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‘Lost Love’ By Kim Plasket, , Main Character find a lost love but it was just a little too lateApril 16, 2021Vote
‘The Lands Beneath The Water’ By Cascade M, , Nakita Amora was hunted by the government when she found the cure for a sickness. Trying her best to lose them, she ended up being lost to a world she accidentally fell in. With the help of a native from the other world, they journeyed every land and conquer every quest for Nakita to exit.April 16, 2021Vote
‘Following the Current’ By G.G. Hesterberg, , Through the use of ocean analogies and word pictures, author G.G. Hesterberg reflects on her life in the middle of a global pandemic. The ocean, a constant presence in various forms, is her healing place.April 16, 2021Vote
‘पगली । PAGLI’ By SUNIL KUMAR, , सड़क पर घूमती भरे बदन की एक जवान मानसिक दिव्यांग लड़की, जिसका नाम भीड़ ने खुद ब खुद 'पगली' रख दिया. खाना मांगती लड़की को लालची दुकानदार 'चल भाग' बोलकर दुत्कारते हैं तो बदन के भेड़िये पीछे पड़े हैं. अंत आपको रूला देगा और उससे बढ़कर हैरान कर देगा.April 16, 2021Vote
‘No Scope’ By K. M. Harris, , No Scope is a magical realism piece that touches on the supernatural, about a young war veteran that has returned home after having eye replacement surgery. He goes through internal turmoil as he sits in his beat-up truck in an unknown but familiar neighbourhood. As he tries to work his way through Deja Vu and unrecognisable memories, he watches a woman. Will all his questions be answered when he finally speaks to her?April 16, 2021Vote
‘Sektor 47’ By Ahmad Nabi Noor Jehangir, , Saida Abbas is a bounty hunter who has returned to her colonized home world of Sektor 47 in order to find her foster father, and rescue him from the Red Cloaks, the militant invaders who colonized Sektor 47 before Saida was born. Being brought face to face with the plight of her people once again, Saida resolves to assassinate the governor who has oppressed her home and put an end to the tyranny of the Red Cloaks once and for all.April 15, 2021Vote
‘Greetings from Earth’ By Preston Dennett, , A young couple decides to visit an extraterrestrial artifact that has appeared on Earth. Scientists are baffled by the object and unable to identify it. Then, without warning, one of them disappears into the object, which immediately takes off into outer space.April 15, 2021Vote
‘A Change in Life’ By Chet McHenry, , A woman receives a coupon that changes her life.April 14, 2021Vote
‘A Witness to Conflict’ By P.J. Roscoe, , We follow the good fortune of a young, destitute lad, who survives the horrors of living on the streets, and through the kindness of a stranger, is brought to a tavern of a particular reputation, where the young boy is a witness to the uprising of the clans against the English. Set during the rebellion of the clans in the months leading up to the fateful battle at Culloden in 1746.April 14, 2021Vote
‘Of Marcus & Immanuel’ By Sarah Edmonds, , "Of Marcus & Immanuel" is an epistolary short story about the reunion of two closeted gay men during Reconstruction Period America. Both former soldiers of the Union Army, Marcus and Immanuel were torn apart after the war by fear, mental illness, and Immanuel's marriage. However, Marcus's deteriorating mental health eventually pushes him to reach out to his former friend and they must navigate their emotions for each other, their individual trauma, and the society in which they live before they can even hope to reach a place of peace between them.April 13, 2021Vote
‘George and Hannah’ By Ivan Brave, , A brother and a sister wander into the woods, in search of adventure, or at least to get away from their fighting caregivers. A twist on the original sibling fairy tale, this one gets down and dirty with the suspense.April 13, 2021Vote
‘My old man’ By John Loraine, , Son and the father have not seen each other, (not even pictures of each other) for seventeen years due to various family socio-economic issues and immigration. 17 years since separating, the son who now became a father himself, gets in contact with the father, ships him over a smartphone and they have their first conversation via video call, the first time they see each other after all those years. Son gets back in memory lane and remembers what it was like to grow up with his father and what the situation was back then back home. Things have changed. His father is no longer young and the son has matured a lot. The son is the father now as well and wants to share his life accomplishments with his father, show him his grandson, and how he's been growing up. Son wants his father back in his family, even If they cannot meet in person, even just yet.April 13, 2021Vote
‘The Prodigal Son’ By Arjun Satish, , The world is slowly picking its way to normalcy in the aftermath of a devastating war that has amassed the death of millions. A distraught man wakes up in a cell, trying to piece himself together, discovering shocking truths that would shatter his life, if he has any.April 13, 2021Vote
‘The Corvid’ By Chandra Menezes, , Martin, a young college student, purchases a painting of a crow from a local second hand store. He keeps it, despite his roommate Adam's insistance that there is something off with the painting. As time goes on however, Adam begins to act strange, seemingly worshiping the painting, and it becomes increasingly clear to Martin that perhaps he's gotten more than he bargained for.April 12, 2021Vote
‘Charlie and the Chocolate Fountain of Youth’ By Jacob Stephenson, , Single Dad takes his boys to a buffet lunch with friends. Bedlam ensues.April 12, 2021Vote
‘Small Talk’ By Leftie Aubé, , An outing at the playground turns into a dreadful moment when a young mother engages in a conversation with a woman famous for a tragic reason.April 12, 2021Vote
‘A Brief Love Story’ By Leftie Aubé, , A meet-cute between two aspiring writers. Soulmates finding each other. Until destiny decides otherwise... A 950-word flash fiction story.April 12, 2021Vote
‘Walls’ By george geisinger, , It's a 700 word flash.April 11, 2021Vote
‘Move Me’ By Annie McDonnell, , This is a poem that I wrote to express what poets meant to me. I wrote this in honor of Poetry Day, 2021.April 11, 2021Vote
‘Curriculum Vitae’ By Omar Majeed, , My life story in detached fragmentsApril 11, 2021Vote
‘Trapped Wounds’ By Lamiya Siraj, , Sameer a young and dashing man meets a girl on a train. They get clicked immediately with each other like they know each other from ages. He spends such a great time with her that it becomes the life-time memories for him. The journey itself becomes the destination for him. Planning to share his life with her, he plans to propose her. But will he be able to have her as his destiny? Check out for yourself.April 11, 2021Vote
‘Kiel – Some robot goes beyond their programing’ By Keith Brandon, , Planets in the Steh system surrounded by a purple material, that keeps them alive. When this material began dissipating, Kiel the almost human robot sent to investigate this event and change the course of things if he can.April 11, 2021Vote
‘The weird vistas from a Franconian hill’ By R.P, Bienia, , In 1555, Walter wishes to flee this world with war and disease. He moves to a village south of Hesse, Germany. With the help of an hermit, he finds a way to enter the otherworld of local legends, but the fairy world is different than he expected.April 11, 2021Vote
‘Asthma Attack’ By preveena sivakumar, , Ju finally gets some alone time at her new apartment but with recently diagnosed with asthma and an eerie past surrounding the apartment building, Ju isn't so sure if she wants to spend the night alone.April 10, 2021Vote
‘BROOKLYN SUBWAY AND MY ‘CUZ” By vincent Kelly, , Story about growing up in Brooklyn in the 1950's and how my cousin and I rode those subways throughout Brooklyn and New York, they were our very own magic carpet to place yet to be discovered by two young baby boomers. Back when New York and Brooklyn still embraced the past while heading towards the future.April 10, 2021Vote
‘Exemption to Kill’ By Brenda Mohammed, , Brigitte Stone ignores her parents' advice and rushes into marriage with a foreigner who she met online. After a blissful honeymoon, her husband Jerry changed drastically and she could not recognize him. Did he really try to kill her when she told him she was pregnant? Or did she imagine it? After a five-month marriage, can she escape his wrath, or will she regret leaving him? Read this psychological thriller to find out the truth.April 10, 2021Vote
‘Love in Uniform’ By Whitney Morsillo, , Emergency room nurse, Stacy, discovers love in an unexpected way. Police Officer, Cam O'Harris, finds that a drunken, feisty arrestee may show him the key to his heart's desires.April 9, 2021Vote
‘What Brothers Are For’ By Whitney Morsillo, , Fourteen-year-old Xander struggles with the recent suicide of his older brother until he finds his brother's journal and learns of the truth behind what happened.April 9, 2021Vote
‘Crocheting in Heaven’ By Eve Gaal, , Diane is a nurse with a powerful message to a woman in hospice, who looks like she's at the end of her life.April 9, 2021Vote
‘The Grim Reaper and I’ By Naveena Srinivas, , Tessa, 21, is broken after her share of toxic relationships. Each one proving to be a better one but left her craving for love blindly. Robiel wastes no time swooping her right off the feet even before she could process the thin line between nonsense and perilous. He swears to help her through the darkness. She latches onto him like a butterfly to a frog in disguise of a hydrangea blooming in her gloomy heart. Will she wake up from her slumber? Who exactly is Robiel? Inhumane or non-human?April 9, 2021Vote
‘The Gut’ By Camille Cote, , This personal story discusses the aftermath and lived experience of a parent with mental illness, and its affect on children. It illustrates how the trauma from having a mentally unwell parent can bleed into that child's life if it is unresolved or unacknowledged.April 9, 2021Vote
‘The chipper ‘ By Leah Smith, , The account of a young boy, now my father, on his memory of the troubles in Ireland, as related by an interview.April 9, 2021Vote
‘Missing puzzle piece’ By Abha Kulkarni, , As she bickered busily with the girls she called her closest friends, Evelyn barely got a chance to bid farewell. Would she have regretted these final moments if she knew how a gaping hole of a missing puzzle piece felt? Evelyn's last few memories of her late parent are clouded. Upon learning of the unfortunate demise she wonders if it would've made a difference if she'd gotten to say goodbye- if the picture would be just as empty. Could she gone on, without the missing puzzle pieces.....would the picture be still beautiful, without them?April 9, 2021Vote
‘Finders Keepers’ By Robert Conz, , A kind-hearted boy befriends an aging, shut-in man who reveals he has a special gift to share with him.April 9, 2021Vote
‘A Day Off’ By Stephen Johnson, , Crawling out of the old well where he's died so many times before, the Big Bad Wolf decides he's had enough: today, he's going to take a break from being the villain. And who knows: maybe he'll quit for keeps. If only Little Red Riding Hood is willing to join him...April 8, 2021Vote
‘The Kite’ By Rick Henderson, , The Kite is a memory of my father and me when we made a homemade kite and flew it on a breezy March Day.April 8, 2021Vote
‘Turning pain into power’ By Julie Bilotta, , In 2012 I made international headlines because at 8 months pregnant my bail was revoked on charges from 2 years prior to my pregnancy. The charge was for possession of marijuana for the intent to distribute. A few days later I went into labour which I didn’t realize at the time because this was first pregnancy. I was ignored all day and even put into segregation for being too loud. 12 hours later my sons foot was outside of my body which means I was going into a breach birth which extremely dangerous to the mother and child. After forgetting to call an ambulance for 45 minutes I delivered my son breach in a jail cell with only paramedics. My son Gionni was in extremely bad condition and so was I. A year later just 2 weeeks after Gionni turned 1 he stopped breathing and passed away on October 13th 2013. I thought my life was over and actually came very close to suicide. The media was flooding the streets and calling all family members. I had already started a lawsuit against the Ottawa jail, the college of nurses and the guards. I did go on to win the lawsuit but during all this I started doing speeches at different universities and speaking publicly at different events and even had mandates changed. I’m still advocating to this day for prison reform, mental health and addiction. A quick google of my name will give you to a of information as it was a huge story.April 7, 2021Vote
‘Whispers’ By D. J. Willis, , Things are not quite as they seem, when someone tries to help the police solve a murder.April 7, 2021Vote
‘Mea Culpa!’ By Sarah Marlique, , 'Mea Culpa!' is a short poem about a lady falling into depression, with her loved ones looking but not really seeing. As her mental health continues to deteriorate, they fall further apart because of their actions, or lack thereof.April 7, 2021Vote
‘poetry collection’ By hajar hidi, , differes from war to love to self motivation, i present my collection of poems that might speak to youApril 7, 2021Vote
‘PRETTY YOUNG TING ‘ By Amber, , BLURB Growing up in the 80iest UK was difficult for most young people, especially the mixed and black youths from that era. Due to her light skinned appearance Alicia was singled out and bullied throughout her school life, that was until Jackie joined her school and protected her from the taunts of the bullies. Alicia Jackie and a few others held together a loving friendship that would stand the test of time. However, Alicia’s bullying past played a significant part in the choices of relationships she formed appearing to attract deceitful bulling men, as she grew from a child into woman hood, but that all appeared to change when now in her 30ties she fell into the arms of a sexy 15 years younger rude boy…. Would their lustful relationship blossom into something special or was it just that… moments of lust that would disappear into the night? Alicia’s past wasApril 7, 2021Vote
‘The Healing Power of Living in The Present’ By Shawna Allard, , My story is about the healing effect that leaving in the present has if you have been to any kind of trauma or there is anything that is making you feel depressed, sad, angry, or confused. By fully living in the present you realize that there is nothing to worry about. That most of the time the present moment is perfect as it is and is full of joy and love. It is just our minds that wander to the past or the future and that makes us feel negative emotions. From this story, you will learn the benefits of living in the present, what is keeping you from enjoying life to the fullest and how to rewrite old habitual thought patterns that are keeping you from healing and reaching your full potential, and create the life you want.April 7, 2021Vote
‘Pets’ By Devin Vandriel, , Aaron and his family are picking out a new dog for their child. Alien invasion. Aaron realizes that the aliens came to pick out pets for themselves.April 6, 2021Vote
‘The Transport’ By Fletcher Graves, , A group of friends discover a hidden world in the woods of their suburban town.April 6, 2021Vote
‘Treating Systemic Racism from a Holistic Medical Perspective’ By David Foster, , If we can agree that racism is systemic, there is no reason we shouldn't be able to apply the principles of medicine towards treating it. Western medicine has its place. It has achieved things with technology and emergency care that Eastern medicine could never come close to. However, we have a saying in the acupuncture world: That attempting to resolve chronic illness with conventional medicine is like going to an acupuncturist with a gun shot wound. In Traditional Chinese Medicine we do not chase symptoms, nor rob Peter to pay Paul in the form of side effects for short-term victories. My opinion is a similar logic can be applied socially, that defunding the police might be as mindless as not reprimanding them for abuse of power. Instead, we must address the root cause of the issue.April 6, 2021Vote
‘Talk To Her’ By David Foster, , This is the story of how I met my wife, beginning with a series of missed opportunities during my brief interim living in L.A., career disappointments atop disappointment with myself, romantically, existentially, in every way. After sufficiently beating myself up for it, I vowed to never shy away from talking to a strange girl again, especially one who was offering me an inviting eye. It was this decisive resolve that led to the boldest and final move I'd ever make, asking out my primary care physician.April 6, 2021Vote
‘The Serpent Tree’ By Jason Conway, , Jake is a city dweller on a nature escape in the Forest of Dean, away from the daily noise of its concrete landscape. He seeks to revisit a special place that he found by accident some years past. This adventure would bestow a very powerful message that would transform his life and purpose. Nature was calling, and soon he would understand the importance of its voice.April 6, 2021Vote
‘Claws of Agony’ By Heavenscribbles, , A teenager in a quest to flee from her captors burnt the only bridge that could lead her back and now, she is left at a dead-end of inauspicious choices.April 6, 2021Vote
‘The Obscurity of Air’ By Nicholas Varey, , The mighty zeppelin, The Edge of the World, is on a one-way destination into the mysterious orb dubbed "The Hole in the Sky". In the final hours of the flight, Michael, a scarred soldier, encounters the strangely familiar Cheri, and all that has come before their meeting is suddenly brought into question.April 6, 2021Vote
‘The Butcher And The Ballerina’ By Kai Sodré, , A butcher anxiously wants to watch his daughter's ballet debut. So, Death buys him a ticket.April 5, 2021Vote
‘The Little Things in Life’ By Whuan Lynn Khor, , Contrary to common believe whereby we need to be achieve greatness in order to enjoy a fine life, it is actually the little things that matter.April 5, 2021Vote
‘Love in the time of Covid-19: My heart journey with love’ By Babalwa Ludidi, , This short story is pulled out of a chapter titled, "My heart journey with love"; from the bigger project: "Love in the time of Covid-19". Although a work of fiction, it is a project which has quickly moved my heart and, while in its process, has exposed me to real-life love stories which inspire the work. It is a story of a young woman by the name of Thandeka, residing in Cape Town, South Africa; and the roller-coaster that is her experience of love in one of the most traumatic seasons the world has, to date, found itself in - the grips of a pandemic. We follow Thandeka through her journey to loving, grieving the loss of that relationship, finding a reason to restore her faith in love again, and finding the love of her life in the process; as chronicled in the pages of her journal.April 5, 2021Vote
‘Synesthesia (n.)’ By Clara Schenk, , A dictionary-style story using colours to describe the story of a young girl who was abused but overcame it.April 5, 2021Vote
‘Happy With a Twist’ By Clara Schenk, , 'Happy With a Twist' tells a simple college love story in which falling in love is easy. Until an accident happens and moving on is harder than imagined.April 5, 2021Vote
‘Gleb’ By Rebekah Black, , Cady and Gleb are friends first and foremost, but there's a catch. See, Cady loves Gleb, and Gleb loves Cady, but both have seen first-hand how much love can hurt, so it’s easier to say they are just friends. Then Gleb got hit by a car and left Cady all alone—she never forgave him for that. She misses his eyes, his heartbeat under her ear, and she misses…*him*. This is the story of how Cady found hope after loss.April 5, 2021Vote
‘Three Poems by Eddie Campagnola’ By ONE, , Three Poems by Eddie Campagnola "Hello Love", "Two men, look at him." and "I look at myself." These poems epitomize my mission statement, "To work for the betterment of all humanity, engaging all willing people. To enlighten them and be enlightened by them. Through education, using facts and experiences to formulate fair, unconditionally loving solutions. Through literary works and speaking express resolutions and how to peacefully implement them. With a goal for a united world, one people one earth, a Global Social Democracy."April 4, 2021Vote
‘JOURNEY TO A BILLION NAIRA ‘ By Gloria Aimanehin, , Musa's world came crashing after a terrorist attack claimed his parents' lives. Find out how fate set him on a journey to a billion naira born out of dedication and hardwork.April 4, 2021Vote
‘PTSD A Nightmare on Mercy Street’ By Edward Campagnola, , An unsheltered Writer/Activist, surviving on the street, is assaulted and deals with his new psychologically paralyzing condition. Chronicles all aspects of the evolving post traumatic stress disorder, the results of a near fatal attack on board a Greyhound bus.April 4, 2021Vote
‘You Reap what you Sow’ By YolandaN, , Zama is a rural girl who is raised by Madlomo . Madlomo is a single parent , but she's doing her best to raise her daughter well. The problem started after they moved to another province Soweto Joburg.April 3, 2021Vote
‘The Desert Rose ‘ By Ivan Lekoski, , A young prince goes on to acquire a rose that supposedly grows in the desert so that he can get his love interest to marry him. Despite his success however, his actions bring about terrible consequences.April 3, 2021Vote
‘Women Write Now: Women in Trauma’ By Meshika Sewnarin, , This is a one shot about a mother who has just lost a child ,however the story takes a turn when her daughter leaves her with a final piece of advice on how to face life with a brave ,and kind heart .April 3, 2021Vote
‘Rapid Departure’ By William R. Humble, , When Suzy's plan to square her and Norma's debt to a gangster fails disastrously, it's time to get off their craptastic planet. Problem is, they're almost broke. Not only are tickets off-world expensive, the spaceport is one of the most heavily guarded facilities on the planet. Motivated by a burning desire to not be tortured or have their guts or faces replaced, the girls have to stay a step ahead of the gangster and his cronies, and hope they're clever enough to beat the system.April 2, 2021Vote
‘Apricity’ By lavenderlilybeauty, , It's basically a story about nature, to make realize that we run after beauty in virtual objects but the real beauty and youth is in our own nature.April 2, 2021Vote
‘Promised’ By J.E. Kaster, , A young couple is torn apart, but not before they promise to be together forever.April 1, 2021Vote
‘Kami’ By Lauren Leach-Steffens, , Jeanne Beaumont-Young, an old woman, mourns the loss of her husband Josh. Her husband, meanwhile, is not dead in spirit -- he has become one of the Kami, the spirits of Shinto, as some exceptional humans can be. Josh must remember his past life in order to reach the woman who waits for him.April 1, 2021Vote
‘The Mixed Mythos’ By Jenn Brink, , What happens when the GODS get bored with their day jobs? Come on into the Mixed Mythos, grab a chair and a cold beverage and find out!April 1, 2021Vote
‘Alone With You’ By Jenn Brink, , It's an age old story, boy meets girl. Boy falls for girl. Girl wants something else. Will Jake be able to resist the temptations of the flesh? Or will his dream girl stay to become more than a dream?April 1, 2021Vote
‘Status Quo’ By Marvin Kenneth Harris, , Sometimes we need someone. Or Something. To inspire us.April 1, 2021Vote
‘Clementine ‘ By kayleigh Patchett, , Little Clementine went missing five years ago but when Hazel moves into her beautiful new home it seems the young girl was never really lost at all.April 1, 2021Vote
‘Purpose- A collection of Poems on life and surroundings.’ By MrSait, , Purpose is a collection of poems on life and surroundings. Our life system has a rhythm but we derail for our convenience. These poems are an effort to answer those questions.April 1, 2021Vote
‘Million Dollar Baby’ By Christine Herbstritt, , As different as night and day, two young nurses working on a special project for a neonatal unit find out that they have much in common, including their dedication to their jobs. Both are surprised when they become pregnant at the same time, and deliver the very same day. One pregnancy does not end happily, and the mother begins to doubt that it all had been a coincidence. As she digs deeper, her worst fears are confirmed.March 31, 2021Vote
‘The Elevator – Part 1/2’ By Gillian Marie, , A girl, a little black book and an envelope walk into an elevator... Ella is scraping by in life, days melt into one another, weeks blur past. Until a little black book mysteriously shows up in her apartment and begins to haunt her. Where it leads her, she may not come back from.March 31, 2021Vote
‘Soul Dumplings’ By Chris (Sutty) Suddeth, , Every family has a recipe that binds generations, or, at least, they should. "Soul Dumplings" is a brief memoir of delayed grief when a recipe thought lost to the ravages of Alzheimer's emerges from the ethers with the aid of Divine Timing.March 31, 2021Vote
‘Press Her. Cook Her?’ By Chris (Sutty) Suddeth, , "Press Her. Cook Her?" follows our heroine, Alice, after she cleaned her act up. Boring, one might say. Not if Nigel, Alice's guardian poltergeist, has anything to do with it.March 31, 2021Vote
‘Blood and Bones’ By Raven Danzig-Moon, , Four teens are heading to camp for the summer when they get into an unexpected turn and have a car accident and stumble upon a small town for help. What they didn't realize is the small town is overrun by a group of Satanic Cannibals.March 31, 2021Vote
‘Rise Of The Inkling Destroyer’ By Abdulaziz Sharkar, , This is about an inkling who was left out. He didn't knew who his family was. He was always alone. He got bullied, insulted etc etc. He wanted to enjoy his life but it was hell for him. He even unleashed his powers causing him to become a monster. They sent him away from freedom and took away making his life very difficult and horrible. He has many secrets and powers that are hidden, waiting to be released in the future. He has many secrets that he wanted to hide. He escaped and wanted to live a normal life. Will he gets it or will it be a disaster for him . That type of stuff. He was brutally injured and almost killed too. Yet that made him stronger and always comes back. He doesn't view hims and superior, the best out of anyone. He simply walks on the path that he follows, helping anyone in need. His heart, power, is tied to his anger. The more it grows, raging inside, the stronger he becomes, yet through all the anger, hate, wrath flowing through him, he is a force of good. A voice and a weapon of innocence and justice. Yet no one knows his actions are for the good.March 31, 2021Vote
‘The Sacred Text’ By Winter, , Two girls await the gift of a lifetime, their final Scientology auditing session. After years and years of hard work and dedication, these girls are finally going to be able to really see the scared text written by the founder of Scientology. Little do these girls know that there is much to encounter behind those closed doors.March 30, 2021Vote
‘#flowtherapy Vol 1’ By Devin James, , Two poems: World War Me is about the ongoing battle within that we wage on ourselves, and The Locks is about the excuses we make up that keep us from going out and experiencing life. Sooner or later, the walls we put up have to come down.March 30, 2021Vote
‘The Creative Gene’ By Brandy Saturley, , Family of Artists: from grandmother, to mother, to daughter. A short story about the creative gene.March 30, 2021Vote
‘Amani and The Voodoo’ By Zoe Elerby, , A young girl named Amani is sent to live with the island's "voodoo women" when her father is killed while looking for her lost mother. Amani endures the pain of her new existence in hopes of something so much better. ***This piece is part of a novel in progress***March 30, 2021Vote
‘The Solution’ By Christine Herbstrittq, , A young woman is dealing with her father's failing health, when his scientist colleagues suggest an unorthodox solution to keeping dad around. But in the age old dilemma of nurture vs nature, would she really have her dear old dad?March 30, 2021Vote
‘Escaping Iris’ By susan gene mccartney, , Circumstances in NYC force a woman to leave for Placencia, Belize. She buys a ghost filled ramshackle beach house and proceeds to refurbish it. Befriends people and children of Placencia. Hurrican Iris hits and destroys her dreams.March 30, 2021Vote
‘Hotel Bara’ By susan gene mccartney, , A woman traveling alone through Africa is taken by a cab driver that does not speak English to a brand new hotel called Hotel Bara on the outskirts of Tozeur, Tunisia, an oasis on the northern edge of the Sahara Desert. She is the only guest. The Arabic owner of all Bara Hotels in Tunisia arrives and tries to 'own' her. She makes her escape.March 30, 2021Vote
‘How to Murder the Perfect Man’ By Morden DeNoir, , A man that is incredibly arrogant and is too perfect has a lot of enemies. But who would have thought that one of them would hate him enough to try to kill him?March 30, 2021Vote
‘Spongebob Why Did You Do It?’ By MLP, , Spongebob is charged with the abduction and murder of Sandy. He is interrogated in an interview by the interviewer, to him Spongebob tells his motivations and his story before coming to the Bikini Bottom.March 30, 2021Vote
‘Monster Love’ By E. M. Duesel, , Their hearts beat because of their curse, but neither considered an attraction to another's curse. Lila and Stas are swept into a whirlwind of desire unlike they had ever experienced in centuries. Where it leads is unexpected, but the journey is worth it... or is it?March 30, 2021Vote
‘the 24th’ By Jesse C Tolbert, , Two men meet at the brink of existence, to unravel the mystery of their origins, and bidding on who will walk away from this new adventure first.March 30, 2021Vote
‘Now I Am One Of You’ By John Felageller, , In this piece, I relate an experience I had a couple of years ago while attending a friend's one man show. The final line of the show had a very profound meaning for me as I would find out one week later when I was handed divorce papers out of the blue and my life changed forever.March 29, 2021Vote
‘Hawkweed’ By Ashley Myers, , In this dark fantasy tale, Trillium Hazel Butternut arrives at Hawkweed Mountain to compete in its annual summer race to the peak. If all goes right, Trillium will be 666 million dollars, a nickel, and a lifetime’s worth of bragging rights richer. If all goes wrong, Trillium will be pushing up daisies, not sniffing them. Along the way, a motley cast of characters appears to aid (or thwart) Trillium’s trek, including Gene, the wish-granting black bear; Bed, a talking bed; and the master of it all, Mr. Toad, a bald, overalls-wearing creep with a penchant for chaos. Let the kettle boil!March 29, 2021Vote
‘He who hurt you, also hurt me ‘ By Wendy Moon, , Generational trauma and sexual abuse. How it was accepted and how I explain my young girls side of the story.March 29, 2021Vote
‘Toy Soldiers’ By David Boiani, , Two boys in the 1940's who affect the outcome of World War 2 by playing a child's game.March 29, 2021Vote
‘Do you believe?’ By Lisette Suarez, , Suppose someone you didn't know handed you a book and told you that you could get a million dollars just for reading it? Would you take the book? Would you decline?March 29, 2021Vote
‘Aged’ By Transient Arts, , It can be hard to grow up. If you're not firstborn, the Patriarch will think less, even when you've never missed a thing in your mind. Because you missed the silent expectations. The anxiety and tension hidden below comes to light. But what will you do with it.March 29, 2021Vote
‘Like Mother, Like friend ‘ By Ronnie Pepa, , An account of moments shared with my mother and a deeper look into our unusual relationship as both mother/daughter and good friends.March 29, 2021Vote
‘Telepathy’ By Kristal Corona, , A man has fallen in love with a vision of a woman that he has seen repeatedly in his dreams. However, he has never met before. Since the dreams of the woman has caused him to question his sanity, the man finds solace in writing to you, the reader.March 29, 2021Vote
‘Awakening on the Golden Gate’ By Norbert F. Markiewicz, , Bryan is a rogue prodigal, spending his last day exploring San Francisco, before reluctantly heading home. Walking the Golden Gate Bridge, he must suddenly explore and confront his own apathy when a homeless man is about to jump off, right in front of him. Will Bryan be willing to part with his comfort and idols to change a stranger's life?March 28, 2021Vote
‘My Mum the Cockatoo’ By Sophie, , A story for children, one parent passes away in an accident. The child is left with memories, and always remembers his mother as a cockatoo.March 28, 2021Vote
‘Cornered’ By Norbert F. Markiewicz, , This is a short journey of one young man's literal climb from fear and near death to overcoming impossible odds. Two friends encounter a few wild hogs on a mountain hike. The anxious man must follow his confidant friend up a tall rock wall, without ropes, to escape them. It is a tale of breaking inner barriers.March 28, 2021Vote
‘Honeymooning in the Holy Land’ By Norbert F. Markiewicz, , This story is about an Israeli born young man returning to his homeland with his new bride, a Jewish photojournalist. It takes place within a day of Jerusalem becoming the new capital. Much of the plot conflict centers on the bride's zealousness to capture the Israelis and Palestinians ready to rumble. The scenes show the couple's conflicting personalities and local culture. I am submitting this in the Historic rather than Romance Category, for the couple are already married.March 28, 2021Vote
‘Dead In The Water’ By Rob R. Douglas, , A man takes a fishing boat out off the coast of Florida in an attempt to get away from his problems. But when dark, supernatural things begin to happen to him, he finds himself alone, adrift, and fighting for his very breath! Is this a random ghostly encounter.... or is it something more personal?March 28, 2021Vote
‘Soft Boy’ By Benel Germosen, , It is 1880, a group of pale strangers enter a small, remote village and upheave the life of a small boy named Hok.March 28, 2021Vote
‘April Fool and the Angel of Mercy’ By TW Embry, , In the future, a man has a heart attack and is the restro hospital to be transferred into his new body when things run afoulMarch 28, 2021Vote
‘I’m Lovin’ It (And You a Lil’ Bit)’ By Nia Soul, , To somehow get his life together, first-year college student Wong Yukhei works part-time at McDonalds. Covering a morning shift for a coworker, he falls head over heels for the only customer to arrive at 6:30 am and tries (but sometimes fails) to handle the situation with optimism and composure.March 27, 2021Vote
‘The Eastside Wasteland has a Winning Team’ By Les Abernathy, , In a post-apocalyptic world of toxic waste, people still need to be entertained. We follow a right-fielder of the Eastside Zombies as they square off against the Northern Nightstalkers in the popular game of sportsball. Not being the best, or even remotely good, he tries his best to avoid being sent to the mines or fields or anything that might involve dangerous work. He watches as his team stumbles against the better team, but see a change in favor as the Nightstalkers' star player collapses due to one too many mutations. Our hero even feels the increase in moral as he goes up to bat and smacks it into outfield. He goes for the endzone but then suddenly everyone stops preventing him from scoring. He soon learns that the teams' mascot Fred, an actual living dead ghoul, has gotten loose and is chasing him. He uses his bat to kill Fred, which saves his life but draws the ire of the crowd. Once the stampede begins, our hero makes a run for it. When he clears the outfield, he starts to wonder if there's any other teams that will hire him.March 27, 2021Vote
‘Can’t See the Happiness Through the Pain’ By TRACY CHARPENTIER, , [pain is always there to welcome me, there is a sense of sadness, a feeling hidden somewhere beyond the colors of the fall] Sometimes even when we are in pain, mental or emotionally we can still see the happiness in other's faces, it can drive a person mad, but it gives us hope even when don't realize it.March 26, 2021Vote
‘Dusty Cleats’ By TRACY CHARPENTIER, , When the outfield is covered in dew and the infield is freshly raked, the smell of the gravel and the feel of the cold aluminum bat in your hands is Heaven. She would step up to the plate with dreams piercing through the shards of sunlight, waiting for that perfect pitch, itching for the feel of full on connection with that softball.March 26, 2021Vote
‘My Monster’ By TRACY CHARPENTIER, , I reached the top stair and I lay there on the floor, my chest heaving and my skin dampened with perspiration. I was tired and wanted to sleep. I rolled over to stand up and felt the chill of the basement floor again, it was slowly rolling up the stairs, it reached for my feet but I drew them up under me. I heard the shuffling then, and felt the cold air draw up over my lap. I looked over the top stair down into the darkness, I could see the hole. My monster smelled like beer and diesel fuel, I'd always remember the feel of the cold linoleum against my face as my monster dragged me back to my bed.March 26, 2021Vote
‘No Place For My Hat’ By TRACY CHARPENTIER, , I didn’t sleep, I lay awake; my back against the concrete, my head in the filthy dirt which smelled of old piss and stale liquor. The hour before the sun comes up is always the coldest hour. The dew settles on your skin, even under your clothes, there is always a point just before then when the wind stops and all is quiet, the birds don’t sing, the trees don’t sing and the only thing moving is the river as it quietly rolls along the shore. I often dreamed of simply rolling my body into the water and letting it carry me away. No one would miss me, any of us, people would walk on as normal, nobody sees us, we are ghosts, remnants of lives lost, ruined by drugs and war.March 26, 2021Vote
‘Standing In The Walls’ By TRACY CHARPENTIER, , There was no door to my bedroom, just one to the outside and one to the rest of the house at the top of the stairs. I both hated this space and loved it. I could crank my stereo up and no one would care, I could peruse National Geographic pictures of bare breasted tribes women, and drink Drambuie from my dad's wet bar, not my choice but it was there. I was twelve and hated the world, accept for Heather, when I invited her over I would stand inside the hollow walls of my basement bedroom and watch her for a little bit through a hole in the wall, she was beautiful and she knew it.March 26, 2021Vote
‘The Olive Tree’ By TRACY CHARPENTIER, , In 1979 the people of Iran chased out the dictator “Shaw of Iran” and took the United States embassy and its staff hostage. The United States was all wired up and people did what any good American might do then, hold a party dubbed "Drink Until the Hostages Come Home" that was written on the banner draped across my neighbors house, and they did just that, all 444 days. Me? I was a twelve year old kid trying desperately to save my mother's Olive tree, and her too for that matter. And I had a desire to belong, to something other than a completely dysfunctional household. That's when I stole a bottle of scotch from the cabinet and went to the arcade, a kid with a bottle or handful of pills could find friends real easy, and I had both.March 26, 2021Vote
‘Never have I ever’ By V.J. Ishmael, , Go getter Nicole bites off more than what she can chew. An impromptu night out with a handsome mystery man.March 26, 2021Vote
‘The Served Term’ By Leyla Seyidova, , As the protagonist reflects on her life outside the bars, she realized what a privilege it was to live one and yet how unfair it is to be in his current situation. The story reveals an observation, critique, and questioning of our current society and the fear of what it may become in the future.March 25, 2021Vote
‘O. L. R.’ By Angel Christian, , Two co-workers succumb to their curiosity about a company secret and make a disturbing discovery.March 25, 2021Vote
‘He’s Here’ By Isabella Rosa, , A mother is trying to find her missing son, but maybe he was always by her side...March 25, 2021Vote
‘Beyond Babedom: Where Being Over 40 Is What It Is’ By Lucille A Lo Sapio, , More than a few years ago, shortly after my 50th birthday, I was at a party and suddenly realized something very distressing: no one was looking at me. Yes, I know that sounds incredibly egoistical and vain, but I’m being honest with you. I’ve been told I’m a pretty attractive woman and I had gotten used to men noticing me when I entered a room. But this night, no one did. And I realized something. I was beyond babedom. I didn’t look bad; in fact, I looked pretty damn good. But there were 20-something women in the room who were true knock-outs. You know; how I used to look when I was their age. But I don’t anymore and that was the first night BB smacked me right across the face. It’s not the same for every woman. But I can guarantee that virtually every woman reaches a point in her life – not necessarily at the same age as me – where she realizes she is (or, more accurately feels she is) “past her prime.” Ugh. What an ugly phrase. I’m not simply talking about appearance; that’s just the one that smacked me in the face first. It’s realizing you can’t run up the stairs quite as fast as you used to, can no longer ski 5 days in a row without feeling like you’re going to die, or admitting that all the squinting in the world won’t help you read that phone number on a business card. That BB moment is different for all of us and is really just a reflection of what we’ve held onto as an internal guidepost. Now, some of my friends claim that they aren’t – and won’t be – beyond babedom, ever. One very close friend in her 50’s, who shall remain nameless, told me. “Maybe you’re beyond babedom. But I’m not.” Well, maybe she’s not – but then why did she have at least 5 plastic surgery procedures? It doesn’t feel great when it happens. But we all get there. But – and this is a big but – you get over it. And that’s what this blog is about. Getting over it. Getting past it. Moving on. And loving it.March 25, 2021Vote
‘Your Mother’ By Lucille A Lo Sapio, , Mrs. Hoffman was a curmudgeon and a skinflint. She was rude and condescending. She thought the Italian family next door was below her, even though her house smelled like something had died there, and her hoarding made it a deathtrap. What do you do with a neighbor like that?March 25, 2021Vote
‘The Bitter Closet’ By Lucille A Lo Sapio, , I walked into the dusty precinct, the bruises showing even though I carefully wound a scarf around my neck. I knew I had to tell them everything; how it happened, why it happened. And I knew they wouldn't understand. I wasn't even sure if I understood. Maybe I was naïve, but I really believed they would shine lights in my face, like they do in the movies. I suppose they don't anymore. In the movies, that is. All the ones I watch were made before 1980 when reality wasn't required. So when he began asking questions, he caught me off guard. Was it a girl? Did you to fight over girl? The lieutenant was sweating, wiping his fore head with the back of his hand. It almost made me laugh. Wasn't I supposed to be the nervous one? He was losing his patience. I could see it in his eyes. “Did you fight over a girl and then kill Dulski? Is that why you tried to kill yourself?” Kill Dulski? What was he talking about? Didn't he know I was Dulski? Then it struck me. How could he know?March 25, 2021Vote
‘Lawn Service’ By Lucille A Lo Sapio, , Dad’s pride and joy was that lawn. He watered, edged, fertilized, seeded, and weeded. He did everything old Mr. Infanti told him to do. He acted like it was a job, grumbling and complaining about the amount of effort required. But whenever someone suggested he just hire Mr. Infanti or some other landscaper, he’d holler about the waste of money and rant about the kind of people who were too lazy to perform so basic a chore for themselves. So, when Dad surprised us by dropping dead in the middle of lawn season, we weren’t prepared. Not that anyone's ever prepared. But we were right in the midst of daily watering, weekly cutting and biweekly edging and even after Dad’s funeral, none of us even discussed changing our routine. At least not until Mom totally lost it.March 25, 2021Vote
‘Footsteps’ By Lucille A Lo Sapio, , Frank is not a great guy. He bullies his wife. He overindulges. He scams the government. And he revels in making angry demands of "lesser" people. But when his son learns those lessons too well, he's the one who will pay.March 25, 2021Vote
‘Church of the Everlasting Gift’ By Lucille A Lo Sapio, , Poor Edgar lived a miserable, unhappy life. Until he saw the ad for the Church of the Everlasting Gift in the inflight magazine, promising "uncompromised return on prayers.” What the heck, he thought. And his life changed forever. But not in exactly the way he was expecting.March 25, 2021Vote
‘When You said your last goodbye, half of me died inside.’ By Fayth Fernandes, , Collection of poems, circling around grief that a person undergoes when they lose someone they love.March 25, 2021Vote
‘Adolphina’ By Paul Barrell, , Adolphina, is 21 and a renowned Cellist. Her parents died some years ago and she is looked after financially by two uncles: one is wealthy, the other lives a more humble life in the land of the conquistadors. her wealthy uncle owns a large silver and tin mine in Potosi, yet he is a private man and has always been guarded about the actual purpose of his trade with the USA and Europe. However, it is thanks to his generosity that she found herself living in a small rooftop apartment in the Latin quarter of war-torn Paris. On the night of an important concert she senses something is not quite right. Over the last few days her friend and mentor Claudia has been acting strangely and after the concert ends Adlophina is caught in a race to save herself and evade the Gestapo. If she can...March 25, 2021Vote
‘Hickory Dickory Dock’ By Divyashree Vaidya, , A time travel breach. A centuries - old secret society communicating across time. A deadly weapon locked away in the pockets of time - now resurrected. A mysterious connection to Hitler's death. A coup de' tat organized by the worst criminal masterminds across generations - finally to culminate all at once in a cascading effect - 20 years apart. A labyrinth of clues across the city to piece it all together - and only 48 hours on the clock. With not just his but his ancestors' and entire generations worth of lives at stake, even a second's delay could erupt chaos in the world order and permanently alter the course of humanity as we know it today. Clue after clue, will 20-year-old Joe be able to piece it all together before it's too late? Or will he end up assisting the plan he set off to prevent in the first place?March 25, 2021Vote
‘More Than Love’ By MissSoul, , Jimin is desperate in his sophomore year. Deciding whether to live or not...not the usual case with other teenagers. Yet, he finds a way to keep him going in his tragic life. He is confused and suddenly, an accident changes his life. He is no more living for himself, he is living for someone else. A girl. Kim Haneul, vulnerable, probably more devastated that Jimin himself. That makes two of them, or is it three?March 24, 2021Vote
‘Love in the Time of Lychee’ By Neil L Yuzuk, , David Sung, the owner of the Golden Lychee Restaurant has persuaded recent widow, Rose Schwartz, to come to Christmas Eve dinner—the first without her husband. When she invites him to join her, the conversation becomes intimate as secrets are shared and feelings are explored. Perhaps a new beginning for both of them?!March 24, 2021Vote
‘Nikki and Jackson’ By Gayle Siebert, , Abandoned at the beach by her friends, Nikki finds herself walking home alone, thinking about the fact many girls her age have gone missing of late. It's nearing nightfall and the trail takes her through a swampy wooded area. She's relieved when Jackson, her friend's boyfriend, meets her on the trail claiming her friend sent him. He offers her a ride home, but leads her on a shortcut which takes them deeper into the swamp. They encounter a fantastic creature which Jackson claims is his cousin. Unfortunately, being a blood relative does neither of them any good.March 24, 2021Vote
‘Teddy and Bear’ By Ash Bisdee, , Teddy and Bear By Ash Bisdee Teddy and Bear is a heart-warming tale of friendship, love and bravery. Teddy is a big, fluffy golden retriever and Bear is his best friend, a little stuffed bear. As the two loveable characters play in their beloved garden, Bear begins to fall apart. When Mum stitches him up, he looks very different. How will anyone love Bear again? This story is honest and simple. Will the fear of looking different break the bond between these two best friends? Or will kindness and love help them stick together forever? Teddy and Bear is the heart-warming tale of two best friends and their unbreakable bond for one another, no matter how different they look. This story captures themes of acceptance, diversity, kindness, friendship, compassion and resilience for young children. It is sure to capture your heart too.March 24, 2021Vote
‘The Violin Player’ By Alex Goubar, , Luda is a woman who lives on her own on a farm property. Loneliness gets to her and she starts to hear violin music in her ears. One day she cracks and she follows the sound that actually leads her somewhere; to a cavern. A man who claims to have been practicing his music for over 100 years is in the cavern. He shows her the violin's magic and they develop an electric connection. But he's not to stay and needs to go back to his own time before he permanently fades away, Luda is heartbroken but knows they'll see each other again. A year passes and another man who's truck breaks down in front of her house rings at Luda's door. He's the great grandson of the magical violinist and he happens to have a violin of his own.March 24, 2021Vote
‘EYES TO SEE THEM’ By CJ, , “On the verge of oblivion, iconic characters from the animal kingdom we adore, must let the world know about the heightened threats and dangers they face, and what mankind can do before it's too late.” “Many of our beloved animal characters have to contend with worsening natural and man-made perils. When their safety and love lives become secondary to the need for a substantial meal, the struggle for survival is obviously critical. They must face their own fears, make sacrifices and take action to protect their families, and raise awareness in humans of these challenges, in order that they might save the world.”March 24, 2021Vote
‘Generational Curse’ By Jehnna Morin, , My struggles and triumphs as a single mother once raised by a narcissist and addict. Trying my best to break the cycles bestowed upon me, I had to endure the pain it takes to make a change.March 24, 2021Vote
‘Never have I ever’ By Vannesa Robeson, , Go getter Nicole bites off.more.than what she.can chew.on an impromptu night out with a handsome mystery manMarch 24, 2021Vote
‘The Voice of the Lord’ By R. Kade, , Having once ruled a powerful empire, Thyron Darkalaxix now struggles under the weight of his failure and his guilt. Not helping matters is the voice of his distant ancestor who resides in his mind and constantly berates him for being so weak. And yet, a small part of him has not lost hope entirely. Driven by his desire to protect his family and his loyal subjects, the Lord and Guardian of the Empire stands as their last hope of survival at the very precipice of collapse. But will he stand alone? Or will the ones he has sworn to protect stand with him? This is the prologue to the first book of the Padax series.March 23, 2021Vote
‘Poems I Wrote To The Beach’ By Homeland Obscurity, , Here is a collection of four poems I have written over the years. I left a cult that my parents raised me in when I was 17 and many of my poems reflect my previous struggle of experiencing a new world without the constructs of the organization I removed myself from. I always found peace in nature; and this collection serves as a memoir of sorts of the life I found again in the ocean; and how it affected my view on society and my generation over all.March 23, 2021Vote
‘Temple of the Tablets’ By J.D. McKay, , A thousand years after our civilization fell, young Davee is selected for the mysterious priesthood of The Olders, keepers of the relics of the long-lost past. No one knows what goes on behind temple walls, only that they hold scraps of the power of the ancients. What he learns changes his world.March 23, 2021Vote
‘Trading Sins’ By Boris Utan, , Park Hyeon was an Alpha male, and the town's talk until a tragedy struck that drove him away. Years after the event, he came back to town to make amends. Will he tell the truth? Will she forgive him and able to look past her feelings? What would you do if the only thing you want turns out to be the only thing you are afraid of?March 23, 2021Vote
‘The Smell of Decay’ By Sara Carey, , Rebecca is in the middle of a mental break as she thinks about the smell of decay and how it doesn't match what she has heard before. She conjures memories of her past and compares scents that remind her of things, all the while she is burying her mom's boyfriend.March 23, 2021Vote
‘The Red Train Car’ By Anastasia Bolinder, , A young woman facing hardships and deep depression in her life from outside circumstances is led by a crow through the woods and into a grove of tree's to a mysterious red train car that will change her life forever. Written in a time where I sat beside my mother who was hooked up to a dialysis unit almost every day of the week, health failing for years and needing to find and outlet for my pain, depression and fear I wrote this story to give hope to others who found themselves feeling as lost as I was.March 23, 2021Vote
‘How I Fell Into Purpose’ By Tabitha Rose, , My journey of not so gracefully falling into purpose. How i finally started listening to the shoulder taps which finally led me to a life beyond my wildest expectations.March 22, 2021Vote
‘A Christ Like Thing’ By Nia Hampton, , A Black american woman in the midst of a mental health crisis eavesdrops on an evangelical teen performing a miracle in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.March 22, 2021Vote
‘Cory Robin’ By Rod Martinez, , On a family camping trip, the parents realize their son is missing. Knowing his love of nature, the path leading into the woods is the only logical place their young son would go. They follow searching for him, frantic that they may have lost him, but they find him perched on tree returned a lost egg to a Faerie's nest. Something he felt compelled to do because she was missing her baby - which coincided with the parents missing theirs.March 22, 2021Vote
‘David ” The Outsider’ By Tyshondra Barnes, , David'' The Outsider is a short story thriller about a young man living in a small country town who was raised by his mother and father. He was an only child who stayed to himself and was always picked on by the other kids in school. He loved spending time helping his dad working on cars for the most part, His father was a mechanic. As he grew into his teenage years he began to have anger issues and lashing out among his classmates. likewise, He started to become withdrawn in and become violent. He beat one of his classmates to death and was not charged for the murder. in the long run, He got involved with a woman and little did she know that David have a dangerous pass.March 22, 2021Vote
‘Twelve’ By Wren Handman, , Once upon a time the world twists, and a carriage driver comes to life. Memories of his past life are vague and fading fast. He knows only that he has to get a carriage to a party. At the party he and the footmen mingle with the other servants. The driver questions the nature of his new life. He has become a thinking being — but is he a footnote in someone else's story? Or can he seize this new life of his?March 22, 2021Vote
‘Remember the Good Things, Forget the Bad Things’ By Lillian Brueckman, , A young man finds refuge with country folk after a devastating disease wipes out majority of the population. Old CD mixes created by Tiffany, the almost unbearably bubbly girl he befriends, become the soundtrack to their survival as they travel across southern Michigan. As time continues to move and they continue to lose more people, the unlikely pair realize all they have is each other and the timeliness of their acceptance could be the difference between life and death.March 22, 2021Vote
‘The Walk’ By Lillian Brueckman, , A young woman suffering from OCD finds a dead body while on a walk through her local trail. Though the killer is reprimanded, the woman is unable to shake the crime scene from her mind. She is overcome with paralyzing obsession, her mind relentlessly playing tricks on itself until she nearly succumbs to insanity. This dark comedy reviews the true horror of OCD: inescapable obsessions and the mind's ability to repeat them.March 22, 2021Vote
‘From Prison to Purpose’ By Donna Hamilton, , An empowering short story of this author's transformational journey from Prison to Purpose. A journey that the author wisely knows begins with one’s mindset and moves on to summoning the determination to break down the emotional barriers that have so far held us back. She realizes she has built her own self-imposed prison long before the physical bars manifest in her reality. In this short story the author shares how she finds herself in prison and how her time in prison brings her to understand the true meaning of life and how to pursue your purpose.March 21, 2021Vote
‘Take Me To Heaven’ By Elma, , An eight year old has been molested. Some adults say she is possessed by a demon; but nobody knows for sure except the girl who could see ghosts!March 21, 2021Vote
‘The Gift’ By TheDragonEye, , It is about a history professor who recieves an unexplainable gift and led by his curiosity meets with a terrible fate.March 21, 2021Vote
‘Never Too late’ By Will Neill, , Margery Roe has just turned forty and for most of her seventeen years of marriage she has been unhappy. Her husband John is wealthy but possessive and abusive, what can she do to break free. "March 20, 2021Vote
‘That’s The Way the Ball Bounces’ By Mary Barry, , Fourteen-year-old Dylan struggles between doing what his mother asks and what he wants to do.March 20, 2021Vote
‘Staring the starry night’ By Angelakis Koutsos, , The time he was expecting for a whole life has come. The dream, the myth and surreal world in front of the painting in New York became his obsession. Between astral projection and material world a man struggle to fulfil his destiny. Vincent Van Gogh is the tool for Theodore’s salvation. Will be redeemed from this nightmare? Read and found out.March 20, 2021Vote
‘The Gambler and the girl.’ By Angelakis Koutsos, , A man lost the most precious feeling in the world and greed is dwelling inside him. He lives the same day over over for many years. The gambler is now his name, money is his only concern now just to feel the gap of that the tragic day. The day that he lost love. But fate has a different opinion. Just a warm feeling is enough for the shining ray of love? Read and be a part of the story.March 20, 2021Vote
‘You’re not that great writer’ By Yash Soni, , A Flash Fiction romance story between a writer and his friendMarch 20, 2021Vote
‘Faded- A Story of broken dreams’ By The Stargazer, , Its about a girl and boy who didn't live together but they did die together.March 19, 2021Vote
‘Resilience is my Superpower’ By Breanna Patton, , Some struggles and adversity experienced by a young woman who found resiliency as her tool to survive.March 19, 2021Vote
‘MAURICE’ By CARL INNES, , A small town barber has a remarkable insight into the community where he lives.March 19, 2021Vote
‘My Day’ By CARL INNES, , A man revels in his wedding day celebrations but is soon reminded of his familial obligations.March 19, 2021Vote
‘I Wandered’ By CARL INNES, , With no previous recollection of of her previous life a woman wanders aimlessly though Times Square. Pursued by a mysterious man she is eventually cornered on a skyrise roof top, where she discovers he true identity. .March 19, 2021Vote
‘Silt, Salt and Others’ By Sa’id Sa’ad, , Silt, Salt and Others is a true and personal story about my encounter with sexual abuse and misconduct from age seven to adulthood: From the lady with a balloon chest, to the man whose age doubled yours and to the lady with fair skin.March 19, 2021Vote
‘The Last Time I Saw Evuti’ By Sa’id Sa’ad, , The last time I Saw Evuti is a story about an orphan young girl - grieving her lost parents with drawings under a man tree - in a cordial relationship with an aged cemetery guard - who quench his grief of loosing a daughter by digging out newly buried young women and making them wear the daughter's cloth.March 19, 2021Vote
‘Sense Education’ By Richard Leise, , A group of impressionable, impoverished students receive Grace through an unlikely vehicle: A "canned" public school sex-education lesson.March 18, 2021Vote
‘Justin And Jennifer Dressler’ By Richard Leise, , In a broken world, a program is implemented to erase racism and social inequity. Newborn babies are placed in "pools," and, based on a Government Program, are blindly redistributed to mothers who gave birth that same day. The story chronicles one couple's experience as they undergo this radical experience, leaving the reader to mitigate what is just, and what is just too far.March 18, 2021Vote
‘Space and Time’ By Brenna Elmore, , A collection of three poems using the concept of space to represent love and loss.March 18, 2021Vote
‘Inhale’ By Brenna Elmore, , Ash Rivers assaulted Britney with no repercussions, no fallout, no ripples sent across anything except her own life. Two years later, at Jones Lake, he tries again. After Britney shoves him off of her, Ash falls into the water below and drowns. And the next day, strange things begin to happen.March 18, 2021Vote
‘Coming Around’ By Nicole Starbuck, , He doesn't know why he's being punished. But she knows what he did, and she's not going to let him forget it.March 18, 2021Vote
‘Time’s Empire’ By Matthew S. Dentice, , As the fall of Camelot looms over him, King Arthur encounters a mysterious stranger who taunts him for his misfortunes and mocks all that he has accomplished. Forced to confront the possibility that his whole life has been a failure, the King loses his way and finds himself in both physical and emotional peril. But help from an unexpected source may just be enough for him to discover the inner strength he will need to fight his final battle.March 17, 2021Vote
‘The Chocolate Box’ By Niladri Mitra, , A young girl with a troubled past receives a box of chocolates as a gift from her uncle but she soon realizes that there is something wrong with the box as it begins to terrorize her making her question her own sanity.March 17, 2021Vote
‘September To Remember’ By Hugo, , September was a month to remember, “Mber” the period that starts December. All started in the regional part of Northern Nairobi, Kenya The city is known with unique lifestyles, Transportation named “matatu” with fantastic murals engraved on it, the reckless driving styles which is so scary most time…March 17, 2021Vote
‘Triggered’ By Izza khan, , The story of a young teenage girl imprisoned by her demonising thoughts, worries and anxiety. Facing panic attacks, reliving memories. Triggered by fears. How will she face it all?March 17, 2021Vote
‘Junior’s Spacepot’ By Ray Flatt, , Forth generation Bubba attends college and becomes a real rocket scientist. Returns to the hills of Tennessee and invents a space age privy (outhouse). Neighbor Earl is the first to test.March 16, 2021Vote
‘The Cottage at Ranikhet’ By Aritra Dey, , The narrator revisits a secret childhood memory, after a text from his friend.March 16, 2021Vote
‘The Culinary Adventures of Arisha Babarisha’ By kremena, , Do you have an unusual problem that needs a unique solution? Arisha Babarisha may be able to help you! For example, you eat a bowl of soup and your fear of not blowing out all of the candles on your birthday cake will magically disappear. Or, you devour a huge omelet for breakfast, and the will to go to work appears, not because you need to, but because you enjoy it! Ready for your problems to be solved? Join Arisha Babarisha and meet her friends as she flies all over to give them magical recipes for their problems!March 16, 2021Vote
‘Life in a Appetite Street’ By kremena lefterova, ,  "There is never a boring day on Appetite Street! Join the unique residents of this food-loving street, from Sweet Charlie, Meat Jeffery, and Noisette in their adventures! Through several wonderful events, the group will learn how to work together to prepare for the Great Edible Ball, in spite of Dr. Artifisher’s attempts to spoil their ingredients. Even after the nutritionally educational conclusion, these flavorsome happenings will leave you wanting more… And like Mr. Perfect would say, "please drink more water!" ​March 16, 2021Vote
‘The Rope’ By Matthew Gall, , A mysterious rope lands on Earth from outer space.March 16, 2021Vote
‘Don’t Touch’ By Isabella Serene, , The domestic abuse in his household is slowly realized from the perspective of a young boy, who copes and figures out what to do through his close relationship with his babysitter.March 16, 2021Vote
‘New York Undercover’ By Darryl Bishop, , What starts as a typical rush hour morning in Staten Island, quickly turns into one of the most horrific acts of domestic terrorism since 9/11. New York Undercover, is a gritty urban crime saga that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first page.March 15, 2021Vote
‘My Initiation as a Brand-New Baby Witch: Or, That One Time When I Used My Magic to Save the Life of a Little Black Bat ‘ By Michelle Lewis, , During a personal development retreat in the South of France, a woman discovers that she might actually be a witch. She uses her powerful energy to save the life of the most unlikely of creatures. This is the true story of that remarkable day.March 15, 2021Vote
‘Solitude and the Power of Inner Peace’ By Anastasia Konoian, , A short story of overcoming mental and emotional obstacles and relearning how to claim one's inner power. Authentic and unapologetic livingMarch 15, 2021Vote
‘Khidr e Raah’ By Cydrah Asad, Story revolves around a mysterious boy who is in search of himself ,his encounters with other people during his voyages. It keeps one in suspense rather the boy will get his answers or not.March 15, 2021Vote
‘Mister Pushkin Wins The Race’ By AC Michael, , Mister Pushkin, a slightly grumpy but totally adorable cat, unexpectedly helps his owner Klem win a race.March 15, 2021Vote
‘Alien Survival for the Psychologically Unstable’ By DO NOT PUT MY NAME ON IT, , After an alien breaches the ship he works on, crewman Davis is chosen as the designated survivor and isolated from the rest of the crew with the supplies needed to survive until help arrives. Davis quickly realizes that if something doesn't change, the only thing more likely to kill him than the alien is himself.March 14, 2021Vote
‘Marches’ By Victory Ogunnaya, , Two friends attempt to salvage their broken relationship.March 14, 2021Vote
‘The Hexagon Key’ By Dawn DeBraal, , Jack Elliott comes to the aid of a dying man on the streets of Chicago. He is given a hexagon-shaped key and a clue to talk to the man in the Ivory Tower. Through research and amateur sleuthing, he finds the answer to the riddle, reaping in the reward meant only for the holder of the key.March 14, 2021Vote
‘Perrmo the Practical’ By Jesse Daniels, , A crew of wandering questers unite to heist a rare bit of jewelry from a local tavern. Things don't go exactly as planned, and the team has to rapidly find a way to modify their maneuvers in order to pull off the caper.March 13, 2021Vote
‘My Grandma Has Dementia’ By Alex Winstanley, , Explore what life can be like for someone living with dementia, through a story inspired by real-life experiences. Perfect for teachers, parents and children alike, this picture book raises awareness of dementia and teaches children how to be supportive of people living with dementia. This book is the first in a series that highlights the lives of people living with long-term health conditions, in a positive and child-friendly way. This book is aimed at children between 4010 years old. The character in this book is dedicated to my grandma, Mary Perry.March 13, 2021Vote
‘Wireless Headphones on Full Blast’ By Mercury-Marvin Sunderland, , This is an excerpt from a chronological novel about a transgender autistic gay man who decides to get a hysterectomy to handle his PCOS. Alongside this, he is also dealing with undiagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder, the recent breakup with his ex-boyfriend, and family problems. He lives in Portland, studying to work in the video game industry. This particular section is about him (unknowingly) learning DBT skills, which are the only known treatment for Borderline. The story is semi-autobiographical, as the author happens to fit all of these parallels (except for the Portland and video games part). This novel is being written because the author has gotten tired of all reproductive stories being written by cis people and for cis people and he wants to show a trans narrative which defies that.March 13, 2021Vote
‘Finding Theo’ By Skyler Winder, , Pennie awakes to find herself in the company of an angel of death and completely under their control.March 12, 2021Vote
‘I Don’t Remember Much’ By Skyler Winder, , A woman awakes to find herself coated in snow and stumbles upon a gruesome discovering in an abandoned town.March 12, 2021Vote
‘Encroaching’ By Skyler Winder, , A story of how an uneasy feeling can leave you feeling not so alone when you should be.March 12, 2021Vote
‘To Allan, Though Whose Spelling Differs’ By Joseph Coughlin, , A meeting between author Edgar Allan Poe and an adoring fan... from far into the future.March 12, 2021Vote
‘Blood and Bullets’ By Skyler Winder, , In a tavern filled with rambunctious patrons, a storyteller loses his site by a bullet from his own gun, but that doesn't seem to phase the onlookers much.March 12, 2021Vote
‘My Sister’s Wedding’ By Andrew Huerta, , In 1984, my sister was married in a large Catholic, Mexican American wedding. As her younger, gay brother, I assisted and observed; happy to be included and supportive. The event remains the happiest day the Huerta family has ever experienced because after tragedy and loss, our “family wedding” allowed a young and naïve family to celebrate who we were and what we had.March 12, 2021Vote
‘The Imperfect Island’ By kerstin lindquist, , A muddy old boat dock with has the ability to show a family of five that what they have been praying for is already in front of them.March 12, 2021Vote
‘Dragonalia’ By Y. Vern, , Long ago, in a Forest where men feared to tread, there was a Dragon who dwelled in the ruins of an abandoned Town in the middle of the Forest. Twin Baby Boys were abandoned in a basket together, left to be eaten by the Dragon. The Dragon that guarded these Forest Ruins took pity on these two children, so she didn't eat them, she raised them as her own instead.March 11, 2021Vote
‘Don Juan’ By Fred Katzman, , Woman can't help but hear a couple arguing on a train. Picked up by a friend.March 10, 2021Vote
‘Judgement Day’ By Greg Hill, , A frightened teenage girl recounts the events that led to the downfall of humanity at the hands of an unexpected enemy.March 9, 2021Vote
‘The Drifting Council’ By Greg Hill, , A council of intergalactic beings comes to Earth to pass judgement over the human race. After selecting a representative to speak on behalf of all the humans, they submit the crimes against humans to the representative. After viewing the evidence presented, can the representative find the strength to still see the good in humanity?March 9, 2021Vote
‘The Case of the Missing Bones’ By Vera Drew, , A young lady is accused of stealing bones from a museum and hires a private investigator to help clear her name.March 9, 2021Vote
‘Walk through the fire’ By Prophet, , it is a story of a family that faced one big challenge and learned a valuable lesson in family unityMarch 9, 2021Vote
‘Seeing Is Believing’ By Paris Smith, , A couple of elderly gentlemen enjoying a drink together on a lonely Christmas Eve have an otherworldly experience.March 9, 2021Vote
‘Hill, Anderson, Waggoner’ By Dave Anderson, , An armchair detective story featuring three middle-school students, Steve Hill, Dave Anderson and Derrick Waggoner. Dave's Uncle Don comes home one night and presents the case. There's money missing at Center Middle School and the principal suspects his secretary. Over a board game, the three discover the culprit and where the money is.March 9, 2021Vote
‘I am the Milkman’ By Steven Scholl, , A father embarks on a quest to breast feed his daughter using an assortment of breast pumps to stimulate his latent capacity to produce father's milk.March 8, 2021Vote
‘Pride and Honor’ By gilbert sarabia, , A man is forced to confront technology with guts.March 8, 2021Vote
‘A Leather Bookmark’ By Bruce Hampson, , A Leather Bookmark is a story of a young immigrant Canadian boy, Reginald, and his brother who went to play on a dangerous stockpile of pipes and steel. Unfortunately, their play was interrupted when Reginald fell and hit his head. This event transported Reginald thousands of miles away to Lithuania, the country of his ancestors, and one hundred years into the past, He meets his Jewish great grandfather, Henrik Brodie, who happens to be the same age as he is, and sees how they lived at that time. It had to be a dream, but what he finds in his pocket says otherwise..March 8, 2021Vote
‘Yes’ By Bradley J. Scott, III, , This is a story about time travel that allows the Covid virus to mutate and reduce the world population significantly. Time travel rules set up by the TAC (Temporal Alteration Committee) are broken by a team of time travelers to insure the world is saved from future climate change. Their efforts to successfully prevent the birth of a future virologist are described. The team leader for the travel team is the protagonist within the story. The time paradox is addressed in the story.March 8, 2021Vote
‘Enemies Relinquished’ By Tom Sheehan, , The combat between enemies in a face-to-face war, eventually go beyond the battle, as age, Time, hatred once borne, is shorn away by the rest of lifetimes' responsibilities.March 8, 2021Vote
‘After You: A Demon is Always Lurking Nearby’ By Sunshine Rodgers, , Oh, that’s right, we talk about your love life. We sit with you in class. We know all about that thing you did last night. How do we know? We watch you. We go to those dance clubs with you. We scheme hideous outcomes for you. We know exactly what it is that will get you to our side. We create those wrong friendships you wished you never had. We invite you into those relationships that break your heart. We give you the life you never wanted, but it came at such a sweet price. We promised you the world and you took it like a kid wanting candy. All. Too. Easy. All I can say is, please, don’t let me get in the way of the worst ending of your life. I’m right behind you. I’ll open that door to frustration, nonsense and destruction. Please. After You.March 7, 2021Vote
‘How to Process Feelings in An Abusive Relationship’ By Gurpreet Dhariwal, , This story is based on my personal life being a domestic violence survivor. How I survived the trauma and came out of it as a winner is what I am willingly sharing with my readers.March 7, 2021Vote
‘Backstage Mischief’ By Chris Forman, , The adventures of an adolescent boy being hunted by three schoolteachers in the backstage of an elementary school musical.March 5, 2021Vote
‘Through the Lion’s Claws’ By Willard Watts, , A warlord seeks revenge on the witch that killed his father and the witch must face him to rescue her apprentice.March 5, 2021Vote
‘When is the right time ??!!’ By Asha Priyadarshini, , Aisha has been peeping through a hole in her store room since last 6 years. Why?? What's in there..?? She has been successfully maintaining sangfroid when encountered but deep inside nobody knew what storm was she fighting. The secrets held within the four walls was yet to be revealed. 6 years later Aisha was stepping into her 25th. All graceful and intelligent, she had grown into an elegant lady whom everyone admired. Her father had organised a big party for her and every close friend was invited. But Aisha was hopeful that she would see the person she badly wanted to. Finally her prayers were answered and her friend survi was at the party. What was survi's story? Why Aisha badly wanted to bring her to the party?March 4, 2021Vote
‘The Forgiveness of Carlo Gesualdo’ By Vaughn Roste, , Carlo is not someone who is used to hearing the word "no" - he's the Prince of Venosa, and no one outranks him except the Pope. He's always had a problematic relationship with his son, however - well, ever since he murdered his son's mother, who was his wife. It was legal though, because she was having an affair, and he caught her in the act. Such was the law in Naples in the late 16th century, at least. Carlo spent the rest of his life trying to atone for this act, composing sacred music, constructing a chapel adjacent to his castle, and commissioning religious works of art. He was never really able to repair the relationship with his son, however, who stood to inherit everything upon his death.... This is the true unbelievable story of Carlo Gesualdo (1566-1613) - a masochist, bisexual, murderer, Prince, and brilliant composer. The facts of this story are all documented and verifiable; only these conversations have been invented. You think raising a teenager is difficult? Try raising a teenager when you murdered his mother...March 4, 2021Vote
‘Would You Like Some Wine with Your Epiphany?’ By Natascha Scrivener, , A literary vignette of a moment between two women.March 4, 2021Vote
‘A Terrible Thing Has Happened’ By Natascha Graham, , Inspired by the children who found Virginia Wool's body in the River Ouse.March 4, 2021Vote
‘Life and Times of Hannah Francis Langley’ By Pat Ritter, , This is a story of my grandmother Hannah Francis Langley who was dear to my heart. Presently I'm writing book number 28. If my grandmother hadn't filled my imagination with stories of her youth I would not become the author I am today. True story.March 3, 2021Vote
‘Cross Country with Tomasina’ By Mary Woodhouse, , At age 71 I decided to uproot my life of fifty years in the West to move to the East. I had a 21-year-old cat, Tomasina, who would accompany me. The trip did not start out well as Tomasina was nowhere to be found. I was sure that, at her age, she wasn't interested in moving again and had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. My heart in my socks, I left without her. The next morning the neighbor called. Tomasina had just been hiding out. I returned and gathered her up. It wasn't to be a leisurely trip as I had to get to Maryland to close on the sale of my house. I did, however, take the opportunity each evening to visit a local pub and chat with people along the way. There was Poet who was celebrating his 66th birthday by staying at a hotel on Route 66. There were interesting signs like the one in Arizona that said, "That is the temperature, not the speed limit." I noticed that Country Music was about alcohol and sex and rock was about drugs and sex. Hip hop I couldn't say as I couldn't understand it. And Tomasina had her own issues with the trip involving her bathroom habits. But, we arrived on time and moved into our new home..March 3, 2021Vote
‘Fear more than the Virus’ By Scott Kimak, , Isolated in her home because of the pandemic, Jackie's fears are starting to grow into something else. What will happen when her best friend comes to visit?March 3, 2021Vote
‘What it Means to be a Woman’ By Grace J.A, , A short eye-opening account of what it means to be a woman in todays society, the trauma that isn't talked about, and the price we pay for not paying attention.March 1, 2021Vote
‘The Yoo-Yoo Theory of Evolution’ By ajgold, , The story is of a sport's writers preparing what turns out to be his last column, explaining his involvement in the Yoo-Yoo Theory of Evolution. It is a humorous, satire of exploring the fantasy world of a fifty million years reversal cycle of our universe. Our sportswriter, who had played one year for the Yankees with his childhood Hall of Famer, attend a military academy devoted to producing pro-baseball prlayers with the son of NYC's mayor. During their college stay, the three boys, along with the father and the professor, who is credited for making a blunder that had lead to the winning of the Battle of the Bulge, develop the theory. After writing about the foundation of the theory, our writer writes of how the father attempts to use the theory to save his son's presidency. The Hall of farmer is a descendant of Don Quixote, the mayor and his family are related to the parties that framed Dryfus, and of course, the writer is descended from Dryfus and is forced to be held captive on Devil's Island. The presidency is saved by Quixote attacking the president's enemies, in form of windmills, on horseback before the universal reversal.February 28, 2021Vote
‘The Hunter’ By Nancy Kneece, , A sexual predator has plans to kidnap and kill a little girl from his neighborhood but she turns the tables on him in a most unexpected way.February 28, 2021Vote
‘Final Days’ By Aaron Roome, , In the seventies I did a six-year jolt in the Navy. To say my experiences were often outside the normal curve is putting it mildly. I was a sonarman, meaning that is how I was trained, although beyond standing the sonar watch I did little in that capacity; as in, we never once found a sub. I was on two different destroyers, both WWII vintage, and while they would have been fabulous in WWII, in the cold war and after thirty years of service, let’s just say they were past their expiration dates. Oh the joy. Breakdowns, fires, collisions, bad morale, general hilarity. Sisyphus comes to mind. This fragment of memoir will describe my last days on my last ship. Details of a sailor’s life with the young Tim Robbins playing my part. On the final deployment, this time to the North Atlantic (sound cold? It was), we participated in an exercise with NATO navies and one fateful night collided with the USS John F Kennedy, the friendly neighborhood aircraft carrier. Terror, friends, trauma. Fight or flight without the option of either. Trimmed of our superstructure and bent and broken, we slunk back to Charleston for a period of recovery for the crew but not, as it turned out, for the ship. The USS Bordelon was for the trash heap. She was totaled. Months of in-between. Odds and ends of life in those days. Mistakes. Growing up. Decommissioning of the ship and dispersal of the crew. Me? I had a few months to go, so, off to another ship. That’s another story.February 27, 2021Vote
‘Yemoja’ By Segun Ogundeko, , A coming of age African tale of a boy who romances Yemoja, queen of the waters...February 27, 2021Vote
‘Happily Ever After?’ By Brooke Blackwater, , A fable about a woman, a young man and a Frog. A cautionary tale about love, beautiful and ugly.February 26, 2021Vote
‘Stalking Jesus’ By glenn swanson, , Apparently a hermit, the main character is interupted by high tech seekers. The recluse bars them from his small space with the power of his mind; a spell. He then puts into action a prearranged exit from this small world, Not just ridding his evidence of passing through, but freeing the material things of this world to the elements. He watches as the small house burns with flames that race along the time stream. The seekers break through. Auto kill the recluse, sort of. They prepare the high tech equip that will allow them to follow the recluse, revealed to actually be a Creator. They launch after the Creator, but as the machine consumes the reality to power the warp jump after the being they chase; the Creator, the small world is consumed and the dimension becomes unstable. The Creator steps back into this world un-noticed. The Commander tries to hurry all his hunters through the machine created portal, but realizes there is one too many, and that one is the one he hunts. The Commander is lost into the destruction of this small world, and the Creator stands alone in empty space, and begins to create again.February 25, 2021Vote
‘A Change in Life’ By Chet McHenry, , When receiving a coupon for bread a woman discovers the coupon offers much more than money off a loaf of bread.February 25, 2021Vote
‘The Forbidden Wings’ By Chiara Thorne, , Indio, a five-month-old wolf, is brought into the world with abilities that have fatal ties with history. He appears the same as the rest of his pack but with a catch -- he has two wings sprouting from the back of his shoulders. Winged wolves have known to be extinct for hundreds of years ever since a certain war that took place with a goal to wipe them out completely; or, so they thought. They're known to be capable of wielding enough power to destroy an entire pack at once and claim the lands as their own, which is what makes his pack view him as a threat. He's the beast that feeds their fear, and because of this, it leaves Indio with a decision to make; stand up for himself and risk the lives of the wolves he loves, or leave and fend for himself where he's vulnerable to the unknown.February 24, 2021Vote
‘My Friend the Robot’ By Tom Montefusco, , A professor with the help of his advanced robot creates a time machine and travel to the futureFebruary 24, 2021Vote
‘Compendium Excerpt: The Lodge’ By Alia Luria, , As Mia Jayne prepares to leave her sick father to seek a cure, she recalls an incident that occurred during another period of travel, one that shaped her as a person and a daughter.February 23, 2021Vote
‘My Rainbow Baby’ By ANISA MARKU, , My rainbow baby is a short story about love, hope, and faith. The term rainbow baby In my story reflects the healthy and beautiful baby that is born after a miscarriage or an infant loss.February 23, 2021Vote
‘The Sacrifice’ By Jessica Harris, , On a death riddled battlefield, the Princess, Ezra Jane, makes the choice to sacrifice herself for her brother and the sake of their kingdom, but who paid the highest price was Luca. Though the two of them had complicated past of secrets and betrayal, there was no denying the love they shared, though realized too late.February 22, 2021Vote
‘Dust and Laughter’ By Michael McCaskill, , A Mobster retells the day he learned a little more about the world than he wanted.February 22, 2021Vote
‘Black and Benevolent is the Dark’ By Ngoma Bishop, , A confused and terminally ill patient lies on his hospital, bed awaiting his transition. When the beginning and the end of lives intertwine, apparently incompatible sentient lifeforms become inextricably linked as they transmute. The result is that the parameters of past and present, and gender realities (or illusions) merge into one metaphysical blur.February 22, 2021Vote
‘The Final Train’ By Ngoma Bishop, , In one dramatic instant the lives of two teenagers collide in a life changing incident. Despite never having previously met, the boy and girl embark together on a mysterious train journey. Fortunately, neither of them nor any of the other passengers know their destination.February 22, 2021Vote
‘Black and Benevolent is the Dark’ By Ngoma Bishop, , A confused and terminally ill patient lies on his hospital awaiting his transition.When the beginning and the end of lives intertwine, apparently incompatible sentient life forms become inextricably linked as they transmute. The result is that the parameters of past and present and the concepts of gender realities or illusions merge into one metaphysical blur.February 22, 2021Vote
‘Whatever it takes’ By Alexia Muralles, , Santia Parker is organized, calculated, book smart and strong-willed. Lorenzo Royce is dark, book and street smart, quiet, and infatuated with Santia. Neither of them realizes just how connected their pasts are. And neither of them knew the truth. Until one date throws them into a world of lies.February 22, 2021Vote
‘A Stroke of Luck’ By Nichika Ramadoo, , A mycologist considers a painting her lucky charm and refuses to part with it when the artist shows up at her door.February 22, 2021Vote
‘The Pumpkin Chase’ By Jason Smith, , On the magical Halloween night pumpkins come alive and dance in Mr. Finch's farm. Lacy is a rambunctious girl who loves Halloween more than anything. And when her parents tell her about the annual pumpkin chase she embarks on an adventure with her three friends: Vanessa, Jonah and Henry. After that night, they learn about the true spirit of tricks and treats!February 22, 2021Vote
‘The Harrapan Cave’ By Angandeep Kr Chatteree, , ‘The Harappan Cave’ follows the story of a young Indian archeologist who is called to Pakistan to check on a new cave discovered related to the Harappan Civilization. The total word count is 3800 words.February 22, 2021Vote
‘The Lies I Told Me’ By Paula Shablo, , Fanny and Emma share a secret from the past. It is NOT the fact that Emma sees and speaks with the dead on a regular basis. After all, as Emma could tell you, ghosts are not scary--it's the living you have to watch out for. There is danger lurking, and it must be dealt with. Will two women with clashing personalities and a shared experience be up to the task?February 21, 2021Vote
‘Burning/ The Psychologist’ By Zinzee Noel, , I listen and execute! I am a psychologist. My job is to listen and help you work through your problems. More importantly, all I want is for your dreams to come through. If your suicidal, then I'll help you take your life.February 21, 2021Vote
‘Kansas Winds’ By Cristen Danielle Bahr, , Allie had it all; money, cars, clothes. Thanks to her mom and movie director step-dad, she was living the life style every teenage girl dreams of. When a series of poor choices end up with her in some deep trouble, she finds herself on a one way flight to her dad's; in Kansas. From high heals to boots, boutique shopping to working livestock. With the help of a young ranch-hand named Ty, will Allie find fulfillment in the simpler things in life or will the Kansas winds blow her back to L.A.?February 20, 2021Vote
‘The Sweet After’ By Sam Serrar, , Hannah is a young woman that wakes up one day in a strange place ...February 20, 2021Vote
‘The Roommate’ By Tyler Grant, , The Roommate is a 4,750 word psychologically driven story about the dystopian stigma surrounding the human reaction to tragedy, loss, betrayal, and self-deception. The Roommate is a thought provoking mind-bender that shows its main character in a perilous battle for sanity after the death of her child. When she conjures an imaginary friend to fill this void her long time lover becomes concerned for her mental health. With time running out, and a horrifying decision about survival looming around the next corner, the protagonist must step outside herself to understand what is happening within. Thank you for considering publication of my short story, The Roommate. If you are interested in my publishing history, please visit, or check me out on audible where you’ll find my audiobook for a novella called The Night Locker.February 20, 2021Vote
‘desiree’s brevity knew no boundries’ By jeff jaret, , It is about the fall of a man in a powerful position who uses young and upcoming career-driven women to fulfill his needs, a man who though gets paid well, still feel a need to bite a hand that feeds him. and he does such until he gets asked to appear before the board of his company, hauled before his country's court of law.February 18, 2021Vote
‘A CHRISTMAS WISH’ By Richard Lawrence Belford, , On the dawn of a new year and heels of one that can be described like no other I had an opportunity to sit down and not only think about what I miss, but what I wish. As a result, I wrote a parable that I believe is about as close to a slice of heaven as one can get. I hope you agree.February 16, 2021Vote
‘The Black Coat’ By Mehreen Ahmed, , This is a story of an artist who falls in love with a phantom. He is held under her spell, irreversibly charmed.February 15, 2021Vote
‘A Path of Mystery’ By Loretta Moore, , 35-year-old African American William Lowell has entered a path of mystery that exposes the Colonial in America, and a horrific murder that takes place. He's driving his 1997 Lincoln, crossing from Pennsylvania into Delaware, when all of a sudden the surroundings begin to change and encounters a tavern that dates back to the colonial times. Everyone inside reflect the past. He's totally confused. Not long after leaving there he encounters a gentleman in Colonial dress getting a horse and heading out. The man is a Representative of Congress. He next finds himself witnessing the Congressman in a dress shop attracted to a beautiful mulatto dressmaker. Horror and a lot of mystery follows from there.February 15, 2021Vote
‘Recipe.’ By Adam Boustead, , Follow this recipe and we will all end up eating in Hell.February 15, 2021Vote
‘We won´t Fall’ By dazner2001, , Lia, Trapped by fate or victim of evil? when you give up you lose everything Ryujin, Will she obey the law of the one who swore to protect? When you think that nothing is ahead of you, there will always be someone to continue living for Losing confidence even in their decisions, only their hearts will guide them back to who they belongFebruary 15, 2021Vote
‘Warm Cherry Pie With Ice Cream’ By Clive Owen Barry, , Old woman somewhere in the deep south USA, reminiscing of what things were like when she was a girl.February 15, 2021Vote
‘Crashing’ By Kat Hibbard, , Crashing is a nonfiction narrative describing a lifelong quest to avoid a hereditary plummet, and earning success as an author.February 15, 2021Vote
‘Take Out’ By Arnaldo Lopez Jr, , When a portal to another dimension is opened, letting all kinds of dangerous and hungry monsters into our world, it's the food delivery people that become the true heroes!February 14, 2021Vote
‘From Surviving to Thriving’ By Thear Suzuki, , How does one survive a genocide, take refuge in a new country and thrive? How do you move from years of negative self-limiting beliefs to live a life of meaning, purpose and joy for yourself and others? Thear Suzuki lived through 4 years of the Cambodian Genocide, 2 years in refugee camps and arrived in the US when she was 8 years old. Overcoming her experience as an outsider and with the help of kind strangers, Thear was inspired to discover her purpose, succeed in corporate America, and give back to her community.February 14, 2021Vote
‘No Right Choice’ By William Dabbs, , Jacoby Portis, a talented athlete, is the recipient of gifts far greater than speed or strength. How to use them proves to be a tougher decision than he ever could have imagined.February 12, 2021Vote
‘I love books more than dolls’ By Purva Grover, , Breasts are an important body part, but we don’t talk about it. In classrooms, when the teachers take us through the chapter ‘Parts of the Human Body’ they show us a chart that has every part labelled except 'it'. Maybe it doesn’t have a name. We have a head and toes, neck and knees, and a small and large intestine in between. Only when it is October, we utter the name of this body part, under the garb of pink ribbons as we speak of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In a lifetime, a female is expected to not only expected to laugh over adjectives used to describe the breasts like full, colossal, jiggly, jelly-like; but also, never open her mouth when a stranger’s hand touches, pinches, 'it'. It is expected of her to stay quiet when violated.February 12, 2021Vote
‘The Extraordinary’ By Joy Christopher, , Maya is growing up and becoming curious about her absent father. If Mom and Dad are in love, why aren't they together? Confused between her admiration and anger, she struggles with the words that comfort her.February 10, 2021Vote
‘Fish Wish’ By Eve Arthur, , The magic fish promises to give the lad half of everything. It takes a while to iron out the details.February 10, 2021Vote
‘Finding Purpose is a Journey’ By Neelam, , “Finding Purpose is a Journey” is a summarized biography of the life of a woman social entrepreneur, engaged in a sector that is considered unorganized and informal - the craft sector. The journey is sacred because it is full of learning and consists of constantly addressing and overcoming challenges. Such a vigor for any goal is only possible when it is connected with the purpose of life and one’s spiritual individuality. The events and experiences are only illustrations of how purpose can keep your life glued to constant evolution and in reward there is always satisfaction. The journey has been especially interesting because of being part of a community that is dynamic and vibrant but yet is not meeting it’ s potential - i.e. the creative manufacturing sector that includes millions of artisans. Driving the restoration of historic best practices for their progress and advancement seemed like a big goal but the realization that small steps can make a difference served as motivation which has helped “Industree” as an organization stand out to be the experiment and experiential ground for commitment. Dreams can come true with consistent efforts and this article is only one example of how.February 10, 2021Vote
‘Chrysalette – the beginning of song’ By r.e.joyce, , A grumpy weather wizard creates a blue sky fairy to find a way to stop evil from spreading in the world. Chrysalette transforms into Carillon Silverbright and works with an ancient frog, a gnome, and a lost girl to bring harmony back into the world and stop the evil.February 9, 2021Vote
‘Home For The Caillte’ By Philip Dean Ghearing, , Christine always assumed her five year old boy was completely ordinary, despite the slight variation in his physical appearance. However, a chance encounter with a mysterious woman and her equally mysterious little girl in an airport leads her to believe there may be something special about her child. And if the woman's words are correct, the next few years could get interesting.February 9, 2021Vote
‘Pieces of Paula ‘ By Kaylie Mancino, , Pieces of Paula is a short memoir written after my friend passed from suicide. It addresses mental health and the trauma surrounding losing someone due to suicide.February 8, 2021Vote
‘RTA’ By Ray Beaman, , One man discovers that you cannot run from your past forever when a mysterious box appears in his home. Plagued by terrible nightmares and the nightly appearance of a bloodstained apparition, he knows that he will have to confront the truth that he has desperately tried to ignore and that one way or another, the box will finally have to be opened.February 8, 2021Vote
‘Chapters of an inner life. It’s not the moment yet.’ By Pedro Serrano, , Time and Space are relative ... The power and projection of an unconscious fragmented mind can become unpredictable and uncontrollable. Dare to enter and be able to differentiate if the chapters are yours or mine. Without a clear memory, but with an active subconscious. The past is unknown, the present is unclear, and the future is uncertain. Is it 5 people or is it just an illusion? Dare to enter the interior of this life.February 6, 2021Vote