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ImageTitleShort Story GenresTagsSummaryDate
‘It doesn’t land on Earth’ By Keith Burkholder, , Life from another world that avoids landing on Earth.September 20, 2021Vote
‘Walking on Water’ By Keith Burkholder, , People on Saturn that are able to walk on water.September 20, 2021Vote
‘An unidentified life experienced by Sarah’ By Keith Burkholder, , Sarah and her experiences with interacting with unidentified life.September 20, 2021Vote
‘A Geek on Earth who has alien contacts he communicated with in his bedroom’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a story about a teenager who is a geek and he maintains contact with alien life from other worlds.September 20, 2021Vote
‘The Universe is about to end’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a story about the ending of the universe. It is an assumption about how it would end as well.September 20, 2021Vote
‘One Second More’ By C.C. Nannis, , When Lorenzo's tiny stalker becomes a problem at school, he wishes to the moon and back for him to go away, but after learning the story behind the action, he finds reconciliation not only with the boy, but with his own childhood demons as well.September 17, 2021Vote
‘The Drouth’ By Dennis McCurdy, , As a child I walked the furrowed fields with my grandfather. The beauty of memory is that he still walks with me.September 15, 2021Vote
‘Coyote Winter’ By TH Reed, , An old man get a visit from a coyote who enters his home through the doggy door on a cold winters night.September 15, 2021Vote
‘Sacred Light’ By Kamilah Wong, , Deep in the forest sleeps a fairy. A benevolent fairy who lights up the world around her. After seeing a child fall and cry, the fairy gifts her some of her light. But when the child returns to her town, and more and more people come to learn about the fairy. Their greed grows until they strip the fairy of all her light, eventually driving the fairy away, never to be seen again.September 14, 2021Vote
‘Sacred Light’ By Kamilah Wong, , Deep in the forest sleeps a fairy. A benevolent fairy who lights up the world around her. After seeing a child fall and cry, the fairy gifts her some of her light. But when the child returns to her town, and more and more people come to learn about the fairy. Their greed grows until they strip the fairy of all her light, eventually driving the fairy away, never to be seen again.September 14, 2021Vote
‘A Nervous Wrinkle’ By R. B. R. Verhagen, , Nicole is facing a spiral in her mental health, but her boyfriend, Joel, is not helping. When he drops her home after a failed attempt to alleviate her suicidal thoughts, she is left alone. She contemplates taking her own life and runs a hot bath to do so, but is interrupted when a fledgling bird flies into a window. She takes the bird inside and places it in a cage. In the process of accommodating the bird she forgets the bath, and ends up flooding the bathroom. Because of these distractions, Nicole falls asleep before she can do anything harmful. When she wakes, the bird has died, and her mother has returned home from night-shift. Nicole must confront the morning, which she hates, but although the blackbird has died in the night, her mother has become aware of her needs, and Nicole may not have to face the darkness alone in the future.September 14, 2021Vote
‘Mirror MIrror’ By Milton Trachtenburg, , Marianne was bright and already on a road to success except for the fact that her drug-using and abusing husband, Dan has made her life a nightmare. The road to recovery demanded that she find a way to free herself from him. She looks at herself through the mirror and tells herself what she needs to hear.September 13, 2021Vote
‘Love at a karoeke bar’ By Pranks, , While having the time of her life at a karoeke bar in Goa her eyes suddenly land on the boy she has been crushing on since her first day of office. Read ahead to find out what happens when the girl meets her crush accidently at a bar and falls in love with him all over again.September 12, 2021Vote
‘The Witch and the Prince’ By ACKal, , Oriana, an acclaimed ice witch, tries to face her trouble sleeping well, after the events of the War. However, nightmares haunt her mind each time she finds rest. The only possible solution would be a magic ingredient. One day her life shifts as she is hit by a deer in the forest. The prince finds her and takes her to his castle to treat her, and they develop a relationship the witch didn't know she needed. Through the story, she gets better, physically and mentally until she realises she doesn't need the magic ingredient which will solve all her problems.September 12, 2021Vote
‘The White Night’ By Abhishek Pandeyar, , Anurag didn't know while returning home in that dark and foggy evening that his doubts about supernatural life in the mountains of North India would be removed in such a horrific way.September 12, 2021Vote
‘The Chandler’ By Victor Rutledge, , He made candles, until the Goddess brought him a book, and then he made Magic. He would become more than a candlemaker, and perhaps more than a hero. It was all in the wax.September 11, 2021Vote
‘Defense Mechanisms’ By Keith Burkholder, , He leaves planet Earth due to anxiety because of wars and goes elsewhere to find peace.September 11, 2021Vote
‘Imagine Traveling Through Time and in Space by Use of a Computer’ By Keith Burkholder, , A person who travels through time and space via a computer.September 11, 2021Vote
‘Human Life on Planet Earth as it is’ By Keith Burkholder, , Human life as it is on planet as we know it now.September 11, 2021Vote
‘The Living Dead exploring the solar system on their own’ By Keith Burkholder, , The living dead seeing and exploring our universe on their own.September 11, 2021Vote
‘Suddenly Alien’ By Victor Rutledge, , What happens if a pacifist Alien Species is confronted with a Hostile adversary from whom they must defend themselves? They might try to find other species who can do the job, and groom them as a defense, leaving them free to exist without violence. Now consider the human race, as one of those species chosen to be a defense. How could it be done? Who would be the agent of such a conversion? Let us see.September 11, 2021Vote
‘The Honey2’ By william Jones, , Tried to get the best honey in the world during covidSeptember 10, 2021Vote
‘Tom’ By Chad Rhoads, , A writer, hitting rock bottom, finds kinship with a homeless man named Tom that people feared. Through his own journey trying to find out why he writes, he learns the truth about Tom and the river, helping him realize why he chose to write stories.September 10, 2021Vote
‘THE NEW ERA’ By Lin, , Skyla literally been trapped in her town during lock down which it is been almost a year. People is getting sick and die pretty fast caused by a so called CrA-001 (Crotonium Virus). Government declare a new rule and regulation for the screening called Biometric Hand Scanner(BHS) Test and vaccination programme for each people who has been living in the Saint Hills and Spring Hills. Skyla's mother already received the vaccine and after that day she's been hospitalized for almost 2 weeks. The doctor and nurse didn't allow her to visit her mother with lots of reasons. Everything's seems so wrong. She didn't know what had happened outside of her town. She also didn't know what actually happened with her mother in the hospital. Until that night she found something interesting. She was following the flash light and it leads her into something. Something that changed her mind. Something which telling her that everything wasn't okay all this times. Everything has crushed and burned.September 9, 2021Vote
‘Imperfect Runway to Glory’ By Florence Igboayaka, , Some of us never knew there was life outside the academia or were not so enlightened or swayed in that direction. For Isang, this was not known only until recent years. The idea had always been education, school and more school. Not knowing that outside the academia, there was another life. In this book, Isang explores her life events from Secondary School, through to College, to the University and life till date. Some may say establishing her business was an epiphany that was avoided or she was sheltered from. This book explores the options outside of academics and what can still be achieved with them. Isang’s life to date is demonstrated in these few pages and helps equip, motivate and enlighten those who may not know life outside of the school classroom setting. In a nutshell, there is more and success is a school not often taught or studied.September 9, 2021Vote
‘Passion’ By J. Cortese, , What still abides.September 9, 2021Vote
‘Suki The Little Alchemist’ By Laura A’Bell and Indie Mae, , Join Suki in the forest as she discovers a range of plants and herbs and flowers with magical properties. Learn about borage, calendula, rosemary and more magical herbs and plants and join this whimsical adventure through the Whispering Winds as Suki meets some glorious fairies who share their knowledge. Written by Laura A’Bell and her 4 year old daughter Indie-Mae, this beautiful story is complemented with exquisite illustrations from Giselle Vles. The book has been carefully crafted with recycled dusty pages and a hardcover to last for generations to come.September 9, 2021Vote
‘Cats and Dogs.’ By Barry Nelson, , In an apocalyptic world two long time enemies become unlikely allies in a struggle for survival against a menacing predator.September 8, 2021Vote
‘Desperate Times’ By Joyce, , Have you ever been in a situation where no matter what you do you can't seem to get things right. No matter how hard you try, things can't seem to go the way you want. It's like a broken glass...when you try to pick up the pieces together you end up hurting yourself. That's the story of Young Maria.September 8, 2021Vote
‘Poet by Choice’ By r.e.joyce, , A gathering of poetry and musings by an author with a divergent personality conflict. His many personalities allow him to travel across genres and pay homage to the vast array of life, love, and laughter.September 8, 2021Vote
‘An Adventure with time travel in the mix’ By Keith Burkholder, , Time travel and the adventures this person has.September 8, 2021Vote
‘The Mask That Transforms Him into An Earthling’ By Keith Burkholder, , A mask that transforms another life into an Earthling.September 8, 2021Vote
‘Earthling invited to prestigious university on Venus to present a given lecture’ By Keith Burkholder, , Person from Earth invited to give lecture at a university on planet Venus.September 8, 2021Vote
‘The Cream and its major effects over Michael’ By Keith Burkholder, , The cream he uses to increase his powers of strength.September 8, 2021Vote
‘Woods fever’ By Devon Commons, , Woods Fever is now adapted into a film and will be release this October! it tells a story of Danny, that lost his cool one night after leaving home begin disobedient to his mom. he always runs off into the woods but this time it wasn't like the last. he goes missing for two days causing his big brother Marcus, and his mother to call the cops to search for him but the cops has not found any clues of Danny in those woods at night. Marcus decided to do things in his own hands by going out to those woods of darkness to search for his little brother Danny by asking a few of his close friends to help him do so. while they all search things started to get deep and they started to discover something dark, unknown that lives within those woods that wants to imitate humans and possess them to kill for him which is his name is "Woods Fever." they all have to survive the night without becoming apart of it and survive the night while searching for Danny before all is lost.September 7, 2021Vote
‘The Riverbank.’ By Barry Nelson, , A family experiences a night of terror as they face an unknown menace emerging from their once peaceful river.September 7, 2021Vote
‘The Last Faberge” By Tim Williams, , The hunt is on to find the missing Faberge Eggs before the world is set ablaze in nuclear war.September 7, 2021Vote
‘Gavin’s form of time travel’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is the way Gavin travels in time.September 6, 2021Vote
‘ The chaos of life in space’ By Keith Burkholder, , The adventures this person goes on while in space in general.September 6, 2021Vote
‘Semen changes him to robotic in nature’ By Keith Burkholder, , His ways of turning robotic.September 6, 2021Vote
‘What if planet Earth could talk?’ By Keith Burkholder, , What would Earth say if it could talk?September 6, 2021Vote
‘Sharks!’ By VulpidN, , We live in a society where everyone loves sharks and in each house there's an aquarium now you probably think this is weird but it all started that day.September 5, 2021Vote
‘”The Sixty Niners “‘ By Big Jeff, , My high school summer adventure from the beach's of southern California through Mexico and the Yucatan peninsula across the straights to an abandoned plantation in Cuba to steal back one peace of family heirloom furniture which conceals a treasure map. It's a true fiction story that leads to another adventure story. Note: I've been developing it for the last fifty years but have yet, till now to finish it up. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent people mentioned in the narrative. If chosen I will finish it.September 5, 2021Vote
‘The Camera Never Lies’ By Thomas Blanton, , The wrong people are in the wedding pictures in a proof set. It turns out that the people pictured are related to the people in the wedding and we learn there is a love story the mixup uncovers.September 4, 2021Vote
‘The Blackest Knight’ By Steve Heriot, , Interstellar lifeform surveyors find more than they bargain for on a strange, savage planet.September 4, 2021Vote
‘A Terrible Thing Has Happened’ By Natascha Graham, , Inspired by the children who found Virginia Woolf's body, this is the story of Tabatha, an evacuee from London during the war who finds herself on Mrs Everland's doorstep, a woman who is shrouded in myth and rumor.September 4, 2021Vote
‘Gillian’ By Natascha Graham, , A literary foray into the life of Gillian, a woman unravelled.September 4, 2021Vote
‘December’ By Natascha Graham, , The fictional re-imagining of the first meeting of Virginia Woolf and her soon-to-be lover, Vita Sackville-West.September 4, 2021Vote
‘A Transatlantic Lesbian Love Story’ By Natascha Graham, , The true story of how I met my wife, a woman 23 years my senior, and who, when we met, lived thousands of miles away. Remember Sleepless in Seattle? This is the lesbian version...September 4, 2021Vote
‘My Friend Tim’ By Eichard Hulse, , My friend Tim lived an unusual life. He was an officer in the U.S. Navy. A businessman. Led the ski patrol in Aspen. Married and divorced several times. He had three children, but didn't seem to care much about them, or them for him. Hung out with ski bums and money stars and built homes in the mountains in Colorado. Tim himself to be a gourmet, and he never turned down an adult beverage. Later in life he developed cancer.September 3, 2021Vote
‘A Journey Through A Cluster of Stars’ By Keith Burkholder, , An adventurer's journey in space through the stars.September 3, 2021Vote
‘The Vicious Predator’ By Keith Burkholder, , A predator on the loose to increase his chances of staying young.September 3, 2021Vote
‘Female Predator on the Prowl’ By Keith Burkholder, , This a graphic story about a woman who prowls the night for flesh of other human men.September 3, 2021Vote
‘The Woods’ By Nicole Tinkham, , A young girl runs off into the woods after an argument with her parents only to find herself in a more challenging circumstance than what she was facing in the outside world as the woods come alive and torment her.September 3, 2021Vote
‘A Short Session’ By Onyx Perth, , This is a person having it out with the voices in his head and the people in the real world around him at the same time. Then some of them answer back.September 2, 2021Vote
‘beneath the suface’ By lewis preacher, , the story about a woman caught up in a relationship that started out good but went way wrong.after meeting who she thought was the man of her dreams turned out to be the man who only saved her life.September 2, 2021Vote
‘Experiencing life from different perspectives in our universe at large’ By Keith Burkholder, , How different lives can be experienced in our universe.September 2, 2021Vote
‘A majestic sight this phoenix displays’ By Keith Burkholder, , The showing of how powerful the sight of this phoenix as it displays itself.September 2, 2021Vote
‘A Way of existence in a different form’ By Keith Burkholder, , A life that comes to life after being in a corpse like state.September 2, 2021Vote
‘What Life will take over Earth billions of years of from now?’ By Keith Burkholder, , The curiosity of how life will be on Earth in billions of years.September 2, 2021Vote
‘Imagine if Peter Pan could fly and survive in space on ventures there’ By Keith Burkholder, , The adventures of Peter Pan in outer space.September 2, 2021Vote
‘Space travel and its experiences for Lewis and beyond’ By Keith Burkholder, , Lewis and his experiences with space and beyond in our universe.September 2, 2021Vote
‘A Whole New Life at the bottom of this fascinating lake’ By Keith Burkholder, , These two people find a new world at the bottom of this lake.September 2, 2021Vote
‘Humanity from Earth to perform research on life from another world’ By Keith Burkholder, , Human life that wants to perform research on life from another world.September 2, 2021Vote
‘The Imaginary world of Howard’ By Keith Burkholder, , Howard's imagination and how it affect him in general.September 2, 2021Vote
‘The Secret City of Etheria’ By Onyx Perth, , This is a story about a patient in a top-secret asylum built into a mountain that is hidden by a city somewhere in the mid-west, USA. The facility had begun construction way back in 1783 by some very rich contributors from all around the world. It was strategically built so far up that no one should really ever want to visit, and there is a natural phenomenon that messes with GPS, satellite, basically anything electrical other than what is inside the facility. Obviously, as time has gone by it has upgraded and so have the experiments. This facility is home to people from all over the world, the truly insane get sent here. The unexplained get sent here. Some of the people are patients and some are inmates. Unfortunately, they all get treated pretty much the same. Experiments to control the truly enraged as super-soldiers, some patients are just used for any experiments, and then there are experiments to try to use people with multiple-personality disorders. To try to make them all aware of one another and use them. There had been cases where a few people had almost physically changed when another personality took over. The governments wanted to use this if possible, as a way for infiltration purposes. One doctor picked the right patient to start on, Dr. Chadois. His machine eventually nicknamed the Shadow Machine became successful because it got a boost. The patient suffered from DPD, Bi-polar, depression, many others but also was suffering from a possession of sorts. A shadow demon had become attached. The machine got a boost from this which brings us to the main character. J-13-CK, or Jack. He doesn't know what he is or was, just that he can do things that regular people can't. The machine was successful seven more times. The patients however didn't survive the extractions. Only Jack is different than the other seven because when he was pulled the multiple disorders stayed with him. So, he talks to himself and they all talk back. Each of the seven has different abilities, but Jack has them all. Just to name a couple, we'll start with Shifting and Flickering. During the day or night, he can sort of teleport quickly from shadow to shadow and shifting is being able to go through solid objects. The story begins on the day an uprising happens due to a slight dosage error.September 2, 2021Vote
‘Concepts that are hard to realize’ By Keith Burkholder, , Ideas that go through one's mind that are hard to realize.August 30, 2021Vote
‘Soldiers ‘ By Tracyc11791, , Soldiers and their familiesAugust 30, 2021Vote
‘Eyes that open and close on his palms’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a unique short story where one's eyes close and open on his palms.August 30, 2021Vote
‘The undertow in the ocean takes her to a different world’ By Keith Burkholder, , Going to a different place after being taken by an undertow.August 30, 2021Vote
‘This experience in the lagoon’ By Keith Burkholder, , An adventure in lagoon that has different experiences.August 30, 2021Vote
‘A Whisper and a Miracle’ By Nadine Elmshaeuser, , Shiloh Peterson absolutely loves horses! She almost gives up hope on finding one, until she finds a wild horse who ends up needing her. Shiloh must figure out how to help!August 29, 2021Vote
‘Mystery, Mastery and Meltdown: A Brief History of the Hittites’ By Luke Betzner, , Where did the Hittites come from? What did they contribute to ancient civilization? What happened to them? The following brief examination of their story will give you just enough information to make you want more.August 29, 2021Vote
‘Within Reaching Distance’ By Catherine Bennett, , A small family grieves following the unexpected loss of their unborn child.August 28, 2021Vote
‘Novel: In Two Parts’ By Scott Silva, , A couple fleeing despotic rule encounter a book, a remnant symbol of truth, art and knowledge, which have been stripped of their value and legitimacy within their native land. The personal struggle of sacrifice in preserving these virtues is embodied in the words and actions of the couple as they encounter other battered sentinels of waning hope in the setting of a small border town.August 27, 2021Vote
‘Humanity from Earth to perform research on life from another world’ By Keith Burkholder, , Humans from Earth to perform research on life from another planet.August 26, 2021Vote
‘Royalty does exist at the end of the tunnel of life for this peasant’ By Keith Burkholder, , After going through a labyrinth a peasant is able to reach royalty status.August 26, 2021Vote
‘The cure of AIDS from the alien world’ By Keith Burkholder, , The alien world and its cure of AIDS.August 26, 2021Vote
‘Alien life in the cave mine’ By Keith Burkholder, , How alien life exists in the cave's mine area.August 26, 2021Vote
‘Imagine Going a to Place that accepts you as you are’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a story about a place that accepts people as they are.August 26, 2021Vote
‘The Flying French Bulldog with power to save one and all’ By Keith Burkholder, , A powerful French Bulldog that can save the lives of humans.August 26, 2021Vote
‘A Voodoo Doll that is powerful and helpful’ By Keith Burkholder, , A voodoo doll that helps the main character get out of problems in life.August 26, 2021Vote
‘Discovery of a new city on Jupiter’ By Keith Burkholder, , This story is about a new city developed on Jupiter.August 26, 2021Vote
‘Mid-Way’ By John Boyne, , A young, male, white teacher joins the staff of the worst of the worst inner-city schools in the state to teach. Instead, every day, his students, Virgil-like, guide him through the dark woods of race in middle America. This day is his last. What was learned, what is lost, what remains?August 26, 2021Vote
‘Piercing Sun Brings the Dead Back to Life in this Cemetery’ By Keith Burkholder, , How the dead come back life as the sun assists in this process.August 26, 2021Vote
‘Insomnia’ By Lorelei Kersten, , A woman suffering from insomnia meets her mother's murderer one year after her death and 75 years after he has died.August 26, 2021Vote
‘The Mystique Ways of the Ouija Board’ By Keith Burkholder, , How playing the Ouija board changed the lives of the women playing it in this story.August 24, 2021Vote
‘She came back to life a thousand years later’ By Keith Burkholder, , Reincarnation of a woman deep into the future.August 24, 2021Vote
‘The Afterlife’ By Keith Burkholder, , This former soldier comes back to life in a spirit form.August 24, 2021Vote
‘His talent of disappearing at his own will’ By Keith Burkholder, , His ability to disappear and reappear at his own will.August 24, 2021Vote
‘Her Ghost reincarnates at night from the lake’ By Keith Burkholder, , After death, this ghost reincarnates to be seen again by humans.August 24, 2021Vote
‘Human life evolving through time’ By Keith Burkholder, , The evolution of human life through time in our universe.August 24, 2021Vote
‘Someone’ By Jenn, , A city under siege with a virus, the only Dr. With the cure is killed. What happens next is a mystery and the reader will be looking for closer. Who is the Someone?August 23, 2021Vote
‘patience’ By lew preacher, , it's a story about a guy whose life was heaven in the drug game until he got caught.when he got out of prison he decided to go the straight route but his woman wasn't having that she still wanted to stay in the game and get that bag,she moved on with another. meanwhile he ended up hitting the lottery while things for her took a turn for the worst.August 22, 2021Vote
‘The Beast of the Savanna’ By Kyler Kuehler, , The story is told in the first person from a hunter/former Navy Seal veteran who travels to the African savanna with three companions to help him hunt and kill the lions who villagers believe are the culprits of the recent attacks on their people. Things take a turn when they soon realize the African savanna is home to something far more vicious than the pride of lions.August 22, 2021Vote
‘Two lives from two different planets on a date’ By Keith Burkholder, , Dating experiences from two people from different planets.August 21, 2021Vote
‘Jonathan’s full and venture filled life’ By Keith Burkholder, , The adventures of Jonathan through time travel.August 21, 2021Vote
‘His Unique Way of traveling in general’ By Keith Burkholder, , Traveling by mental telepathy or through the mind.August 21, 2021Vote
‘Flashbacks come back to him’ By Keith Burkholder, , In a dream flashbacks come to him in his mind.August 21, 2021Vote
‘Time travel in a comfortable way on his bed’ By Keith Burkholder, , He can travel in time via his bed.August 21, 2021Vote
‘Maya Rose’ By Theresa Torres, , Maya Rose was never listened in life she was bullied at home was not any different she was found dead her body dump in front of her home Maya murder investigation stopped before it got started a year later bodies started dropping.August 20, 2021Vote
‘Angel vision’ By Keith Burkholder, , Heavenly beings that get involved in the life of Angela.August 19, 2021Vote
‘The Flock of Crows that lifts the Home to a New World in Space’ By Keith Burkholder, , Crows that life a home to a new place in the solar system.August 19, 2021Vote
‘one long night’ By Theresa Torres, , 7 teen decided to call upon upon a dead woman after being warned against told they would only bring trouble upon themselves they ignored the warnings and did something they soon would regretAugust 19, 2021Vote
‘The Spirit of the Storm’ By Robert Melton, , A small medieval village is superstitious following a terrible storm. A freelance knight is found among the wreckage and the village believes him to be a bad omen. As much as he tries to win their trust, the villagers shun him. The knight becomes useful in helping rescue village children from a dragon. He also discovers the source of their superstitious suspicion. Story is told in verse, after the fashion of the minstrels of the middle ages.August 18, 2021Vote
‘Red Sun’ By MayEvil, , Cuidado con lo que deseas, suele ser una advertencia común, a la que pocos hacen caso. ¿Si esta simple frase realmente fuera importante? La curiosidad no siempre es buena, eso está claro. La curiosidad de Dane Dos Santos las condenó, a ella y a su gemela, a vivir bajo el poder del sol rojo. "-Nunca toquen este libro" les había advertido su madre, sin llegar a pensar en las consecuencias que este "inocente" libro podría traer.August 18, 2021Vote
‘An Indonesian Thanksgiving’ By Sharon Morris, , Missionary kids at boarding school in Indonesia, learn how to celebrate the American holiday, Thanksgiving, through the Dani pig feast. Preparations for the pig feast are described, and a description of the pig feast is given. Also, the author shares her experience of school throughout the day, and learns to find things to be thankful for on that special day when Thanksgiving is celebrated.August 18, 2021Vote
‘His Skin changes when he goes to a different planet’ By Keith Burkholder, , This story is about how a human goes to a different planet and his skin turns blue due to the extreme cold.August 17, 2021Vote
‘The Mother Ship being attacked and the war taking place’ By Keith Burkholder, , A well known ship being attacked in war between the planets of Earth and Saturn.August 17, 2021Vote
‘Riding the moon to see the solar system’ By Keith Burkholder, , The main character rides the moon to venture and see the solar system this way.August 17, 2021Vote
‘Space, Reincarnation, and the solar system at large’ By Keith Burkholder, , Reincarnation of life that dies and does come back to life again.August 17, 2021Vote
‘Houdini The Idiot’ By Erich Weisz, , Harry Houdini goes undercover and discovers that Hollywood is seamy and riddled with crime.August 16, 2021Vote
‘A Walk with Stephen’ By TE Cunningham, , In this story, the author takes a fiction walk with her hero, author Stephen King. It's a touching, short story about a woman who overcame a tough childhood, to achieve success personally and professionally.August 14, 2021Vote
‘El Juego’ By Lora Como, , Life as a Border Patrol agentAugust 14, 2021Vote
‘Reincarnation Between 2 Wars’ By Emily Taglieri, , Achilles. Leonidas. Odysseus. Paris. The names of heroes that live on in Greek legends. Achilles died in the Fall of Troy. That is fact, however, what happened afterword is unknown. This is the story of Achilles, not through life, but after death and what outcomes of events that he engineers.August 13, 2021Vote
‘The Key’ By Robyn Michaels, , Let no good deed go unpunished. When my father went south for the winter, he asked me to collect his mail. This would have been simple had he not agreed to let a neighbor stay in the house temporarily---and had she not had a medical emergency. Due to family dynamics, I had to involve my step-sister, and things got complicated.August 12, 2021Vote
‘Horses in the Clouds’ By Elissa Wilson, , It was an ordinary sunny day in a perfect suburban town. A ten year old boy named Jaygen was off to hang out with his friend Joey. Little did they know what the day had in store for them. The day the horses in the clouds appeared. One would learn absolute truth and bliss while another faced the hard truth of their own disbelief. Follow the journey of Jayden and Joey on the day the Horses in the Clouds appeared.August 12, 2021Vote
‘The Ride Along’ By Lora Como, , A border patrol agent and her ride along get more than they bargained for one night on the borderAugust 11, 2021Vote
‘Underpressure Harmony’ By Alan H., , This piece reflects the journeys of the mind in slumber, collecting different states and emotions in various locations in an artistic manner. As the artistic process requests experiences, oneself must dream them in order to reach their fantastic demands in art, so they dream the highest states of mind in order to remember the slightest amount of joy when awake in order to create.August 11, 2021Vote
‘Ash Waist Heroes’ By Alexander Bryant, , an on going story about life after the end of the world with lasers mutants heroes and villansAugust 10, 2021Vote
‘Reflection’ By Chris Dawson, , The same routine day in and day out, breakfast, work, lunch, home, dinner, sleep repeat and repeat with no end in site. What happens when your mind just cant take it anymoreAugust 10, 2021Vote
‘Christmas Day’ By Nowhereman, , Christmas day is supposed to be the happiest day of the year, but when the memories are too painful. How do you relive them year after year.August 10, 2021Vote
‘REALLY RIGHTEOUS’ By Summer, , This is a story of a young girl living in a growing committee. Much smaller then the big city 60 miles away, so hunting for rabbits, fetching eggs and riding horses made for what she thought was a pretty good farm life. Then she had her 1st day of school (kindergarten) and the world she new started to change.August 10, 2021Vote
‘Silver Cross’ By Dartsywriter, , A Vigilante with a dark past, Rebecca Rose aka Silver Cross takes on an organization that made her into the superhuman she was, as well as an on going conspiracy that enabled the establishment and creation of Superhumans worldwide.August 9, 2021Vote
‘The Haunted Planet’ By Keith Burkholder, , An unnamed planet that is haunted. This is a place where living forms need to take caution before entering.August 5, 2021Vote
‘Dating An Extra Terrestrial ‘ By Kevin Driscoll, , 110 Ways To Know You Are Dating An Extra Terrestrial.August 4, 2021Vote
‘Tis the Season’ By walter staggs, , CEO Thomas Tomey survives the crash of his private plane. Unfortunately, he finds himself on a mountainside, with a snowstorm moving in. He moves away from the crash, searching for shelter. As he feels all is lost, can go no further, he sees--a small, figure, dressed in fur. He awakens, warm, and safe, in a chalet, owned by a jolly old man who claims to be, Father Christmas. A story of believing.August 3, 2021Vote
‘My Poem, Everything I’m Not, My Words Started To Fly ‘ By Hdthepoet, , I will be submitting 3 poems that all tell a story from me with different genres. One is an introduction, the next affirms my flaws to show true worth while the last one is about the journey of my words as a writer.August 3, 2021Vote
‘Angel’s Promise’ By Gayle Chancey, , In the days of King Arthur it was many a good man's dream to ride as a knight in the army of the king. Many a young wife received news of their knight falling in battle. Such was the fate of Lady Angelica De La Champagne. Her beloved Anthony was listed as dead and yet no body was found. De La Champagne property stretched nearly as wide as the English and Scottish border and many sought the hand of the young widow. A mysterious knight injured in battle carries scars to hideous to be seen is appointed to marry the young widow and secure the properties of De La Champagne for King Richard. Another Baron with more sinister motives seeks to murder her young son, the heir to the De La Champagne lands, and take the young widow for his own. Can Sir James and Sir Philip rescue her in time? Will the son and heir be saved or lost? Will love win? Chapters one and two of a novelAugust 2, 2021Vote
‘Loose Leaves in tea ‘ By Jane Voneman, , Jane is a Psychic. She goes into her tornado caller during a twister and sees a dead girl Bella, in spirit, telling Jane where her body is. Jane meets Brad the detective and they go on a wild ride together to solve the case and falling in love. Charles is the perpetrator and Jane and Brad finally catch him and found out he liked five other children that he abducted.August 1, 2021Vote
‘NEVER GIVE UP’ By William Harrington, , Western Oregon rain, hitchhiker, strong hand shake, smile, banjo; it all came together in realization.August 1, 2021Vote
‘The Spelunking Incident’ By j kauffman, , The story takes place in Charles Town, WV in 1964. Two teenage boys find an entrance to a cave that exists under the downtown area of Charles Town. When they explore the cave, they find a lake and the decayed remains of a past where their parents danced on the gravel shore of Lakeland Caverns.August 1, 2021Vote
‘Home At Last’ By Atlantis, , A battle-worn soldier recollects his life during the war while making his most frightening journey yet.August 1, 2021Vote
‘Clancy’s Last Party’ By David Lastinger, , Clancy discovers that he has a rare brain disease. The good news is that it's painless and will wake up the creative side of his brain. The bad news is that it's terminal in 30 days. Clancy hates missing a party and is not about to miss his own wake.July 31, 2021Vote
‘A Whole New World ‘ By Nancy A. Lopes, , After experiencing lost, 16 year old Dominic Aeriah was uprooted from his life in Toronto and moved to Halifax to start over. What he never expected though, was to have his life change forever and to be introduced to a whole new world.July 31, 2021Vote
‘Junior and The Doll’ By Liz Reeder, , This true crime is one that I would never believe if I had not watched it play out. Junior not only stole something of a very sensitive nature which led to more mayhem than anyone could have ever imagined. From what he stole, to where he hid it, to what happened in the courtroom, things just got crazier.July 31, 2021Vote
‘Uncle Ransom versus The Revenuers’ By Liz Reeder, , This biography is the story of Ransom, a bootlegger in the Ozarks during prohibition. While he was bottling his wares he was paid an unexpected visit by agents of the Department of Revenue. With some quick thinking and a lot of luck, he outsmarted the agents and was able to continue with his deeds.July 31, 2021Vote
‘A Journey into Love in 5 Poems ‘ By Christèle G, , A collection of five poems of a journey into self love and freedom.July 31, 2021Vote
‘An Impossibly Casual Nexus’ By Christèle G, , Disclaimer: This fantastical yet decidedly unexciting story of circumstance contains light mentions of fierce monsters (beasts, demons, and the like), disquieted damsels (princesses, the hopelessly fed up, and so forth), and agitated heroes (warriors, secretaries, etc.). Please read at your own risk.July 31, 2021Vote
‘Learning to Read’ By Janice Sevin, , poem couple falls in love at libraryJuly 31, 2021Vote
‘Rose 0010’ By Cliff Erickson, , Reaching for the stars is a worthy endeavor. Also a difficult one; even more so when we still hold on to earthly attachments. Science offers an elderly woman a dream of a lifetime to colonize a Mars, with the woman who is the love of her lifetime. The former held back by love of family, the latter with no restraints. Now, to choose.July 31, 2021Vote
‘The Wall Is Magic’ By Cliff Erickson, , Behind a clearing lies an magical world hidden away from mundane eyes. One day normal boy manages to breach the invisible wall to find love. But this realm was hidden away for a reason, and consequences result with any breach.July 31, 2021Vote
‘The House’ By Pinaki Sengupta, , Sam thinks the stories about the mad house are false and goes in to prove it.Will he make it out of there?And at what cost?July 31, 2021Vote
‘Old Saugus Town, As Wide As It Can Be’ By Thomas Sheehan, , My hometown has blessed me with its open arms at arrival from elsewhere as a child, on my return from a Korean combat zone, allowed parts of 8 years spent at the reconstruction of the First Iron Works in America, now a National Park, and have lived in a house built in 1742 for nearly 90 years of my 94 years on this rare Earth.July 31, 2021Vote
‘Where the Unforgotten Runs atop the Soul of This Rare Earth, A Gathering of Memories, the Writing Kind’ By Thomas Sheehan, , Three men, in constant contact, realize that their hometown has no written record of the times they have spent here and getting here, and decide to write and publish a collection of such similar approaches of a host of citizens, including those who moved away or were lost in the wars they have known. It is an adventure of a task and eventual cost of publication of the collection is raised by donation as gathered by a trusted friend, 400 copies are dropped in one editor's driveway on a Saturday morning, carted to a Founder's Day celebration in the heart of the town. All 400 copies go like wildfire, 1600 more are sold, and another book is composed and published and sold out, and all income is donated to the local high school where one of the editors is head of the English Department for over 40 years, and the other editor is a former student of his.July 31, 2021Vote
‘Accidental Date’ By Gayle Chancey, , She waits for a date that doesn't show. He's hiding from a woman that hounds him. They each have a difference, not normal some say. Both are beautifulJuly 30, 2021Vote
‘Pre Cancer Pink ‘ By Emmy Corman, , In this short story my doctor finds a lump in my breast, this is extra scary because my dead mother had breast cancer. While breast cancer wasn't the thing that killed her, it definitely brought a dish to the party. Unfortunately I can't get a scan of the lump for over a week. But not to worry, I have a work trip to NYC that I believe will take my mind off the possible diagnosis. When I land in NYC I am greeted with the entire city decorated for Breast Cancer Awarness Month. This is a humorous story about looking for distractions even though the situation is all you -- and apparently all of NYC -- can think about.July 30, 2021Vote
‘Mom’s Wedding Dress’ By Emmy Corman, , An explorations of the guilt and relief about wearing my dead mom's wedding dress to my own wedding.July 30, 2021Vote
‘Hidden’ By Gayle Chancey, , Sadie hides from the man her mother lives with, she is seven. But wait is that her mother? is her name really Sadie? She has a friend who looks out for her, he is seven too, his father is a detective. A common story unravels.July 30, 2021Vote
‘Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway’ By Kevin Noa, , This is a short story based on the events of 911July 30, 2021Vote
‘Jamie” The Chosen One ‘ By tye, , Jamie '' The Chosen One is about a young woman with telepathic powers that was being bullied who unleash her powers on those that wronged her and mistreated her. This is a science fiction storyJuly 30, 2021Vote
‘Fairy of Ashes’ By Mary Lawson, , Ember is the last of the fairy stronghold. She and her clan had been fighting a dragon for days on end. To save herself, she needs to use a spell that could change the entirety of the war.July 30, 2021Vote
‘The Usual’ By Kookie_gee, , “May I take your order ma’am?” The barista spoke. “Uh…” Danielle had to think for a moment as she just had the breath knocked of her by the barista’s simplistic elegance. “The usual please—” She stuttered, smiling bashfully. . . Just another normal, mundane day in the life of a freelance writer, Danielle. She had no idea she was going to be swept off her feet by a new barista working at the cafe she usually goes to~ How will the woman with many insecurities be able to act upon her desires... It has to be just an attraction, right? She ain’t gonna do nothing about it—nothing—or so she thinks...July 30, 2021Vote
‘LANA’ By Evie Townsley, , LANA. An android, A chef, A maid, A Murderer? LANA was never created to be what she is now, will she ever escape?July 30, 2021Vote
‘The Colorless Month’ By Sara Diaz del Ser, , The Month wasn't a big deal—or, at least, it shouldn't have been. It was a simple process: lose your color, fall in love, get your color back. All in thirty days. Simple—except for the love part. And Ava was extremely Not Good at love.July 30, 2021Vote
‘The Warlock and the Princess’ By Favour Ekele, , In the kingdom of Herrarch, there lived a fat King named Abner, his beautiful wife Eliza and their small daughter Allix, the princess who was skilled at using swords but also very rebellious as she somehow got involved with a magic user, a warlock. Magic users were banned from the Kingdom, what could that mean if king Abner were to find out about HIM?July 29, 2021Vote
‘The Body Remembers’ By Alexandra Vigue, , Ready to take the $700 microblading plunge, Alex is ready to ditch the yoga-wearing, messy bun mom she's become. She's on a mission to become Alex 2.0-hot mom and business babe. In the height of the global pandemic she sets off to her appointment, only to find herself unlocking 11 years of trauma in a situation a little too close to home.July 29, 2021Vote
‘The Creature Under My Bed’ By Nadishka Aloysius, , Perfect for fans of Harry Potter this short story takes the reader on a magical adventure. A young magician is called to complete a Quest to prove they are worthy of graduating from the Academy and earning the title of Maedeis. Yet, not all is what is seems and the creature to be defeated is no puppy dog! A great read for male and female enthusiasts of magical arts.July 28, 2021Vote
‘I Hope You Are Listening’ By Nadishka Aloysius, , An unnamed girl deals with the repercussions of cyberbullying and betrayal. Written in the form of a recorded message from the girl to her boyfriend this story breaks genre boundaries while highlighting inner strength and empowerment in a young lady's life.July 28, 2021Vote
‘Secrets to the Grave’ By Alyx Barter, , A young revivalist- somebody with the capability to bring someone back to life- reminisces on their job and place in society.July 28, 2021Vote
‘Gone’ By Jamey Marshall, , Casey Jefferson lived a great life in the town of Hillside, attending high school at Hillside High. Her town was small, calm. That was until the summer of 2018, when people started disappearing and it was too hard not to notice in a town of that size. We all think we're safe until we're not. That's how Casey felt when she becomes one of those missing in her town.July 28, 2021Vote
‘Spectrum’ By Giovanna Napoleone, , Inspired by the collection of short story works of the Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury in 1951, Giovanna Napoleone writes a modern day, futuristic story based on the prevalent issue of racial profiling in a creative, non-conventional way for children. In the short story Spectrum, the present claim is intended to suggest the idea that racial profiling is still relevant today, and can not possibly end unless people change their mindset. As main character Mark finally buys his first pair of glasses, the Lenses within the story are meant to represent the filters that people see through when they see racial differences which also show their different perspectives of the world as a result of it. By having different colors being seen by all people in the story, it shows that every person has their own different versions of racism, and how that racism is unique to individuals and potentially harmful to our youth. Spectrum clearly displays the relevance of this topic through the way that everyone in Mark’s city goes about wearing the Lenses all day, everyday, and everywhere, including the chaos that ensues following the loss of them. At the end of the story, when the power source for society’s Lenses or means of racism disappears, it is clear that society struggles to see people in an equal light, due to the fear of unlearning their prejudices. As a result, within the short story Spectrum, the claim that racism is a mindset is highlighted through the use of technological Lenses and a play on color to show how racism affects trustworthiness in today’s society is a perfect message for children growing up in a polarized society who must learn the harms of prejudice.July 28, 2021Vote
‘Communion’ By A. B. Coleman, , At a church communion, people who drink the wine drop dead like flies, and the pastor is all to blame.July 28, 2021Vote
‘The neighbor comes over’ By MALIN TUVESSON, , Bell is having a bad day. Her apartment is on the top floor of an old building and the neighbor has a clear view straight in to her bedroom.It really bothers her but there is nothing she can do about it. She catches him watching her when she is reading a book and that is the start of an interesting interaction where he tells her about the times they have met before. Will they meet again in person?July 28, 2021Vote
‘Fear Friday A Witches Curse’ By Jay Bahre, , It was 1736 when a family that lived in Salem Connecticut were accused of being into black magic and there for each of them were considered a witch. Late one night the accusers broke into the families house and took the mother, father and young daughter out by force. They were taken to the town green and all tied to wooden polls and burnt to their deaths. The fire started by taking the fathers life, then the mothers life, their young daughter watched the fire consume her parents and finally the hot fire made it to her but before it took her life she made a promise to the people she would come back and seek her revenge out on all the people that did this to them.July 27, 2021Vote
‘LEAP DAY @2112’ By Christopher Costello, , The purpose mankind faces as a mere cog developing Artificial Intelligence to assist humans out swings both ways for both gatekeepers to the doors from the realm where power lies in advancing technology even when it means to our own human existence demise!? "Dust to dust ashes to ashes!?" The underlying theme of the story is that someday science will prove all religious origin stories true!?July 27, 2021Vote
‘Summertime’ By D.K., , This is the story of every young man who has been in love in the summer.July 27, 2021Vote
‘Redemption, a fantasy’ By N.K Quatre, , Erick and Jany are a young couple living in Toronto. Everything is going fine until Mike, Jany's ex come back in town...July 27, 2021Vote
‘LightHouse’ By BAoS King Coles, , After a chance encounter with the outside world, a young man sheltered from life ventures forth to experience the joy and pain that makes life worth living.July 27, 2021Vote
‘Had to marry sister’ By Angraj Waghmare, , This story is about two people who faces great agony of society for not following their culture, after reading it you'll come to know what exactly they did & what consequences they faced for it.July 27, 2021Vote
‘An early autumn’s revelation’ By Debojit, , A story of coming out — out of one's closet of self-denial, out of the other's centred perception and out of another's preconceived notions. A story of acceptance, growth and pursuit of happiness and love.July 27, 2021Vote
‘True Heroes’ By H.D. Dawn, , Heroes aren't just the muscular men in capes, or the women flying through the air that you hear about in comic books and movies. They're much more than that. When Fred Garcia is hailed as a hero, he hails everyone around him and proves that true heroes lie inside everyone great and small.July 26, 2021Vote
‘Daffodil of March’ By Karen Phelps, , An elderly lady is in her yard at night gazing at the moon, on her birthday.She reminisces seventy years of her past. She recalls important events and family relationships. She muses her regrets and then transcends to a jubilee of new life.July 26, 2021Vote
‘A Psychonaut in Training’ By Noah Hradek, , This is a story about my psychedelic experimentation with mescaline. I provide my own thoughts and opinions on what the psychedelic experience meant to me and to the whole world. The psychedelic experience is so varied, that no one narrative can describe it and even words cannot describe it. However, I try my best to convey my thoughts and feelings during the experience.July 26, 2021Vote
‘The Rise of the Divine Feminime’ By Camilla Nichols, , We can save ourselves, thank you. We are Warriors as well. We were Matriarchal societies long ago but that changed when humans began to compete for food, water...and war led to Women being taken as goods...possessions. The Divine Feminine was erased (along with her Wisdom and Mercy) and we had forgotten for a few millennium who we truly are - Partners. The Divine Feminine is Rising. Before the Divine Masculine, who was replaced with the Warrior Archetype, can Awaken to take their place shoulder to shoulder with the Divine Feminine, she had to Awaken first for two Reasons. The Primary Reason being that She needed to Remember who She was. It was necessary for Her to Rediscover Herself and once again Stand in Her Gifts and Power. She had to Remember who She was and who She Had Been. Disempowered Eons ago, with each passing Generation She was slowly Forgotten not just by Herself, but by all. Her History was Erased and Her Archetype altered to a Female SubServient to the Destructive and Ego-driven Warrior Archetype who, over Time, Replaced the Divine Masculine. Both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine Forgot that they used to Stand Side-by-Side in Balance as Co-partners and Co-Creators. They Forgot they Balanced not only Each Other but they Balanced the Societies and Cultures in which they lived. JudgMENt Balanced with Mercy, Love instead of Hate, Unity instead of Division, Nurture Balanced with Protection. When She disappeared, the World became a place of War, Suffering, Poverty, Greed, Selfishness and JudgMent. In order to Re-Establish Balance the Divine Feminine had to ReClaim Her Power from the self-professed Superior Warrior Masculine Archetype. Over Time this Archetype had Replaced the Divine Masculine, so that Men, too, had Forgotten Men and Women are meant to Balance Each Other. It was Her Remembering that would be the Catalyst for Awakening Her Counterpart, the Divine Masculine. The Warrior Archetype is one of Power, Dominance, Control, PunishMent and War. With this Archetype are not regarded as Partners and Equals. There is no Balance of Mercy to the Warrior JudgMent. The Feminine traits of Compassion, Nurturing and Love were seen as Weaknesses, not Strengths. It was tragic, this emergence of the Warrior. It led to centuries of War and EnslaveMent. It led to centuries where Women had no Voice. They were the Property of Men. They were not Respected as Equals. Men used them to Satisfy their Needs, to cook and clean and Raise their Children. They cleared the table; they no longer to sat at the same table with the Men. But the Divine Feminine is Rising. These Mama Bears need no saving. They will save the World.July 26, 2021Vote
‘The Professional Clown’ By Freddy Zalta, , A man who has suffered unfathomable horrors comes to the United States in search of salvation. Through his curiosity and his empathy for the children he encounters, his first glimpse of a movie and a stage production ignite him to follow his path through life and love. Befriending a young man later in his life provides a revelation that not everything we once thought lost is ever forgotten.July 26, 2021Vote
‘The Blackest Night’ By Danielle Duffy, , College student Nicole has a life-changing evening with her crush at a house party.July 26, 2021Vote
‘Adventures Aboard the Darkwing’ By Cynthia Felker, , Ambassador Wryn of Castion and King Etanoe of the Paragon leave their homeworld to get information vital to their people. Wryn gains a new companion, the king retrieves the information, but at what cost? When Wryn and Etanoe return to their homeworld, they do not return as the people who left. A new future has been carved out for both of them, not necessarily the one they planned for.July 26, 2021Vote
‘Irish Goodbye’ By Steven Cahill, , Disgraced author and drug addict/alcoholic Evan Williams returns home to Boston to ask an old friend for a big favor. Destitute from poor decisions and his own vices, Evan is forced to go back to the only other thing he knows how to do: dealing drugs.July 26, 2021Vote
‘A Tail from the darkside’ By James Mercer, , A psychiatrist discovers a patient's dark secret.July 25, 2021Vote
‘Ivan Kommt! ‘ By Nicholas Johnson, , A teenage Red Army soldier crosses with his unit into Germany. When the commissars let them off the leash, the boy sees the depths of his older comrades' depravity and realizes he's not strong enough to stand up against peer pressure to commit atrocious acts he never thought himself capable of.July 25, 2021Vote
‘Malthusian Altruism ‘ By Nicholas Johnson, , Civilization has crumbled though not everyone is yet aware of it. Infectious diseases are ravaging the population while heavily armed militias prove too much for federal forces to handle. Those fortunate enough to still be living in the dream have descended upon Soldier Field, where they plan to hold a benefit concert. The show is almost derailed, though, when the stars can't decide whether or not they should be donating guns or birth control.July 25, 2021Vote
‘Some Danced In the Rain’ By Shobana Gomes, , Casey has to accommodate the new norm. Things will never be as they were before. The pandemic had taught the world to fear the unknown. Sad stories and tragic memories will stay embedded in the hearts of every surviving person. While the world suffers its dire consequences, nature thrives.July 25, 2021Vote
‘Sarah’s Story’ By Camilla Nichols, , In 20018 I was a volunteer working with orphans and single mothers in a very poor village in Kampala, Uganda. I came prepared for extreme poverty and dismal hygiene and sanitation. I was right and I was oh-so-wrong. I came as a humanitarian. I left a changed person. My definition of poverty and abundance have done a complete flip. These beautiful people are so loving, generous and resilient. I learned what it meant to truly be part of a community where everyone watches out for everyone else. You see, when you have little, you share. Always. Sarah would always say to Me: “Camilla, God is a God of Miracles, Signs and Wonders.” She believed it and I saw it happen for her over and over again. We would be out of water and the skies would open and all the rain barrels would be Overflowing. We would be out of food and someone would come from their farm, unannounced, and leave beans, matoke, avocado (a treat), casava, or someone would bring us a live chicken. Good News: Beans! Bad News: Beans for Weeks! But No One Complained (I wanted to). We all got to work shelling, grateful to have food. I started to write these women's stories as well as the stories of the young girls, child mothers, many of them. Simple Things. I hope you find Sarah's story inspirational. I did.July 25, 2021Vote
‘Beasts of Nature’ By Veronica Therrien, , Three animal leaders watch their lands be destroyed by humans, but suddenly growing a bond with three teenagers who can hear their voices, they learn these strange humans are the key to stopping the chaos.July 24, 2021Vote
‘Fading Light’ By Veronica Therrien, , After surviving a car accident and the death of her parents at a young age, seventeen-year-old Larissa was rescued by Fagin, an elf who lives in a hidden world, who took her in and raised her in their home of Conimar. Little does she know, her new home is connected to her in more ways she can't imagine.July 24, 2021Vote
‘Lost World’ By Emily Dernoeden, , Decades after the fallout, Skandar and his tribe live in a commune where life depends on the knowledge and cunning of each citizen. In the New World survival is a brutal game, and the winner takes all.July 24, 2021Vote
‘Spirit of Peace’ By Daniel Fansler, , A forest fox spirit, Kieshako, runs from a great evil that wishes to bring her and her kind to extinction. Seeking out the aid of the great sprits who lord over the forested realm, she hopes that they might have the power to eradicate this amalgamation of hatred and anger once and for all and save her from a terrible fate.July 24, 2021Vote
‘Summer Fallen’ By Veronica Therrien, , Being despised by her sisters, Dawn only has 3 months every year to escape the darkness and share her kingdom with earth. Though majority of her life is hidden away, having her only friend, Cierra, helps her see that it's always worth waiting for to return.July 23, 2021Vote
‘Open Letter to Christian Webster ‘ By Anabeast, , A former fan's letter to a rapper recounting a terrible experience with his inner circle.July 23, 2021Vote
‘World War W’ By Simon Pearce, , The World War for water has begun, and the powers that be are trying anything and everything to stay hydrated. New tech is tested in the battlefields by soldiers and not all are voluntary participants.July 23, 2021Vote
‘DeJaVue You’ By Chet McHenry, , When a young woman enters a building for her first job interview in a year little does she know it will be her last.July 22, 2021Vote
‘The Governess and The Graveyard’ By Ashley Weaver, , A crumbling mausoleum, an old diary, and a mysterious death surround a Parisian tourist as she learns about the existence of a crypt of corpses that led to the demise of the ghost who is haunting her.July 22, 2021Vote
‘The Buzite’ By Ted Morrissey, , It’s 1907 and a snowstorm is raging — but it is nothing compared to the rage young Whit Houndstooth is feeling. His beloved-from-afar Sara has died in childbirth, and Whit holds his rival Billy Holcomb responsible. He knows Billy will be checking his father’s hunting traps in Hollis Woods, so Whit goes in search of him, planning to use his equestrian strength to crush the life from him. But Whit finds that the wintry woods are filled with surprises.July 22, 2021Vote
‘DeJaVue You’ By Chet McHenry, , s on her first job interview in over 1 year not knowing it will be the last intervJuly 22, 2021Vote
‘Workaholic’ By Ralynn Frost, , Corporate life is brutal. Especially when you combine stress, loneliness, and mind-altering medications. A hostile takeover isn’t all that’s going on at Wolfram & Deloitte. What happens when the truth isn’t what you expected?July 21, 2021Vote
‘A Favour For Family’ By Chris Smith, , This story follows the consequences of doing the wrong thing, just to keep your family happy.July 21, 2021Vote
‘Through the Ether and Ashes’ By Brynna C Jones, , A woman loses her husband and child in an accident, thus leading to her downward spiral. She doesn't want to live or feel anymore but comes to the conclusion that her family whom she's lost would be saddened and disappointed if she decided to end it by her own hand. So she finds ways, both destructive and healthy -- later on -- of dealing with her hopelessness and despair. She joins the military so that her life, or death, will have meaning, and serve a purpose to a worthy cause. To make her family proud. She ends up 'dying' in the line of duty, and discovers that she is actually immortal after she is reborn through flame and ashes, and avenges her fallen comrades, is gifted a short encounter with her dead husband and child, and overcomes the evil men who held her hostage as a prisoner of war.July 20, 2021Vote
‘Bury Your Dead’ By Emily Dernoeden, , When Lana wins a free trip, she and her friend embark on a margarita-fueled cruise to the Caribbean. But they soon find out that everything comes with a price and no one rides for free.July 20, 2021Vote
‘The Green Rose’ By Emily Dernoeden, , A porcelain Dalmatian and determined little girl go on a whimsical quest to find the improbable: a green rose. Their unflappable belief in something never seen before materializes in an unexpected way on this magical journey.July 20, 2021Vote
‘Deadly Hunt’ By Paul, , The story is about six village boys who went for a hunting in a forest inhabited by wild and deadly animals. The hunting squad came into contact with very dangerous animals and the boys were killed one after another in the most cruel manner. Two of the boys went missing in action, one of them was rescued by hunters in his last minute before to joining his ancestors. The survivor lived to narrate the ordeal when he finally got home after seven days of horrific encounters which left him with one arm, blind eye and incurable memories of loosing five of his friends to the jungle.July 20, 2021Vote
‘A Walking Blizzard’ By Georgi Petkov, , A young boy describes his feelings about an encounter with another boy, which turned out to be way more impactful than either of them expected. Being young and curious, both of them are exploring unfamiliar territories, but that doesn't mean they're on the same page. The story is told from the perspective of the boy, who suffered more severe damages from the storm.July 20, 2021Vote
‘Raymond Gets a Gun’ By Tsahai Makeda, , This story is about a man whose internal struggles overtake him emotionally and thus manifests into a tragic situation which no one saw coming.July 19, 2021Vote
‘Catching Frogs’ By Blue Sky, , When I was a boy my Grandpa would take me and my dad fishing at Little Whitney Meadow. This is the nostalgic story of one of those days.July 19, 2021Vote
‘Smashing A Shattered Heart’ By Mari Lou, , A shattered dignity smashed into tiny pieces... A bleeding heart wrung to the last drop... A dumb defiling a numb, could things get any better? Jovanni dela Victoria, a striving young man who was never been loved, once met the eyes of the university heartthrob, Kirt Valdez, a young master pampered since birth. They say that, opposite poles attract. Well, they did attract, but then, why did they keep repelling after?July 19, 2021Vote
‘The First Hitler’s Ally in Europe’ By Sasha, , He is a little known politician from Europe, in the Hitler's era. It is the Hungarian regent Miklos Horthy, the first European politician who broke sanctions against Hitler and extended his friendly hand to Hitler. Hungary became the most faithful German ally in the World War II, and remained its ally to the very end. In the process of creating a pre-Trianon Hungary (Hungary with borders at the time of the Austro-Hungarian empire), Miklos Horthy committed various war crimes against humanity. In the northern part of Serbia, which he occupied under the auspices of Adolf Hitler, this monster committed a genocide against the native Serbian population, as well as against the Jewish community. The systematic extermination of Serbs and Jews was particularly cruel and devastating in January 1942, when thousands of people were tossed into the frozen rivers so that nobody could ever count the exact number of executed, and that there would be no burial places where one could pay homage to them. The recent records discovered at the United Nations show that Horthy was filed as a war criminal, but his crimes were largely covered-up. My story uncovers all of his crimes.July 19, 2021Vote
‘Necromancer’s Delight’ By Jasis, , Haversmith is under attack by a Necromancer and her horde of undead. A battle of good and evil will determine the future of the land.July 18, 2021Vote
‘Sana Sana’ By Ayling Dominguez, , Karla wakes up smily, and a little cold, despite the rattling radiator, when she looks down at herself only to discover she's woken up as a frog and to a Kafka-esque journey of mending family relationships in a Latine household.July 18, 2021Vote
‘Midsummer’ By Molly Ringle, , Callie, a grief-stricken young teacher in modern-day Oregon, meets a kind stranger on Midsummer Night, who cheers her up by showing her the path to a hill spangled with daisies. But after their one evening of conversation and a kiss, and a brief run-in with uncanny beings with antlers and wings, he begs her to find out more about him, and about hills like this one, then disappears. Callie's loneliness turns quickly to determination. She learns he's been missing for twelve years and that the fair folk are likely his captors, and that with this knowledge and the right gift offered to the folk, she might be able to free him.July 17, 2021Vote
‘FASTER THAN LIGHT’ By Mehmet Ali Yazan, , Professor Ebyogin is at a Russian radio-astronomy observatory, monitoring Middle-Earth’s orbit for meteorites that could pose a threat to Earth, when he detects sudden high-frequency energy radiation. Normally, an explosion of this magnitude cannot occur in this orbit. The professor reports what he has seen to the Russian Air and Space Forces and asks if a spacecraft is at the coordinates where the energy radiation appeared. He learns that while an American communications satellite was located at the coordinates, the satellite disappeared immediately after Ebyogin detected the radiation. When the professor consults a colleague at the Russian Academy of Sciences, the colleague tells Ebyogin that it may be a leakage of negative energy from a parallel universe. Both professors believe that the American satellite may have converted a negative mass into energy and used it as fuel—that is, the Americans may have discovered Warp drive. When they relay this information to the Russian Air and Space Forces, the Russian government convenes to discuss it. The Russian President calls the US President to ask what has happened. The US President says that this is not secret information; the Americans have discovered the negative particles called tachyons, and they will share their knowledge with the world during a meeting to be held in Florida in two days. The Russians are invited to this meeting. Professor Ebyogin and the Chief of the Russian Air and Space Forces attend the meeting as delegates. Before the briefing, NASA takes all the guests on a space shuttle to the Moon. The shuttle takes off without any explosions or jolts and eventually reaches a great speed, making the journey very short. The guests are even more amazed when they reach the back of the Moon, where they observe the construction of a spaceship, hundreds of meters long, in a giant shipyard. Captain Kirk's famous words echo in the background as the NASA administrator tells the passengers that this is the first spaceship to have a Warp drive, and that its name is Enterprise: “Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission is to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before!”July 17, 2021Vote
‘A Deal is a Deal’ By J D Savage, , A down-and-out businessman walks into a bar and finds a stranger that promises to change his life for the acceptance of a favor. As his work life grows better exponentially, it's time to pay back the favor but he finds that the favor is too high a price that he is willing to pay and all hell breaks loose in his life.July 17, 2021Vote
‘Global Fiction’ By ERIC LUSION, , Once upon a time, in a Galaxy far far away, lived a race of powerful beings on a beautiful,
vibrant planet. This planet was primely positioned to a great central Sun enabling it to facilitate
countless forms of life; life was good. Through time the inhabitants of this planet went through
many cycles of creation & destruction until eventually, they began worshiping false gods and
forgot just how powerful they truly were. You see, these beings were capable of projecting their
envisioned realities & after a while, the reality they began to experience was slowly and
methodically being orchestrated without their knowing. The reality that began to take place on
this precious sphere in the cosmos was a reality that had been fed to their society without their
conscious awareness to such a sinister degree, that it had all been taking place under the
guise of their own benefit.
July 16, 2021Vote
‘Mitchell & The Giant Of Golden Valley’ By MJ Davids, , Six adventurous friends in the Scottish Highlands come face-to-face with a legendary, child-stealing Giant. Mitchell faces a harrowing series of tests involving curses, magic and unusually large fruit in an attempt to rescue his friends and a village child thought long lost. A tale of friendship, courage and learning from your mistakes, but ultimately affirming the mantra of "nobody gets left behind". This is the first in a series of fun, magical children's books with "Mitchell" as the protagonist. The next, "Mitchell & The Witch Of Misty Mountain" is already written, and sees the friends facing an wicked witch responsible for the cursed valley and the 'evil' giant in book one.July 15, 2021Vote
‘Dulce’ By Jessica Parrish, , Although only 16, Dulce is not her mother's daughter, so to speak. To her, her mom is her world. Her strength, her reason for being the person who she is growing into. Ducle knows that her mom deserves so much more than the toxic situation that they are seemingly stuck in. Even after she practically laid down her own life to save her mother's, her mom still chose to stay with her abuser. Feeling alone, rejected and fed up, Dulce knows that there is so much more to this world then this fight or flight lifestyle. Deciding that she's had enough, she makes the split decision to leave. Her young age be damned. She knows she is worth more, deserves more. She will be the one to break this generational pattern of abuse even if she has to struggle on her own along the way. This short story is just the tip of the iceberg. This new generation of young people are just the fighters and advocates that we need to begin to end the cycles of abuse and trauma. I am honored to be able to tell this delicate story through a strong, empowered female character.July 15, 2021Vote
‘SIgnificance’ By Chris McWhirt, , Young Alex Popov was considered by many to be a chess prodigy. His family was forced to move to move to remote farm in the Tunguska region. In 1907 this meant the end of his chess career. Strangely he found himself playing again in the attic of his grandfathers farm house. The stakes were never higher. The fate of our world hung in the balance.July 15, 2021Vote
‘Special Delivery’ By Chris McWhirt, , A strange package from the past arrives at a most inappropriate time. A door is seemingly opened to a parallel universe and fame and fortune. That is if Chris Larrimore can follow instructions from none other than Nickola Tesla.July 15, 2021Vote
‘Cauchemar’ By Michie Cruz, , After being relocated against their will by their family, Seraph is forced to live in an old, decrepit house. What they find about this place, however, is more than what they can handle. Nightmares are commonplace for them, but this nightmare they will find hard to escape from.July 14, 2021Vote
‘The War With the Monster’ By P.F. White, , Tom is the toughest 12 year old boy you've ever met. He and his pals have no shortage of knives, attitude, or beautiful summer days. Then a monster in the woods eats one of his friends. No, it ain't no metaphor, it's: Huckleberry Finn vs. Predator. Time for Tom to man up and go to war!July 14, 2021Vote
‘Something Impossible, Something Small’ By P.F. White, , An old woman lies on her deathbed. Her husband of fifty years makes a confession to her, something truly unbelievable. Now she must accept the impossible, and make a choice she had never considered. And with the passing of strange aeons, does romance die?July 14, 2021Vote
‘Soviet Space’ By P.F. White, , A young girl pretends to be a Soviet spy during the cold war while making nightly transmissions from her attic on a broken radio. Then the radio starts talking back. Is it the Russians, or something far stranger?July 14, 2021Vote
‘The Show’ By P.F. White, , A condemned man takes part in a game show approximating an ancient roman arena. The stakes are life and death, yet not everything is as it seems.July 14, 2021Vote
‘A Murder in Frogtown ‘ By Antwan Floyd Sr., , Private Detective Black Love embarks on a simple cheating boyfriend case he leaves Chicago to go to St. Paul, MN and finds himself witnessing a murder and accused of said murder, will he figure out who the real culprit is and clear his name before it's too late?July 14, 2021Vote
‘“Papa & Me” || In Remembrance of my Grandfather’ By Eric Lee Gardner, , Although you left us 20 years ago, forget you we will not. Around our entire planet, within every nation, we all live in different places, hold different beliefs, like different things and even think differently. This is an undeniable fact of life and is mostly contributed to our free will. With so many differences between us, it’s amazing that somehow we find each other and bonds of love are formed. A universal shared trait is our need for a sense of family.July 13, 2021Vote
‘Over Wind-Haunted Mountains & Raging Oceans’ By Joseph Smeall, , A woman comes to terms with her experience of the Great Flood of 1998, from an international distance.July 13, 2021Vote
‘Survive, Stay Alive, Repeat…’ By Aanchal Ratha, , Ashlyn lived with her brother, Trent, alone in the house. Her parents worked full time in another state so they both had each other only. An unexpected news of robots taking over was shown. Ash got a call from her parents to board Train B23 with Trent, which would take them to shuttle, for a safe place to live. When they reached the crowded train station to get the tickets, Ashlyn got separated and wasn’t able to board the train on time. She was left back with a few other people and a student from her school. Together they try to find a way to safety, always on the run.July 13, 2021Vote
‘The Cloud People’ By Diana Denham, , Anina is with her head in the clouds - literally. She is of the mythical race of the cloud people called the Norians, where things are all too perfect, but something is missing. Adventure. She watches a Peruvian pirate ship with the notorious captain, Seskel, and she wants in. To do that however, she needs to break a law so she can be banished to earth. Seeking adventure, she is also struck with a mission from the king of the Norians right before she is banished.July 13, 2021Vote
‘Biosphere 3, 2, 1, 0……..’ By Ronald Oremand, , A true story of my take on and visits to Biosphere 2 and its demise. Not sure where to place it......the story has humor but it is also a memoir of sorts. Call it creative non-fiction.July 12, 2021Vote
‘The immortal hecklers’ By Georgios Tsiakiris, , The Immortal Comedy Club invites stand-up comedians to satisfy the supernatural hard-boiled public. The owner needs to reduce the amount of the violence that breaks loose in every performance. He needs Nils, who will take the responsibility to save the other mortals, by taking up a solo show.July 12, 2021Vote
‘The Lady of the Lake’ By Justin, , A moment under the moon where a young man reunites with a spirit of an old lover under a full moon.July 12, 2021Vote
‘Love and Forgiveness’ By Jamal Brown, , A Psychologist falls madly in love with one of his patients and a whirlwind relationship begins. But the psychologist has a nearly 50 year feud with someone close to him. Will the feud end in love, or will they walk away in shambles? Will they ever get to make amends?July 11, 2021Vote
‘Mister Florian Amazing Greenhouse’ By Nelly Shulman, , A love story of two magicians, living in a fantasy town.July 11, 2021Vote
‘A Cold Day in Hell’ By Annie-Kate Bradley, , This is a short story about two brothers, betrayal, and karma. Once a millennia, Hell freezes over forming an ice bridge between this world and the next. Fin drives across this bridge into Hell to visit his brother, Hebi. When Fin makes it back to his car to leave, he realizes he's forgotten his keys. His only way out of Hell is right in front of him but completely out of reach. He's painfully aware that the ice bridge is melting. He thinks about Hebi who is trapped in Hell because Fin tricked him and ultimately trapped him. Hebi hates him for this, so he knows getting the keys back will be a challenge. But the bridge is melting fast so he has no choice. He goes back for the keys. Hebi murders Fin, stepping over his body and out the open door. He takes Fin's keys, steals his car, and starts driving to the boarder. He thinks about Fin who is dead in Hell because he tricked him and ultimately trapped him. Hebi reveals that the original crime was always his. He manipulated Fin into thinking it was his fault. Hebi knew Fin's bleeding heart would make him visit and give Hebi an escape route. When Hebi makes it to the boarder to leave, he realizes the bridge has already melted. His only way out of Hell is right in front of him but completely out of reach. Like the water falling from the ice, his tears fall into the magma sea. He realizes he's truly trapped for Eternity.July 11, 2021Vote
‘The Big Bang’ By J. Forrest Wilson, , In the final hours of the universe, a skirmish between a science vessel and a group of fanatics on a suicide mission determines the fate of all life.July 10, 2021Vote
‘Wake Up and Win: Take Your Life off Autopilot’ By David Moore, , This book is a true story based on one man’s decision to win every single day, (what ever success means to you). With a drive to be his best, Dave didn’t allow life’s circumstances to stop him from becoming a winner in all aspects of life. Through each story and challenge, Dave’s passion is to help you overcome your obstacles and become your best. Dive deep and fly high with Dave as you engulf yourself in this adventurous, inspirational page-turner!July 9, 2021Vote
‘Fortnight Sonata’ By Cecilia Sarthe, , This I wrote when being under strict quarantine with my husband. Both of locked in a tiny apartment day and night. That's when he started playing Fortnite and being so engaged with the game and the fictional world it created that, there were times, when I thought the game would engulf him completely. That he, himself, would turn into one of those bits and bytes characters. And what if he actually did? What if reality and game became one? What if he his aim were to remain the last man standing in our own quarantined reality? That's when reality turned into horror. That's when this story was born.July 9, 2021Vote
‘Fallen Leaves’ By Mark Davidson, , These are vignettes of experiences I had as a young boy visiting my grandparents island in Lunenburg Bay, Nova Scotia. The impression of the sea and the power of water were pressed deeply into me at a young age, in the way that the waves of a hundred thousand years imprint upon sand that in time become rock, fossilized, indelible in stone. This collection of vignettes is meant to capture that experience.July 9, 2021Vote
‘Blue Girl: Nursing Beyond the Ward’ By Emma Gracie, , In 1997, just before I turned 16, I was accidentally flung into the world of healthcare. This unexpected journey lit a fire in me that would carry me through the next 23 years of nursing. I’ve witnessed births, deaths and all that lies in between. I’ve been exhausted, heartbroken and anguished and I have battled my own illness that forced me to change places from nurse to patient. But I have also had a blast. I’ve met and learned from extraordinary characters who I can never forget. I’d love you to meet them too and share the crazy, sad, shocking, moving and hilarious experiences that made me Blue Girl.July 9, 2021Vote
‘Gentle’ By G. Russell Cole, , Two people meet in a bar and explore life, sex and love.July 8, 2021Vote
‘Lucien’s ‘ By Clay Vermulm, , Have you ever heard the adage "he or she looks good enough to eat?" At Lucien's, it is less a common idiom and more a business model that has made the luxurious restaurant the most successful dining establishment in the Saturn orbit (never mind that it is also the only place to eat within 300 million miles).July 8, 2021Vote
‘Escape Plan’ By Anjali Jha, , Be aware what you wish for. If this world was a wish granting factory and your ginnie came himself at your door, what would be your choice? Rohan was an outgoing cheerful 13year old boy living each day as a perfect all rounder in school. He was someone who would go all out if you need his help but won't let his guard down when it's about rankings in school charts. But even a perfectionist life could be imperfect if you look carefully. Everyday it's same routine for him, home to school then home again but with delay. The perfect family isn't that perfect. The smile, the cover up story is all that matters in this superficial world. Amidst this the only escape plan for Rohan was his peculiar friends, who share his secrets and also his pain. But what if one day a seemingly harmless choice is given to you? Would you choose your perfect life or let go of all the pain with a little price to be paid.July 7, 2021Vote
‘root, bark, bone’ By Lindsay Scarpello, , In a world of red earth and bone born from the salt and sand, the last dendrochronologist meets a man preserving something out of myth. A tree.July 6, 2021Vote
‘Other Names for God’ By Bob Peck, , It's often either angry white man God or a complete lack of, for the religious and the non-religious. In this short piece, Bob Peck jumps through all of the other ways human beings have thought about, connected with, and defined the divine.July 6, 2021Vote
‘Jinx – a story about success’ By Calina-Ioana Paunescu, , In the Cat District, life is easy... except if you are a stray cat; and in top of that, a black one. Jinx is the most skilled mouse hunter in the district, but his condition makes him unworthy in white cats' eyes. But Jinx knows his worth and nothing will stop him from gaining success. Join Jinx and his non-binary friend, Rusty, in their journey to be heard and seen and to break the stereotypes. It's a story about systemic discrimination and not giving up no matter what others say.July 6, 2021Vote
‘Finley the Brave and Persefoni the Death Giver’ By Megan Pounds, , The story begins as Finley the Brave’s is just ending. She sits next to a dying dragon, another princess lost, another day without her true love. Beyond the dragon, a luminous being named Persefoni appears and explains herself to Finley as a Death Giver, although not death itself. This alone intrigues Finley as she’s always been so curious about what death is and what it means. Finley the Brave and Persefoni the Death Giver is a story exploring life’s oddities such as love and falling into that great abyss and of course, death. Even the bravest have questions, and that’s okay.July 5, 2021Vote
‘THE YOO YOO THEORY OF EVOLUTION’ By AJ, , A satire of the collapse of the Universe and the 2020 election as captured in a newspaper column by a former N Y Yankee pitcher turned sportswriter. After revealing how he, AJ, along with win Fred Quixote, the then-mayor of N Y City, his son Donald, and friend and Hall of Fame catcher/team-mate, Sancho Cohen, assisted their idiotic professor, Ichabod Crane to create a theory for the end of the Universe, with a possible escape clause available to Donald and Sancho, he describes, in detail how Fred schemes to get his son rel-elected as president in 2020 by use of the escape clause. The scheme hilariously fails.July 5, 2021Vote
‘Wilder Summer Camp’ By Masha A. M., , Addy has been excited over the summer trip Mom had booked for the entire family. New friends, new environment, and maybe, who knows, a new boyfriend, she giggled. And true, it was a summer to remember. However, all that will change. Addy soon begins noticing strange activities. She feels determined to solve the mystery behind the Wilder Summer Camp. But will she? What began as a normal trip soon turned out to be a nightmare. Who will save them? or Will it be too late for them?July 5, 2021Vote
‘The Enemy’ By Robert Sepulveda, , Humanity has restarted on Earth 2. They have been in a protracted war with the mysterious off-worlders for centuries and finally are at the cusp of ending it. One man, Prime Commander Arkez leads humanity, but what he finds out near the culminating event will forever change the future of humanity.July 4, 2021Vote
‘Generation P.’ By Anna Zagerson, , After the Big Fry virus destroys his parent's generation, a small boy discovers a classmate whose mother is still alive.July 4, 2021Vote
‘The Traveler’ By Kevin B. Ploth, , A Gothic Realm series of Short Stories. This one is the tale of a Travler warned of the dangers on the toad ahead and negative happens when one does not head the warnings of the local folk.July 4, 2021Vote
‘A Nameless Love ‘ By Anders R. Fairchild, , A memory I have of a conversation with my aging grandfather who suffers from dementia and Alzheimer's. Within the memory, he struggles to share a childhood story with me, battling his own mind to remember the details. I struggle with feelings of loss and depression at seeing the man I've loved and looked up to my entire life fall to this level. The experience peeks when he tells me he loves me when I go to leave, but he cannot remember my name. Later, I ponder and reflect on the experience and am overwhelmed with the emotions it gives me. Only after a little introspection am I able to overcome these feelings, realizing that while my grandfather doesn't remember everything, he does remember what matters.July 4, 2021Vote
‘The Gifted ‘ By Anders R. Fairchild, , A king leads a rebellion against his rival all in a single night. Using trickery, his advanced intellect, and a unique new magic, he undoes decades of peace treaties and negotiations in order to gain the power he feels he deserves. In the end, however, he realizes that the prize he coveted so badly will not be his after all.July 4, 2021Vote
‘The Star and The Black Hole’ By Marita Fadous, , Eliana and Katherine are two orphans who had it hard in life. Katherine is the optimistic and hopeful one while Eliana is pessimistic and overwhelmed with worry. What happens when Katherine gets mixed with the wrong crowd and ends up dead? How will Eliana cope and what will she do?July 4, 2021Vote
‘HER ROBOTIC FAMILY’ By Psyche L, , In the far future, there is the "ROBOT WORLD" with a robot family with their little human boy with a woman's heart.July 3, 2021Vote
‘Cherry Blossom’ By Roya Nyuka, , A young woman struggles to let go of her first love, but her story comes full circle when her perspective on love changes. This is a real story about situationships, modern relationship dynamics and moving forward after a breakup.July 3, 2021Vote
‘The Sandman’ By John Spencer, , Ralph Smith is one of a rare breed; a charming but ruthless sociopath who lives in a universe of sex, money and perpetual excitement (sharing some similarities with Donald Trump). Fast-paced events see this triad hitman zig-zag across the globe to exotic locales, interact with ladies of sin, corrupt police and the heaviest denizens of the underworld. Blonde Stella and Chinese Sandy add colour to the sandman’s electrifying ride. An unfolding blitz of sex and violence culminate in an unexpected twist.July 3, 2021Vote
‘The One’ By Power Of Wellness, , A story of how losing everything lead me on a journey to finding love.July 2, 2021Vote
‘The First Breath of the Earth’ By Dora Lionstone, , The First Breath of the Earth is a fictional story about the life cycle of Earth as a living being, whose symbiosis with its inhabitants is threatened to get out of balance, while hope for a restart remains. A poetic meditation on cosmic consciousness and the cyclic nature of life.July 2, 2021Vote
‘Ms. Paula’s Garden’ By Paula Perry, , Grab your gloves, garden boots, and a love of learning as you join Ms. Paula in her garden! However, you'll quickly find out that this garden is filled with more than just vegetables and fruits. Learn how to grow a garden while immersing in a beautiful garden setting. Reading along with Ms. Paula, your child will gain more than just a green thumb. The knowledge picked from this garden will also enhance your child's view of the world, as they learn about garden favorites from regions all across the globe. Bake like Ms. Paula, experience the delicious gluten-free recipes that are easy to follow and engaging. Using combinations of spices and seasonings that you will find at your nearby grocery stores. These savory dishes will become favorable amongst your family and friends for the seasons to come. So, enjoy Ms. Paula's Garden today and start to sow the seeds of learning.July 1, 2021Vote
‘My Aunt Is A Witch’ By Paula Perry, , Jonathan is disturbed by stories told to him by his mother about his aunt Karen being a witch, and he’s frightened to no end; he's convinced the stories are real. Real witches ride around on broomsticks. They wear black cloaks and hats. They are wicked, cunning, hateful women who disguise themselves as being friendly, ordinary ladies. Believing that his aunt might be a witch, his thoughts turn to fear the split second his mother drops him off at his aunt’s house for a night of Trick-Or-Treating. His unexpected hideaway in the kitchen will be a safe haven until he suspects she will cook him in a big black pot. And there, resting in the corner, is the witch's broom. The book concludes positively, with the moral of the story being not to lose the gift of imagination. Though intended for a child’s impressionable and curious mind, it may be of sentimental interest to adults and their imagination as well. Children and adults will enjoy this story. The book is ideal for younger children, as the secret recipe is not complicated. However, it focuses on a gluten-free healthier choice of lifestyle while spreading happiness.July 1, 2021Vote
‘Champ and Nessie’ By Sherry Frayne, , Deep in the heart of Pangea, a long, long time ago, two prehistoric creatures became best friends. Little did they know, that one day when they least expected it, they would be separated by a gigantic earthquake. After a great flood Champ sets out alone on a remarkable journey across the ocean to find Nessie. Like a map written in the stars, he follows a constellation shaped like a heart and arrow in the hope that he can find his best friend. Along the way Champ encounters many obstacles and makes new friends. Champ even meets up with a great white shark! What will Champ do!? This is the story of Champ and Nessie. Who show that with perseverance, love, and good friends anything is possible!July 1, 2021Vote
‘KiLLA’ By Briana Pass, , Introductory: Peep this my name is Nichole Jean White and I’m here to tell you a good story about how I changed from one page to another in my life. This heartbreak you’re about to witness broke me, but also taught me valuable lesson. Men can tear you down, spin you around and build you up. Learn to know that all men aren’t the same, but when God shows you the signs and reveals those red flags pay attention. Now turn the page and rock with me!July 1, 2021Vote
‘A Solar Odyssey’ By Sam Rizzo, , After surviving five billion years of extinction events, Conner is about to witness the end of the world: the Sun is finally about to explode and wipe out every living thing on the planet. Although he's given up finding a solution, he reminisces and shares stories of his attempts at saving humanity with a child that reminds him of someone from his past that he can't quite put his finger on.July 1, 2021Vote
‘Death Week’ By Sam Rizzo, , Death Week started five years ago. It is as it suggests: one week of death. Murder is completely legal during this time. It started as an attempt to thin the population, and continues because the event has become extremely popular. Rebecca was going to buy her way outside the city and avoid the event, but she couldn't leave Jake to fend for himself. He insisted on staying so he could avenge his sister who was killed in front of him during last year's Death Week. Can she survive the week with men and women mercilessly killing around every corner?July 1, 2021Vote
‘Mountain Pass Pines Asylum’ By Sam Rizzo, , Mountain Pass Pines Asylum operates under the guise of helping people with their mental health issues. However, Jane Blossom receives a letter from her boyfriend on the inside stating there is more going on - experiments using outdated lobotomies, electroshock therapy, and other procedures. Even though he admitted himself voluntarily, they won't let him leave. Jane formulates a plan to sneak inside and save her boyfriend from the evil of Mountain Pass Pines Asylum.July 1, 2021Vote