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ImageTitleShort Story GenresTagsSummaryDate
‘Magic Gone Awry’ By J.L. Hinds, , What if you had the power to change anything with the flick of the wrist? Adilyne never thought her life would change so drastically, until she came across a mysterious quill. Will the power of this magical and mysterious quill be too much for her to handle, or will it be just what she needed to change things for the better? Be careful what you wish for. Magic always comes with a price.May 24, 2022Vote
‘Gay Hypnosis’ By Keith Burkholder, , Hypnosis that turns a person into something different. This is what this story is about.May 24, 2022Vote
‘My Return to Never-Neverland ‘ By Linda Hernandez, , A biography about my youthful years and how I survived an abusive foster home as a teen; I have included a short copy of the actual book what I have submitted here, I am also fluent in Spanish and I know how to read and write in Spanish and Portuguese.May 24, 2022Vote
‘Antennas come out of his head to keep his television in check’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a story about Ralph and the antennas in his head. This is something that is unique and different. He is able to make the screen clearer this way. He loves to have such a talent, too.May 23, 2022Vote
‘The Queen of the Sea’ By ROBERT D’EMILIO, , Fifty years in the future, the effects of climate change and global warming have melted the ice caps and drowned most of the world. The valiant navy of the Venetian Republic patrol the Med-Adri as a checkpoint to the Northern States still above water. The Doge's battleship, The Queen of the Sea, also protects the floating cities from the pirates that attempt to steal their limited bounty. The remaining nations and city-states of Europe have rejected the governments that ignored the warnings and put in their place the Dukes, Kings, and Princes that once ruled.May 22, 2022Vote
‘Staring the Grim Reaper in the face’ By Keith Burkholder, , The Grim Reaper is about to exist. It exists in the world of Deborah. It is something that should be reckoned with as well.May 22, 2022Vote
‘100 Questions’ By Philip Wilson, , A short story about two detectives attempting to solve the murder, with a special twist involving the life of the older detective, Daniel Green.May 21, 2022Vote
‘His talent of disappearing at his own will’ By Keith Burkholder, , He has this unique talent. He is able to disappear at his own will.May 21, 2022Vote
‘Fish experience’ By Logan Freeman, , Me and my freind were on a dock fishing a small neighborhood pond when we spotted a big large mouth bass , so I decided to try to catch it but it didn’t want my bait for some reason. So about 15-20 minutes later I decided to throw my lure out because the fish would not come back so I felt a bite and , I thought it was grass so I set the hook anyways just to mess with my freind and pulled it up and in all the grass I caught there was a 10 pound bass and I was really suprised.May 21, 2022Vote
‘Grandpa’s Story: The Legend Of Fireflies’ By Matthew Berg, , A remarkable story of the history of fireflies.May 21, 2022Vote
‘Learning how to love yourself again.’ By babyfrincess, , I never knew loving yourself again is harder than a break up.May 20, 2022Vote
‘Hearing Voices of Truth in his world’ By Keith Burkholder, , He hears such voices. They are voices of truth. This means the world to him as well.May 20, 2022Vote
‘Our Room….I Think’ By Deborah Darden, , It was a simple getaway trip to make things right, an act of reconciliation, and a hope to start over on a clean slate. However, Brian and Tess couldn't have imagined this rather interesting turn of events when they booked the private dining room. Will it make things better or just downright weird? The only way out is through at this point.May 19, 2022Vote
‘Through the power of heavenly forces his house lifts and goes to a place in the sky’ By Keith Burkholder, , He is able to lift his house to go to different places in the universe. This amazes him greatly. This is something that is indescribable to him.May 19, 2022Vote
‘Dirty Laundry’ By Adanya Shadi, , In a world where reality can be manipulated by filters, cleverly constructed compositions and photoshop, we need our faces cupped and our attention drawn to something real. Dirty Laundry is an honest, utterly unexaggerated, funny take on quotidian life as a mother and spouse. Not as Pinterest promised but as it really is. Written in the second person, the reader doesn't need to be a mother or a spouse, they only need to be human to relate to this short, sharp and witty dirty laundry airing!May 18, 2022Vote
‘He wakes up in a different place far into the future’ By Keith Burkholder, , He is asleep where he lives. Then he wakes up in a different place far into the future.May 18, 2022Vote
‘The Disappearance Act of Sarah’ By Keith Burkholder, , Sarah appears and reappears on different planets. She is a magician of such acts as well.May 17, 2022Vote
‘Illumina’s Dream’ By Illumina, , I was living in an off grid Eco-Village, in the Jungle of Big Island, Hawaii. Immersed in Nature, and a totally Sovereign being I was free to begin making choices from my heart...May 17, 2022Vote
‘What is in the night sky that is seen from a different world?’ By Keith Burkholder, , The night sky is noticeable with new life. Where did this life come from? This is a mystery in its own right.May 16, 2022Vote
‘From Sea to Shining Sea During a Pandemic.’ By John Dickerson, , I in 2022 I traveled across 26 states, about 30,000 mile during the Covid 19 scenario. Quite an experience.May 15, 2022Vote
‘Martians that can read the minds of humans that are living and dead’ By Keith Burkholder, , Minds are read of humans from the living and the dead. This is a phenomena on planet Earth.May 15, 2022Vote
‘The Unglueing of a Family’ By Que, , The effects of a sibling death and how different members of the family react to it.May 14, 2022Vote
‘Next To You’ By Anna Yesilevskiy, , Chris Stein figured that every person in this universe got stuck with some kind of misfortune. The misfortune of his life was that he was forced to sit next to Derek Goldberg every single year.May 14, 2022Vote
‘A New Life for him and he loves it’ By Keith Burkholder, , Allen leaves planet Earth and goes elsewhere. He needs to leave the planet and see a new world. He is tired of the tensions on planet Earth. Earth has been too much for him.May 14, 2022Vote
‘It’s Far Better’ By J.B. Toner, , A nun called Sister Michaela encounters a priest and a physicist, both of whom are bent on suicide after stumbling upon the truth of an "alien" life form that's been all around us all along.May 14, 2022Vote
‘Life that has been witnessed and experienced in our universe’ By Keith Burkholder, , Other life is out there. What meaning does this life have? This will be told in this story.May 13, 2022Vote
‘DICK’ By Professor ARTURO, , Man has huge member and has to get it cut off.May 13, 2022Vote
‘Tornado’ By Eric, , Imagine you're caught off guard, suddenly you are in the middle of a tornado. And everything around you is being destroyed. Then the storm does something unexpected.May 13, 2022Vote
‘Lights from space that are not known by humans’ By Keith Burkholder, , Humans have never seen lights like this. This happened to them now. This is something to understand as well.May 12, 2022Vote
‘The Lost Tribe’ By Elisabetta Panzica, , In the ancient future, there are 32 states, California and the East coast have fallen. Dancing Butterfly member of the Lost Tribe, describes her dystopian world in the Ancient future.May 11, 2022Vote
‘Lion’s Donkey’ By Brian Pollard, , Lion's Donkey is a short story about the relationship between a young lady and her younger brother. His reality was different from hers but the affection they shared for each other is evident in the story.May 11, 2022Vote
‘Marcie and the Hawk’ By Daniel Montesi, , A group of back yard animals are fighting over who should eat first at the feeder, The parakeets believe they should be first because they are beautiful, others feel they should eat first because they are stronger. Their argument is cut short when one of the parakeets is snatched by a big hawk. Can an enterprising rat discover a way to rid themselves of the hawk forever, or will they all have to leave and finad a safer place to eat? It is an introduction to collaboration and introduces topics like fairness and friendship.May 11, 2022Vote
‘Martians that can read the minds of humans that are living and dead’ By Keith Burkholder, , Martians are able to read the minds of humans on planet Earth. This is their reality and it will continue for them.May 11, 2022Vote
‘He Heard Voices while in the grocery store’ By Keith Burkholder, , Voices around him exist in his mind. This amazes him while he is shopping at the grocery store.May 10, 2022Vote
‘The Pevensie Codicil’ By Erica Obey, , Everyone know Susan was the Pevensie sibling who never returned to Narnia. So what did happen to her?May 10, 2022Vote
‘The Wizard of Was ‘ By Aqualite, , This is a remake of The Wizard of OZ. Where Science verses Magic. The Wicked Witch was revived and created a city opposite Emerald city where Wizard of OZ is admired by the locals as a Wizard but he is really an Inventor who invents things of the future such as CDs television and so on. Amazing the people of OZ and the Good Witch. BYE FROM A WRITERMay 10, 2022Vote
‘Human life evolving through time as time carries forward’ By Keith Burkholder, , The evolution of human life. This evolves in life as time carries forward. This is all anyone can do.May 9, 2022Vote
‘The dead can move their tombstones through mental telepathy and wakeup as living humans’ By Keith Burkholder, , The dead can move their tombstones through mental telepathy. This story is about exactly the way the title is said here.May 8, 2022Vote
‘Mental Telepathy from Earth that controls the minds of alien life forms from the planet of Mars’ By Keith Burkholder, , Mental telepathy is hard to fathom. However, it happens in this way for those from planet Earth. One needs to keep an open mind here.May 7, 2022Vote
‘Alone With Her Courage’ By Janet Baker, , A little girl escapes from an orphanage where she has spent most of her life. She knows nothing of the world and always confined. Dealing with abuse and misery, she makes an escape onto a ship only to discover she is truly alone once again.May 6, 2022Vote
‘The Long-lasting Dream in her mind’ By Keith Burkholder, , Her mind has this dream that is long lasting. It is powerful and she enjoys it the best way possible.May 6, 2022Vote
‘The Remote Cemetery and alien life that visit its world’ By Keith Burkholder, , Alien life loves to see this cemetery on planet Earth. It is a place where they can explore and see all that they can.May 5, 2022Vote
‘Family memories ‘ By T. Rex, , A young married couple enjoying the after gift opening with their children only to learn yet another meaning to the Christmas Spirit.May 5, 2022Vote
‘Throwing Snowballs’ By T. Rex, , Story about learning to look past what we think we know about others and getting to know the real person.May 5, 2022Vote
‘Nighttime sky with experiences from the unknown’ By Keith Burkholder, , The unknown have such experiences on planet Earth. This happens in the nighttime sky. This is what this story is about.May 4, 2022Vote
‘The noise stopped’ By Vincent Murphy, , The story of a man who is engulfed by silence and his efforts to understand and comprehend this.May 4, 2022Vote
‘The Boy In Room 311’ By Lindsey Soliday, , A young boy is left alone in a hotel room, but things are not all as they seem.May 4, 2022Vote
‘The Bionic Droid from an unknown world’ By Keith Burkholder, , This droid has landed on Earth. It is from world unknown to us. Accept his as you may.May 3, 2022Vote
‘Rising: A Healing Story through Sourdough’ By Jennifer Kurdyla, , My essay creates a parallel between my personal healing and the process of making sourdough bread. The themes of incorporating different elements of nature and phases of growth, as are reflected in the changes that bread dough undergoes during its creation, are universal and encourage the reader to seek similar processes and moments of nourishment in their lives. The incorporation of the five elements, as related to the ingredients of bread, draws on the principles of Ayurveda.May 3, 2022Vote
‘Moth Girl’ By Bronwyn Cooper, , A girl is working late in a laboratory, when she gets drenched in mysterious liquid. Panicked, she runs home and finds that moths are following her. Terrified, she hunkers down for a few days, until she can't anymore, and emerges into a fury of moths.May 2, 2022Vote
‘Like Grace’ By Lauri Moeller, , A young woman swaps her dreary life in London for the Cote d'Azur and descends further and further into her own escapist ways.May 2, 2022Vote
‘Killer Snow’ By Laura Mullins, , Samantha Preston came to the wilderness to escape her past. Donning a costume and assuming a new name, Nancy Smith, she thought she could lay low until it was safe to return home. Paranoia and isolation being her only friends, "Nancy" knew about the expected blizzard before the sheriff found his way to her cabin to inform her there was a mandatory evacuation. Now forced into the town's ancient hotel, "Nancy" has no idea that whether she stays to ride out the blizzard or evacuates to town, it will be the fight of her life.May 1, 2022Vote
‘Longevity’ By Vivian Doolittle, , An old, sickly woman fears death and wishes for a way to avoid it. Her wish is granted by a Seer who gives her the gift of eternal life. But there are heavy consequences accompanying the gift and she learns that perhaps death isn't so terrible after all.May 1, 2022Vote
‘Too Many Stars’ By Vivian Doolittle, , A woman is bothered by garden decorations she keeps seeing until she discovers that they have a sinister meaning - alien abduction.May 1, 2022Vote
‘What you wish for’ By Kimberly Cotter, , A ghost story meets a little adventure and a touch of romance. Who knows where it will go? Judi wanted a vacation with a little excitement. She got more than she bargained for.May 1, 2022Vote
‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ By Ernest Russell, , A classic tale reimagined as a noir story of crime, intrigue and murder. Orland goes against his nature to save his son, but at what cost?April 30, 2022Vote
‘Road Trip Requiem’ By Bravo, , Story of a road trip to visit and old friend who is dead when I arrive.April 30, 2022Vote
‘Uncle Ronall’ By Susan Murrie Macdonald, , A whimsical look at how Autocorrect on cell phones Really WorkApril 29, 2022Vote
‘BOB’ By John Flannery, , A history of Robin Hood, written from Little John's perspective.April 29, 2022Vote
‘Dramatic Destiny’ By Hiya, , A tale brewing far away, in the midst of a thriving War. Flora, a young nurse, finds her reason to live, but it's dead sooner than she can comprehend. A General, making ends meet, for his family, battles a war with its own soul, every day. An elderly nurse, torn by the place, the war dropped her, struggles to stitch her piece together. They'll soon be in a better place, and their sacrifices, for one another, may aid someone else.April 29, 2022Vote
‘The Farmer of the light’ By Fan fan, , This is a poem about a farmer who gets seduced by the seeds that he planted. These seeds who begin to grow wild. Reveals to the Farmer a part of himself he never know existed.April 29, 2022Vote
‘Willie Haynes And The Ted Mack Amateur Hour’ By Dennis D’Amato, , A homeless man who has a speech impediment and a bib dream finally gets his chance.April 27, 2022Vote
‘The Unveiling’ By Terri Paul, , It's 1924. Fourteen-year-old Sarah Spirer, a Jewish American immigrant, attends the ritual unveiling of her beloved uncle on the first anniversary of his death. Sarah was at his side during the horrific accident that claimed his life. The unveiling triggers memories of that night, and she longs to reconnect with him. Sarah, her older brother, and two friends decide to use a Ouija Board in hopes of communicating with her uncle and coming to terms with her grief. The results of this attempt are startling.April 27, 2022Vote
‘The Abyss Between Us’ By Sue Monkress, , A young woman dreams of another woman from the past and finds a startling connection.April 25, 2022Vote
‘The Living Dead exploring the solar system on their own’ By Keith Burkholder, , The solar system is their domain. This is the case with the living dead.April 24, 2022Vote
‘A New World in the Black Hole in space’ By Keith Burkholder, , There is this new world in the black hole. It is a world of peace and serenity. This is amazing for one and all.April 23, 2022Vote
‘Chronosphere’ By Stephen St. Clair, , What does a John Doe, partial lyrics to a song, and a hidden Nazi SS base have in common? Read and find out why Dr. Monroe must solve the riddle of John's Doe's mystery origins before his patient disappears before his very eyes!April 22, 2022Vote
‘Proud Introvert’ By Introverts World, , Poem of an Proud IntrovertApril 22, 2022Vote
‘Alive again after being in the comatose state’ By Keith Burkholder, , Gavin has awaken from the dead. He is alive again after being in a comatose state. This is how his life is now in a second state, too.April 22, 2022Vote
‘The Moon smiles toward planet Earth’ By Keith Burkholder, , The moon is able to make expressions toward planet Earth. It is able to smile toward it.April 21, 2022Vote
‘An Occurrence Along the Freedom Ride’ By Mike Fuller, , Freedom riders of the Civil Rights era receive a silent insight from a Parchman inmateApril 20, 2022Vote
‘Fog on the Columbia’ By Pat Van Ross, , True story of a close encounter with a freighter on the Columbia River Bar.April 20, 2022Vote
‘Destination: Planet Earth!’ By Keith Burkholder, , Alien life making their way to Earth. They want to make planet Earth their next destination to live.April 20, 2022Vote
‘Morning Musings’ By Kurt Denton, , Just three poems.April 19, 2022Vote
‘The Big Bang has now created a second universe of planets’ By Keith Burkholder, , There is new series of planets created by the Big Bang. This phenomenon has happened now.April 19, 2022Vote
‘No Monsters in This House’ By Preeti C. Sharma, , Devin was afraid of monsters. Mommy came to his rescue. How did she scare the monsters all away? Devin and his sister follow along closely as Mommy describes the most effective ways to get rid of monsters. After all, there are no monsters in this house!April 18, 2022Vote
‘A power he possesses that he cannot describe’ By Keith Burkholder, , Jonathan can turn people into what he is thinking. This is something he cannot describe at all.April 18, 2022Vote
‘New methods in the realm of time travel’ By Keith Burkholder, , Time travel and its new methods. This is starting in 2200 AD. Time travel at its unique finest.April 17, 2022Vote
‘Using Mental Telepathy to bring back the dead to life’ By Keith Burkholder, , Mental telepathy is used to bring the dead back to life. This is how this story progresses.April 16, 2022Vote
‘The Dead are given a second chance at life’ By Keith Burkholder, , The dead are given a second chance at life. They can exist again on planet Earth. They can live and enjoy life as they know it again.April 15, 2022Vote
‘JUST A GAME’ By Lady M, , 1984. Time for the Monopoly championship contest. A humble librarian enters the regional competition and delighted to be one of the selected 45. The fun begins. Preparation for the big day. The event. The finale. It’s just a game.April 14, 2022Vote
‘Women control Earth and other planets over time’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about women controlling the other planets over time. This also includes the planet of Earth.April 14, 2022Vote
‘Undocrination w WorldWide Wickedry’ By Undocrinator, , We've all been victim of indocrination one way or another. My story will bring awareness,how bad we actually been bamboozled by our own government.April 13, 2022Vote
‘The Organist can call the heavens through its music’ By Keith Burkholder, , This church organist can call the heavens through playing its music. It has the power and great ability to do this.April 13, 2022Vote
‘Alien Life that has landed in the Grand Canyon’ By Keith Burkholder, , Alien life from another world has landed in the Grand Canyon. It is curious about this destination on Earth.April 12, 2022Vote
‘The Hand that takes him to Heaven’ By Keith Burkholder, , Jonah is taken to heaven by a hand. This is an amazing feeling for this person. He believes now that heaven exists.April 11, 2022Vote
‘A Planet in the solar system where religion is not practiced and no military or law enforcement’ By Keith Burkholder, , This planet is not typical of our modern day. No religion and the military and law enforcement aren't practiced. This world is a place where such practices are not needed.April 10, 2022Vote
‘He Died for A Week and then came to life’ By Keith Burkholder, , Gavin died for a week and then came back to life. It was something that was hard to understand but true.April 9, 2022Vote
‘Life of Kaoru’ By Reve Avaritia, , Read about the days and life of Commander of Combat Unit One, Kaoru "Hime" Koto. The adventures she takes with her friends Ally, Captain Higashiyama and Yukimoto, and Rumiko. As things are going great, a new commander named Aoi Yoshida comes in and breaks her peace. What will happen next? * This is a Spin-Off of Haru/My Rare Treasure I have a side series called Rumiko's Story.April 8, 2022Vote
‘A Nation of Warlocks’ By Keith Burkholder, , A nation of warlocks allows for peace to happen in this world. Peace is something they thrive on as well.April 8, 2022Vote
‘The Anomalous Fossil’ By Gerald Wegner, , The fossil remains of a carnivorous dinosaur are unearthed at a construction site in Utah; however, a second set of fossil remains, located within the first, make this discovery unusual and controversial. An official cover-up ensues in an effort to maintain the science-by-consensus status quo.April 7, 2022Vote
‘A Single Tidal Wave Annihilates Human Life on Planet Earth’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about how a single tidal wave annihilates life on planet Earth. It takes away human life completely.April 7, 2022Vote
‘Transfer of voice box and teeth in humans’ By Keith Burkholder, , Imagine if voice boxes and teeth can be transferred to other humans. This is the case in this story.April 6, 2022Vote
‘When Dead Souls Enter Living People’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about when dead souls enter the bodies of the living. This is an event that takes place in Bangor, Maine. Bad spirits can enter good people, and good spirits can enter bad people. This is what can happen to the spirits in general.April 5, 2022Vote
‘The world as it is now and known to us all’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a new world at the bottom of the ocean. It is a place that is being built at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Accept this world with an open mind. It is a place that will be bring goodness to one and all.April 4, 2022Vote
‘In the Darkest of Times We Find the Light’ By Millie Kate, , Elias Kühn is 29 years old and a soldier in the German military service to Hitler. An unfortunate turn of events on Elias’ part. When Elias meets a girl, everything changes. He'll do anything to keep her safe. He'd even rebel against his own country, his own people, just to give her back her freedom. Elias's journey is one of hardship and he proves that love conquers all. Even war.April 3, 2022Vote
‘Is Eternal Life and goodness Possible?’ By Keith Burkholder, , There is a place in the universe where goodness and eternal life exist. This is a perfect world where goodness thrives.April 3, 2022Vote
‘The Dragon seen by Myles’ By Keith Burkholder, , Myles's dream of seeing a dragon has come true. This makes him incredibly happy. He will be seeing a dragon for the first time in his life. This is a dream that has come true.April 2, 2022Vote
‘Daylight and its power to bring this one person back to life’ By Keith Burkholder, , Daylight brings this person back to life in this cemetery. It is a power that incorporates inside of him.April 1, 2022Vote
‘Ash Friday’ By Jerry Holt, , A laconic private eye is summoned to a meeting with an old flame who has received a last will--and a very surprising package--from an old mutual friend.March 31, 2022Vote
‘The Other Side of the Closet’ By Dawn DeBraal, , Richard's stepfather Larry locks him in a closet where he discovers a portal to purgatory and finds his father who committed suicide.March 31, 2022Vote
‘They travel like birds in space and beyond’ By Keith Burkholder, , These alien life forms travel like birds. They fly like birds to get around.March 31, 2022Vote
‘What is a Global Citizen?’ By OSH, , A memoir style story of discovering my identity as a Korean adoptee growing up in America, but realizing the world sees me much differently so that I must reshape my own sense of who I am as a Global Citizen.March 31, 2022Vote
‘Does Evil Lurk around the horizon on planet Earth?’ By Keith Burkholder, , Will there be bad happenings on planet Earth? Does evil lurk around the horizon? These are questions to be answered. This is the situation now for Earth.March 30, 2022Vote
‘The Earthquake Experience in Laura’s Dream’ By Keith Burkholder, , Laura dreams about being swallowed by an earthquake. This dream is unique to her. The dream lasts in mind for some time while it happens.March 29, 2022Vote
‘Blessings come in many forms’ By Leslee Kahler, , How an amazing stray cat I adopted changed the lives of everyone she met for the betterMarch 28, 2022Vote
‘The Growing Universe with more planets on the horizon’ By Keith Burkholder, , Could there be planets past Pluto? This is a question to be answered. It is hard to answer as well. Planets are what they are, too.March 28, 2022Vote
‘Planet Earth has been saved from ruins’ By Keith Burkholder, , Planet Earth has been under ruins. It is being saved by other worlds. It could be human and natural disaster issues. Earth is being saved so to speak.March 27, 2022Vote
‘She wakes up with a marking on her hand’ By Keith Burkholder, , Sarah woke up with a cross on her hand. She wondered where it came from. It was unique to her. Nothing bad happened, it was a unique experience went through.March 26, 2022Vote
‘An Eternity on Everest’ By Sacha, , The subject of tallest peak on Earth is invariably singular. But, this account of the audience that call Everest their home, their challenge and, above all, their narrative is retold through the stories and the film that bring the legendary mountain to our own lives.March 25, 2022Vote
‘Ghostlike spirit comes out of piano’ By Keith Burkholder, , A ghostlike spirit comes out of piano. It takes the audience by storm. This was a unique phenomenon to say the least.March 25, 2022Vote
‘A Writer who comes back from the dead’ By Keith Burkholder, , A writer comes back from the dead. He can be seen writing again in his spiritual form. He is actively writing again as well.March 24, 2022Vote
‘Earth is not a desolate world’ By Keith Burkholder, , Earth is not a dead world. It obviously has a thriving world population. It is a place that is full of vigor and life as well.March 23, 2022Vote
‘Only Females on Earth can travel by flying with wings’ By Keith Burkholder, , Females can travel by wings. This is happening on planet Earth. This is only a female concept. This is happening on Earth and females like it.March 22, 2022Vote
‘Staring into an Earthling’s eyes and changing a person’s frame of thought’ By Keith Burkholder, , Martians can change the thought of Earthlings. This is by staring into an Earthling's eyes and changing their range of thought. This is something that can happen at any time.March 21, 2022Vote
‘The dead can be seen floating on the clouds’ By Keith Burkholder, , The dead can be seen floating in the clouds. Their existence still remains this way. They can see humans below on planet Earth.March 20, 2022Vote
‘The skies from Earth are calling in this alien life form from Mars’ By Keith Burkholder, , This alien is being called in from Earth. Earth wants its presence. This would mean a lot to Earth as well. It goes to Earth and does what it can.March 19, 2022Vote
‘The Assistant’ By Chet McHenryt, , An old woman receives a coupon in the mail and when she redeems it the product is not what she expected nor the outcome.March 18, 2022Vote
‘It doesn’t land on Earth’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about a UFO that hasn't landed on Earth. It is hovering over a place on Earth now. Yet, it is just analyzing the area. This is how it goes for this UFO.March 18, 2022Vote
‘Ode to Self’ By Okara Imani, , This is a collection of introspective and self-actualizing poems written to/from myself. As all words that I write creatively, they're dated and time-stamped, further placing them chronologically in the order that the realizations occurred to me in life-- over the course of 3 years in total. Self-Love begins as a found-poem to myself, but organized from the keyboard suggestion button being clicked repeatedly. Ode is an almost classical ode to self written as if during an out of body experience, and Pure is list almost a checklist of bad mental health practices that I charge myself with eradicating in order to give myself permission to love myself fully!March 17, 2022Vote
‘Dead people that can help the living’ By Keith Burkholder, , The dead are able to help the living on planet Earth. This may sound unique, and it is. Imagine if the living can be helped by the dead. This is what this story is about.March 17, 2022Vote
‘The Dead watch over the living’ By Keith Burkholder, , The dead are able to watch over the living. This happens in this cemetery in North Carolina. This is just the way it is.March 16, 2022Vote
‘The Hand That Feeds’ By Ben Thomas, , Flesh takes a strange turn when two lovers discover that their space station's genetic compiler has gone haywire.March 15, 2022Vote
‘Where Jack’ By Wallace Graham, , Wallace M. Graham III 1970 Highway 138 Toone, TN 38381 +1 (901) 494-0591 [email protected] Where Jack is a fantasy short story intertwining Scottish folklore with an eight-year-old boy and his grandma. Within the short read of 2,123-words, Jack seeks a pipe and tobacco box or fear facing the anger of his overworked mother and father. Searching their grandma’s home leaves one final place to search: the attic. With cake in hand, Jack searches the shadows for the pipe. However, he finds Roger, a brownie, hoarding and guarding his grandpa’s belongings. Without resolve, he will not overcome the angered fairy or bring peace to his parents. Wallace M. Graham sharpened his pencil by achieving a Masters in Criminology. Living in Toone, Tennessee, he develops his writing skills through the Collierville Christian Writers Club, the Word Weavers of Chester County, and multiple edits of an unpublished novel through Writer’s Digest. Through the writing club, he self-published a short story as part of an anthology: The Baker: KT Robbins. Other official writings fall into the academic area of focus. Thank you for taking the time to consider this short story and look forward to your response. Sincerely, Wallace M. Graham IIIMarch 15, 2022Vote
‘Rooster Crossing’ By Wallace Graham, , Wallace M. Graham III 1970 Highway 138 Toone, TN 38381 +1 (901) 494-0591 [email protected] Rooster Crossings is a fantasy short story answering the question, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” Within the short read of 2,285-words, Ralph, a hog, seeks the taste of apples under the farm’s main apple tree. However, a commotion disrupts his journey to a second breakfast. Ralph must cross Al, the farm’s rooster, without upsetting the racehorse, Big Momma’s Boots. He taunts Al who fusses about the inequality between the farmer and him. Navigating the conversation to dodge the wrath of Big Momma, Ralph aids Al in proving his equality by helping him cross the road. Wallace M. Graham sharpened his pencil by achieving a Masters in Criminology. Living in Toone, Tennessee, he develops his writing skills through the Collierville Christian Writers Club, the West Tennessee Word Weavers, and multiple edits of an unpublished novel through Writer’s Digest. Through the writing club, he self-published a short story as part of an anthology: The Baker: KT Robbins. Other official writings fall into the academic area of focus. Thank you for taking the time to consider this short story and look forward to your response. Sincerely, Wallace M. Graham IIIMarch 15, 2022Vote
‘Gut Instinct’ By Emily Harney, , Meeting online makes sense these days. We all do it. But how safe is it, really? You have no idea who is lurking behind the screen, just dying to meet you. A handsome smile along a beautiful jawline can hook anyone. A gorgeous set of soft eyes and pouty lips can make anyone swoon. Right? What happens when beauty beats out the gut instinct to run the other direction?March 15, 2022Vote
‘Human Transformation due to Mental Thought’ By Keith Burkholder, , Max can transform himself into anything due to human thoughts. This is an amazing concept to consider. This is something only he can do.March 15, 2022Vote
‘The Perfect World’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about a world that is perfect. God exists and makes things better. Goodness is a reality every which way as well. A world to be proud of, too.March 14, 2022Vote
‘The Prison Sentence that was cut short’ By Keith Burkholder, , This story is about Steven escaping prison. A spirt allowed this to happen. He escaped from prison and left to another world.March 13, 2022Vote
‘Wish’ By Soham Ganguly, , "Not much time is left dear! Prepare yourself for this blessed journey to heaven! " A story entangled in history about one of the most horrific practices in India, Mrinalini, a young jovial girl, full of life finds herself trapped in the claws of religion and death. Her mother bound by ethics and tradition is barred from helping her daughter out. A tale about breaking boundaries and challenging the society is laid out in front of you. Will Mrinalini escape? Or will she find herself drowning in the wrath of flames?March 12, 2022Vote
‘So close and yet so far’ By Rohit Praveen, , An account of a gay teenager, who grows up in an orthodox society, trying to figure out why he is in love with his bestfriend. And in the process, realises his identity and finds happiness.March 12, 2022Vote
‘Haunted House located on planet Saturn’ By Keith Burkholder, , A haunted house located on Saturn. People are warned not go to it. It is a place that is bad to go to. Lives have been taken there.March 12, 2022Vote
‘Dead people whose spirits live in the bodies of deer in the woods’ By Keith Burkholder, , It is about spirits that enter the bodies of deer. The spirits can talk with each other through the deer, too. They can go into their bodies and communicate this way.March 11, 2022Vote
‘Musicians from a different part of the solar system’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a story about musicians from different parts of the solar system. They perform all over Earth. This means the world to them.March 10, 2022Vote
‘Mission Successful ‘ By Aanchal Ratha, , Join Katie on her little adventure of going on a mission against her best friends, or should I say, ex-best friends? When the mission involves the new trainees of a rival agency, will Katie change or remain the same cold but sweet-hearted person?March 8, 2022Vote
‘Cut’ By J. L. Mayne, , The character must face a monster (Short synopsis because the story is flash fiction)March 8, 2022Vote
‘Extinction of humanity’ By Keith Burkholder, , Humanity killed off of planet Earth. This has happened two thousand years into the future. This was due to nuclear bombings. Total mass destruction of human life.March 7, 2022Vote
‘Nevermore’ By Jade Lloyd, , I remember a life I’m told I’ve never lived. Memories that haunt me, whispering in my mind of the life and love I lost. Those final, agonising moments before I lost everything. I remember it all. Except no one will believe me, they can’t accept what I’m saying is the truth. But it is, I was there… wasn’t it?March 6, 2022Vote
‘Living My Vision Without Sight: My Purpose Then and Now’ By jw Smith, , This story covers the purposeful life of a black and blind professor from his birth in Chicago, Illinois to the present. It highlights both the challenges and rewards of that journey, and offers suggestions to others seeking their life purposes.March 6, 2022Vote
‘Moving Day’ By Ken Tingley, , During the heigh of the second wave of the pandemic, a father and son take a cross-country trip from upstate New York to south Texas to get the son settled in his new job.March 6, 2022Vote
‘Rain spotted falling in space’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about rain being spotted in outer space. This is very unique for this to happen.March 6, 2022Vote
‘A Lake where the dead can be heard’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a lake where the dead can be heard any time of the day. Their cremated ashes are in this lake. The dead love to be heard here. They love to see human life when in spirit form.March 5, 2022Vote
‘The Wizard who will never die’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about a wizard who will never die. He is from a different world than Earth. He comes to Earth and can live eternally.March 4, 2022Vote
‘The foolish town of Rockville’ By Looking through the glass, , Just when you think that you know someone the person you meet and you meet a woman and invite them over to dinner and she brings a meal is it really a meal or something to hide in a soupMarch 3, 2022Vote
‘Mute But Not Unheard’ By M. Anthony Willett, , Arcturus is a normal guy in an abnormal world. His brother, Rigel has a rare and unresearched condition which most simply call mutism, and it renders him completely speechless. Because of the rarity of the condition and the inability of advanced technology to diagnose it, society has mostly deemed it a hoax—a hoax meant to earn the “faker” free drugs and other commodities. When Rigel makes the ultimate decision to take his life, Arcturus spirals into a frenzy, dedicating his life to uncovering the cause, and discovering a secret about his world in the process.March 3, 2022Vote
‘Angelika’ By Angiediazcervo, , Once she understood that her name meant something and was tired of being used, she did not like her name. She found out about her name when she hired two-day workers and once told her that she would not be rich since her name did not have a B or a T or K. She remembers that her ex-boyfriend's name had a B, and her ex-husband's name had a T; well, thank God that her children's name has a B, T. What about her so call siblings, yes their names had B and T except for her sister Dany and her brother Remps. Still, their spouse's name has T and B. So she will change her name to Angelika ah ah, she knows she is creative and peace a great thing to have in your life. Who wants to deal with a pandemic and jerks in their lives? No one! After much rest, she realized that some people need to be around the right people to be good and behave decently. Angelika also realized that she got in trouble before because she thinks with her heart, not her mind; she needs to switch it to follow her purpose. You can not give what you do not have; therefore, you need to rest and regroup to get strong, which is a fact of life. You have to be safe in your bedroom and the place where you call home; someone can not come to your home and try to hurt you and get away with it. Some people are natural liars and try to make others believe their lies. Not everyone has the right intention and wants the best for you; therefore, be aware of people, even your blood relatives.March 3, 2022Vote
‘Skier flies off cliff and lands into a new dimension of the universe while in the air’ By Keith Burkholder, , Roscoe is a skier. He landed one day in a different dimension in a different universe. He is no longer on Earth. He is in a different world because of such an experience.March 3, 2022Vote
‘Escaping Transylvanian Vampirism To The West’ By Olga LAZIN, , Memoirs of A Transylvanian American Language Professor from Maramures County, Romania. Life in Communist Romania, with compromised Securitate officers and Professors of History. One TV channel only, and false patriotism and nationalism on display daily for 45 years. Complete surveillance on all dissidents. Finally escaped it by trial and tribulations, only to relieve those feelings of systemic abuse during the Trump presidency, and the Russian involvement, as well as hacking of Emails at University of California Los Angeles. The Cold War has been reset in 2012 by Putin all over again, but this time, I am on the other side of the Ocean. I lived pretty much in 3 systems: communist, socialist, and capitalist, and know the advantages and pitfalls of all of them. The Illustrated memoirs of Dr Olga Lazin, an Academic coach based in Los Angeles, bring a fresh perspective on how the USA has become the leader of the Not-for-Private-Profit civic and Civil Society. Her angling is completely different and brings about justice to a post-traumatic September 11 world, in which we have to be vigilant in order to keep our human rights intact. The Ceausescu dictatorship did not mark the end of communism in Romania, instead socialist nomenclature hijacked the youngster's revolution and the PSD party has taken the reigns of a totally corrupt country, and is driving it into the ground. Autonomous movements are present in Transylvania, and we can now observe from a distance the convulsions of a dying, archaic apoptosis in Old Europe. A new cycle of nationalism is resurging in the whole world, and leaders are again singing the protectionist song, while Britain has withdrawn from the European Union, and America, more precisely Trump is trying to drown NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement) which had been very beneficial for California. The Russian's trolls interference in the electoral process is deja-vu for Dr Lazin. We are now uniting with Blockchain technology producers to protect information from the Russians, and Chinese alike. We now use Blockchain for digital security, land and house records, as well as for helping refugees and immigrants fleeing disreputable regimes. A new Era has started, and Dr Lazin's trials and tribulations are a savory example of how hope and spiritual growth can fortify a Professor of History to seek higher grounds in beautiful and sunny California.March 2, 2022Vote
‘Traveling through the mind in a dream’ By Keith Burkholder, , This person travels through the mind in a dream. It means a lot to this person to do this. It amazes this person greatly. This is how it is for this person as well.March 2, 2022Vote
‘The Gift of Life’ By Kai Jean, , To awaken to the emerging consciousness from within, we can learn to love ourselves in beautiful small ways, to find peace and help ourselves to see what true love really is. A love so deep, waiting to be cultivated into something more, we can give our selves the best gift of all...the gift of life.March 1, 2022Vote
‘BIG LION: An Indian Emily Short Story’ By Jennifer Rengaw, , The Apache woman Dancing Moon is a recent resident of Fort Davis, TX. She shares a room with Emily Eason, the woman who nursed her back to health from a sickness, but hates her son Lieutenant Tom Eason as his soldiers are responsible for killing her family. The Army brings camels into the fort for a layover for a few days and is accompanied by the Apache scout Big Lion. Big Lion, much to Tom's disapproval, takes an interest in Dancing Moon, but Dancing Moon, fed up with Tom's attitude and seemingly need for control, ignores his warning. But, as Dancing Moon finds out, things are not what they seem.March 1, 2022Vote
‘A Planet Where Life Forms need to go’ By Keith Burkholder, , People from three planets to escape their home planets. They need to go to Jupiter. This is the friendliest planet in the solar system.March 1, 2022Vote
‘Pet.’ By JC Brazil, , How far will someone go to assuage their guilt for a love that will never be? Angela is a generic synthetic pleasure model any high profile high roller can purchase and program. But this Angela is different. A dark past. An ink black secret. A desire to serve and submit. This is her story.February 28, 2022Vote
‘An Alternate Solar System that only allows the good to enter’ By Keith Burkholder, , There is a different solar system. This one allows other to enter it. It is different from the one we know about. It is a much better place for one to see and explore.February 28, 2022Vote
‘Riding his bicycle in space’ By Keith Burkholder, , He is able to ride his bicycle in space. He can withstand the world of space this way. This is an exciting venture for him.February 27, 2022Vote
‘Corvus’ By Giada, , Corvus has been closed up in this mind for too long. Until late at night, in a hotel room in Bath, England, he decides to look at himself in the mirror and discover that everything is not what it seems.February 27, 2022Vote
‘He thought eating a certain kind of ice cream would put hair on the palms of his hands’ By Keith Burkholder, , Felipe has a unique sense of fantasy in his mind. He thought he would have hair grow on the palms of his hands if he ate a certain kind of ice cream. This was unique and baffling to him.February 26, 2022Vote
‘Undocrination w Worldwide Wickedry’ By Undocrination w Worldwide Wickedry, , How i myself figured out that's the problem I'm experiencing over and over again. What I've experienced along my journey to find answers to questions I could never find satisfying answers from nobody around myself.February 25, 2022Vote
‘Flying Corpses in Space as well’ By Keith Burkholder, , Corpses come alive in spirit form from Earth. They come to life again while in space. They can go about as they like in spirit form.February 25, 2022Vote
‘Powerful flies and their influence on humanity’ By Keith Burkholder, , Flies that exist in abundance on planet Earth. Their power is great as well. They exist in a way that is great in strength. Never underestimate such an event.February 24, 2022Vote
‘Ozzie’ By A.L. Shilling, , Ozzie is a confident and passionate high school teen who has figured out who they are, but the world is slow to catch up.February 24, 2022Vote
‘Imagine if the universe becomes obsolete, what will happen next?’ By Keith Burkholder, , What would happen if a new universe occurred. What would happen to the present human race? This a question that is hard to answer. What differences would occur? Questions with many different answers to them.February 23, 2022Vote
‘A chapter from July.’ By Dishastrous, , Stories are everywhere, one has to just observe. My story is about a popular guy who falls for his crush, head over heels at a sight. On knowing more about her, intends to spend his life with her. She has always loved him. Now given the opportunity the two become soulmates.February 22, 2022Vote
‘The Invisible Hand Of God’ By Vaishnavi Macdonald, , A tv and film actor"s insight into a powerful life-transforming encounter with the unseen God, and how she came to a realization of spirituality and a relationship with God. Its a true Life testimony of her battle with terrible dark forces through her childhood and how faith, hope, and love triumphed against all odds. An unbelievable miraculous journey of victory over darkness that is in us rather than outside. Will restore in your hope in the greatness of a compassionate God who is more than able to help us when everything else fails. A great read for this season were there is so much sadness and negativity around to feel that positivity which practically can help us because it comes from an infallible source.February 22, 2022Vote
‘The Cremated come back to life after ashes were spread in this lake in the Adirondacks’ By Keith Burkholder, , This story is about how the cremated come back to life. Their ashes are dumped in this popular lake in the Adirondacks. Their spirits exist and they exist in this fashion.February 22, 2022Vote
‘Fire that comes from his backside to travel throughout Earth and the solar system’ By Keith Burkholder, , Devin travels in a unique way in outer space. Fire comes out of his backside to do this. He loves to travel in space. He goes where he can this way as well.February 21, 2022Vote
‘Gnomes traveling in outer space in space pods’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about gnomes traveling in space. They are able to travel in space in their space pods. They see life from this perspective, too.February 20, 2022Vote
‘The Second Coming’ By Dusti Nalley, , John's best friend, Josh, believes he is the reincarnation of Jesus. John doesn't believe it until an outpouring of events that can't be mere coincidence changes his mind.February 19, 2022Vote
‘The fire strengthens their souls’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about fire strengthening the souls of people. It is about how this can make a person stronger in this story.February 19, 2022Vote
‘There is a place to rehabilitate the bad when they die’ By Keith Burkholder, , There is a place besides hell to rehabilitate the dead. Bad people need to change themselves. They need to be in a better place for this to happen. This is what this story is about.February 18, 2022Vote
‘Imagine a World where the life in the oceans and other bodies of water never killed humans’ By Keith Burkholder, , Imagine if humans were never killed by the wild. No alligator or shark attacks. Everyone was placid and great with one another. This is what this story is about.February 17, 2022Vote
‘Missing Light by Ishma Ockerman’ By Ishma Ockerman, , October, 2017. The year that would soon change Calinskyn’s whole life. Getting called in on a new case, four girls had gone missing just two days earlier. The only thing that the girls had in common was that they lived in the same town. Wavemeet, Ohio. While working the case, Calinskyn and Sheriff Padalecki find out that the case they were currently investigating had also been connected to a case that went unsolved 3 years earlier. With only 12 hours to find the girls, Calinskyn and the Sheriff keep running into more dead ends. As they get closer to finishing the case, a new twist turns them back around to question whether they caught the right or wrong guy. Had there been a partner involved during the whole crime? Where might the case lead the officers? Will they find the girls before the time runs out or will they be too late?February 16, 2022Vote
‘Single Parent Home’ By Carmon Caire, , .February 16, 2022Vote
‘He can literally carry planet Earth on his shoulders’ By Keith Burkholder, , Jackson is a superhero. He is able to carry planet Earth on his shoulders. He can do this to prevent trouble on Earth. He is a superhero that wants good for the people on Earth as well. He is a superhero who should be respected, too.February 14, 2022Vote
‘Romance’ By soulful, , The romance is happening in human between male and female around the world. In this globe different types of romance for reason of is here such type of people in the relationship some more did the love for time passed in both romantic activities. They earn happiness, but there is a big problem because our mind correctly separated with at all according to male and female, it is one is true second is fake so that after some time one is great lost when fake one is leave from true one. For example, I was fall in love with female from friendship acting trick and after fall in romance I earn great happiness which I never surprised before fall in love. She loves me unconditionally but, I'm unconditional too and every day did romantic talking, messaging, loving, acting, meeting and working with effort of happiness that's why my daily lifestyle going ahead greatly after some months completed in relationship she told me I wanna break-up with you and I replied her sadly like that what's the problem you got inside me, she answered me nothing. She told me you are a great person than me, and you will get better partner than me after several months in my investigation her family arrange a guy for her so agreed with him for the reason of give her family priority, and I try to understand to her sure evidence your life is yourself and your family can't live with your whole life also could stay with you the partner with your life situation so, please try to understand my mind what I really fool to your heart, and we make a decision to elope, accidentally did that matter. Furthermore, she stayed with me eleven days, in these days her family used technical to captured my family members finally, my family members captured by her family so, she said that I will go to my home to agreed my family this issues, so I let her go, and I said her if they not agree with me please come back through hide them she told me okay I'm only your in this world so that I believe her accurately. Her family could try to change her mind to give marry a guy which is arranged before my elopement, but I try to him please don't marry to my partner. In conclusion, they are fake at all that why I become everything lost but still becoming stronger in my views true love is never end keep stay true one because you are lucky one day.February 14, 2022Vote
‘Paralyzed Mommy Disorder’ By Skyler Woods, , Alicia suffers from sleep paralysis. On a fateful night, she faces a deadly situation, which takes place in her bedroom. The horrifying event changes Alicia's life forever.February 13, 2022Vote
‘Movements of his hands that allow him to leave Earth in the present time’ By Keith Burkholder, , Steven is able to move to different worlds. He can leave present day Earth and travel to the future. He loves having such abilities. He is happy inside because of it. He loves to see the future all that he can.February 13, 2022Vote
‘Okay’ By Ashlyn Inman, , .February 12, 2022Vote
‘Selected Poems from Gathering Broken Light’ By Heather Lang-Cassera, , .February 12, 2022Vote
‘Dual Diagnosis’ By Nicole Circone, , .February 12, 2022Vote
‘He Met a Woman from Jupiter and will take her to Earth’ By Keith Burkholder, , This man has met a woman from Jupiter. He will take her to Earth. He is interested in her. This means a lot to him. He is eager to know more about her.February 12, 2022Vote
‘You might be organic, but you’re full of bologna’ By Alia Luria, , .February 11, 2022Vote
‘However, I Was Saved’ By Remington Roses, , I wanted to create a journal entry about my experience with a narcissistic and neglectful parent. I wanted to show the extremely raw emotions of it so I felt that a journal entry would be a personal way to do so.February 11, 2022Vote
‘House Protection’ By Keith Burkholder, , This home in suburbia that is protected by a monster. This monster engulfs intruders that are not invited to this home. It is a powerful monster that should be watched at all times.February 11, 2022Vote
‘Spirits of the dead spotted in the Appalachian Mountains’ By Keith Burkholder, , People that have died. Now their spirits can be seen. This is in the mountains of North Carolina. It is great that spirits are alive and well in the Appalachian Mountains.February 10, 2022Vote
‘A New Dimension where each of the planets are at peace and believes in world peace’ By Keith Burkholder, , A new dimension where good happens on the planets. There is no war here. People believe in the good of others. In our present, universe this is not the case. Take this all in with an open mind.February 9, 2022Vote
‘Desperate Gambit’ By Michael Nadeau, , The Starship Odin is in bad shape and the Yll’ar are right behind them. These alien creatures have plagued colony after colony, and there s no negotiating with them. Now, Captain Rorke Hannigan must make a decision...stand and die, or take one last desperate gamble to save what he can of his ship and crew. What they didn't know was that it was only the beginning of what would ultimately help all of humanity.February 8, 2022Vote
‘The Ghost That Visits the Bridge where its Human Life Form Died At’ By Keith Burkholder, , This ghost died at this bridge. He was killed in his human life. He visits this bridge as a ghost. His ghost continues to exist in this area.February 8, 2022Vote
‘Wild Strawberries that allow him to be stronger and time travel’ By Keith Burkholder, , Stan is able to be stronger and time travel. This is due to the wild strawberries. The power he has is amazing. He loves to eat them to give him such powers.February 7, 2022Vote
‘The Nightmare’ By Kee, , It was a nightmare that made Alicia to drive to her grandparents the very next day. What was the nightmare that she saw? What awaits her in her grandparents' house? Will the nightmare become a reality?February 7, 2022Vote
‘for the taking ‘ By Erin Bianchi, , if I could I would take your world and make it mine love like yours hard to find I miss you everyday Think of you often can you see me past the four walls of your coffin? Do I make you proud I'm trying my hardest Will I ever be able to take off this harness will I ever get my wings To be able to fly free? when the time comes will you be flying beside me? When I think of you I weep Can you see the tears when they fall are you there to catch them is anyone at all? I wish you were here Longing for your embrace sometimes I think I see you though you never leave a traceFebruary 6, 2022Vote
‘Confused ‘ By Erin Bianchi, , what has happened to the girl I once knew The girl who thought she had everything figured out the girl no one ever worries about "Shes got a good head on her shoulders" does this mean pay her no mind? Vibrations like hers hard to find can She do it find it within herself she knows the answer when it comes time to face it will She embrace it maybe sweep it under the rug But when push comes to shove she lifts the veil from our eyes washes away this master disguise I'm starting to see clear no longer living life looking through the rear let it go release my hands high up In the air come and find the old me enter if you dare join me if you will leave if you want I can no longer stay to watch this girl is no longer me yet my reflection isnt changing like the waxing and waning looking at eachother from appointed sides who will I be tomorrow im not sure dont ask why there are no rules left to abide Unless they are ones I create are you confused too? try to concentrate..February 6, 2022Vote
‘The rising sun’ By Erin Bianchi, , The sun is rising The shade will protect me my faith being questioned My savior shows me the way feels as if the earth shifting Yet my roots are already embedded The tide is rolling in Suddenly I forget how to swim the undertow taking me Deeper And deeper Until I can no longer fight the storm I lay there Let the waves carry my body I'm drifting away Slowly Parts of me I can't dive deep enough for. My eyes filled with water Although my heads afloat will I ever make it back to shore the night is drawing near I'm still laying here In hopes I can tread this water Until tomorrow when the sun rises again.February 6, 2022Vote
‘Imagine Being Followed by an Eye of a Ruler’ By Keith Burkholder, , An eye that follows people in its world. It follows the actions of the people. It is powerful in its own right.February 6, 2022Vote
‘A New Life for him and he loves it’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about Allen finding a new place to live. This is a new planet in the solar system. He is eager to leave Earth. This would make him happier. This is how he feels as well.February 5, 2022Vote
‘The Crazy Cat Lady and the Fire Evacuation’ By Jayne Travers, , A middle-aged disabled woman (who is also a crazy cat lady) is barely making it financially and is fighting to get onto SSDI while still having to work. She has a surprisingly awful day when a fire begins blowing towards her home in the middle of a hot New Mexico summer. The winds are blowing at 65 mph. The power goes out. She and all her cats must evacuate IMMEDIATELY!February 5, 2022Vote
‘Lights from space that are not known by humans’ By Keith Burkholder, , Lights from space that can be seen by humans. What can they be? This baffles humans on planet Earth. They think a lot about this. They wonder about this as well. They look and continue to wonder.February 5, 2022Vote
‘The Long-lasting Dream’ By Keith Burkholder, , Sarah has a long-lasting dream. It is a dream that takes over her well-being. It is interesting to her as well. Dreams like this don't happen to her often. However, this dream really amazed her.February 4, 2022Vote
‘An unidentified life experienced by Sarah’ By Keith Burkholder, , Sarah notices a UFO in her backyard. She notices it and keeps a watch on it. It fascinates her greatly. She does not interfere with it at all. It is something she will never forget.February 3, 2022Vote
‘The Grief of Gaea’ By T. M. Montresor, , Six years after tragedy, young Atlas has lost touch of his senses. Despite the deep roots that nature has nested around his home, his scents are duller than the dusk. Nothing smells stronger than the burning hole left behind by loss. Passing each day like another, Atlas struggles with the guilt, grief, and longing that has haunted him for half a decade. The memories of his brother haunt him in every fleeting sparrow and every blade of grass, blaming himself for the day everything burned with his home. Forgiveness is the needle in a haystack that Atlas has thrown in the fire. It is up to him to find it again one day.February 3, 2022Vote
‘The lagoon and Jonathan’s experience in this world’ By Keith Burkholder, , Jonathan's experience in time travel while in the lagoon. This is something that impresses him greatly. Time travel in such a fashion.February 3, 2022Vote
‘Creation Story’ By Talex Clowers, , The creation of life on earth as we know it. A historical fiction of how it all began.February 2, 2022Vote
‘Heads that keep decapitated corpses alive and well’ By Keith Burkholder, , Nicolas has mannequin heads that are able to keep corpses in the morgue alive. These heads are able to bring the dead to life.February 2, 2022Vote
‘Mr. Seymour’s Record Store’ By S. Denise Wise, , Josie Jamison has been in love with Simone Seymour since the sand box. Emma’s Café lay cater-corner from Mr. Seymour’s Record Store, a vintage mecca founded by Simon’s great-grandfather John Otha Seymour, located 220 Nance Drive. The family’s children were raised together, with Simon and Josie breaking the same arm on the same day at five-years old while climbing Mrs. Fields apple tree. Lord those apples sure were sweet. After high school Simon and Josie went their separate ways and tried to stay in touch as much as they could. They were friends for life. Josie went to Yale and received a Ph.D. in International Entertainment Law. She traveled all over the world with major athletes, representing their contracts and endorsements. After Aunt Snookie, the matriarch of the family had a stroke, she had to return home.February 1, 2022Vote
‘He dreams of living elsewhere in the solar system’ By Keith Burkholder, , Walter wants to leave planet Earth. He wants to live elsewhere in the solar system. He has no idea where. However, he wants to leave planet Earth. This is something he aspires to.February 1, 2022Vote
‘Life from other worlds that resemble humans on Earth’ By Keith Burkholder, , Other worlds that resemble humans on Earth. This is a unique concept in this story. It is something to keep an open mind about. This is all that can be said here. Take this with a clear mind as well.January 31, 2022Vote
‘Barefoot Gods’ By Kerry Wade, , Two sisters grieve the death of their mother; their mother who still lives on in the around-the-world mini-golf course built in the back yard. How do they grieve a woman who built them the world out of wood? How do they grieve when it all goes up in flame?January 31, 2022Vote
‘Life that has been witnessed and experienced in our universe’ By Keith Burkholder, , UFO that is witnessing planet Earth. It is seeing how life is below them. The UFO hovers around and wonders what life on Earth is like. This amazes the Earthlings as well. This is a time to witness such an event happening.January 30, 2022Vote
‘The Ghosts of Fever Island’ By Douglas Roberts, , Part I: Of the many slaves put aboard the evil slave ship, The Rattler, one, a medicine man puts a curse on the ship that all will die instead of being made slaves. Part II Now a ghost ship, The Rattler is discovered by the slave patrol ship, the H.M.S. Bonnetta. The medicine man and his family are the only ones found alive. But they soon die too and the medicine man is buried at Bonnetta cemetery as per his tribe's prophecy. At his passing the cemetery fills with a peace and eerie silence which continues to this day. (This is a documented phenomena, even noted by the Ascension Island Heritage Society.)January 29, 2022Vote
‘People turning on Fire’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about a man who can turn people on fire. Nathan has this innate ability to do this. If in trouble with someone he can instantly do this at will. Nathan is a person with such a talent. He is able to get out of bad situations this way. This is his way to fee safe again.January 29, 2022Vote
‘Experiencing different life from throughout our great universe’ By Keith Burkholder, , UFO that comes to Earth. However, it explores the entire universe. It is curious about Earthlings. The world fascinates this UFO. It is nothing to fear. I continues to go about and explore all that it can. This is just the way it lives its life.January 28, 2022Vote
‘A Few Stifled Tears’ By Jessica Reese, , A young woman named Geraldine lives a successful but lonely life as a wildlife photographer residing in Chicago, but this was not always the case. She moved as far North as she could to escape her mother who has mental illness but struggles with guilt because she left her brother, her best friend too. When she goes home to visit for his wedding, she is met with a few surprises. A lot has changed but not for the good,January 27, 2022Vote
‘A Few Stifled Tears’ By Jessica Reese, , A young woman named Geraldine lives a successful but lonely life as a wildlife photographer residing in Chicago, but this was not always the case. She moved as far North as she could to escape her mother, who has mental illness, and struggles with guilt because she left her brother, who is her best friend, too. When she goes home to visit for his wedding, she is met with a few surprises. A lot has changed but not for the good.January 27, 2022Vote
‘Mental Telepathy from Earth that controls the minds of alien life forms from the planet of Mars’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a story about mental telepathy. It happens on a regular basis in the 31st century. It happens on our planet known as Earth. People use it a lot. It is a powerful tool this far into the future.January 27, 2022Vote
‘Nighttime sky with experiences from the unknown’ By Keith Burkholder, , A flying saucer from an unknown world. It is hovering over a certain part of the United States of America. It is no harm to anyone. It is above in the sky during the night. It hovers around the area to be seen by human life.January 26, 2022Vote
‘Impotence and time’ By Saki, , My thoughts, feelings and distractions as I watched a Cape Fur Seal die of starvation.January 26, 2022Vote
‘His Dream became a reality’ By Keith Burkholder, , Adam now lives in a different world. He lives in a universe that is different. However, it does hold the nine planets. This experience feels great to him. He loves being elsewhere.January 25, 2022Vote
‘Queen’s Regret’ By Jarrett, , A shut-in queen reminisces with great regret how she got to this point. She lived a life of arrogance and entitlement that caused her to believe the world belonged to her, and due to a little help from some out-of-this-world beings, she gets her wish. But you know what they say...."Be careful what you wish just might come true!"January 25, 2022Vote
‘Phased & Confused ‘ By Jessie Lovene, , Unfortunately for the Brynn sisters, the phases of the moon aren't the source of this confusion. It's Halloween, and Aella Brynn is woken late at night by her sister's goose familiar, Gary. Her little sister, Holly, stands over her bed, desperately begging for help to fix a love spell gone wrong. Begrudgingly, Aella agrees to help her adjust the original spell---on the condition that if things go awry, she will use a reversal powder to undo the spell. In the depths of a drunken Halloween party, the sisters spot the subject of Holly's spell, Sadie. Holly remains distraught that the spell has sent her pining over someone else. Trudging through the sea of drunken teens, Aella beelines for her sister's crush. To her dismay, she's distracted by Tom, a boy from her class. She manages to disentangle herself from him and intercepts Sadie before she can make a fool of herself. But when Aella reaches for the love spell powder, she finds it missing. The culprit: Tom, who swiped the powder from her hand. Aella seeks out Tom. Using poor attempts at flattery, she distracts him enough to steal her powder back. But when she turns to leave, Tom attempts to draw her back. The momentum causes Aella to lose her grip on the powder's jar....resulting in it falling right it into the punch bowl, where drunken teens are actively scooping the concoction into their cups. The effects are near immediate. Partners are abandoning each other; friends are breaking away from their friend groups, having laid their eyes on someone across the party. It's complete chaos. Aella is overwhelmed and out of ideas. Until she sees Gary, Holly's goose familiar. Giving him her jar of reversal powder, Aella instructs Gary to fly over the party to let the powder spread through the wind. As no ordinary goose, Gary is successful. Slowly, everyone at the party starts to return to normal. Including Sadie, who turns out to have a crush on Holly: no magic required. After a successful night, Aella is eager to get to a date of her own. With her bed.January 23, 2022Vote
‘What Life will take over Earth billions of years of from now?’ By Keith Burkholder, , What life will take over Earth? What could happen billions of years from now? These are questions to ponder here. The planet Earth is a massive sphere. A massive structure that takes a year to go around the sun. What could be said of possible human involvement? Keep an open mind about this dilemma and questions.January 23, 2022Vote
‘Imagine if every planet in the universe is livable for humans’ By Keith Burkholder, , Imagine if every planet was livable for humans. This is what this story is about. It is unique to think this way. However, imagine if it was a reality. This is just something to think about. Take this all in with an open mind.January 22, 2022Vote
‘The Etching’ By Dylan Lyons, , When closeted teenager Miles happens upon a cave in the woods, he's comforted by what he finds inside and makes the cave his own personal refuge. But after a heated incident with his straight best friend, he discovers the cave has secrets of its own.January 21, 2022Vote
‘Daughter of the Crone’ By H.R. Waller, , Highschool is hard enough without being murdered and coming back from the dead. What does that make Brie? Definitely not human. Revenge is going to taste so sweet as long as it doesn't come with a side of brains.January 20, 2022Vote
‘The Creative Alien that is a known writer in the solar system’ By Keith Burkholder, , This alien is noted as one of the best writers in the solar system. Its writing is considered great. He is a well noted writer in this fashion.January 20, 2022Vote
‘The grim fiance’ By latoya Kidd, , This story us about a women who things she has Marriednthe perfect man but in reality she has Married a rapistJanuary 19, 2022Vote
‘After driving through a tunnel, and leaving it, he enters a new world different from planet Earth’ By Keith Burkholder, , Fred drives through a tunnel and then leaves planet Earth. This experience is amazing to him. He is in a different world. He feels great and continues on. He loves to feel differences in his life.January 17, 2022Vote
‘The Remote Cemetery and alien life that visit its domain’ By Keith Burkholder, , Alien life visit this remote cemetery on planet Earth. The alien life wonder about this cemetery. It interests and intrigues them. This is how this story goes and unwinds.January 16, 2022Vote
‘Ophelia and The Tin Knight’ By Roberta Azzopardi, , In an age where women are considered vulnerable property of their male guardian, one woman risks everything to show the world her worth.January 16, 2022Vote
‘Attack of the Pocket Fuzz’ By Jennifer Greene-Sullivan, , In this children's thriller/adventure story, Esmerelda and her chiweenie Rudy try to entertain themselves on a very boring morning. Esmerelda's very creative imagination takes them both away on a wild adventure in their hometown after Rudy find a big ball of lint in Esmerelda's jean pocket. Once the adventure begins, Rudy and Esmerelda's school friend must run and hide from a KILLER giant Pocket Fuzz Monster. The children decide to hide inside the school after they see the monster destroy a restuarant and a post office. Unfortunately, the children are found by the terrible Pocket Fuzz Monster. Suddenly, Esmerelda appears and saves her dog and friends by welding a giant lint roller to kill the Pocket Fuzz Monster.January 15, 2022Vote
‘Walking through a door of an abandoned home and entering a new world’ By Keith Burkholder, , Two twelve year old boys walk through the door of an abandoned home. They walk into a world that is different than Earth. They enjoy this experience a lot. They do not fear such changes. They over time they can go back home on Earth. This is quite an adventure for them.January 15, 2022Vote
‘Truth or Dare’ By Elise B., , Out in the woods, playing a game of truth or dare, were Jake, Emma, and Abigail. Emma gets a little out of hand, and push comes to shove. When Jake wakes up in the hospital, who does he find sitting next to him? None other than Emma herself. The causer of his pain. One problem though: Why is she blaming someone else?January 15, 2022Vote
‘A Time Machine powered only by banana peels and electricity’ By Keith Burkholder, , Daniel is an inventor. He is able to travel in time. He loves the idea of time travel as a reality. His time machine is successful. He is only able to travel in the past. He enjoys his life this way. Time travel means the world to him.January 10, 2022Vote
‘You Never Know’ By Fishken, , At a family gathering, I meet pitcher Don Schwall, 1961 American League, Rookie of the Year. His daughter has married into my wife’s family. But this story ends at Fenway Park two weeks later. And is all true!January 10, 2022Vote
‘On Being Alone at the End of the World’ By Liana DeMasi, , "On Being Alone at the End of the World" is set in an apocalyptic world perhaps not too far away from our own. With elements of magical realism, the narrator experiences the end of times in their apartment, where women come knocking in order to experience closeness and intimacy as the world burns just outside the door. This short story explores ideas of death, fear, aging, solitude, and the transparency, intimacy, and honesty between strangers who have both everything and nothing to lose.January 9, 2022Vote
‘The Sound of the Saxophone that can be heard throughout the solar system’ By Keith Burkholder, , The sound of a saxophone being played. The sound is powerful. It can be heard throughout the solar system. Other life can hear it. This sound is from Earth. The other eight planets can hear this powerful sound. It is admired by many. The sound is pleasant to one's ear. This is how this sound is portrayed.January 9, 2022Vote
‘Coffee that is universally enjoyed throughout the solar system’ By Keith Burkholder, , Coffee has been universally loved. This is the case with the nine planets. Earth is willing to import coffee to the other planets. The other planets are interested in coffee. Change is about to happen in the solar system. This is the way it is now.January 8, 2022Vote
‘A Life Crisis’ By Dijon McIntyre, , Two ex-lovers, Jacq D' Jean and Javier De La Rosa write letters to one another in this dystopian setting where technology has failed the world and life ambitions seem impossible to achieve. As they write to another, they reminisce on the state of the LGBTQ+ community, the simplicity of their childhood, the pain of becoming older, and the many ways in which they aspire to rebuild the fallen world they reside in.January 7, 2022Vote
‘Music that varies in sound in the nine planets’ By Keith Burkholder, , This story is about how music varies in sound from the nine planets. The planets are not equal in sound at all. They vary from planet to planet.January 7, 2022Vote
‘Isaiah’s converstion’ By From the Dust (AllPoetry name), , In the seemingly paradoxical context exploring human free will and Divine Sovereignty of an ancient Biblical setting, the general of an invading army must choose his destiny between passively obeying the devil's dictates or risking it all in pursuit of life, love and truth without losing his soul.January 7, 2022Vote
‘The Mishap’ By Signature Noel, , This is a flash fiction story about a heterosexual cohabiting couple; Shaunice and Ludd. They deal with every day scenarios from a comical dramatic perspectives. Their dynamic is relatable to the young adult audience.January 6, 2022Vote
‘The World behind the wall of his library’ By Keith Burkholder, , Gavin has a library where he lives. He has a statue that opens a door to the wall behind it. He has been able to see what is behind it. His life changes when he goes behind the wall. He loves to go there and see all that he can. He loves going into a different world from Earth.January 5, 2022Vote
‘The Audacity’ By Whitecoat Hustle, , How can someone ever justify harassment to go by their means? 'The way she was dressed, she was asking for it.' 'Why did she have to go there in the first place?' 'She needed to be put to her place.' 'It was just a friendly rub.' 'She needed to be put to her place.' 'You know I wouldn't do anything to hurt you.' So 'her' case was different? How can someone ever claim to respect other women yet strike a certain woman's dignity like that? 'I'm the victim here!' And what did she do? "She provoked me!" Oh, poor you. 'She needed to be put to her place.' And you're the one to decide that? Let alone, do that? Armineh decided to call off her wedding when she stumbled across a few harassment texts on her fiance's phone, threatening a girl's reputation. On confrontation, what surprised her was his claim to be the one to decide the girl's fate and still be acknowledged as the victim in the situation. Armineh realized she could never win an argument against the sweltering patriarchy for in this era of patriachal insanity, gender-based justice was not for the weak.January 5, 2022Vote
‘New Deal’ By Ian Barkley, , It's The Future and Frieda has to go to the DMVJanuary 5, 2022Vote
‘Oil Change’ By Dominic Belmonte, , Learning from my father how to change motor oil on a car, I attempt to impress him by trying to do so myself once he had taken ill. Sometimes, the universe in all its majesty combines forces to make your every step a wrong one, and so it was in this case. Compounded obstacles lead to a never to be expected moment, combining horror, hilarity, and, ultimately, humility.January 4, 2022Vote
‘The Killer Clown on Oak Hill’ By Brian Sluga, , The story goes, the clown lives in the old, abandoned sanatorium on Oak Hill by the former steel mill. He is thought to lure his victims with alcohol and money. I was told by many, “don’t go there alone.” I got into a dare with my college girlfriend that I could not go in and look throughout the building without being scared.January 4, 2022Vote
‘You Never Know’ By David Fishken, , By chance, I meet Don Schwall, 1961 Rookie of the Year, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. His daughter has married my wife’s cousin. But the story doesn’t end there. It continues in Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox.January 4, 2022Vote
‘The Gift of Friendship’ By Abbigail T. Kersting, , Sixteen-year-old Abbie is just a typical high school Sophomore who is trying to figure out who she is and what kind of gifts she can share with the world. One important thing or group of people who have shaped her life are friends. Abbie thought she had everything she needed since she had her own group of friends whom she could do everything with. But then she starts to notice a new student in her class who is nothing like the people she normally hangs around with. The question is, does Abbie truly know what a friend is or will this new girl show her what it really means to have a special relationship?January 3, 2022Vote
‘Havana Blues’ By Anna Burns, , A controlling husband meets an unexpected end which he deserves. The story is set in CubaJanuary 2, 2022Vote
‘The Wind that blows this hang glider into a new world’ By Keith Burkholder, , Steven goes hang gliding in the mountains of North Carolina. Something out of the ordinary happens to him. He leaves Earth and goes into a different universe. The strong wind allows this to happen. He loves being in a new world. His life changes for the better. The people in this new world are great to him as well. He has the choice of staying in this new world or going back home to his previous universe.January 2, 2022Vote
‘Secret book 1’ By Adrianna, , Hi this is my first book ever this is basically about a young teenager girl named Crystal was an actual vampire . She didn't tell anyone because were she lived they hunt down the vampires and she didn't wanna get killed she grew up wanting to haunt people BUT then her friend THERMA took over and got crystal killed and therma became the world's most wanted VAMPIREDecember 31, 2021Vote
‘He Finds a Second Universe through his travels’ By Keith Burkholder, , He sees and experiences a new universe. This is the second universe he sees. He loves such experience. He goes about and see what he can in it as well.December 27, 2021Vote
‘”Aries and Maya”‘ By William Louis McDonald, , In this science fiction tale from 1997 Orange County Sheriff's Sergeant, Pete Famuli, in command of the Sheriff's Harbor Patrol Station, undertakes a daring rescue at sea during a winter storm. What he and the Orange County Lifeguards team encounter during that operation will forever change Pete's life--not only out in the choppy, briny swells where strange critters glide effortlessly; but on land where his career path, livelihood, and sense of quiet personal peace has been forever disrupted. There is no way back to home. WHO were those two orca killer whales? Who is the mysterious 'Man in Black' figures in the follow-up investigation? What is going on in America today and especially offshore? And what will become of Pete? Pete's team? Pete's family? Pete's future? Originally written for a contest thrown by the publishers of "Chicken Soup for the Ocean Lover's Soul." Though not selected, the feedback over the years for this family-friendly story (The only family friendly and non-political story in my collection of over thirty )and its author, me, a former US Marine, a former special forensics consultant to the LAPD, a regular recurring guest on the late Art Bell's 'Coast to Coast AM' radio program with George Noory, and currently a detective and a badged state correctional officer in Arizona was amazing. The ocean "'X'-File" that is "Aries and Maya" introduces a saga concerning a politically and legally untouchable family of psychopaths that will span centuries into the future. Will Pete become yet another casualty in an on-going defensive war between Earth's internationally recruited spec ops human forces and a collective agency of predatory extraterrestrials?December 27, 2021Vote
‘THE ASSISTANT’ By Chet McHenry, , An older woman receives a coupon and when she arrives to redeem it she is surprised a whole other world awaits her that will change her life.December 27, 2021Vote
‘Warm, Like Honey’ By Jessica, , Descriptive narrative of one of the night's leading up to a young woman making the decision to get clean from heroin, told in first person.December 26, 2021Vote
‘Acid Semen’ By Keith Burkholder, , Toxic semen produced in certain being's bodies. It is used to ward of bad enemies. This is something unique and bizarre. Something that is totally unheard of as well.December 26, 2021Vote