but she just go out and leave me hanging. I do nothing but to sit and i dont feel my tears running down in my face. Is she tired of lovibg me? Whats wrong about me? "Is there any problem about me?" i asked "nope", she answered "then say it, whats wrong?", i slighy shout but i dont received an answer "why your leaving? ", i asked again "dont asked!", she shouted "im the who's wrong */sniff sorry if i give up, sorry if im tired */sniff you dont do anything wrong", she said with a teary eye "thats an invalid reason yana! ", i said irritatedly "please let me rest", she ordered "hmmm stop crying but please ill just give you a space, im not letting you go", i said and wiped her tears In everyday i dont have any information about her,  even a text i dont recieve anything hahays... Ring Ring Ring~~~ My phone rang and answer the call and im so happy of who's calling its my love hehe "hello love? How are you? I love youuuuuu and i misss youuu so much! Do want me to fetch you?"i excitedly, because finally she called but i dont hear her voice but i just hear a cry of someone. "h--helo?  L--love?" i repeated "ijo? Its me */ snif" "wheres yana tita?  Is she ok?  Is she mad at me?", but i dont recieve an answer instead i recieve a weep from tita. I really dont understand whats happening? "ijo pls come here at the hospital she needs youu-", she cried "what happened tita? ", i fastly asked "she dont wanna let you know because shes afraid,  i know you loved my daughter very much please come here", she said while crying "o---k", and suddenly i feel nervous. @hospital "miss where'sthe room of Yana?" i fastly ask the nurse "Room 56", she said and i don't bother to say thank you because im very afraid ofy girl friend When im in the hospital i saw fastly the father of my girlfriend crying alone at the outside the room... Whats happening? I just look at him and my nerves became fast "tito! " i shouted with a teary eye "go inside faster snif*/ plsss--", he ordered at me When im inside, I saw the girl i always wanna see but my strunght was gone like the air putting it out in my body.  I saw my love lay down in the bed with a pale face. "love what happend?  Are you eating? Why your so pale? " i asked "I have tumor, sorry for not telling you", she answered without looking at my eyes "Why you not looking directly at my eyes? ", i asked with and my tears began to fall "Let me g--go", she cried as she look at my eyes "no! " "pleaseeeeee love", "NO! Give me an invalid reason, WHY? ", i shouted "im not tired of loving you all, especially loving you but my body is tired. Please let me go ", she said with ateary eye "w----hhhy d--dint you tell me? Why you forget to tell me? ", "sorry---yyy" "let me go love---" "o---k", then she close his eyes with the tears in her eyes and my tears began to fall fasterMay 22, 2021Vote
‘Tell me if your leaving’ By Mauren Lopio, , Tell me if your leaving "hey love! ", i called her, my girlfriend, my future wife hehe "oh? ", she respond with a smile in her face "i wanna tell you something hehe", i excitedly ask "what is it? " "I LOVE YOUUUUU", i said and make a finger heart "hahahahahahaha i know you always say that to me tsk", "i just want you to know i love you every second every minute every day foreverrr", i said and hugged her tight "Love you too", she sweetly answered When im in the hospital i saw fastly the father of my girlfriend crying alone at the outside the room... When im inside, I saw the girl i always wanna see but my strunght was gone like the air putting it out in my body.  I saw my love lay down in the bed with a pale face.May 22, 2021Vote
‘A Flash of Pink’ By Rohn Federbush, , Following the national video screening of a Columbus Ohio killing of a 16-year-old girl, I tried to write a slim eulogy. My husband and I both thought the officer unfortunately had no option.May 22, 2021Vote
‘Behind the Camera’ By A. E. Winchester, , Simone Walkers was one of those people who tried their best to gain money. Being a photographer was a piece of cake for him. Since his parents were one. He most likely dedicated himself to Arts and that was one of the reasons why he chose to study Bachelor in Fine Arts. Simone was impeccably so handsome and talented that women almost sell their souls to have a one-night stand with him, but he wasn't interested which to why women thought that he's gay, but he's far from that though he supported the LGBTQ+ community whole-heartedly. It might seem ridiculous but Simone really liked the sexiest model 'slash' woman in the world, Liliana Rodriguez, the half Spanish and half American model who brought chaos to everywhere she walks. She is just so gorgeous. After a surprising encounters he found himself falling in love with the model who happened to be his client as he'll be her photographer. Now the questions here is how to keep your feelings at bay when you know that it's hard?May 21, 2021Vote
‘When God made Humans’ By WanderingMind, , It is said in Indian Mythology that to get a human form, life should pass through all 84 lakh forms of life at least once. Based on a popular saying, here is an idea of what must have happened when God for the very first time started creating life on earth, how he must have failed before he became a pro at his job, and how his own creation re-created him!May 21, 2021Vote
‘Raam… A journey from man to God.’ By WanderingMind, , Ram is a historical Indian hero worshipped as God by Indians. An epic written by sage Valmiki on life of this hero is called as Ramayan. After the Moghul invasion and religious conversion happened in India, people have started questioning about the authenticity and existence of Ram himself. He is the man who built the very first sea-link Ram-Setu, a bridge between India and Srilanka, to defeat Ravan with the help of an army of monkey tribe and rescue his kidnapped wife Sita back to his kingdom Ayodhya. Belonging to his guru's clan and worshipping him for years, my heart cries when people dishonour him and call his life a myth. So here is a piece on My Ram. Thankyou.May 21, 2021Vote
‘Assumptions’ By Nicole Lydick, , A young man who shows up late to a party, a science experiment gone awry, and a mastermind who may not be completely human.May 21, 2021Vote
‘Forever will be here’ By Ana, , Val and Hanry are twins who lost their family and now they have to take care of their little brother Aron in abusive environment.May 21, 2021Vote
‘Best Friend’s Birthday’ By ArtMac, , The time, I thought was a normal birthday party, would turn into incredible moment when I met my girlfriend.May 20, 2021Vote
‘Whats in a Name?’ By Bryan Welsh, , Two strangers meet on a mountain hike and discover that by giving something away, you can sometimes find something special.May 20, 2021Vote
‘LOVE UNREQUITED’ By Maggie Smart, , Dima is an up and coming musician. Searching for greener pastures, she travelled to Abuja but was met with disappointment. Becoming a star proved to be more than she bargained for until she met Buchi. Buchi was the answer to all her prayers. He was young, business savvy, and very caring until he started asking for more than she was ready to give. Can they make their professional relationship work despite the overwhelming emotional challenges? Or will they come to a compromise?May 20, 2021Vote
‘Memories’ By QueenZen, , Memory is very important but how about you if your memory is lost?May 20, 2021Vote
‘Beef Broth For Betsy’ By J. R. Knight, , An off-beat twisted luncheon raises more questions than answers as Martha May serves beef broth to her friend-come-hated-enemy, Betsy.May 20, 2021Vote
‘Something Real’ By J. R. Knight, , A cliché chance encounter at a coffee shop sparks a whirlwind romance almost too good to be true. Maybe it is.May 20, 2021Vote
‘Made For You’ By J. R. Knight, , A cyber-punk, neon nightmare take on grief, technology, cloning and glitched technology.May 20, 2021Vote
‘Made For You’ By J. R. Knight, , A cliché chance encounter at a coffee shop sparks an out-of-the-movies type love affair too good to be true. And is it too good to be true?May 20, 2021Vote
‘Cargo of Sorrow’ By Scott Hassler, , Two strangers awaken inside of a metal container in space with no memory of how they got there. While trying to find a way to escape the confines of their prison, they learn about each other's past and discover they are connected in more ways than one.May 19, 2021Vote
‘Simple Man Simple Message’ By Mark Dobosz, , Simple Man Simple Message is a very simple book for complex individuals--namely most of us! Life changes can be hard when made chaotic with our own human interventions. Simple Man Simple Message provides each of us with a bite-size seven-day guidebook to getting your life back on track.May 19, 2021Vote
‘Skye in High School Wonderland ‘ By PL Phillips, , Skye always dreamed of one day being popular like her sister Sasha, what happens when an earthquake causes a portal to open during her high school and she falls and wakes up in an alternate reality where she is queen of the Glitterati squad. Will she ever want to return to reality or is the life through the portal a much better one?May 19, 2021Vote
‘I Survived; You Can Too’ By A Ruth Proctor, , Placed in foster care when she was very young, A. Ruth was forced to make life adjustments on the fly. After foster care, she went through a series of devastating events, including molestation, domestic violence, and infidelity. Through it all though, she learnt about perseverance and developed a toolkit of survival skills that she now uses to help reform Americans and others around the world. This life-changing toolkit can be found in her book “I SURVIVED; YOU CAN TOO”May 17, 2021Vote
‘Clark – A Dating Story’ By Francis Ledbetter, , Clark is looking for love, and he'll do just about anything to get the attention of a lovely lady. But will he go too far for love?May 17, 2021Vote
‘The Forgotten ‘ By Anthony Gallucci, , This is a story compiled of a few stories that were actually told to me by homeless persons in the United States. There is a huge homeless population in the US that seems to be getting bigger and bigger. Some is brought on by drugs, some mental health issues, and some brought on by failure and shame. No matter the reason they are people and they should be a priority. Hope you enjoy this short.May 17, 2021Vote
‘A Sagrada Ordem dos Ers’ By Eduardo Silva, , "Quando você faz parte da Ordem dos Ers sabe exatamente que regras devem ser seguidas, ou arcar com as consequências da desobediência, descobri isso no primeiro dia após chegar ao santuário." Dez anos haviam se passado desde que as bombas explodiram e devastaram praticamente tudo. Lótus era a I-ma da Ordem, uma espécie de mãe. Tinha nascido e sido criada naquelas colinas antes mesmo de toda aquela loucura acontecer. Quando Nova Iguaçu fora atingida pelas nuvens tóxicas com chuvas carregadas de doenças, milhares de vidas em pouco tempo foram dizimadas. Ficamos sem energia elétrica e internet, e sem saber a real extensão de tudo aquilo. Anos se passaram até que conseguissem plantar alguma coisa que vingasse no solo doente. Com o tempo, a pequena vila teve de ser cercada por muros, e acabou sendo guarnecida pelos mesmos mercenários que antes subiam a serra nas madrugadas para nos roubar. Lótus os transformou nos erãs de Hamate. Um segredo guardado a sete chaves. Uma mulher disposta a tudo para sobreviver em um novo mundo. Uma sociedade aparentemente perfeita, até dois adolescentes descobrem um segredo mortal que coloca suas vidas em risco.May 17, 2021Vote
‘BALI’ By ANAM FATIMA, , BALI is a psychological thriller based upon the life of Smita who works at a call centre in Kolkata,a city in India.One fine day,a certain date on the calendar perturbs Smita.With this,we find a glimpse in the past of Smita where we find her connection with Bali.But who is Bali and where is she now?And why is Smita so disturbed?Read the full story to find out more.May 17, 2021Vote
‘Core person’ By Viv1, , A science fiction story about a boy who dreams . His dreams eventually leads his to basic reality of life and finally the ultimate goal of lifeMay 16, 2021Vote
‘Twisted Valentines.’ By F. E. Ybañe., , Three poems, three tragic stories of three women. They are you, they are me; they are mothers, and brides, and daughters... They are no more.May 16, 2021Vote
‘cop sneaks out tonight’ By Syd Words, , I was outside my porch in drenched coat since it was raining. Raining, rain pouring over my shoe. Before I could get home I had to make detour before I hear that suspect has left the city. So I must go to his block. See outside make sure he's there for a few nights. I have had wet coats but this is just does it. So before I could take off these shoes. I heard a noise outside my porch. There was a man running with a file I had kept recently. That was part of another investigation I had been brewing alone no one knows at station. I ran after that man, had a motorcycle took my car out without even a coat I ran after him. I had to take my car & go after that guy.May 16, 2021Vote
‘The Meta-Apocalypse’ By Abrisham Sarrafan, , This short story focuses on three main characters, who are trying to survive an apocalypse caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic cure. It falls under Sci-Fi, and action.May 16, 2021Vote
‘INFERNO’ By TENNEY BALOGUN, , Hannah, a sixteen years old orphan has spent most of her life in a boarding school. She is anti-social but somehow the quiet was in the heat of a court case and has to get herself out even though she is indeed guilty.May 16, 2021Vote
‘Raindrops of Reality’ By Claire Bourdon, , a personal collection of poems in English, with the will to translate various emotions through a rather free form of writing.May 15, 2021Vote
‘Stars & the Sea-things’ By Benjamin Puente, , A collection of three short poems exploring things above, beneath, and inside: from the turmoil of space to chromatophores and shellfish.May 15, 2021Vote
‘My Night With Fear’ By Matthew A. Basile, , A girl lies frightened in a hospital bed when she is paid a visit by the omnipotent entity known as Fear. Their conversation leads to a better understanding between the two.May 15, 2021Vote
‘ironie du destin’ By mahiat_e_hayat, , All of sudden She shouted out loud "STEWWWWWW..... " [BOOM] it was late.. Anyway she lifted me into the car and was driving fast to the hospital. suddenly, I woke up due to a weird dream. "Hey don't worry, it was my duty, after all you're my friend dude... and.......... " You look sooo afraid. She replied quavering "PETER, my DAD's P. A. called me, He said my father is in ICU, I must go there, He needs me". We were sitting together gazing at the stars, she looked over the mails and found out that the flight was at 6 am. nice to meet you STEWART. You're too involved with Hazelwood in college. We hugged each other, Suddenly something strikes my mind, and I checked my neck I took my locket off my neck then I tried to connect both of them and BOOM, both were connected. I broke down to the floor.May 15, 2021Vote
’24 Hours ‘ By Shivangi, , A horror fiction on a dream which I had seen. A story on a girl who had seen a glimpse of certain things which she had never expected to see at all, a strange pain and suffering she had faced within few hours which had changed her life. Friendship, loss, pain and horror. A fiction which will change a lot of minds and hearts.May 15, 2021Vote
‘Slut’ By Poemholic, , A chance encounter between a writer mourning his wife's demise and prostitute who has her own traumatic past blossoms into something emotionally intimate.May 14, 2021Vote
‘I Still Love You’ By Naman Porwal, , “I Still Love You” is the story of a guy named Armaan who meets with a girl named Ragini. He make her live her life to the fullest. As time goes by, Armaan increasingly got attached to the girl. Ragini got control of his dreams and Armaan realized that she is the one to love. He gets in love with Ragini and loved her with his whole heart. Armaan confessed to her and Ragini loved Armaan eventually. There came the turning point when Armaan loved her too much and Ragini can’t handle so much love. What happened next? Does Armaan get to achieve the love of his life or get bitter betrayal?May 14, 2021Vote
‘The Little Black Book of Soyuznik’ By David Lutes, , Based on actual events. This extract tells only part of a much bigger story. Mistakenly promoted as Dr. Lutes at a conference in Prague in 1990, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, David found himself in a limelight he didn't seek or expect. Invited by the Prime Minister of Lithuania to give them assistance in rebuilding their new country, in private consultations with Polish Communist Leaders, in a series of secret meetings with NATO and Russian generals, touring an underground nuclear missile bunker with a Swiss spy, being shadowed by Ukrainian Mafia and receiving special 'courtesies' by Albanian officials...and so much more. And throughout the journey, three little black books called 'Soyuznik' - appeared - all mysterious, each pivotal to changes in the former Soviet Union...and maybe peace in the world. Now, the local FBI wanted to talk with him about it...about his own Soyuznik.May 13, 2021Vote
‘Ariadne’s Thread’ By Caroline Smith, , Ari has been betrayed by her father and the man she loves. Alone and isolated on an island, she must come to terms with the life she's led and the path that lies before her. This short story is a retelling of the myth of Ariadne and Theseus.May 13, 2021Vote
‘The Administrator’ By ZMilanP, , In a fictional SF world, a girl accepts a government controlled pregnancy program, thinking it as an easy way to climb the social ladderMay 13, 2021Vote
‘The Big Fat Six Zero’ By Teresa Bevan, , It had to be a birthday vacation unlike anything I'd ever experienced. One only a woman could experience in her dreams. It had to be stupendous. Monumental. It had to get me laid. I admit, getting laid was wishful thinking. I barely recognized myself. Can I do this alone? I had to try. Forget safe, prepackaged tourist excursions for old ladies. I plunged headlong into rivers of emotions. I scaled mountains of insecurities. I redefined everything that once defined me. All without the security blanket of a man by my side. But to do this, I needed to disconnect from everything that mattered. My home, my family, and yes, even my cell phone.May 13, 2021Vote
‘Persephone’ By Bertiebrite, , A young woman is tormented by a stalker until he decides to make it more intimate. He breaks into her house and tries to overtake her. However, her name has much more than similarity to her namesake. Once she runs upstairs, as they always do in horror stories, he understands why this was a wrong decision.May 13, 2021Vote
‘I’d Kill For a Hug’ By Kieran Grey, , A poem about losing my sister and how I felt in the following years.May 12, 2021Vote
‘Apprentice Pilot’ By Mark Hannon, , A young merchant seaman sails across the Atlantic in U-Boat infested waters, then, after the war, encounters a U-Boat captain who had watched him through the periscope.May 12, 2021Vote
‘The Invisible Guest’ By Parisa, , An unknown man decided to go to Parisa and wish her all the best in her wedding but a woman stopped him saying, "She's possessed. Don't go near her. " The man furrowed his eyebrows before shrugging it off. He went to her. The man cleared his throat before saying, "Congratulation, miss. You look really beautiful. " Parisa turned her head to him and smiled softly saying, "Thanks. " "Are you waiting for your husband? " The man asked and Parisa looked at him in confusion. "What do you mean? My husband is just right beside me. " Parisa said as she pointed at Cole. "Are you joking? " The man asked. "You are the one's who's joking! " Parisa said rolling her eyes and turning to Cole. The man thought for a second before again looking at the direction Parisa was looking at.May 12, 2021Vote
‘Elly and Mac’ By Ashley Tippit, , This is a short story about a young woman, Elly, who wakes up five days after her wife has been in a horrible snow-caused car accident. This story explores family, grief, and the mountains.May 11, 2021Vote
‘Where It All Started’ By Mark Ridgely, , Friends travel to a golf resort for a reunion after graduating from College. D' Ante coordinates the trip, working with the group to fit the trip into the busy lives of young adults. Hurt feelings and underlying resentment surface under the stress of life.May 11, 2021Vote
‘Disney’s The Fox And The Hound (My Version)’ By kcurrie, , The story of The Fox and the Hound is about a fox cub named Tod and a hound puppy named Copper becoming friends but didn't know they're supposed to be enemies When Tod and Copper grow up, they find each other as enemies and will have to face an ultimate challenge But...what if Widow Tweed had a grandson named Reiji in the story?May 11, 2021Vote
‘You, Me, and the Endless Nothing ‘ By Fio Bowen, , Told from both a first person and a second person perspective, this short story follows two beings witnessing the unfolding of a world. They are held in awe and disquiet as nothing turns to,,, everything.May 11, 2021Vote
‘kinstugi’ By Maya Reihanian, , kintsugi is the art of using gold leaf to put broken pieces of pottery back together. it's an art in and of itself -- some people intentionally damage and shatter their pottery in order to add beautiful gold in the cracks. I am a piece of kintsugi pottery, once broken and shattered, filled with pain, but I learned to fill the cracks with my own beautiful gold leaf. this poetry is a short snippet into my journey of healing after being broken.May 11, 2021Vote
‘The Tower’ By Lex Hodes, , Every year for five years, Princess Willow has ridden out to the tower ruins to slay Akhanda, and each year the dragon returns. Willow always makes the journey out to the tower to meet her foe—even now, as war looms in the wake of the king's death. But as the newly-crowned Queen Willow prepares to lead her armies, she must now face a threat greater than Akhanda ever was.May 11, 2021Vote
‘Why couldn’t I love myself l?’ By Monet Miller, , This is a relatable story about the ups and downs of a domestic violence relationship.May 11, 2021Vote
‘Monica’ By Jonathan Goss, , A drug-dealing rapist suffers a strange and dire fate when he roofies the wrong victim...a lonely, disturbed girl who paints her pain with supernatural consequences. May 11, 2021Vote
‘The Girl and the Tree’ By Joyce Yu, , A girl named Hitchi has no friends. One day she is walking around and stumbles upon a Sakura tree. She then meets a figure by the name of Geritchi. They soon become close friends, until Geritchi reveals that she, in fact, is not what she thinks she is. Hitcihi becomes very interested, and finds out that Geritchi is a Mimicker, an old Japanese myth...May 10, 2021Vote
‘Matched’ By Ally Condie, , The novel is Dystopian young adult novel about a tightly-controlled society in which young people are "Matched" with their life partner at the age of 17. ......The main character is 17 years old Cassia Reyes, who is Matched with her best friend, Xander Carrow.May 10, 2021Vote
‘Only vampires can love you forever by E. L Discipline’ By E. L Discipline, , A once human Jerome must find his way in this world as now a vampire. As he learns his new found powers and abilities, he goes on a rampage finding innocents to quench his thirst for blood. Unless he meets one woman who he is uncertain of killing. His rampage has drawn attention to some higher powers, and it may not turn out too well for him.May 10, 2021Vote
‘Falling For The Untamed’ By Dawn Martens, , Once you become Untamed property, there is no way out. Anara Kaiser was betrayed once by a man that lived the MC lifestyle and vowed to never get caught up in it again. But of course, that's not how things work out when she moves to a town that's basically run by the Untamed MC. Meeting Dirty, aka Samuel Daily, wasn't in her plans. Dirty, is all about the club life. Getting down and 'dirty' with the women, the freedom, the brotherhood. When he wants something he goes after it, and what he wants is Anara, no matter how much she pushes him away.May 9, 2021Vote
‘The Dream Snatcher’ By Najma, , The Dream Snatcher is a creature that feeds on the fear that's caused by dreams and nightmares, which leaves the victim in a coma. But one girl is immune to the Dream Snatcher's power, and she's made it her mission to find a way to defeat this horrible creature.May 9, 2021Vote
‘An extra seat at Thanksgiving’ By Erin M. Wright, , Who said relationships only involve two people? Two loving, but intrusive daughters investigate their mother's shady actions during the doting father's favorite holiday.May 9, 2021Vote
‘The King of Foursquare’ By J Hoke Smith, , Milo loves the game of foursquare so much, he goes to great lengths to hold onto the fourth square, at the end of camp.May 9, 2021Vote
‘Bushy ‘ By Suneha Sinha Ray, , I love dogs, especially mine, Bushy. True to his name, he had a tail as think as a horse's and fur like the dog in the Pedigree advertisement. They are like humans in many ways, and I like them the way they are, because if we would have been the same, we wouldn’t have cared to make them our pets and bring them to our house.May 8, 2021Vote
‘The Mysterious Essence of Hope’ By Archisman Ghosh, , A lonely lady befriends an amicable stranger. They develop a close bond in a very short period of time, but the lady is baffled when the man vanishes into nowhere.May 8, 2021Vote
‘Reincarnated As An OP Elementalist (BL) | RAAOPE’ By K, , The story of a 14yr boy, who tragically perished in a school shooting and is reincarnated into the world of saintia in the body of another deceased boy. he gains the power of all the elements, he could use it to save the world but decides to lay back and enjoy playing with his powers. This story is a BL and fantasy. It also includes things such as friends with benefits, abuse and discriminations!May 8, 2021Vote
‘God, me and the census’ By Roy Smith, , An old man is faced with a question on a census form about what he believes. He has been spent a lifetime sitting on the fence when it comes to religion and he debates with himself what to do and how to answer.May 8, 2021Vote
‘OUR COMMUTE’ By Chikamnenye Onubogu, , Every morning on my way to work, I step out into the chaos that is the transport network in Lagos, an ecosystem that exists on its own and represents a side of Lagos hidden behind tall buildings and past glories. One aestheticized by pop culture and dreaded by those who live and breathe it every day. Our commute opens a peephole for those on the outside to get a glimpse of what happens inside these yellow and black buses.May 6, 2021Vote
‘London on High’ By Katalina Bryant, , Oleander's never had any trouble tracking down a demon before. Not until now. A demon unlike any other rampages London's streets, massacring those who stand in its way. Struggling with loss, Oleander and her partner hunt the beast down. However, as Oleander gets closer to finding it, she begins to unwind a dark web of lies.May 6, 2021Vote
‘Closet Adventures’ By R.C. Bolden-Wilder, , Three 8 year old best friends who tend to get into trouble when they spend the night over each other's house. Their imaginations take over and what an adventure that awaits them.May 5, 2021Vote
‘BirthRight’ By Kore Inman, , a young biracial woman, born to a mother was believed dead, and a father who treats her like a nuisance, is learning how to battle high school, and her budding sexuality, when all of a sudden, her mother comes back in town, the man who has raised her turns out to be her protector, and her enemies have always been closer than thought.May 5, 2021Vote
‘Edgewater Forest’ By Eddie Arroyo, , A man asks his brother to meet up with him in the treacherous, Edgewater Forest, to confront him on secret plots with his wife that was shown to him by cosmic stones he found when they were children in a dark and damp cave. However they are not the only ones in the woods and the owner of the stones reveals itself and it’s real intentions.May 5, 2021Vote
‘AD7 Derelict of Duty ‘ By Chris Covington, , A JAG team of law enforcement detectives is called in to investigate the missing artifacts from the Baghdad Museum of Art in 2003. But their investigations uncover something not part of their military training.May 5, 2021Vote
‘Roman Reverie’ By Sara Duck, , This is a short story about an encounter I had in Italy with an older woman who looked just like my nonna. It took me back to distinct memories of her and how I miss her.May 5, 2021Vote
‘Zenith’ By Kim Wedlock, , It's Midsummer's day, one of the most vital and holy celebrations of the years, and Hlífrún - bark-skinned skogsrå and Queen of the Woods - is warding her forests. A thousand years of experience has taught her that human celebrations will always go too far. Striding through her woody domain, Hlífrún has sought out her subjects to ensure they pull their weight protecting the forests while she sees to the ancient rites, and with those matters settled, by blackmail or threats, she turns to her own task. Heading to the Mire, she roots out a particularly strange couple - a lazy forest elf and his best friend, a big-eyed, ditch-child - for a ceremonial reagent only he can make before setting herself to work. It is then, in the middle of her holy sylvan ritual, that human ignorance strikes. A Midsummer bonfire in a nearby village rages out of control, torching the surrounding forest, devouring tree and home, and Hlífrún has no choice but to risk offence to her goddess and stamp it out. But the blaze is too strong, and there's no nearby water. Leaving only one option: if you can't hold back the fire from the trees, hold the trees back from the fire. The queen's magic, combined with the desperate aid of forest elves, lures the forest to safety, and in doing so, the Goddess's needs are met. Hlífrún's ancient oath is upheld, and for that, Midsummer is honoured. Even if the proof of her worth has come at a blazing cost.May 5, 2021Vote
‘The Surgeon ‘ By Catherine Mwaba, , A knavish middle-aged woman with an inveterate obsession with plastic surgery attends her final appointment. After indulging a life of crime, disingenuousness, and risk by cyclically faking her own death, only two emerge two years later with a different identity, a new life, and a new face (literally), the end of fifteen years sees Salomé Àlvarez in an unforeseen position of luck truly, and unfortunately run out...May 4, 2021Vote
‘Enchanted’ By Augustus Ring, , A young farmhand hears word of a banshee who haunts the countryside. "She is cursed," they say, but he is skeptical. One night, he wakes up and answers the knock on his door and invites the banshee into his home. This would be the beginning of a series of events that would forever change his life for the better.May 4, 2021Vote
‘Fool Me Once’ By Nicole Richmond, , The dating landscape has definitely changed since the last time I was single. There were no apps, in fact, the smartphone hadn’t even been invented yet. Dating in the digital age when you are of a "certain age" and a divorcée is daunting, to say the least. Not to mention that I was now living in another country, there were just so many obstacles in the way. After another disastrous, albeit hilarious attempt to find Mr. Right, I was forced to re-evaluate and question some of the decisions I was making.May 4, 2021Vote
‘The Game’ By Rory Buccheri, , Not too far in the future, society cannot remember life before the Game. The Game has ancient origins, but new, peculiar rules. It is much more than just family entertainment between school hours and the hours spent picking Polyfood on the Plastic Island. The Game is about survival. The goal: never let the other side win - not if you want to stay alive.May 4, 2021Vote
‘Broken Brothers’ By Stephen Dueck, , After their village is overrun by soldiers, Ander and Jorald are forced to become slaves cutting lumber in the forest. They fall into a routine but one day a tragic accident forces Ander to make a move. One that he is not sure if he will be able to carry out.May 4, 2021Vote
‘Rippled Rumblings’ By Raymark Anthony Saluria, , This is a conglomeration of micropoems that speak and recount volumes of the poet's feelings and emotions.May 4, 2021Vote
‘At The End of The Day’ By John Lau, , A chance meeting may not be coincidental after all.May 3, 2021Vote
‘Dragon Bond’ By Ondeane Lourens, , Ethan and Kathrine are pure of heart and when they help a dying dragon, they are surprised by the outcome. The outcome is wonderful but it also puts them in danger and they have to face that danger in order to save their family.May 3, 2021Vote
‘THE ROAD TO “THE ROAD TO QATAR”‘ By Stephen Cole, , True but improbable tale about how a short Jewish musical theatre got to write the first American musical to premiere in the Middle East.May 3, 2021Vote
‘File Type: Message In A Bottle’ By Annamaria Ristori, , The year is 2046, the world as we know it has ended after a meteor storm and the consequences of enviromental crisis. A team of rescuers discovers a message in a bottle written a few minutes before the end. A letter to all humanity. A love letter.May 3, 2021Vote
‘Her Last Dance’ By Leigh Briar, , Kat is haunted by her job as a dancer in the nightclub run by her abusive boyfriend. Every time she lays eyes on the red dancing shoes she wears for her performances, she is sent into a spiral of depression and desperation. One night, things take a seemingly supernatural turn, and Kat begins hearing disembodied voices reminding her of the mortality she faces. She links these hallucinations to her red shoes, and attempts to dispose of them, only for them to return to her each time she destroys them. Finally succumbing to the suffering the shoes signify, Kat finds herself in a pool of her own blood, wondering if the shoes are indeed haunted, or if she has been having a psychological breakdown.May 3, 2021Vote
‘Loving Warmth’ By Felecia Kearse, , A yogic woman seeking into the depths of life gathers her 5 poetry pieces into a wholesome telling of what makes it alive. It softens the disenchantments of our selves, of aging, impatience, wariness, and beginning with the remembrance of how mighty we are, even in stillness. Together, these pieces make an undivided feeling of being whole and feeling the loving warmth that life brings to us.May 2, 2021Vote
‘The Cloudy Evening ‘ By Beinspiredbyoj and TheARTroom, , A beautiful story of two lovers who feels it's impossible for them to profess their love because of the circumstances that surround them but just a move changed their whole life forever.May 2, 2021Vote
‘Proof’ By Hank Adams, , Lucinda says her parents are monsters. It can't be true. Can it?May 2, 2021Vote
‘The Gate Guard’ By Paolo Decena, , In a distant future, walls prevent travel to areas outside of the region, with the only access to the outside world being the Gates. A new Guardsman is dispatched to a Gate with unusually high activity. Is this Gate really keeping the citizens safe?May 1, 2021Vote
‘Twenty Six Marbles’ By Soumya, , One day, Narrator finds something in her daily train which takes her down the memory lane.April 30, 2021Vote
‘My First-Paw Experience (as written by an awesome dog)’ By Peggi Degnan, , Intended to entertain as written from a dog's perspective, but also encourages individuals and families to consider adoption first when looking for a pet.April 30, 2021Vote
‘A Silver Lined Christmas’ By Sagan Pseudonym, , Two children of a politician have their annual christmas tradition. However, a quiet discontentment seeps through their lives.April 30, 2021Vote
‘Bleeding Ink’ By Christer Lende, , A shipment of magical blood ink is delayed from the classified Crystal Palace factory, and Clive ‘The Greywolf’ Collins, the criminal British gang’s right-hand man, is sent to investigate. In the carriage with him is Edgar, a lavish tattoo artist who knows the secret incantations and has the skills to tattoo with blood ink. He’s there to tattoo Clive with intricate, enchanted patterns in case there’s trouble and Clive needs to become the infamous Greywolf. Reaching the factory, the blanketed bodies on the ground tell Clive it’s not a simple delay. Two of the survivors, Tim and Julian, tell Clive that a mystical female assassin is responsible for the deaths. Suspecting the assassin is from the struggling Japanese blood ink gang, Clive asks Tim to guide him through the factory as he looks for condemning evidence. The assassin somehow knew the locations of their hidden rooms and destroyed three full barrels of prepared blood ink—a devastating loss for their magical tattooing business. The inventory list is gone, so Clive can’t confirm the correct number of barrels and there’s no evidence pointing to the Japanese. It feels like the culprit has gotten away until Clive asks Julian about the inventory, and he clearly remembers four barrels of blood ink. Only a person with Japanese tattoo patterns could transport a barrel out of the factory and through the woods. Clive’s got the evidence he needs, but can’t let the assassin escape with the valuable blood ink. He instructs Tim to join Edgar in the carriage back to London and report Clive’s findings, before he sets off into the woods to track down his prey. Releasing the powers of his blood tattoos, he becomes the Greywolf; senses enhancing, nails growing and hardening—the beast is ready to hunt. He tracks down the assassin, discovering she’s a British mercenary, her body riddled with Japanese incantations. Her tattoos let her infuse objects to free them from gravity, which is how she transported the heavy barrel. In the vicious fight that ensues, Clive expends most of the magic ink fuelling his powers, ending her life, but is mortally wounded. His fading tattoos keep him alive long enough to find evidence revealing Tim to be the mole who gave away their vital locations—and he’s in the carriage with Edgar, the gang’s most valuable asset. In the carriage, Tim produces a knife from his sleeve and Edgar fights for his life. Clive breaks through the carriage side and kills Tim, but he’s on the brink of death himself. Edgar starts rapidly tattooing his unconscious body until he draws a single breath.April 30, 2021Vote
‘The Film’ By Gregory Wilson, , A private investigator of unknown backgrounds working in 1930s Los Angeles gets a visit from a visiting Japanese Director, who fears for his life after receiving a death threat. Before long, the threat ties in with a three year old serial killer case, and the primary suspect is one of Hollywood's elites. Throughout the investigation, the P.I. must come to terms with his own identity as he watches powerlessly as the events of deceit, murder, and conspiracy unfold.April 29, 2021Vote
‘Cain’ By Newhelm, , A hunter killed a werewolf, now the father has come to hunt.April 28, 2021Vote
‘Heartificial’ By Mia Cosco, , In the future, a young mother attempts to resolve the learning delay in her child who struggles to walk. The consideration: the child is a robot.April 27, 2021Vote
’21’ By Johnny Ray, , Aaron McCormick just celebrated his 21st birthday. It may very will be his last.April 26, 2021Vote
‘The long walk to self love.’ By Alice Capito, , If I were to describe how great it feels, I would feel stuck again but this time in this love so deep. This is a collection of poems that show how every struggle turned into a new level of love burning in me. It took a while to understand that I on my own can be my own cosmos, my own starry sky. It took a while to own myself, it took a while to love this person that is I.April 26, 2021Vote
‘A short story of how I fell in love with the moon’ By Alice Capito, , A love story about someone who was scared of the dark and fell in love with the moon. A story of finding love too soon, a love that can only live in the imagination and in the almost silent whispers. A wish that dies before leaving my mouth, a wish that came reality. A short story of how we can find love in things we didn't know the name before.April 26, 2021Vote
‘Face to Face’ By Nyasher Browne, , PoemApril 26, 2021Vote
‘Breaking the Pattern’ By Nyasher Browne, , Everyone else seemed to be struggling and not say that Shyaner didn't have any herself but this time had certainly given her the chance to process what she needed to to learn and know her power and start to put it to good use in order to be able to help herself and others. Losing others along the way showing up as blessings in disguise.. Healing isn't just about getting better it's also about how you put that new you to use for yourself and in time others.April 26, 2021Vote
‘Things in the Twilight’ By Alex Lorry, , Fantasy about a young woman who hires a noir private eye to solve a haunting mystery. She and her lover meet in the atmospheric, romantic surroundings of a gaslit, historical park. He is an enchantingly handsome young man who will not give his name, who only meets her at twilight, who dances on rough pavement with no sound, and who has no shadow . . . the young woman urges the investigator to help her before she loses her mind.April 25, 2021Vote
‘The Simple Impediment’ By T.P.S.G – thepleasantsimpleguy, , The nature of this universe is such that we are all subject to continuous struggle. In the process of finding peace, it is essential to find the cause of disharmony. What I have found, is that most obstacles we face can be overcome once the cause is found and rectified … The most difficult obstacle to overcome perhaps – is one’s own mind. This is the simple impediment; a schizophrenic conversation with myself, to find the answer.April 25, 2021Vote
‘Never Alone’ By Smitty, , Colin confronts Erik about his fears, and tries to educate him with the knowledge that it's alright to have them.April 25, 2021Vote
‘Commodity Fetishism’ By Sofia Tantono, , Told through the viewpoint of an infatuated man, this is a classic story of unrequited love between our protagonist and a woman who is as ignorant of his advances as a model on an ad.April 24, 2021Vote
‘Shopping With Charlie’ By Ken Hinkley, , College freshman takes his uncle Charlie shopping and learns that it is not an easy task to tag along with eccentric old man.April 24, 2021Vote
‘The Lonely Bird’ By Anna Coldman, , Lauren is a sixteen year old girl, looking forward to starting college. She has put the stresses of her school exams behind her, but wakes up one morning to her worst nightmare. A hospital visit changes her life and she is left a totally different person. Can she find the good out of a bad situation or has she given up all hope for herself?April 23, 2021Vote
‘Angel on fire’ By Chrissy Metge, , Angela WhiteWing lives in a small town with her dad, who runs a law practice, when her mother suddenly disappears without a trace Angela’s world is turned upside down. Darkness comes next, and a gorgeous demon boy with black eyes, a fire that travels up his arms, and a whole lot of secrets. He is irritating but charming, and her body longs to be close to him. Angela joins the New York Police Academy in the hope of finding her mother and more about herself. She soon discovers fire is part of who she is and to resist will be fatal. A story of two worlds colliding, heaven and hell, and a teenage girl touched by both on earth in the middle. It is a journey of discovery and choice of who she is and a love triangle of hope and loss. Angela will be the balance that the earth needs to survive.April 23, 2021Vote
‘The Day Domestic Violence Died’ By Kwame MA McPherson, , This story is about a young woman caught up in an abusive relationship as well as, the underlying issues that could have been contributors for it to fail. She reaches out for help from an online organisation, the subsequent assistance she receives is the solution to her problem. A permanent one.April 22, 2021Vote
‘Justin’s Grandpa’ By Rachel Wolfe, , Marco works in an adult day center. After one of his clients experiences the loss of a close relative, Marco tries to help by telling him about the deaths of his pets. His client promises that his deceased grandfather will look after them for him, and gives him daily updates. But is Justin just dreaming or really seeing his grandfather every night? Only time will tell.April 22, 2021Vote
‘Old Friends’ By Rachel Wolfe, , In the cold of winter, two agents meet for the final time. Hidden secrets have been uncovered and their friendship is tested.April 22, 2021Vote
‘WOOF’ By K.T. Jayne, , Whilst walking home from a club in the early hours of the morning, Sarah is attacked and molested by three farmers’ boys, whom she calls ‘the pigs’. Sarah has no one to turn to other then her heartless grandmother, who she believes is capable of turning into a wolf. Feeling the urge for vengeance, and on the cusp of ‘turning’ herself, Sarah takes matters into her own hands. Venturing out into the night, she tracks the pigs down one by one and, while she still can, she lights a cigarette. ‘Woof’ is what happens when a scorned wolf meets three sick pigs.April 22, 2021Vote
‘The little odd house’ By J-lyn Matjila, , The story is about 2 children whom went on an adventure and ended up coming home with a bag full of money with the hope of making the situation for mom and dad better, its an adventure they both can not forget as they got to talk to the rainbow as they say there is light at the end of a tunnel, its a story filled with so much magic and imagination and it will get the children's mind running wild.April 22, 2021Vote
‘The Murderous Memorandum’ By David King, , The Murderous Memorandum, is a childlike A-Z intended for adults , due to its depiction of 26 possible, insightful and creative ways in which you can murder your parents.April 22, 2021Vote
‘A Mother Locks Her Door’ By Sophie Trist, , In 1943, a young German war widow must choose between protecting her child and taking in her Jewish best friend from childhood, who shows up on her doorstep in the middle of the night. The choice she makes will have profound consequences for all of them.April 20, 2021Vote
‘Coffee with Marva’ By Marie Mocha, , A caregiver has a wonderful life and learns about a secret from one of her friends.April 20, 2021Vote
‘The Storyteller’s Daughter’ By Sophie Trist, , When her mother is executed for using forbidden magic, eighteen-year-old Maua reckons with her past and must decide if her allegiances lie with her mother's people or the new country she's sworn to serve.April 20, 2021Vote
‘The Promise’ By M. B. Kritikopoulos, , A man transcribes a letter he once wrote wherein he fulfilled a promise. Although the recipient of the letter will never read it.April 20, 2021Vote
‘A Father’s Darkness’ By Mista, , A short story about my father.April 20, 2021Vote
‘THE CLOSENESS OF TIME’ By Debbie Anderson, , A love story that transcends through the dimensions of time and space until eventually Sarah & David can again be together letting them reconnect & finish a journey of forbidden love that began almost a lifetime ago.April 20, 2021Vote
‘A Moment Gone’ By J.P. Biddlecome, , An old man named bob likes to watch the sunrise, because it makes him think of beginnings. A nurse tends to him, and he asks about his wife, but he is told she has been dead for 5 years. He returns to watching the sunrise, still wondering when his wife will be back.April 19, 2021Vote
‘The never-ending and ever-changing declinations of Love’ By Émile, , These four love poems examine different (albeit few) feelings one may experience when possessed by the intoxicating spirit of Love.April 19, 2021Vote
‘Child Of The Ghetto(short)’ By Shadenia Sivad, , To underestimate “A Child of the Ghetto” is by far the most foolish thing one can do. The Child of the Ghetto is not a trend, it is a lifestyle turned statement. No one wakes up and dreams to live in the ghetto beside the lost American kids secretly rapping the N word at the top of their lungs. For some of us the only gardens we see is in our imaginations. But see that’s the magic. To live in hell and still find its beauty; that’s power To have the audacity to dream and imagine a way out; that’s magic But to be hopeful and empty-handed now that is Godly. Only a few are divinely designed to live in the ghetto We are not accidents, incidents or some mistake We are more than harsh realities. We’re tailored different; designed to bear what others cannot withstand, designed to find possibilities where others refuse to go and look. We make way with the impossible. No one wishes to be here so pardoned our pride, not in the conditions but in our resilience. To count out the children of the ghetto is to count out some of the most creative disciples in the bible. Jesus was born in the ghetto. Moses came out of the ghetto. Even Buddha had to go to the ghetto to be enlightened......April 19, 2021Vote
‘Wise Words of a Wasted Life’ By Mary Knutson, , In a not too distant future, the world is either betray or be betrayed. A brother and sister make their way through the cruel world and find that life is fickle and time is fragile.April 18, 2021Vote
‘Poetry- Re-evaluation and Reconstruction’ By Cassandra Stewart, , Poems speaking on love and growth.April 18, 2021Vote
‘Deathless’ By Chris Low, , A lost soul awakens within an ancient crypt after a millennia of sleep with only broken fragments of their past life and unaware of the horrors that lurk just beyond the crumbling walls.April 18, 2021Vote
‘Time And Elevators Heal All Wounds’ By Eryn LaPlant, , In 1993 Rachel Bradley was humiliated in front of her history class by a rogue jock named Kyle Jones. It was a day she'd never forget despite moving away and becoming a successful entrepreneur in San Diego. Ten years later, at one of her events, a random gentleman signed in for a charity bachelor auction. He was none other than the kid who brought her shame and disgrace, Kyle Jones. But before Rachel could confront him on the matter an earthquake, a damaged elevator, and a plunging fall take precedence. Will ten years of humiliation be erased after being trapped in a crumpled elevator? Or will the hurt remain between them?April 17, 2021Vote
‘The Ballad of Sonnetine’ By Scott Ennis, , A poet finds romance in a city in the clouds, but falls to earth and spends his time writing in search of his love.April 17, 2021Vote
‘Lost Love’ By Kim Plasket, , Main Character find a lost love but it was just a little too lateApril 16, 2021Vote
‘The Lands Beneath The Water’ By Cascade M, , Nakita Amora was hunted by the government when she found the cure for a sickness. Trying her best to lose them, she ended up being lost to a world she accidentally fell in. With the help of a native from the other world, they journeyed every land and conquer every quest for Nakita to exit.April 16, 2021Vote
‘Following the Current’ By G.G. Hesterberg, , Through the use of ocean analogies and word pictures, author G.G. Hesterberg reflects on her life in the middle of a global pandemic. The ocean, a constant presence in various forms, is her healing place.April 16, 2021Vote
‘पगली । PAGLI’ By SUNIL KUMAR, , सड़क पर घूमती भरे बदन की एक जवान मानसिक दिव्यांग लड़की, जिसका नाम भीड़ ने खुद ब खुद 'पगली' रख दिया. खाना मांगती लड़की को लालची दुकानदार 'चल भाग' बोलकर दुत्कारते हैं तो बदन के भेड़िये पीछे पड़े हैं. अंत आपको रूला देगा और उससे बढ़कर हैरान कर देगा.April 16, 2021Vote
‘No Scope’ By K. M. Harris, , No Scope is a magical realism piece that touches on the supernatural, about a young war veteran that has returned home after having eye replacement surgery. He goes through internal turmoil as he sits in his beat-up truck in an unknown but familiar neighbourhood. As he tries to work his way through Deja Vu and unrecognisable memories, he watches a woman. Will all his questions be answered when he finally speaks to her?April 16, 2021Vote
‘Sektor 47’ By Ahmad Nabi Noor Jehangir, , Saida Abbas is a bounty hunter who has returned to her colonized home world of Sektor 47 in order to find her foster father, and rescue him from the Red Cloaks, the militant invaders who colonized Sektor 47 before Saida was born. Being brought face to face with the plight of her people once again, Saida resolves to assassinate the governor who has oppressed her home and put an end to the tyranny of the Red Cloaks once and for all.April 15, 2021Vote
‘Greetings from Earth’ By Preston Dennett, , A young couple decides to visit an extraterrestrial artifact that has appeared on Earth. Scientists are baffled by the object and unable to identify it. Then, without warning, one of them disappears into the object, which immediately takes off into outer space.April 15, 2021Vote
‘A Change in Life’ By Chet McHenry, , A woman receives a coupon that changes her life.April 14, 2021Vote
‘A Witness to Conflict’ By P.J. Roscoe, , We follow the good fortune of a young, destitute lad, who survives the horrors of living on the streets, and through the kindness of a stranger, is brought to a tavern of a particular reputation, where the young boy is a witness to the uprising of the clans against the English. Set during the rebellion of the clans in the months leading up to the fateful battle at Culloden in 1746.April 14, 2021Vote
‘Of Marcus & Immanuel’ By Sarah Edmonds, , "Of Marcus & Immanuel" is an epistolary short story about the reunion of two closeted gay men during Reconstruction Period America. Both former soldiers of the Union Army, Marcus and Immanuel were torn apart after the war by fear, mental illness, and Immanuel's marriage. However, Marcus's deteriorating mental health eventually pushes him to reach out to his former friend and they must navigate their emotions for each other, their individual trauma, and the society in which they live before they can even hope to reach a place of peace between them.April 13, 2021Vote
‘George and Hannah’ By Ivan Brave, , A brother and a sister wander into the woods, in search of adventure, or at least to get away from their fighting caregivers. A twist on the original sibling fairy tale, this one gets down and dirty with the suspense.April 13, 2021Vote
‘My old man’ By John Loraine, , Son and the father have not seen each other, (not even pictures of each other) for seventeen years due to various family socio-economic issues and immigration. 17 years since separating, the son who now became a father himself, gets in contact with the father, ships him over a smartphone and they have their first conversation via video call, the first time they see each other after all those years. Son gets back in memory lane and remembers what it was like to grow up with his father and what the situation was back then back home. Things have changed. His father is no longer young and the son has matured a lot. The son is the father now as well and wants to share his life accomplishments with his father, show him his grandson, and how he's been growing up. Son wants his father back in his family, even If they cannot meet in person, even just yet.April 13, 2021Vote
‘The Prodigal Son’ By Arjun Satish, , The world is slowly picking its way to normalcy in the aftermath of a devastating war that has amassed the death of millions. A distraught man wakes up in a cell, trying to piece himself together, discovering shocking truths that would shatter his life, if he has any.April 13, 2021Vote
‘The Corvid’ By Chandra Menezes, , Martin, a young college student, purchases a painting of a crow from a local second hand store. He keeps it, despite his roommate Adam's insistance that there is something off with the painting. As time goes on however, Adam begins to act strange, seemingly worshiping the painting, and it becomes increasingly clear to Martin that perhaps he's gotten more than he bargained for.April 12, 2021Vote
‘Charlie and the Chocolate Fountain of Youth’ By Jacob Stephenson, , Single Dad takes his boys to a buffet lunch with friends. Bedlam ensues.April 12, 2021Vote
‘Small Talk’ By Leftie Aubé, , An outing at the playground turns into a dreadful moment when a young mother engages in a conversation with a woman famous for a tragic reason.April 12, 2021Vote
‘A Brief Love Story’ By Leftie Aubé, , A meet-cute between two aspiring writers. Soulmates finding each other. Until destiny decides otherwise... A 950-word flash fiction story.April 12, 2021Vote
‘Walls’ By george geisinger, , It's a 700 word flash.April 11, 2021Vote
‘Move Me’ By Annie McDonnell, , This is a poem that I wrote to express what poets meant to me. I wrote this in honor of Poetry Day, 2021.April 11, 2021Vote
‘Curriculum Vitae’ By Omar Majeed, , My life story in detached fragmentsApril 11, 2021Vote
‘Trapped Wounds’ By Lamiya Siraj, , Sameer a young and dashing man meets a girl on a train. They get clicked immediately with each other like they know each other from ages. He spends such a great time with her that it becomes the life-time memories for him. The journey itself becomes the destination for him. Planning to share his life with her, he plans to propose her. But will he be able to have her as his destiny? Check out for yourself.April 11, 2021Vote
‘Kiel – Some robot goes beyond their programing’ By Keith Brandon, , Planets in the Steh system surrounded by a purple material, that keeps them alive. When this material began dissipating, Kiel the almost human robot sent to investigate this event and change the course of things if he can.April 11, 2021Vote
‘The weird vistas from a Franconian hill’ By R.P, Bienia, , In 1555, Walter wishes to flee this world with war and disease. He moves to a village south of Hesse, Germany. With the help of an hermit, he finds a way to enter the otherworld of local legends, but the fairy world is different than he expected.April 11, 2021Vote
‘Asthma Attack’ By preveena sivakumar, , Ju finally gets some alone time at her new apartment but with recently diagnosed with asthma and an eerie past surrounding the apartment building, Ju isn't so sure if she wants to spend the night alone.April 10, 2021Vote
‘BROOKLYN SUBWAY AND MY ‘CUZ” By vincent Kelly, , Story about growing up in Brooklyn in the 1950's and how my cousin and I rode those subways throughout Brooklyn and New York, they were our very own magic carpet to place yet to be discovered by two young baby boomers. Back when New York and Brooklyn still embraced the past while heading towards the future.April 10, 2021Vote
‘Exemption to Kill’ By Brenda Mohammed, , Brigitte Stone ignores her parents' advice and rushes into marriage with a foreigner who she met online. After a blissful honeymoon, her husband Jerry changed drastically and she could not recognize him. Did he really try to kill her when she told him she was pregnant? Or did she imagine it? After a five-month marriage, can she escape his wrath, or will she regret leaving him? Read this psychological thriller to find out the truth.April 10, 2021Vote
‘Love in Uniform’ By Whitney Morsillo, , Emergency room nurse, Stacy, discovers love in an unexpected way. Police Officer, Cam O'Harris, finds that a drunken, feisty arrestee may show him the key to his heart's desires.April 9, 2021Vote
‘What Brothers Are For’ By Whitney Morsillo, , Fourteen-year-old Xander struggles with the recent suicide of his older brother until he finds his brother's journal and learns of the truth behind what happened.April 9, 2021Vote
‘Crocheting in Heaven’ By Eve Gaal, , Diane is a nurse with a powerful message to a woman in hospice, who looks like she's at the end of her life.April 9, 2021Vote
‘The Grim Reaper and I’ By Naveena Srinivas, , Tessa, 21, is broken after her share of toxic relationships. Each one proving to be a better one but left her craving for love blindly. Robiel wastes no time swooping her right off the feet even before she could process the thin line between nonsense and perilous. He swears to help her through the darkness. She latches onto him like a butterfly to a frog in disguise of a hydrangea blooming in her gloomy heart. Will she wake up from her slumber? Who exactly is Robiel? Inhumane or non-human?April 9, 2021Vote
‘The Gut’ By Camille Cote, , This personal story discusses the aftermath and lived experience of a parent with mental illness, and its affect on children. It illustrates how the trauma from having a mentally unwell parent can bleed into that child's life if it is unresolved or unacknowledged.April 9, 2021Vote
‘The chipper ‘ By Leah Smith, , The account of a young boy, now my father, on his memory of the troubles in Ireland, as related by an interview.April 9, 2021Vote
‘Missing puzzle piece’ By Abha Kulkarni, , As she bickered busily with the girls she called her closest friends, Evelyn barely got a chance to bid farewell. Would she have regretted these final moments if she knew how a gaping hole of a missing puzzle piece felt? Evelyn's last few memories of her late parent are clouded. Upon learning of the unfortunate demise she wonders if it would've made a difference if she'd gotten to say goodbye- if the picture would be just as empty. Could she gone on, without the missing puzzle pieces.....would the picture be still beautiful, without them?April 9, 2021Vote
‘Finders Keepers’ By Robert Conz, , A kind-hearted boy befriends an aging, shut-in man who reveals he has a special gift to share with him.April 9, 2021Vote
‘A Day Off’ By Stephen Johnson, , Crawling out of the old well where he's died so many times before, the Big Bad Wolf decides he's had enough: today, he's going to take a break from being the villain. And who knows: maybe he'll quit for keeps. If only Little Red Riding Hood is willing to join him...April 8, 2021Vote
‘The Kite’ By Rick Henderson, , The Kite is a memory of my father and me when we made a homemade kite and flew it on a breezy March Day.April 8, 2021Vote
‘Turning pain into power’ By Julie Bilotta, , In 2012 I made international headlines because at 8 months pregnant my bail was revoked on charges from 2 years prior to my pregnancy. The charge was for possession of marijuana for the intent to distribute. A few days later I went into labour which I didn’t realize at the time because this was first pregnancy. I was ignored all day and even put into segregation for being too loud. 12 hours later my sons foot was outside of my body which means I was going into a breach birth which extremely dangerous to the mother and child. After forgetting to call an ambulance for 45 minutes I delivered my son breach in a jail cell with only paramedics. My son Gionni was in extremely bad condition and so was I. A year later just 2 weeeks after Gionni turned 1 he stopped breathing and passed away on October 13th 2013. I thought my life was over and actually came very close to suicide. The media was flooding the streets and calling all family members. I had already started a lawsuit against the Ottawa jail, the college of nurses and the guards. I did go on to win the lawsuit but during all this I started doing speeches at different universities and speaking publicly at different events and even had mandates changed. I’m still advocating to this day for prison reform, mental health and addiction. A quick google of my name will give you to a of information as it was a huge story.April 7, 2021Vote
‘Whispers’ By D. J. Willis, , Things are not quite as they seem, when someone tries to help the police solve a murder.April 7, 2021Vote
‘Mea Culpa!’ By Sarah Marlique, , 'Mea Culpa!' is a short poem about a lady falling into depression, with her loved ones looking but not really seeing. As her mental health continues to deteriorate, they fall further apart because of their actions, or lack thereof.April 7, 2021Vote
‘poetry collection’ By hajar hidi, , differes from war to love to self motivation, i present my collection of poems that might speak to youApril 7, 2021Vote
‘PRETTY YOUNG TING ‘ By Amber, , BLURB Growing up in the 80iest UK was difficult for most young people, especially the mixed and black youths from that era. Due to her light skinned appearance Alicia was singled out and bullied throughout her school life, that was until Jackie joined her school and protected her from the taunts of the bullies. Alicia Jackie and a few others held together a loving friendship that would stand the test of time. However, Alicia’s bullying past played a significant part in the choices of relationships she formed appearing to attract deceitful bulling men, as she grew from a child into woman hood, but that all appeared to change when now in her 30ties she fell into the arms of a sexy 15 years younger rude boy…. Would their lustful relationship blossom into something special or was it just that… moments of lust that would disappear into the night? Alicia’s past wasApril 7, 2021Vote