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‘My Friend the Robot’ By Tom Montefusco, , A professor with the help of his advanced robot creates a time machine and travel to the futureFebruary 24, 2021Vote
‘Compendium Excerpt: The Lodge’ By Alia Luria, , As Mia Jayne prepares to leave her sick father to seek a cure, she recalls an incident that occurred during another period of travel, one that shaped her as a person and a daughter.February 23, 2021Vote
‘My Rainbow Baby’ By ANISA MARKU, , My rainbow baby is a short story about love, hope, and faith. The term rainbow baby In my story reflects the healthy and beautiful baby that is born after a miscarriage or an infant loss.February 23, 2021Vote
‘The Sacrifice’ By Jessica Harris, , On a death riddled battlefield, the Princess, Ezra Jane, makes the choice to sacrifice herself for her brother and the sake of their kingdom, but who paid the highest price was Luca. Though the two of them had complicated past of secrets and betrayal, there was no denying the love they shared, though realized too late.February 22, 2021Vote
‘Dust and Laughter’ By Michael McCaskill, , A Mobster retells the day he learned a little more about the world than he wanted.February 22, 2021Vote
‘Black and Benevolent is the Dark’ By Ngoma Bishop, , A confused and terminally ill patient lies on his hospital, bed awaiting his transition. When the beginning and the end of lives intertwine, apparently incompatible sentient lifeforms become inextricably linked as they transmute. The result is that the parameters of past and present, and gender realities (or illusions) merge into one metaphysical blur.February 22, 2021Vote
‘The Final Train’ By Ngoma Bishop, , In one dramatic instant the lives of two teenagers collide in a life changing incident. Despite never having previously met, the boy and girl embark together on a mysterious train journey. Fortunately, neither of them nor any of the other passengers know their destination.February 22, 2021Vote
‘Black and Benevolent is the Dark’ By Ngoma Bishop, , A confused and terminally ill patient lies on his hospital awaiting his transition.When the beginning and the end of lives intertwine, apparently incompatible sentient life forms become inextricably linked as they transmute. The result is that the parameters of past and present and the concepts of gender realities or illusions merge into one metaphysical blur.February 22, 2021Vote
‘Whatever it takes’ By Alexia Muralles, , Santia Parker is organized, calculated, book smart and strong-willed. Lorenzo Royce is dark, book and street smart, quiet, and infatuated with Santia. Neither of them realizes just how connected their pasts are. And neither of them knew the truth. Until one date throws them into a world of lies.February 22, 2021Vote
‘A Stroke of Luck’ By Nichika Ramadoo, , A mycologist considers a painting her lucky charm and refuses to part with it when the artist shows up at her door.February 22, 2021Vote
‘The Pumpkin Chase’ By Jason Smith, , On the magical Halloween night pumpkins come alive and dance in Mr. Finch's farm. Lacy is a rambunctious girl who loves Halloween more than anything. And when her parents tell her about the annual pumpkin chase she embarks on an adventure with her three friends: Vanessa, Jonah and Henry. After that night, they learn about the true spirit of tricks and treats!February 22, 2021Vote
‘The Harrapan Cave’ By Angandeep Kr Chatteree, , ‘The Harappan Cave’ follows the story of a young Indian archeologist who is called to Pakistan to check on a new cave discovered related to the Harappan Civilization. The total word count is 3800 words.February 22, 2021Vote
‘The Lies I Told Me’ By Paula Shablo, , Fanny and Emma share a secret from the past. It is NOT the fact that Emma sees and speaks with the dead on a regular basis. After all, as Emma could tell you, ghosts are not scary--it's the living you have to watch out for. There is danger lurking, and it must be dealt with. Will two women with clashing personalities and a shared experience be up to the task?February 21, 2021Vote
‘Burning/ The Psychologist’ By Zinzee Noel, , I listen and execute! I am a psychologist. My job is to listen and help you work through your problems. More importantly, all I want is for your dreams to come through. If your suicidal, then I'll help you take your life.February 21, 2021Vote
‘Kansas Winds’ By Cristen Danielle Bahr, , Allie had it all; money, cars, clothes. Thanks to her mom and movie director step-dad, she was living the life style every teenage girl dreams of. When a series of poor choices end up with her in some deep trouble, she finds herself on a one way flight to her dad's; in Kansas. From high heals to boots, boutique shopping to working livestock. With the help of a young ranch-hand named Ty, will Allie find fulfillment in the simpler things in life or will the Kansas winds blow her back to L.A.?February 20, 2021Vote
‘The Sweet After’ By Sam Serrar, , Hannah is a young woman that wakes up one day in a strange place ...February 20, 2021Vote
‘The Roommate’ By Tyler Grant, , The Roommate is a 4,750 word psychologically driven story about the dystopian stigma surrounding the human reaction to tragedy, loss, betrayal, and self-deception. The Roommate is a thought provoking mind-bender that shows its main character in a perilous battle for sanity after the death of her child. When she conjures an imaginary friend to fill this void her long time lover becomes concerned for her mental health. With time running out, and a horrifying decision about survival looming around the next corner, the protagonist must step outside herself to understand what is happening within. Thank you for considering publication of my short story, The Roommate. If you are interested in my publishing history, please visit, or check me out on audible where you’ll find my audiobook for a novella called The Night Locker.February 20, 2021Vote
‘desiree’s brevity knew no boundries’ By jeff jaret, , It is about the fall of a man in a powerful position who uses young and upcoming career-driven women to fulfill his needs, a man who though gets paid well, still feel a need to bite a hand that feeds him. and he does such until he gets asked to appear before the board of his company, hauled before his country's court of law.February 18, 2021Vote
‘A CHRISTMAS WISH’ By Richard Lawrence Belford, , On the dawn of a new year and heels of one that can be described like no other I had an opportunity to sit down and not only think about what I miss, but what I wish. As a result, I wrote a parable that I believe is about as close to a slice of heaven as one can get. I hope you agree.February 16, 2021Vote
‘The Black Coat’ By Mehreen Ahmed, , This is a story of an artist who falls in love with a phantom. He is held under her spell, irreversibly charmed.February 15, 2021Vote
‘A Path of Mystery’ By Loretta Moore, , 35-year-old African American William Lowell has entered a path of mystery that exposes the Colonial in America, and a horrific murder that takes place. He's driving his 1997 Lincoln, crossing from Pennsylvania into Delaware, when all of a sudden the surroundings begin to change and encounters a tavern that dates back to the colonial times. Everyone inside reflect the past. He's totally confused. Not long after leaving there he encounters a gentleman in Colonial dress getting a horse and heading out. The man is a Representative of Congress. He next finds himself witnessing the Congressman in a dress shop attracted to a beautiful mulatto dressmaker. Horror and a lot of mystery follows from there.February 15, 2021Vote
‘Recipe.’ By Adam Boustead, , Follow this recipe and we will all end up eating in Hell.February 15, 2021Vote
‘We won´t Fall’ By dazner2001, , Lia, Trapped by fate or victim of evil? when you give up you lose everything Ryujin, Will she obey the law of the one who swore to protect? When you think that nothing is ahead of you, there will always be someone to continue living for Losing confidence even in their decisions, only their hearts will guide them back to who they belongFebruary 15, 2021Vote
‘Warm Cherry Pie With Ice Cream’ By Clive Owen Barry, , Old woman somewhere in the deep south USA, reminiscing of what things were like when she was a girl.February 15, 2021Vote
‘Crashing’ By Kat Hibbard, , Crashing is a nonfiction narrative describing a lifelong quest to avoid a hereditary plummet, and earning success as an author.February 15, 2021Vote
‘Take Out’ By Arnaldo Lopez Jr, , When a portal to another dimension is opened, letting all kinds of dangerous and hungry monsters into our world, it's the food delivery people that become the true heroes!February 14, 2021Vote
‘From Surviving to Thriving’ By Thear Suzuki, , How does one survive a genocide, take refuge in a new country and thrive? How do you move from years of negative self-limiting beliefs to live a life of meaning, purpose and joy for yourself and others? Thear Suzuki lived through 4 years of the Cambodian Genocide, 2 years in refugee camps and arrived in the US when she was 8 years old. Overcoming her experience as an outsider and with the help of kind strangers, Thear was inspired to discover her purpose, succeed in corporate America, and give back to her community.February 14, 2021Vote
‘No Right Choice’ By William Dabbs, , Jacoby Portis, a talented athlete, is the recipient of gifts far greater than speed or strength. How to use them proves to be a tougher decision than he ever could have imagined.February 12, 2021Vote
‘I love books more than dolls’ By Purva Grover, , Breasts are an important body part, but we don’t talk about it. In classrooms, when the teachers take us through the chapter ‘Parts of the Human Body’ they show us a chart that has every part labelled except 'it'. Maybe it doesn’t have a name. We have a head and toes, neck and knees, and a small and large intestine in between. Only when it is October, we utter the name of this body part, under the garb of pink ribbons as we speak of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In a lifetime, a female is expected to not only expected to laugh over adjectives used to describe the breasts like full, colossal, jiggly, jelly-like; but also, never open her mouth when a stranger’s hand touches, pinches, 'it'. It is expected of her to stay quiet when violated.February 12, 2021Vote
‘The Extraordinary’ By Joy Christopher, , Maya is growing up and becoming curious about her absent father. If Mom and Dad are in love, why aren't they together? Confused between her admiration and anger, she struggles with the words that comfort her.February 10, 2021Vote
‘Fish Wish’ By Eve Arthur, , The magic fish promises to give the lad half of everything. It takes a while to iron out the details.February 10, 2021Vote
‘Finding Purpose is a Journey’ By Neelam, , “Finding Purpose is a Journey” is a summarized biography of the life of a woman social entrepreneur, engaged in a sector that is considered unorganized and informal - the craft sector. The journey is sacred because it is full of learning and consists of constantly addressing and overcoming challenges. Such a vigor for any goal is only possible when it is connected with the purpose of life and one’s spiritual individuality. The events and experiences are only illustrations of how purpose can keep your life glued to constant evolution and in reward there is always satisfaction. The journey has been especially interesting because of being part of a community that is dynamic and vibrant but yet is not meeting it’ s potential - i.e. the creative manufacturing sector that includes millions of artisans. Driving the restoration of historic best practices for their progress and advancement seemed like a big goal but the realization that small steps can make a difference served as motivation which has helped “Industree” as an organization stand out to be the experiment and experiential ground for commitment. Dreams can come true with consistent efforts and this article is only one example of how.February 10, 2021Vote
‘Chrysalette – the beginning of song’ By r.e.joyce, , A grumpy weather wizard creates a blue sky fairy to find a way to stop evil from spreading in the world. Chrysalette transforms into Carillon Silverbright and works with an ancient frog, a gnome, and a lost girl to bring harmony back into the world and stop the evil.February 9, 2021Vote
‘Home For The Caillte’ By Philip Dean Ghearing, , Christine always assumed her five year old boy was completely ordinary, despite the slight variation in his physical appearance. However, a chance encounter with a mysterious woman and her equally mysterious little girl in an airport leads her to believe there may be something special about her child. And if the woman's words are correct, the next few years could get interesting.February 9, 2021Vote
‘Pieces of Paula ‘ By Kaylie Mancino, , Pieces of Paula is a short memoir written after my friend passed from suicide. It addresses mental health and the trauma surrounding losing someone due to suicide.February 8, 2021Vote
‘RTA’ By Ray Beaman, , One man discovers that you cannot run from your past forever when a mysterious box appears in his home. Plagued by terrible nightmares and the nightly appearance of a bloodstained apparition, he knows that he will have to confront the truth that he has desperately tried to ignore and that one way or another, the box will finally have to be opened.February 8, 2021Vote
‘Chapters of an inner life. It’s not the moment yet.’ By Pedro Serrano, , Time and Space are relative ... The power and projection of an unconscious fragmented mind can become unpredictable and uncontrollable. Dare to enter and be able to differentiate if the chapters are yours or mine. Without a clear memory, but with an active subconscious. The past is unknown, the present is unclear, and the future is uncertain. Is it 5 people or is it just an illusion? Dare to enter the interior of this life.February 6, 2021Vote
‘VIRTUAL EMPATHY’ By JL Nash, , A psychotherapist in a world in space after the extremes of climate change makes it impossible to inhabit the Earth, sees a transport worker as a client. You understand the world they inhabit. The transport worker has to admit fault in a recent attack but the consequences are not pleasant. The psychotherapist reflects.February 6, 2021Vote
‘The Patio Party’ By Karen Kelly, , The greedy family were at it again, ex-wives bickering, hanging around for just one thing - Roger's fortune! But where is Roger, he should be in France by now? So why is his suitcase still in his room and is that the feint sound of his ringtone vibrating beneath?February 5, 2021Vote
‘All Right on a Wednesday Night’ By Trisha Tetlow, , Trisha loves Wednesday nights at her church. Her fears and sadness seems to disappear with dinner and meeting with her friends. Twin Bobby competes for attention and fun in this preacher's house in Norfolk, Va. Her sadness and annoyance grows with family interaction. once at church on this particular night, she speaks with her Dad who is preparing for his presentation to the congregation. His youth had been spotty, stressful, never quite fully revealed to the family. His divulging a personal commitment to faith makes her understand his life and the meaning of her own life.February 4, 2021Vote
‘The Temptations of Hyperlad’ By Andrew M. Bowen, , He is one of the most powerful super-heroes on the planet. How does he deal with one of the most common temptations known to humanity?February 4, 2021Vote
‘The Tears of Things’ By Andrew M. Bowen, , A magician encounters an angel in unusual circumstances. Was there a murder?February 4, 2021Vote
‘It Felt Like Yawning’ By Angela Pollinzi, , Following a woman's struggle with her sexuality, poetry and metaphor are used to describe the difficult relationship we often have with ourselves and how much we can learn when we welcome change instead of shying from it. The woman reflects on her life and what it means to be with a girl in a world where barriers are placed on what love should look like.February 3, 2021Vote
‘The Exchange’ By Jamie Santomasso, , A mysterious stranger offers a heartbroken woman her desire in exchange for a gift.February 3, 2021Vote
‘A Recovery Story in Several Parts* Not Necessarily in Order’ By Lindsey Zelvin, , A non-linear exploration of my struggles with mental illness, included but not limited to: anorexia, depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and suicidal ideation. I address the difficulty not only of living through the traumatic experiences brought on by these illnesses but also that of attempting to write about and process them years later.February 3, 2021Vote
‘Finding Purpose or serving a Purpose’ By Poonam, , Can one find purpose without serving a purpose? Poonam's reflection of her own life's journey urges her to see if they are one and the same or different. She is seeking a synthesis of the three strong strands of interests and questions that keep pushing her forward. In the search for this synthesis she stumbles upon purpose and yet cannot really define it.February 3, 2021Vote
‘A Sight For Sore Eyes’ By Kc, , A new house and strange happenings. Inspired by the urge to put a story to real life nightmares and out of body experiences.January 31, 2021Vote
‘The Woman Demons Couldn’t Control’ By ROYCE PATTON, , This is page 6 of my Official Citizen's Complaint Form that to this date Nobody will look into so I would like to turn my experience with Domestic TERRORISM into a book and then a movie: Once upon a time I was literally kicked out of an entire town because I Refused to Suck my Slumlord at the time, Charles “Rusty” Ransford’s, Dick and the ENTIRE Town of North Adams did their damnedest to try helping him to get me on my knees. I lost my Section 8 housing, eventually my Social Security, the Po-LICE called my Dr. and I don’t know what they told him but I was cut off my medication and the list goes on and on and on. I was left to die homeless and penniless in the harsh cold winter streets. Since I Never dropped to my knees for that Old Dirty Fucking Scummy Bastard despite everyone’s best efforts and I’m still alive, I believe I WON. So as you can clearly see the ABUSIVE, Unprofessional Behaviour of this Police Department WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! I was told by a therapist I have Military Grade Heavy Combat PTSD From what North Adams did to me! Luckily for You All, the people I’m dealing with only took my store, so I’m being VERY VERY VERY Nice right now. I AM NOT AFRAID OF ANY OF YOU and all I want you to do is YOUR JOB. The last time I heard that was supposed to be to “Protect and Serve”. I guess I should be asking WHO you’re supposed to be protecting and serving because from my past experience it’s most certainly Not the Innocent. I KNOW because I AM PROOF. Go look at my record. I’m over 50 and I have NEVER been arrested, in fact I barely got my first parking ticket recently because I was told the first 30 minutes were free but they weren't. I don’t drink, I don’t do any drugs, I’m usually very quiet and I like to mind my own business. WHAT MORE DO YOU PEOPLE WANT? I AM INNOCENT and I DEMAND MY PROTECTION From YOU!January 31, 2021Vote
‘Labyrinth ‘ By Ching Ching Tan, , Lost in the parking lot at an annual visit to my first workplace prompted a memory of disorientation during the earliest period in this country. It’s a memoir excerpt about a new immigrant’s linguistic journey, and Max Mara and its people became a coordinate of my American life.January 31, 2021Vote
‘Return’ By Kyle Fairhurst, , Our hero is determined to return a borrowed item, but with the clock ticking, this mission will require a little creativity, luck, and karmic justice.January 31, 2021Vote
‘An Unorthodox Proposal ‘ By Jeremy Zentner, , A young woman is trapped into a life of royal responsibilities as heiress to the Dominus throne in a space-faring star sector. A stranded young man lives on an abandoned colony world with service automatons to cater to his every whim, except when it comes to loneliness. Together, the two will meet and find some resolution to their predicament.January 28, 2021Vote
‘Homecoming’ By Drew Faw, , Bartender bears witness to catastrophic bar brawl.January 28, 2021Vote
‘Freddie Spaghetti’ By Gwen Baumann, , A story about a cat named Freddie that loves to eat and cookJanuary 28, 2021Vote
‘For Now’ By Chad Crossley, , Nate has always been one to question, but he now finds himself at a crossroads where the answers he seeks may soon change his family forever.January 26, 2021Vote
‘Loosening’ By Chad Crossley, , A story of generational forgiveness—where the sins of the father may be acknowledged, accepted, and understood.January 26, 2021Vote
‘That Thread is Love’ By Chad Crossley, , The story of a young girl’s journey home to a family an ocean away.January 26, 2021Vote
‘Harmony Hall’ By Chad Crossley, , Gus is forced into confronting a darkness that has existed in plain sight amid the cornfields and idyllic farms of his small 1920s town—a truth that lies etched deeply within the familiarity of neighbors and friends alike.January 26, 2021Vote
‘Byproducts’ By RPS, , When a woman born into a social class that is denied the right of parenthood, she is forced to make a choice: comply with her government's orders or risk her life for the one she birthed. In this story she is forced to confront what society demands of her and what she feels is her true path in life, as she clings to the hope that the father will find a way to spare both her and her child.January 25, 2021Vote
‘YTITNEDI EVITCELFER ‘ By Gemma Dobson, , Enter the mind of an eating disorder and you find not just food, calories and information but another person. Another voice who never leaves you.January 25, 2021Vote
‘The adventures of the bob the Roblox noob’ By Bob the noob, , In this book you will go on an adventure with bob the Roblox noobJanuary 23, 2021Vote
‘Letters for Maggie’ By Travis Myles, , A mother journals to her unborn daughter all of the things happening around her - from her becoming a mother, her father's coming out and finding someone new, and all of the emotions surrounding her impending birth.January 23, 2021Vote
‘The Gift’ By Travis Myles, , Alan and James are celebrating their seventh Christmas together, and Alan is on a mission. Each year, James has outdone Alan with the gift giving, and Alan is determined that this year will be different. Will Alan finally win this self-made competition, or will James give the biggest gift ever?January 23, 2021Vote
‘Max’ By Travis Myles, , Parents Kyle and Todd have been spending all of their days at the hospital with their son Max, who is very ill. When Max suddenly improves, they must wrestle with whether their prayers have been answered, in one way or another.January 23, 2021Vote
‘Sacrifices’ By K.J.Allman, , Nebekar, known as the warrior king and mage lord of the city of Oran, makes a desperate gamble to save his people and that of the other nine nations of his world from annihilation. To do so he must face a monstrous demon lord in a duel to the death to gain critical time.January 22, 2021Vote
‘Dear Diet Coke Delivery Guy’ By Chad Crossley, , One man expresses his limitless devotion (all in 600 words) to the greatest love of his life...Diet Coke.January 22, 2021Vote
‘Maybe Tomorrow’ By Chad Crossley, , Gwen is on the verge of a monumental choice. Does she continue on her current course, deceptive though it may be? Does she make amends and instead choose the familiarity of family?January 22, 2021Vote
‘The One-Hip Wonder’ By Athena Rosa, , Uncertainty and instability were overarching themes in 2020. For Athena, they were constants in her near half-century of life. Decades of enduring the roller-coaster of life and various mental and physical health issues, the challenges of single-parenthood, and poverty set the stage for her greatest battle – the one with herself. Read the inspirational story of this incredibly resilient soul whose re-awakening to greatness.January 21, 2021Vote
‘Bound Together’ By George Morris, , A treasure hunter exploring an abandoned house finds a bit more than he bargains for.January 20, 2021Vote
‘The King’s Silver ‘ By Matthew P.S. Salinas, , An Edgar Allen Poe styled horror story told through an epic poem that details a nameless King's decision into madness. The juxtaposition of man and beast is all but subtle in the ensuing tale of blood shed and horror that strikes at the very human heart.January 20, 2021Vote
‘Alyssum’s Wish’ By Danielle McDougal, , Alyssum's friends make fun of her as she finds a way to make winter disappear forever, but her wish may come true when she finds a woman who can grant her wish.January 19, 2021Vote
‘deep breaths’ By Martha Weilert, , A child fights for her life as she learns what it really means to be "stolen by the faeries."January 18, 2021Vote
‘The Tree of Life’ By J. Austin, , A boy befriends a very special tree and learns about the importance of Trees and the role they fulfill in the world.January 18, 2021Vote
‘Navigating from Slum Life to Healing Others ‘ By Rachael Masaku, , My past life was in the slum, it was not an easy life. It’s a life of desperation and I never thought I would live the life am living now. I came from a very humble background in a crime prone area full of insecurity, rape and mugging was the order of the day. I couldn’t imagine how I was going to bring up my family in such a volatile environment. Due to my background and being an introvert I had a very low esteem and I never thought of living any better life in future. We never had running water or a toilet. We used to buy water from the vendors and we lived in mud houses with corrugated iron sheet roofs. We had raw sewage raw running past our house in the open. Since I started my private homeopathy and reflexology practice and moved out of the slum, my life has never been the same again. I strived to change my parents’ lives as well.January 17, 2021Vote
‘Breathe Deep’ By Madeline McQueen, , Last night I stopped breathing. For a moment that felt like an eternity, there was no air going into my lungs, my heart stopped too I think. For a moment I thought this is it, my life has come to a tragic end.January 17, 2021Vote
‘Known History ‘ By Madeline McQueen, , A "what if" type of writing where I imagine what a world destroyed by a nuclear war would be like 4000 years from now.January 17, 2021Vote
‘Macy’s Beauty’ By Angela Newman, , Macy encounters two teens who look upon her unkindly because she fails to fit their standard of beauty. As Macy faces this challenge to her appearance, she will have to come to terms with their concept of beauty and how it applies to how she accepts herself.January 16, 2021Vote
‘Three Bad Things: A Short Story of Horror’ By Emily Stalder Johnson, , Anna and her twin brother, Killian, unknowingly enter into a world of terrifying events with no turning back, beginning with their first encounter with a strange, glowing green light in the woods behind their home. And then there's that strangely accurate, prophetic newspaper that unravels their lives before their very eyes... But even after the first death in their family, Anna can't stay away from the newspaper and the green light. It's as though it lured her to itself, and the connection cannot be undone. Finally, Anna and Killian realize, too late, that all along, the newspaper had appeared to warn them of their own impending demise.January 16, 2021Vote
‘The Irony of Everything’ By Leah Reise, , It’s the last day the Earth will exist, for a huge asteroid nears like another sun in the sky to erase the beautiful marble of a planet. John awaits his death on an old tree swing contemplating his existential end, his father celebrating the last night of everything with the townspeople below the hill. John is ready to die, making his peace with the universe he will return to; that is until Sage, his long lost love, returns in the last moments of their life.January 16, 2021Vote
‘Insignificants’ By Jack Austin, , Is a copy of a person a real person? Can people be grown and harvested?January 16, 2021Vote
‘Drops of Our Past’ By Jack Austin, , Is it possible to find a lost love in the everyday drops of rain?January 16, 2021Vote
‘The Fair of the Renaissance ‘ By Kathleen Dehring, , What if things aren't how you left them? Turn your back on a farm for 50 years or so and tents pop up like mushrooms. Cheaply made attempts at buildings emerge in the fields and it's a head scratcher as to just what is going on? The explanation is more absurd, a Fair of the Renaissance? How can this be the Renaissance, for Thomas Rhymer who saw it first hand, it seems a rather shoddy imitation. Then again Thomas loves the theater. He reasons that this must be some sort of entertainment, so why not invite a few friends to see it, from Queen Mab's court of the Unseelie Fae.January 16, 2021Vote
‘(E)met: Truth/Death’ By Zev Benjamin, , A military AI is confronted by questions about the truth of what he does.January 15, 2021Vote
‘Bloody Kentucky ‘ By Thomas Decker, , A nuclear family of two young boys, a loving father, and an abusive mother leave home for the south, however, things don't go as planned. With no food or water left in a ghastly hotel; human flesh isn't out of the question.January 15, 2021Vote
‘The Lake of Tears’ By J. Austin, , A little Girl cries and cries until she cries a lake.January 14, 2021Vote
‘Twofolds’ By Fortunate Ighodalo, , I looked round the prison yard as I walked in. Its been months I last visited . Everywhere was rowdy, smelling and dirty. The walls were filled with cobwebs and patches of food items. The blue coloured building has successfully turned dark brown due to lack of maintenance. It seems like the cleaners has successfully abandoned it to its fate. Its been 6 months now and it’s like everything has taken a new look. Who could ever believe the prison would be my very companion. A place of constant visit. Micheal has indeed turned my life into a mere illusion. He was a star, a gift to the society. He caught the admiration of all especially the female folks. I was indeed lucky. Though jealousy creep in, I was not moved. I had his heart and he equally had mine. But what happened that Monday morning still remains a misery to yet to unfold.January 13, 2021Vote
‘From Unnourished to Flourished’ By Ty the Poetess, , Poet and author of Bearing Fruit - a poetry collection about pregnancy, Tyneisha Ternent discusses the obstacles she has overcame in order to become her best self. She discusses the issues that haunted her, causing her to live many years of her life in fear. She shares her childhood traumas and mental health issues, but also provides methods to promote healing and kind words of advice. Tyneisha dives into how God led her to path of purpose accompanied by the efforts of her husband and daughter; and what steps she took to rewrite her life.January 13, 2021Vote
‘Of Quests, Firefighters, and Reluctant Witches’ By J.M. Rhineheart, , Millie hasn't been a witch in a swamp for a long time. She offers wifi and fresh baked goods to those who visit her bookshop, and that's just the way she likes it. That is, until knights start tumbling into her shop, one after another, asking for her help with a quest to find a missing princess. It isn't until a firefighter comes in, a quest missive of his own in hand, that she discovers there might actually be a missing persons case after all. Between the two of them, Millie thinks there's a good chance of finding the girl, but she might have to call on the one thing she hasn't used in years to do it: her magic.January 12, 2021Vote
‘Yesterday’ By Renata Miranda, , Emily is planning a farewell and goes down to the local shop to get what she needs. Vodka, bleach, chocolate. And blades.January 12, 2021Vote
‘Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway’ By Kevin Noa, , This is a historical fiction short story based on 911.January 11, 2021Vote
‘Nebula’s Wrath’ By Haseeba Deonarine, , After making their escape from years in captivity, six friends battle with their kidnapper, only she's not human and it seems that neither are they.January 11, 2021Vote
‘Be the wolf’ By Kailah Peters, , The patient is sick - on the verge of dying. The patient reaches out to hold your hand and asks for a story. They say it doesn’t have to be good, in fact, they’d prefer it bad. The patient wants a story with no happy ending. So, you begin to tell the saddest story you can.January 11, 2021Vote
‘Trinacria’ By Morgan Kail-Ackerman, , In 1970s Sicily, Bianca feels isolated from her triplets. With Milo's ability to persuade emotions and Alessia's power to connect with bodies, Bianca feels powerless, especially in a world of riots, chaos, and violence on their doorsteps. When Bianca starts hearing voices of the dead, she starts to wonder if she is going crazy or, in fact, she isn't useless after all.January 11, 2021Vote
‘Let Down Your Hair’ By Morgan Kail-Ackerman, , In a modern twist of the classic fairytale Rapunzel, Zel finds herself alone and afraid in an apartment she cannot leave. With magical hair, she can change her natural black hair to blonde, but an ability to change her looks makes Zel question who she really is. With a controlling mother who believes beauty is long, blonde hair, Zel must find a way to stand up to her and figure out who she is.January 11, 2021Vote
‘If Love is a Labor’ By Meaghan Kalena, , He played as if he were dying.January 10, 2021Vote
‘PASSIONATELY LIVING ON PURPOSE BY SURVIVING CANCER TWICE’ By Udie Soko, , I share how being diagnosed with cancer (and successfully treated) in 1989 and again in 2015 led me to create the Zambian Cancer Society in 2009 whose mission is to support cancer patients and their families irrespective of age, gender or type or cancer. This has not been easy considering that in Zambia, the disease is still shrouded in mystery and fenced in silence with a 5 year survival rate from any cancer of less than 30 percent. Through my story, I hope to inspire others to live their life passionately on purpose!January 10, 2021Vote
‘Security Bard’ By Not dirk(?), , A day in the life of a mall cop in a fantasy world.January 9, 2021Vote
‘Persia’ By Kailas Lea Peace, , Through a series of dreams, visons in meditation and waking hallucinations, a mystic dancer recalls a past life with profound insights for the present.January 8, 2021Vote
‘Freeing Henry’ By Joan Hall Hovey, , Explores the dark explosive aftermath of a childhood.trauma.January 8, 2021Vote
‘Superhero’ By John Markestad, , A reluctant hero battles a super villain before heading out to get breakfast burritos.January 8, 2021Vote
‘A Solamen’s Death’ By Lynn Evans, , Vatio and his best friend (Quiess) are solamen, demigods whose purpose is to deliver relief (pay tribute) to mortals. Solamen are semi-immortal and they can die if they succumb to apathy or depression. Though solamen usually live for 200 years before falling to this common pitfall of their work, Vatio is nearing his death at the age of 100. He has not paid tribute in several months. Fearing for his best friend's life, Quiess uses his tribute to seal Vatio in a void version of the world where he can no longer hear the cries of the mortals. He cannot hear anything. Though it feels as if months and years are passing in the void, it is mere hours and days. Vatio slowly starts to lose his mind and his sense of self. Then, in a moment of horrific clarity, he remembers how he came to be a solamen. Vatio took his own life while he walked the world as a mortal. Wracked with guilt, shame, and self-deprecation, Quiess arrives at his side and releases him from his silent prison. Understanding now why the tributes of the solamen are so important, how it could have saved him while he was mortal, Vatio begins to pay tributes to mortals again.January 7, 2021Vote
‘One Night with Bodhi Ganesh’ By Bodhi Ganesh, , This is the story of a man with a love and compassion so deep for humankind. That he risked his very life, to bring relief to suffering souls of the dead. Souls caught in an earthbound realm, herded like cattle by death's cool hand. A frisson experience with the grim reaper. A night which puts One Man's courage to the test and reveals a sinister truth which awaits all in passing.January 6, 2021Vote
‘Mendung’ By Agitha Id, , Menceritakan tentang seorang perawat dan pasien positif covid-19January 5, 2021Vote
‘From Dark to Light Again’ By Brittany Honore, , A young girl and her sister fight to survive their tragic upbringing. They struggle to escape the darkness that took capture of their lives early on. Their high priestess, Sephra has lost her way. Rory, the older sister, is painfully fulfilling her divine duty. Bella, the younger sister, doesn’t know what her calling is and desperately searches to find meaning and purpose in the chaos. The trio fight their mental and emotional demons the best they can.January 5, 2021Vote
‘Everett Glass ‘ By Phoenix Ginger, , In 1818 Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz died from pneumonia. In 1820, Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn also died of pneumonia. A few days later, six to be exact, King George III of the United Kingdom died from a mental illness. In 1830, no more than ten years later, King George IV of the United Kingdom died from obesity. In 1837, Princess Louise Eleonore of Hohenlohe-Langenburg from Germany died from unknown causes. A month or so later, King William IV of the United Kingdom died from a heart attack. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Who would have ever thought that all of these deaths, between many more, were all part of a bigger plan, one that would take decades to fulfill, and hundreds of lives. Who would have ever imagine that all of this would start with one letter misplaced inviting a young girl to the marriage of a German princess and a prince in line. Who would have ever seen it coming for the young girl to kill the princess, and walk down the aisle in her name. And who would have ever anticipated that all of those deaths and lies where for one joyous dream, imagined by thousands of people. Because feminism, although hidden from sight, has been in our world since humankind was created, fighting a silent war towards the equality between genders, even if it meant killing for it.January 5, 2021Vote
‘Her Body Beautiful ‘ By Thom Stone, , A woman keeps a body as a good luck charm while plotting to release software that will allow for mass retribution.January 4, 2021Vote
‘The Painting’ By Amber Wallace, , When four teens decide to explore the old Tanner home, they end up trapped in what seems to be a haunted house.January 4, 2021Vote
‘Dragon’s First Christmas’ By Amber Wallace, , It's that wonderful time of the year again, Christmas Eve, and every creature down in the Enchanted Forest are preparing for the holiday, but there is one creature who rather sleep away the joyous day. Join Dragon and his friends as they help him celebrate his first Christmas.January 4, 2021Vote
‘The Revenant Pits’ By Danny Cove, , Two members of a covert government agency discuss the history of the enigmatic phenomena they're on their way to destroy, and why it must be destroyed at all costs.January 4, 2021Vote
‘The Fallen Grim’ By Danny Cove, , Three time travelers visit a future Earth to discover what it's like, only to find it devoid of all life, save one being.January 4, 2021Vote
‘Flash of Crimson’ By Danny Cove, , A man survives a terrible disaster and sets out with two of his friends on a journey to find his wife. But the wasteland he must cross is unforgiving on all of them.January 4, 2021Vote
‘Master of the Marshes’ By Danny Cove, , A man who lives contentedly in a community deep in a swamp tells the thrilling story of how the community was founded and the strange creature which nearly destroyed it. But it ends on an ominous note as the creature still lives and may once again turn on them like it has all those which came before them.January 4, 2021Vote
‘Why must men fight?’ By Stephen Johnson, , A dying warlord contemplates his choices with a friend.January 3, 2021Vote
‘The Dagger’ By WK Chaves, , One man must face the nightmare that is devouring his world to save everyone he loves. A fantasy noir love story set in a world that needs hope above all.January 3, 2021Vote
‘The Cholo On The Elevatot’ By Dan O’Neill, , A famous white male movie star begins a torrid affair with a younger male Latino parking attendant.The relationship eventually ends.Leaving both sadder.January 3, 2021Vote
‘a blazon ruby in the sand’ By M. Meyers, , "a blazon ruby in the sand" is a science fiction/fantasy allegory for trauma. Aiyah feels disconnected from the long-cherished rituals of her people. Standing out in the sands of her home planet, Aiyah feels in her core that she was created to feel and love the chaos of life. When Aiyah comes of age for the ceremonial scalping, her hair is shaved away to reveal three scars in her skin: one for each memory that she has lost. Her culture covets these scars; it is a culture that romanticizes the beauty of pain. The scarred are "warriors". Aiyah is not content with leaving this part of her identity buried away. She seeks out a witch who is told to unlock these buried memories with ink. Through the process, Aiyah faces some of the darkest memories locked in her mind. Her scars are turned to art, and Aiyah understands that braving the healing process is her beautiful battle.January 2, 2021Vote
‘Red carpet.’ By Lilipus, , A murderer called Murder. A poet called Poet. A bard called Bard. Trapped to relive a moment. To feel and be part of the infinitesimal scenario. What is living?January 2, 2021Vote
‘From Dark to Light Again’ By Brittany Honore, , A young girl and her sister fight to survive their tragic upbringing. They struggle to escape the darkness that took capture of their lives early on. Their high priestess, Sephra, has lost her way. Rory, the older sister, is painfully fulfilling her divine duty. Bella, the younger sister, doesn't know what her calling is a desperately searches to finding meaning and purpose in all the chaos. The trio fight their mental and emotion demons the best they can.January 1, 2021Vote
‘It’s too late when we die’ By Kelly Harris, , An anecdotal reflective piece linking past to present with a strong message of how 'learnt behaviour' can impact our choices but more importantly our upbringings do not have to be used as an excuse 'why we do' or 'why we don't' do things.January 1, 2021Vote
‘Father Possum’ By Sherry Charmel, , A father possum who doesn't fully understand his family but loves them regardless.December 31, 2020Vote
‘The Gift of God Making Other Plans’ By Una Mannion, , The journey of escaping an abusive spouse to finding a new way in life and deepening spirituality. A few of life's twists and turns when trying to figure out what to do next and experiencing the miracles of life working out when your busy making other plans.December 31, 2020Vote
‘Someone Who Can Hold Your Flame’ By Sam Trathen, , Iremi has a secret. But Iremi also lives in a bleak world where secrets can be dangerous and even life-threatening. That's why his parents are gone, after all. That's why he was left to be raised by the old and the dying. He has always known when to keep his mouth shut. While considering whether or not to share his secret Iremi recalls a pivotal conversation with his grandfather, the Lord of the Hunt, about intimacy, family, trust, fear-- and fire.December 31, 2020Vote
‘Witness’ By Raymond Van Der Veer, , A woman tries to understand her origin - a mother who can't tell the truth.December 31, 2020Vote
‘The Jumper’ By Cristina Romero, , A person of interest in a murder investigation turns out to be more than the detectives investigating the crime could ever imagine, making them question everything they believe in.December 31, 2020Vote
‘The Duality of Men’ By Matija Kordic, , A story of an inner fight between good and evil.December 31, 2020Vote
‘Justice/Freedom’ By Matija Kordic, , An ironic portrayal of life.December 31, 2020Vote
‘The Pure White Essence’ By Matija Kordic, , Personal and metaphysical thoughts.December 31, 2020Vote
‘To Steal the Stars’ By Lauren Smith, , Algol is an underground mega-corporation that makes designer planets and gives away free vacations making it popular with everyone. Didget dreams of living on a beach without cares or worries and is determined to not climb the corporate ladder to get there. Instead, she plans to skip steps and steal a planet to sell on the black market. Can she do it without getting caught and how can Algol give away so many vacations and still make money?December 31, 2020Vote
‘Plum Cordial’ By Anita Dime, , How sweet remembrances linger in our minds. A first kiss, for example, may travel with us through our life time and perhaps, be recounted in stories to our grandchildren, like in this short vignette of a blossoming romance in winter.December 31, 2020Vote
‘The Hero of Ravenreach’ By Rose McClary, , As the Queen of Ravenreach's chosen Hero, Aithen is charged with the responsibility of ridding Ravenreach from all evil. When the evil Mikhal the Bloody alters his world for the worse, Aithen teams up with the Queen's Technologist, an old friend named Liel. The two then plot to go back in time to keep Mikhal from irrevocably ruining their world. However, a mistake in the time travel process lands them in a different version of events, where Aithen encounters an evil he cannot kill.December 31, 2020Vote
‘She Lingers’ By Samuel Cale, , Hassan, a young widower, struggles with grief as he is haunted by the ghost of his dead wife.December 30, 2020Vote
‘Hedge Funds and Stuff’ By Christian Lee, , cool financial thrillerDecember 30, 2020Vote
‘Dragons and Stuff’ By Christian Lee, , Cool story about dragaonsDecember 30, 2020Vote
‘Where Did All the Noses Go?’ By S. M. Thomas, , 2020 has been difficult for all of us, but it has been even more difficult for children. This is a poem, from the point of view of a child during a pandemic - calling for love and togetherness during this trying time.December 29, 2020Vote
‘Simple Pleasures’ By Glen Bush, , As a hitman waits to complete his assignment, he reflects on the simple pleasures he enjoys and two earlier assignments.December 29, 2020Vote
‘The Real Cure’ By Naomi Caspian, , A man discovers he's immune to the zombie virus sweeping the globe. It's a shame, because dying would've been nice.December 29, 2020Vote
‘Why Are You Back? ‘ By K.R. WARGO, , Why are you back? I say as I stare into her cold, crazed eyes, hair splayed across the ceiling, mouth open as if screaming, but I cannot hear. Should I be thankful that I cannot hear her screams, for I know that would mean death? Why are you back? I say, as we visit again in the same victorian home visited so many times before in nightmares once had. Her home, the ceiling. Staring into my soul with her mouth wide open. A dark abyss of screams unheard, words unsaid. Why are you back? I say, as she stands in front of me with a look of curiosity in her eyes. Her hair no longer wild, her home no longer the ceiling. Bewilderment, no more. I awake.December 28, 2020Vote
‘Why Are You Back?’ By Katelyn Wargo, , This is a snippet of a recurring nightmare of a banshee woman I had while suffering through PTSD from sexual abuse as a child and postpartum depression as a mother. This is kept short, as to give brief waves this dark experience and a sense of finally healing at the end.December 28, 2020Vote
‘No Time to Watch Fish’ By Amy Oiler, , It was supposed to be a smooth drive to Chicago, taking the highway instead of a flight to gain husbands Jake and Carlos Adventure points from the great algorithm, a golden calf that demands tribute with every breath, which works tirelessly to rate, to rank, and to monetize every thought, every engagement, and every effort that the unfortunate schmucks stuck in society’s panoptic hamster wheel can dream up. It was supposed to be a smooth windfall of points until a dual breakdown in the middle of nowhere strikes both the car and one half of the couple simultaneously. While Jake continues firing on all cylinders, consuming and creating as much content as an enhanced multitasking brain can process for his legion of avid subscribers, Carlos falters as he glimpses the promise of a simpler life. The algorithm is not amused. It’s up to Jake to talk his husband down from his mental aberration before it’s too late. But which of them has really lost his mind? One of the two of them is a fish out of water, but is Carlos’s stutter step the start of a revolution or a cry for help?December 28, 2020Vote
‘Sheila’s Quilt’ By Stacey Atwell-Keister, , An allegory about love and grief for children.December 28, 2020Vote
‘Grace’s Garden’ By Kain S. Bishop, , A Priest picks up a young orphan from her adoptive family to accompany him on a night time errand.December 28, 2020Vote
‘the bedroom of the woman with the parisian hair’ By Rachel O’Sullivan, , People are predictable. That's why I can make a living from taking their things. But sometimes its the people you overlook the most that surprise you.December 28, 2020Vote
‘Go Time’ By Rachel O’Sullivan, , 17 year old Pan prefers to be alone, no question about it, but not tonight. Tonight is different.December 28, 2020Vote
‘Beetles and Bugs’ By Rachel O’Sullivan, , A thirty-six year old woman takes the seemingly natural, yet personally terrifying decision to learn to drive after years of avoiding facing up to her biggest fear.December 28, 2020Vote
‘Mother’ By Apocryphal writer, , This story displays the character of a mother, how she manages to carry on with life and simultaneously she sacrifices many parts of her life for her children. The selfless love that she renders upon the children. The irreplaceable love of a mother for her children.December 28, 2020Vote
‘The Definition of Insane’ By Shawn Wells, , When everyone else is going crazy around you, are you the only sane one left...or are the voices right?December 27, 2020Vote
‘Hair’ By Michelle Devon, , She doesn't know how much Serena means to until....December 27, 2020Vote
‘Breaking News’ By Crystal Lamas, , 2018: Life and Death in a Year of my LifeDecember 27, 2020Vote
‘Transcribing Vibrations – A Spiritual Quest’ By Shaya, , Transcribing Vibrations - A Spiritual Quest is an experiential narration of spiritual realisation and the attributions of beliefs in common. With a story that goes back and forth on the timeline, it is intended to spark a question on the reader and rethink the conventions. It's based on a real-time experience where the narrator takes the reader through the humble plateaus of Southern India to unveil the battle between traditional beliefs and spiritual actualization.December 27, 2020Vote
‘Fairy Gifts’ By Jennifer Pratt-Walter, , A mother and young daughter leave an offering for the fairies each day while a mother mouse and her son do the same thing every night. It turns out that they are each other's fairies.December 27, 2020Vote
‘Sailing the Netherworld’ By Emily Weinberg, , This is the author’s imaginative journey, sailing with Ra through the Netherworld. The ancient Egyptians believed that Ra, the sun-god, pushed the sun with his fantastic golden boat throughout the night, battling mysterious forces in the Netherworld. His successful journey brought each new day. I wanted to write an imaginative story based on Egyptian mythology that included strong atmosphere.December 26, 2020Vote
‘Bootsy Finds Her Forever Home’ By John Philip Mikhail, , Part 1 of Bootsy The Big Hearted Beagle Series. Bootsy, through a series of circumstances finds the person she’ll spend the rest of her life with in which they will encounter many adventures and life journeys; good and bad.December 26, 2020Vote
‘Clifford’ By Peter Lieberman, , A young musician tries to bring some joy to a sad old man.December 26, 2020Vote
‘Here, there be Dragons’ By Tom Frye, , In this Mythic Fantasy series, the Havelock Emerald is an Irish pub located in the small suburb of Havelock, Nebraska. The Emerald’s iconic stained-glass window, depicting a black dragon carrying a bright green emerald in its talons, was gifted to Billy Connors by a Gypsy Chieftain back in Ireland years ago. In the pub is a gateway to an alternate reality. Old Billy is an Irish gunrunner and the gatekeeper linking this world with the alternative realms beyond. The first two books in the series sets the stage for the main characters’ interaction with Billy and his “waystation” to the Otherworld. Enter the main character, 11-year-old Lucas Holland, a foster kid with a real bad disposition, who meets a foster dog with an even worse attitude than his. When Lucas, the son of the president of a notorious biker club, is placed in foster care due to an altercation between his dad and his mom, he ends up in the home of a police officer. He seeks revenge against the old Irishman, Billy Connors, and ends up taking a baseball bat to his enormous stained-glass window in order to get back at the old man.December 26, 2020Vote
‘Bootsy The Beagle Finds Her Forever Home’ By John Philip Mikhail, , Part 1 of Bootsy The Big Hearted Beagle Series. Bootsy, through a series of circumstances finds the person she'll spend the rest of her life with in which they will encounter many adventures and life journeys; good and bad.December 26, 2020Vote
‘One Date’ By Danni Lee, , She came back to town after her divorce and who does she run into, but a man that never forgot her. She can't remember him, but he gets the chance to show her, that through the years, he has always thought of her.December 26, 2020Vote
‘The Greatest Enchantment ‘ By John Thrasher, , A wizard examines every mirror in the kingdom while explaining the echelons of sorcery to his patron.December 26, 2020Vote
‘The Pens’ By Ian D. Mooby, , A young writer buys a set of pens and begins using them not knowing the price they will exact from him.December 25, 2020Vote
‘Rambling Man’ By Karen and Kathy Sills, , Raleigh loves New Orleans. She met a guy one Summer during Mardi Gras. Rambling Man was tall dark and handsome; they hit it off at first sight. The only thing was Rambling Man didn't stay in one place for too long; that's how he got his name Rambling Man. When he left he took a piece of Raleigh's heart with him. Next Mardi Gras Raleigh still waits for Rambling Man. Will they meet up again? Or will Raleigh have to learn to move on without Rambling Man?December 25, 2020Vote
‘Sweet Tea and Scones’ By Karen and Kathy Sills, , Jetta has had her heart broken so many times. She yearns for someone to love her. But she has given up on love and has thrown herself into her job at her bakery, Sweet Tea and Scones. When a handsome stranger comes into the bakery, Jetta can't help but feel a deep attraction to Magee. Will she be able to put her pain of her broken heart behind her and give love another chance? And Magee has some secrets of his own? Will he come clean and give their love for one another a chance?December 25, 2020Vote
‘The Fishhook’ By Dennis D’Asaro, , An apeman through accident and thought, over time conceives of hook, line, and bait.December 23, 2020Vote
‘Last Exit (A Dave the Zombie Story)’ By James Peck, , Byron and his trainee have to deliver a UPS package to a creepy graveyard. On Friday the 13th. To a Zombie named . . . . Dave. Dave likes beer, cigarettes, and calls everyone "Dude." Despite Dave's friendly demeanor, he's still a Zombie. When the delivery takes a sinister turn, Byron contemplates life, death and the horror that lies between the two.December 23, 2020Vote
‘Pain, Death, and a Horse’ By Gretchen Mayer, , This memoir is about my experience of losing my beloved horse.December 23, 2020Vote
‘The Wharhol Affair’ By The Doc (not always used but always known by…, , A piece about a time in which all humans get their 15 minutes of fame broadcast all over the world and what happens when one refuses to leave the "stage"...December 23, 2020Vote
‘Woman of Purpose’ By Salomé Meyer, , My life story is about choosing to serve with purpose rather than to strive to be at the top of the ladder and to earn a big salary. It was a life decision at a young age that have stood me in good stead.December 23, 2020Vote
‘History 101’ By Zach Hare, , A man agrees to get a surgery that will erase his existence up until present times.December 23, 2020Vote
‘The Idea Place’ By carl park, , Will has a place where he gets ideas for the horror stories he writes.. maybe he's the story this time.December 23, 2020Vote
‘Hear You Sing’ By Colin Vigneault, , A unnamed man reminisces about small intimate moments he has shared with a woman from his past, each a tiny flash of the small moments we share with the people we love.December 22, 2020Vote
‘Feral Origins’ By Nathan Cahall, , This action filled supernatural fantasy depicts a kingdom under siege by a vampire army. King Duncan enlists the mystical expertise of Archmage Archimedes to even the battlefield and protect his land.December 22, 2020Vote
‘Coulrophobia’ By Gunnar Angel Lawrence, , A short true story of the encounter a young boy had with a sadistic, evil clown.December 22, 2020Vote
‘Of Fyre and Fear’ By KristaLyn A. Vetovich, , After saving a magical city from the wrath of his own king, Spyre, an inventor and hero, copes with his victory over his own brother, who weaponized Spyre's designs, as the precautions he put in place to prevent another war fall apart.December 22, 2020Vote
‘The Short and Happy Life of Lucky Lao’ By Mark Thumann, , After escaping from Thailand to Laos during the Covid Crisis, I find an unexpected friend among the dirt lanes of a Vientiane neighborhood- a friendship which is deep yet tragically short-lived.December 22, 2020Vote
‘Cipher’ By Zach Hare, , A man, living in a town poisoned by strange radiation, lives each day as though nothing has changed, until he meets people from outside the irradiated zone.December 22, 2020Vote
‘Everything Leads Home: Including Death’ By Rhonda Nelson, , A man who seemingly lost everything learns that you can always go home again.December 21, 2020Vote
‘Roy McDonald: Profile in Courage’ By Ken Tingley, , New York State Sen. Roy McDonald, a Republican, went against his party and did what he believed was the right thing during the debate over same sex marriage in 2012.December 21, 2020Vote
‘Beans’ By Kellie, , My mother, two sisters, and best friends help me find humor as they help me move out of my boyfriend's condo after five years.December 21, 2020Vote
‘Burros Del Cielo’ By Ani, , A struggling family is blessed with an angelic burro sent from God to bless them. The burro’s duty is to bless them 3 times and then return back to the Burros del Cielo.December 21, 2020Vote
‘Here Today, Gone Tomorrow ‘ By Russell Ray, , A story of a tragic death.December 20, 2020Vote
‘Quiet Hero’ By Katharine Melton, , A troubled youth finds a new purpose in life when an abandoned dog enters his lifeDecember 20, 2020Vote
‘Down in the River to Pray’ By Rachel Morones, , It's should have been a Deep South tent revival, just like the thousands that take place after the summer sun goes down and the heat begins to wane. It should have been a time of worship, a time for family. It was far from it.December 20, 2020Vote
‘The War Against Christmas’ By KMS, , A Yuletide story you may want to read to your cats.December 20, 2020Vote
‘The Elves of Tierra Del Fuego’ By Tracy Shew, , Sarion the elf travels to Tierra Del Fuego to attend a ceremony where he will be installed as Opheries of Nicaragua, an unwanted but compulsory title. At the gathering of elves, he is aghast that many elves have become fascinated by the world of men. In fact, he is warned by Xiroz, an elven god of death, that this is a dire threat to their world, and that only he can prevent it. During the ceremony, he is challenged for infidelity by an elf named Galens. The two elect to battle "to the death" with flowers - the "touch of beauty" is deadly to elves. During the battle, Xiroz appears and stops time, so Sarion may kill Galens. However, Sarion realizes it is a trap and that Xiroz is the one spreading the human ideas. He threatens the god with his flower, time begins flowing again, and he allows Galens to kill him, sacrificing himself to save the elven world. At the end, a Nicaraguan human named Gustav Mendoza has just awakened from a dream where he was an elf who had to sacrifice himself by going to the "world of men."December 19, 2020Vote
‘Him’ By Maria Rice, , Alone. Trapped in a basement. Gracie must fight for her life against Him: the man who has been torturing her for months. Only, he isn't the demon Gracie expected him to be.December 19, 2020Vote
‘My Alien Utopia’ By Ethan Smestad, , The narrator writes a letter to a missed connection describing his experience of the arrival of Aliens to the planet Earth.December 19, 2020Vote
‘the first bakers dozen’ By Janice Sevin, , it tells of my bakery and how I was converted to serving 13 in a dozen instead of twelve. Is my poem of an old classic story. thanks Janice SevinDecember 18, 2020Vote
‘A Stormy Night’ By Ferrell Rosser, , A farmer discovers hungry creatures in the swamp adjacent to his land. No one believes him until it's too late.December 17, 2020Vote
‘The Boss she was dying for’ By The_Unspoken✨💫, , The story narrates about a new employee at Dave’s Enterprise where she found the boss that she grew fond off. While she battled with hiding her secret love for her boss, the boss also tried convincing himself that what he felt for her will fade.December 15, 2020Vote
‘The Casio Plays’ By Seneca Basoalto, , This is a 1,000 word non-fiction memoir piece about escaping an abusive relationship with someone powerful. Based on personal experience.December 14, 2020Vote
‘Why wouldn’t he fly?’ By Carolina Rocha, , Wilson is a man that one day wakes up with wings arching behind his back. He doesn't know what to do with them or what effect they will have on his life, but either way, he has to go trough his day.December 14, 2020Vote
‘Downfall’ By N.V. Jones, , A reimagining of Greek mythology's "Icarus."December 13, 2020Vote
‘Bottom Line’ By Eric Gabrielsen, , It is a post cyberpunk, kinetic, violent, punch in the face narrative, that is tightly written and quickly paced. Bottom Line is a kinetic, tech heavy, homage to cyberpunk’s early salad days. With overtones reminiscent of Gibson’ Count Zero and Sterling’s Mirrorshades collection. Bottomline follows Kay, a creche’ born operative, on her last mission before being eligible for emancipation and full personhood. This comes into conflict with a struggling startups bottom-line with sadly predictable results. I started off performing monologues and was fortunate enough to work with Spaulding Gray before switching to writing short stories and have had pieces published in Machete Girl, Low L1f3, The Midcoast Maine 2018 BestLit Review.December 13, 2020Vote
‘The Horologist’ By T-Bob Corvus, , A watchmaker discovers that his girlfriend is a two-timer.December 12, 2020Vote
‘Hope is a Waking Dream.’ By A. Keith Carreiro, , Neal Stevans is a high school freshman. He's not popular. Many think he's a loser. To save his life from being a complete flop, he joins the Johnson Myles High School, wrestling team. He's a failure at it. He keeps being beaten. Yet, he has a vision. Everything changes. After all, there is hope: it's 1964.December 12, 2020Vote
‘Persian Night’ By douglas cole, , A scholar looking into the death of a poet, falls in love with the dead poet's partner and continues to pursue her by pretending to investigate the poet's work.December 11, 2020Vote
‘Blatta’ By Gideon St. Nation, , Rose and Andrew realize their relationship can't sustain any longer and it all comes to an end with the help of a cockroach.December 11, 2020Vote
‘The Secrets She Kept’ By Elly Bordea, , Poetic autobiographical processing of abuse I suffered as a child.December 10, 2020Vote
‘My Interview with an Airline’ By Marlene DeVere, , After working for an airline decades earlier, I decide to try and get another position with an airline in Los Angeles. This story is about that interview process.December 10, 2020Vote
‘Intermezzo with Mo’ By Chris Riker, , A man meets a past version of his soul while looking back at his life and deciding what he will say to his next incarnation. What would you say?December 10, 2020Vote
‘My Comedy Show’ By Chris Riker, , A former child-star looks back at his old TV show and realizes there's something funny about his life, and something wonderful.December 10, 2020Vote
‘Melt Value’ By Chris Riker, , In the near future, the human population plunges, leaving orphans and empty cities. One lonely piano teacher leads a team of orphans tasked with reducing the city of Cranston, RI to piles of valuable materials.December 10, 2020Vote
‘No Mousetraps’ By Jeffrey Thompson, , The story of a young couple's unlikely resolution to their difficulty having a child comes as a mouse that the young man finds one day while working as a garbage man.December 8, 2020Vote
‘Countless Stars We wrote’ By Yefon Isabelle, , This short story narrates the ordeal of a young woman named Sedi who languishes in a training facility after being forcefully conscripted to become a soldier for a new world order. She suffers from obsessive compulsion and PTSD which makes her survival in the facility exceptionally trying. She alongside others go through horrid drills, their minds bent to become tutors of a new government doctrine and weapons to forge a new breed of humans. Humans that will ensure the survival of the human species by ensuring sustainable choices.December 8, 2020Vote
‘The Locket’ By Jesse Engel, , A legacy shared by an elderly woman, Sarah, who survived the Civil War. Sarah shares her stories of her friends and family to her daughter to have her preserve the story of her family. The story focuses on Christian, a friend, and later her husband and the hard times she faced during the Civil War as a child.December 7, 2020Vote
‘An Angel’s Encounter’ By Shehaila Kozicki, , Oliver, a young Canadian-born boy, discovers a body that plummets from the sky. In this short story, Oliver discovers the impossible and tries his best to help the mysterious person come to terms with life, itself.December 7, 2020Vote
‘Mine’ By Agnes Grady, , A self-emergent AI has achieved sentience and describes how it relates to an autistic boy.December 7, 2020Vote
‘Jasmine’ By Joyce Hertzoff, , When her husband takes her to a tropical island and leaves her for long periods of time, a woman befriends a neighbor and plants a rock garden. The husband is killed and the woman is told the friend and flowers are all in her imagination.December 7, 2020Vote
‘Seduced By the Máfia ‘ By LILLY Oliveira, , Irei relatar a história de um , Mafioso italiano conhecido ,como Salvatore lo Piccolo, é Uma brasileira, Cujo nome É Laurelyne Braga de Oliveira, uma jornalista Famosa da Itália, Que Terá uma paixão por esse mafioso..December 7, 2020Vote
‘Spiritually In Love’ By Brianna Guice, , Spiritually in love is a story about a young single mother with an emotionally draining past, with love and religion, learning to be more open and give love another try with a handsome pastor.December 7, 2020Vote
‘Once Upon A Drunk Night’ By halfpastwriter, , Peony was new to the city and she wanted explore. That led to her drunk self meeting a drunk Enzo and getting married. They had 3 months till their divorce but things took a fast turn.December 7, 2020Vote
‘The Collector’ By Tanairi Caraballo, , In a diner that serves all kinds, a bargain is struck with an instrument of death- or is it justice?December 7, 2020Vote
‘The Raconteur’ By Tanairi Caraballo, , Ever wondered why bookshops could be so magical? Enter the Raconteur and you'll find out!December 7, 2020Vote
‘Birthright of the Ancients’ By Tanairi Caraballo, , On a wintery night, the line between life and death is blurred when a father calls upon a spirit to restore life to his still born daughter.December 7, 2020Vote
‘A Short Story About My Childhood’ By Deandric Potts, , This short story entails some of the traumatic life events I’ve experienced in my childhood, along with some good moments and what I took from experiencing them. It covers sexual abuse, guns, and more.December 7, 2020Vote
‘Vandread’ By Maka9463, , Set in a universe where humans have colonized the galaxy, and in one star system, men and women are completely segregated (on completely different planets: Mejere by the women, Taraak by the men) causing the gender war to be more than just a metaphor.December 6, 2020Vote
‘The Storyteller’ By Templeton Mosss, , After a hard day at work, Steven's mom relaxes as her son regales him with HIS version of what she did that day.December 6, 2020Vote
‘Emry’s Best Friend’ By Templeton Mosss, , No one at school believes Emry when she says her best friend is a dragon. But, when she takes him to class one day, they all change their tune in a hurry.December 6, 2020Vote
‘Kelly’s Friend’ By Templeton Mosss, , Kelly has a hard time making friends, so her parents are delighted when she tells them about Bobby. They've never met Bobby, or his family, so they can't help but wonder about Kelly's friend.December 6, 2020Vote
‘Safe Haven’ By Templeton Mosss, , A bounty hunter arrives in the town of Haven to apprehend a criminal. But it won't be easy, because, for reasons no one seems to understand, it is impossible to kill or hurt anyone in Haven.December 6, 2020Vote
‘The Truth About Dad’ By Templeton Mosss, , My dad always told me that he used to be a dragon, but got changed into a human by my mother, who used to be a witch. Then I grew up and I realized he was making it all up...but maybe the truth about dad is more complicated than that.December 6, 2020Vote
‘Now You See Me’ By Templeton Mosss, , Ragon the Detective has been hired to solve the mystery of a girl who has run away from the home of her wealthy father. A difficult job in and of itself...but Ragon is also invisible thanks to a curse he recently had put on him.December 6, 2020Vote
‘Heartless’ By Templeton Mosss, , In a story adapted from a famous American fairy tale, a happy woodsman is working hard to earn enough money to marry the girl of his dreams...but her wicked guardian has other plans.December 6, 2020Vote
‘Mind the Gap’ By M. Catherine Frederick, , A collection of passengers are all in the same tube car in the London Underground on a Friday morning. Each character deals with their own inner trials and tribulations, no one knowing what anyone else is going through at the present moment. This is a study in humanity, a reminder that everyone has their own demons to conquer.December 6, 2020Vote
‘The disappearance of dreams after dark’ By Miguel Izaguirre, , A girl is lost in her thoughts, killing time in a diner. Slowly, reality starts to fade away, as if it was trying to tell her something. Can she find the way to grasp her thoughts or are her dreams enough to take her down?December 6, 2020Vote
‘It Stalks in the Night, Death’s Cold Blue Eyes’ By Hario Tezawa, , It begins in the shadows, moments before Den-mother and her brother's assault on man's pelt-dens. She notes the eyes in the forest, attributes them to death, then executes the mission. Den-mother and her brothers, Scar and Snow-back, tear through Man's false canine guardians, the packless, but a momentary lapse in focus cost them dearly when a sharpened stone wounds Snow-back. Outnumbered and caught off guard, Den-mother holds the line while her brothers reluctantly escape. While a valiant last stand, Den-mother is worn down, succumbing to her many wounds. Just as one of man's warriors is ready to execute her, a bear roars from the forest, the beast too formidable for man to fight, causing them to flee. Man's pelt-den's vacated, Death itself approaches from the forest shadows, and sits with Den-mother in her final moments before drifting off into that dark, cold ever-night.December 5, 2020Vote
‘A Key in the Lock’ By K. E. Hirsch, , Vivian lives alone with her cat and isn’t expecting company until this afternoon. She’s predictably surprised, then, when she hears a key turning in the lock of her front door. But when she goes to see who has arrived, no one is there, and the door is still locked. Tension begins to build as Vivian realizes she may not be alone in the apartment.December 5, 2020Vote
‘Lost happiness’ By ADEPOJU OLAOLUWA ITUNU, , It all started with a personal craving for a good writer story, you know, the kind of story where the author pours every ounce of their writing experience into their character in the most cathartic way. Call it a stereotype, even call it vanity if you must. Whatever it is, sometimes as writers all we want is to read a story that reflects our creative struggle within this emotionally turbulent industry.December 5, 2020Vote
‘Out of Boston, Heading West’ By Tom Sheehan, , What happens on a wagon train when love moves within characters on the move.December 4, 2020Vote
‘Moving from loss towards meaning and purpose’ By Flavia Wahnfried, , In this story I share my path and my process of discovery moving from paralysing feelings of loss after facing a lay-off, towards a deeply fulfilling and inspirational professional life after finding my real purpose in life. I also offer advice to people who are on their own path of discovering and living their purpose.December 4, 2020Vote
‘Touch of Love’ By Benish Nayeem, , My poem is simple and short. It briefly describes how a girl's first love took her for granted and left her unloved. And how years later she finds a guy who accepts her for who she is and loves her with all his heart.December 4, 2020Vote
‘Pink Trees’ By Marc Leuschner, , When Forreston lost his job at PaleoCity Fine Meat Fabricators(TM), he though that it was the end of the world. That was until he learned that Mercy passed away. Mercy was a grey whale and the last member of the last species on earth that was not composed of human DNA. On his mecca to the Sector 5 Barleth Zoo to mourn his childhood friend, he ponders what the world will be like when the only species that remains on earth is man.December 3, 2020Vote
‘Tillamook’ By Doug Drowley, , Corporal Arthur Hait acts in defense of his country and his home, but it is only through an act of generosity half a century later that Hait finally makes peace with his private war.December 3, 2020Vote
‘The Slumber’ By Lagoon113, , A woman trapped in a nightmare begins to question her reality upon learning of a boy trapped inside the Slumber!December 3, 2020Vote
‘My Sister’s Wedding’ By NA, , My Sister’s Wedding is a story about my relationship with my older sister, Monica Huerta Allen. From groomsman at her wedding in 1984 to devastated brother at her bedside when she passed in 1987, my personal narrative recounts our unique relationship and revisits one of our happiest days in the history of the Huerta family.December 3, 2020Vote
‘The pandemic states of matter’ By Rachita Ramya, , The pandemic states of matter an account of the state of mind of an immigrant living in the US grappling with the pandemic. The story touches upon passive versus active choice, often stated in reference to voluntary versus involuntary immigration. I feel this story touches upon the mental health dimensions of immigrants during a challenging time in the US.December 2, 2020Vote
‘The Death of Alex Herring’ By Andrew Dalrymple, , A man believes that he can read more spiritual information than others, believes he learns a great deal in priest aspirations, and the story/his life is cut short.December 2, 2020Vote
‘Spilt’ By Asya Wilson, , Readers get a glimpse into the inner workings of a tired single mother when her baby spills baby food on the carpet, again. The story explores some of the dark thoughts and emotions that we keep hidden away.December 1, 2020Vote
”Witchy Cake” By Paige Lohr, , A young witch wants to make a cake for her sister. but she isn't supposed to use magic without permission. She makes a mess and does it anyway. Then finds out why she needs to ask first.December 1, 2020Vote
‘Narcissists Among Us’ By Agnes Grady, , All people have narcissistic tendencies and diagnosis is subjective. So how does an ordinary person figure out if they are in jeopardy and how do they deal with it?December 1, 2020Vote
‘The First Cry’ By Nahid Belal, , A town where no one is sad. It is all happiness and joy. But that seems wrong, right? Yes, it is. Who is this Mystica? What is his motive? Come and unravel the mystery of the happy town.November 30, 2020Vote
‘Cuentos del bosque angels’ By ETILVIA Tobias, , Es la historia de diferentes animales empezando con la historia del pequeño oso Isah y el conejo blanco, el cual s conocen en un día lluvioso y se vuelven inseparables.November 30, 2020Vote
‘Hot Burning biscuits’ By Bentura Naranjo, , Brothers having Summer adventures before puberty for the oldest.November 30, 2020Vote
‘THE SECRET ‘ By GIOVANNI MARGARONE, , A nephew visits after a long time his grandfather who lives in the Ligurian Riviera. During those days, he is filled with curiosity to discover the existential secret of his grandfather, happy with his old age, who believes it is kept in the cellar of his house, because his grandfather has always kept jealously locked up that place. A secret that the grandson believes is inherent in the period of life of the relati-ve prior to his marriage to his grandmother, whom he never spoke of. Taking advantage of his grandfather’s rest periods, his nephew manages to enter the cellar and steal-thily discovers a manuscript diary from his grandfather, in which he transcribes that secret. Reading, the nephew discovers that the grandfather, orphaned since childhood, is delivered by evil uncles to a family of peasants, where he was mistreated and forced to work; while the sisters, two were en-trusted to families of Genoa and one locked in a convent. It will be the wedding day when Grandfa-ther discovers he has these three sisters, last truth about his past existence, which he shamefully wants to erase from his memories. The nephew, however, does not tell his grandfather of the disco-very, out of respect for his will and places in the cellar the diary where he had found it. That secret will remain hidden in the heart of his nephew, happy not to have upset the old age of his grandfather. Setting: Noli in Liguria, Italy.November 29, 2020Vote
‘SHAG’ By ROBERT NICHOLS, , Direction of a young adult. Graphic details of a fallen father and famed attempts to raise a son.November 29, 2020Vote
‘Baby’ By Roan Lee-Plunket, , Jake creates what he thinks is the girl of his dreams, but everything changes when she starts to think of rebelling.November 28, 2020Vote
‘Perfection’ By J. Velasquez, , A young man meets a gorgeous woman at a bar. He can tell that she is the one.November 27, 2020Vote
‘What Goes Around’ By Walt McKenzie, , A young, arrogant man finds out that caring only for yourself can have dire consequences.November 27, 2020Vote
‘Dear Mum’ By The Authorpreneur, , A victim finds a guardian angel in the most unlikely place. Find out how a suicidal victim transforms into a strong survival with a zeal to live and grow up better.November 26, 2020Vote
‘Wish and Wish and Wish’ By Abby Jaquint, , Aiden is about to cut his LifeLine, meaning he's going to sign up to end his life after two hundred and thirteen years alive. Jade, Aiden's best friend, is not in support of this. The two have one of their final conversations together a few days before Aiden is to end his life.November 25, 2020Vote
‘A Second Chance’ By Adrian Stolecki, , A starship filled with cryogenically preserved occupants departs a doomed Earth bound for the unknown, with hopes of discovering a new home for humanity.November 25, 2020Vote
‘A Second Chance’ By Adrian Stolecki, , A starship filled with cryogenically preserved occupants departs a doomed Earth bound for the unknown in hopes of discovering a new home for humanity.November 25, 2020Vote
‘Little Brother’ By Megan Hemenway, , A girl is running late to school and leaves her delinquent brother behind, unaware of where he really is.November 24, 2020Vote
‘Fat Irish Green’ By Steve FaRRELL, , Fat Irish Green was a small-time old in Las Vegas during the Forties, but he had powerful friends. His best friend was Bugsy Siegel, the notorious New York Mobster. His second best friend was Meyer Lansky, another New York mobster. Fat Irish suddenly finds himself in possession of a suitcase full of money.November 24, 2020Vote
‘The Seventh Level’ By J.C.S., , No matter your power, abuse of it not only affects everyone else, but the person wielding it. Erin is slowly accepting this, sitting on a newly created planet where evolution has been exponentially sped up because of his mistakes-and his existence. As the errors of his way a unfold before his eyes, he's also reminded of why he fled there in the first place. In an effort to keep a step ahead of The Time Travelers Association and Committee, Erin crash lands on a planet ruled by another version of his lover Cassandra, The Grand Anomaly. However, he quickly learns it is yet another loose end as he attempts to circumvent her kisses and the truth.November 24, 2020Vote
‘Dreams of a Distant Past’ By Harley E Staggars, , An adolescent boy dreams about himself as an old man, and, in his dream, the old man is dreaming of an incident in which the boy's inaction would cause the death of his best friend. The dream serves as a warning, and the boy takes the appropriate action.November 24, 2020Vote
‘Parenting Through Six Flags’ By Shannon Hughes, , A true short story about parenting through a day at Six Flags - laden with my son's very real fears of roller coasters, and my life-long obsession with riding them. A peek into the tensions between pining for individuality while giving my own needs up for my kid. It's a story of unconditional love, sacrifice and the imperfections that come inherently with parenting. Particularly in a crowded theme park after the last day of third grade.November 24, 2020Vote
‘Censor on Senses’ By Unpluggedauthor, , A kid wants to enter the world essay competition and want to be a writer in the future. He doesn't know the real world out there, and he pours his heart into writing the essay. His uncle guides him in the proofreading and participation in the event. He wins and also loses.November 24, 2020Vote
‘My Life. My Story. Choose How You Take It. ‘ By Prudence Lukhele, , It's a short story about me (Prudence Lukhele) growing in South Africa, Mpumalanga as a model and the difficulties I had to face in my life and also how I got through hard situations.November 23, 2020Vote
‘She-Wolf’ By Helena Brady, , Asena will be married off soon, moving from the hands of an abusive father to someone she's never even met. Everything will be taken from her, and what little freedom she has will be a distant memory. She's savoring it while it lasts, and spends her evenings watching the moon rise on the horizon. Until one day, it isn't the moon she is watching. It's the eyes of the wolf. Asena knows there is something more to this wolf, something powerful and magical. But time is running out. Her marriage is getting closer, and time with the wolf is limited. Should she stay and accept her fate, or follow the wolf into the trees and face the unknown?November 23, 2020Vote
‘The Old Man of the Ditches’ By Tom Sheehan, , A one-legged laborer worked beside me at the site of the First Iron Works in America, now a National Park after its resurrection and reclamation, finds the bony remnants of an obvious murder. I worked with the site archeologist for parts of 8 years, from 1948-1956, before and after military service in Korea and subsequent entry into the class of 1956 at Boston College.November 23, 2020Vote
‘What would you eat?’ By Bombi, , The story reflects the realities of my father's countryside childhood in 1970s Romania. As the subject of an extremely harsh education and mentality, he often found himself lonely, neglected. The pigeons his father got were his main source of affection for a while. But affection, regarded as weakness could not be admitted. A tragic end of his pigeon friends shows the measures adopted by a society who speak the language of violence. A generation later, children writing such stories is a coping mechanism for our dear fathers.November 23, 2020Vote
‘Getting Clean’ By Will Maguire, , In this time of pandemic, a mechanic, covered in grease, enters a church and washes his hands in a bowl of holy water. And the writer remembers another deadly virus, years ago, and how he managed to get clean.November 21, 2020Vote
‘An Oddly Careful Day in the Life’ By Mary Corbin, ,

This is a story about a young woman suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and 
how a day in her life unfolds under the limitations of such an affliction. It also reveals
how it has affected her past and determines her future. Chloe wants to be more like the 
people she witnesses passing by her apartment window but struggles to feel safe in the 
world outside her own walls.
One can only imagine what life would be like for Chloe and others like her, not yet thrown into 
the chaos of a pandemic in this story, but life as we all now know it. As we become aware of
the parallels of her predicament vis-a-vis our own day to day existence in the midst of a global 
pandemic, perhaps we might be able to relate to her dilemma. Maybe there is room for compassion 
and understanding after all.

November 21, 2020Vote
‘”To Get Back To Yesterday”‘ By Kevin McGrath, , A wealthy, elitist widow sees a chance to get back to a more orderly time, a secretive retirement home set in the 1940's, when comers knew their place.November 21, 2020Vote
‘Surrender’ By Florence Elyzabeth Krieger, , A Poetic Narrative of a girl faced with a persisting challenge of peace of mind. Pointing the blame for her struggle to the storm of the heavens, she fights with an act of God. It is a journey of one who searches for harmony within the chaos of her own mind only to discover that with surrender comes ease.November 20, 2020Vote
‘One Thousand Degrees’ By Florence Elyzabeth Krieger, , This is what I call a Poetic Narrative meant to encapsulate the struggling of battling with one's own demon of rage or anger. It is a story of a girl (any girl in the world) who faces her challenge of managing her uncontrollable emotions out of fear of unintentionally hurting the ones she loves. She is determined to overcome her intensity for the sake of the greater good.November 20, 2020Vote
‘The Carrot and The Hare’ By Bennett Phillips, , A new species of fantasy creature enlists an enemy to help them achieve dominance over the forest.November 19, 2020Vote
‘Nothing to See Here’ By Bennett Phillips, , An old man investigates a mystery in a convention center that has been annexed as an emergency refugee facility. What he finds is a secret more horrifying than anything he could have imagined.November 19, 2020Vote
‘The Tenacity of the Single Parent’ By Destinee Amber, , Single parents are lauded as strong. We are congratulated on our strength by friends, family, and well-meaning strangers in Aisle 5 of the grocery store. The truth is, we are not strong. We are tenacious.November 19, 2020Vote
‘Who is Hunter Jacobs?’ By Bennett Phillips, , A teenage boy corresponds with a friend about some unusual phenomena that have him questioning the validity of his own existence.November 19, 2020Vote
‘The Contract’ By Gene Markey, , The narrator's friends put their epic quest on hold in order to stage an intervention. The chosen one is willingly possessed by a demon, and that demon has been acting drunk, disorderly, childish, and unpleasant using his body. The calm, mature narrator tries to smooth this over, but unbeknownst to his friends, he's not the hero. The hero was coping poorly with the stress of violence, the pressure to save the world, and a lack of social support, so he contracted the demon to take over his life and save the world in his stead. In the end, because the contract stipulates “creating a better future for the hero," the demon insists that the hero come clean and ask for their companions' support.November 19, 2020Vote
‘Secret Heart’ By Tom McGuire, , My story relates a bonding tale between me and my father, a broken man for most of his adult life who was just coming out of the throes of alcoholism and trying to regain his dignity and re-establish a relationship with his family. Especially with me, his only son. "Secret Heart" tells the true story of when I was in the 10th grade (1972) and my dad asked me to accompany him on a drive down to Mississippi to pick up the corpse of some old-timer who was to be buried in our county cemetery (Indiana). My uncle ran the funeral parlor but he, too, was an alcoholic and on a bender, so it fell to my recently sober dad to make the drive to Mississippi in my uncle's hearse. I had just gotten my license two months before. On the journey, my dad lets spill some war-time revelations (and other secrets) that contributed to his PTSD and alcoholism.November 19, 2020Vote
‘Embracing the Black Dragon’ By Ruth Major, , How depression and Joy became a couple, and the great times many grandchild struggled with depression because of the death of the daughter of them. How she freed her race from slavery, and accepted depression as a part of her life instead of fighting it.November 19, 2020Vote
‘The Streets of Democracy?’ By Chet McHenry, , America after decades of revolutionNovember 19, 2020Vote
‘Sunshine Acres’ By Natalie Wright, , A woman tours a farm property with a real estate agent under the guise of prospecting for a purchase. But she already knows the property—and the dark secrets it holds. She's there to bury her past, not build a new life. Will a tour through her childhood terror bring her closure or open festering wounds?November 18, 2020Vote
‘Time Rides On A Billion Stars’ By Tom Montefusco, , Two teenagers are struggling. One is trying to learn guitar. He meets the spirit of Jimi Hendrix, who helps him. The other is having problems with math He meets the spirit of Albert EinsteinNovember 18, 2020Vote
‘The Dragonslayer’s Daughter’ By Michael Walton, , A young woman seeks the aid of a witch in dispelling a curse laid upon her husband... but the cost might be more than she is prepared to pay.November 18, 2020Vote
‘Good Night, Artemis’ By liahcentilles, , She has always been my light that guides me through the darkness. I have followed her luminance that guided me towards the right path. How am I able to know the right place to go? When the light I've been watching for, shines no more.November 18, 2020Vote
‘The Unfortunate Entanglement’ By J.E Stanway, , The McGregor sisters are four lively young women, and thanks to a rivalry between two of them, are making themselves infamous in the village of Fairbourne. When Mr. Lucas Lancaster moves to their village, sisters Lorna and Janice both become infatuated with him. While the two sisters fight over Mr. Lancaster, their sister Evangeline is, in vain, trying to play peacemaker. Little do they know that their fourth sister, Ryla, is truly the object of Mr. Lancaster's affection. The way they all find out the truth doesn't exactly take well, resulting in a temporary strain within their household. Not so terrible though, as to separate them forever.November 16, 2020Vote
‘sustenance’ By Brandt Irvine, , A fictional portrait of life and love in Thailand for servicemen flying missions over Cambodia and Laos for the NSA during the Viet Nam war.November 16, 2020Vote
‘That time when I was Asian’ By Laura Nelson, , A memoir of an incident at a past job where my Supervisor confused me with another co-worker and it had a negative impact on my job performance.November 15, 2020Vote
‘Moon House’ By Christy Ann Clark, , Moon House is about a group of women who have attempted to maintain a knowledge and practice of spirituality in a world since taken over by an extremely secular government. They educate the public and host "free prayer" events in an attempt to awaken their society. Meanwhile, Earth and it's neighboring planets are moving through what is called the "photon belt" in space and it is forcing their planet to evolve energetically and the women are doing their best to awaken the rest of the populace in order to ensure a smooth spiritual transition during this! They conspire with a secret part of the government/media to gather as many people as possible at a sacred location during the event so that they may all transition together. Multiple groups are working towards a similar goal unbeknownst to one another, and the end is a game to find common ground for the health of future generations!November 14, 2020Vote
‘A Cave on Cave Hill’ By Anthony Kelly, , Shayla lives in Cave overlooking the ruins of a city taken over by an alien hive, as her existence is threatened by a stranger she discovers a new friend.November 14, 2020Vote
‘CARRIE ‘ By Kingberry, , The burial of a once wicked man took place and it was a relief to everyone..little did they know the end was just the beginning, as a sinister entity followed them home, and the fear of what they cannot see hunts them as they noticed and unwelcoming presence... Their Daughter left the house, but all along the entity wasn't watching them, it was watching her and her nightmares slowly turned to reality.November 14, 2020Vote
‘Goodbye, Sam Hain’ By Chris Wagner, , A group of rock and roll witches get together to jam one last time.November 13, 2020Vote
‘VCAL-140SB’ By George Frost, , VCAL-140SB is one the series of cyborgs with advanced artificial intelligence who has been program as a security unit, but in his manufacture, he seems to have acquired a soul and has been accused of having a relationship with a human being for which the penalty is disassembling, but instead, because of his advanced programming, he will have his memory removed. Told first person from the cyborg's point of view, we look to see if there if he really does have a soul that wasn't part of his programming.November 13, 2020Vote
‘Eclipsing The Moons’ By A.C. Steele, , Astronomers Paul and Kelly Moon have been murdered. Detective Cooper Wright and Officer Manny Vasquez comb the scene for clues and motive finding a little more than they'd intended.November 12, 2020Vote
‘Gromble’s Adventure At The Store’ By Richard Granvold, , Gromble finds a baby at the store.