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‘Dead people that can help the living’ By Keith Burkholder, , Dead people are able to help the living. They can interact with them so the living can prosper. This may sound unique. However, this is the reality in this cemetery.November 30, 2021Vote
‘The Versatile Car and it many applications of success to its owner’ By Keith Burkholder, , Devin has a car that is versatile. It is able to do things a normal car could never do. It is able to fly in the sky if caught in major traffic on the road. Devin loves this feature a lot. He is able to go anywhere in it. It is able to fly in the air as well.November 30, 2021Vote
‘A New Chance at a second life’ By Keith Burkholder, , Dennis committed suicide. However, he can back to life during reincarnation. He now has a second chance at life. He is thrilled to be alive again.November 30, 2021Vote
‘As He Closes His eyes, he can see the inner workings of his mind’ By Keith Burkholder, , Gavin can see the inner workings of his mind. He can do this while resting. This also happens to him when he sleeps. This opens his mind to new ideas as well.November 30, 2021Vote
‘Who Are You?’ By Robert Butler, , A patient named Freddy starts experiencing strange events in his ward at a mental health facility, of which he may never leave.November 29, 2021Vote
‘Heads that keep decapitated corpses alive and well’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is an about an inventor who keeps corpses alive with the heads of mannequins This makes the corpse come to life again. Nicolas is a fantastic inventor.November 29, 2021Vote
‘The Waking Boy’ By Jordan Troche, , A boy wakes in a padded room with no memory of how he got there save for a voice on an intercom welcoming him and claiming to be his father. The voice asks him to remember the events leading him here. What happened after the flash of light and mushroom cloud on the horizon appeared? Is the man actually his father and if not what happened to Timothy? Why is it so hard to remember?November 28, 2021Vote
‘After washing his hands, he turned into a new being’ By Keith Burkholder, , This person turns into a robotic being after washing his hands. It is something out of the ordinary for this to happen. However, in this case it is his reality.November 28, 2021Vote
‘The Railroad Train that flies in the sky’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a railroad train that is able to fly. It can go to different destinations in this fashion. It is amazing that it can do this as well.November 28, 2021Vote
‘There Is Only One You’ By Chojoyce, , The moment you start to accept yourself for who you are, the better it is going to be for you to deal with the problems surrounding you. Life has its up and downs. Just as you can't find roses without thorns also, you can't find a life without problems but the most important thing is how do you deal with those problems? Do you become a coward and run away from those problems? Or do you become a solution provider to that problem? The ball is in your court. Your life is your story and only you gets to determine what your story is all about.November 27, 2021Vote
‘The Unknown World behind the Closet in the Basement’ By Keith Burkholder, , Keith experiences an unknown world. It is behind the closet. He wonders how it is and ventures toward it. It amazes him in what he encounters.November 27, 2021Vote
‘He wakes up in a different place far into the future’ By Keith Burkholder, , It is far into the future. Phillip is alive and well in this part of the future. It means the world to him to leave the present. He wakes up and loves his life far into the future. The future is a great place for him.November 26, 2021Vote
‘Another world that exists on the bottom of the ocean’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about how another world exists at the bottom of the ocean. It is about a world that is different than life on land. It is a place that is special and full of optimism. This is a place that is worthwhile to see and visit.November 26, 2021Vote
‘Edward’s great transformation’ By Keith Burkholder, , Edward turns into a wizard. This transformation grants him great powers. He feels empowered with being this way. He does not feel weak at all. The wizard in him amazes him greatly to no end.November 25, 2021Vote
‘The Prince’ By Jasmin Hansen, , “A creature stares down at me. Its face is a white oval-shaped surface. Where its mouth and nose should be, there is nothing but two dents. Its eyes are swollen, leaking bumps with ropes sewn across them. “ The Prince has wandered through the castle for many years now, searching for his memories. The castle is as strange as he; a clock is always ticking and an invisible fire is always burning. When he walks among these strange things, the past comes to the Prince in small glimpses. Although he wants to know his past, he is afraid of its true nature. And then, one day, strange creatures appear. A chase across the castle begins. The creatures are slow, but persistent. Worse, the castle itself is fighting the Prince. Chains fall from the ceiling and they drag the Prince towards the clock. Although he fights with all his might, even cutting off his leg, the castle wins. The Prince faces the clock. And he sees his true self.November 24, 2021Vote
‘Her Furniture Begins to Crack and Crumble and so does the floor underneath her bed’ By Keith Burkholder, , Josie's life changes as a person. The floor underneath her bed crumbles. She then lands into a different world. This world is different than Earth. It is a world that is much nicer and safe than Earth, too. This impresses her greatly.November 24, 2021Vote
‘A Land Laid to Waste, Now Will Be Saved’ By Keith Burkholder, , The Martian world needs a major cleanup after mass destruction. Earth will come to the aid of Mars. This should help the planet dramatically. Earth is an ally to this planet.November 24, 2021Vote
‘Annabella Katherine Brooks’ By Sarah Johnson-Swiger, , A teenage ghost makes a deal with a witch to help her family grieve her death.November 23, 2021Vote
‘Helicopter Ride into New Dimension (A Universe Unknown to Us)’ By Keith Burkholder, , He takes a ride in his helicopter. However, he manages to leave Earth and go into a different dimension. This interests him greatly. The whole adventure clearly opens his mind.November 23, 2021Vote
‘Throne of Wars ‘ By F. H. Gramac, , In a world where realms are in constant civil war, one king must bring peace to the land. However beyond the wall, lies the country’s ancient past…November 23, 2021Vote
‘Man of the South’ By Chinelo Mgbeadichie, , Festus and his wife in search of a child tricks single Uju into becoming a surrogate mother without her consent. They steal her child and throw her out of their house. Vengeance becomes her only solace. They can’t imagine what she has in store for them.November 23, 2021Vote
‘The Doughnut Factory’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about a doughnut factory. The dwarfs in it make different concoctions of doughnuts. There is a writing contest involved. A woman from England wins the contest. She is then able to travel to the factory and see it firsthand. The expenses for her travel are paid for. This was such an exciting time in her life. This was the first contest involved where someone could see the factory firsthand from the outside world.November 22, 2021Vote
‘The Dismembering Virus’ By Keith Burkholder, , It is about a man who contracts a supposed dismembering virus. He dismembers in a coffee shop. Yet, manages to reassemble by drinking coffee. He never again loses any more body parts. He wonders if such a scenario was real or in his mind. This is such a story with unique overtones to it.November 22, 2021Vote
‘Coming back to life as a different person after being cremated’ By Keith Burkholder, , This person comes back to life as a different person. This is a unique way of reincarnation. However, this is how it goes for this person.November 21, 2021Vote
‘The Dead Have Feelings, too’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about how the dead have feelings. They might be dead but still have feelings for the living. This is how they are in this particular cemetery.November 20, 2021Vote
‘The Dead watch over the living’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about how the dead watch over the living. The spirits of the dead are still alive and well. They love to see over the living whenever possible.November 20, 2021Vote
‘Stories of Albert’ By Jennifer Bisignano, , Albert Einstein is met by two different people that I meet while I work with older people. One is a nurse who meets him at Princeton Hospital while his sister is sick and the other is the kindness he bestows on a shop keeper when he gives his daughter a gift. Albert is more human in these stories than the brilliant math man we know him to be.November 20, 2021Vote
‘FLUSHED! The plot twist’ By Brainnydaniel, , Life did not pan out for Dave a he has planned and bragged about in the previous years. He landed a cleaning job at the airport only to meet his secondary school sweetheart in the most awkward way, after so many years. PASSWORD TO PDF FILE: ILONovember 19, 2021Vote
‘What Did You Come To Value During The Pandemic?’ By The Trilla Poet, , We have all have been affected by the pandemic. Our lives have forever changed because of it, here the Author presents a question to the reader which will stoke the flames of motivation and inspiration.November 19, 2021Vote
‘Entering a world full of peace’ By Keith Burkholder, , Gavin leaves planet Earth and goes through a tunnel. He leaves Earth and goes to a completely different world. It is a place where peace and serenity exist.November 19, 2021Vote
‘Being able to wipe out memories from Humans’ By Keith Burkholder, , Gordon is able to wipe out memories of humans. He has this power that allows this to happen. It is a power he has and it is something he admires a lot.November 19, 2021Vote
‘The art of flying solo with magic as the main influence’ By Keith Burkholder, , Being able to fly solo with magic as the influence. This individual was told to rub cream on her arm as the main reason to fly as she could. This could make her fly and see all that she wanted.November 18, 2021Vote
‘Living in an Asteroid Chamber’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about a person who lives in an asteroid chamber. It is about how this person lives evolves this way. He feels the need to interact with others in this fashion.November 18, 2021Vote
‘Imagine if a Star could talk to Humans’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a story about a star that can talk to humans. It loves to interact with the human race. It feels great when such an event happens.November 18, 2021Vote
‘Amazing Grace’ By Billy Sample, , U.S. Navy Ship USS Tarawa LHA1 on patrol off the coast of Asia when a call goes out from a ship in distress. Over 400 Vietnamese refugees are rescued and brought on board. The first night on board one of the Women gave birth to a little girl. The family named her Grace Tarawa Tran.November 18, 2021Vote
‘People coming back to life in record numbers’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a story about how people reincarnate from the dead. They are able to come to life for a second chance at life.November 18, 2021Vote
‘The Venus Flytrap Phenomenon’ By Keith Burkholder, , A gay man who leaves the universe and goes elsewhere in a different dimension. He goes from gay to straight. He loves the new universe and dimension is a part of now.November 18, 2021Vote
‘The Queen’s House, the Clock, and the Beatles Street’ By Patricia Pepper, , This is one of the short stories that recounts the adventures of Themis, a Brazilian beach lover turned United Kingdom immigration officer, who draws back the curtain on the British immigration service to present her unique view on its inner workings and behind-the-scenes activity, providing an entertaining and humorous account of life on the frontline of airport arrivals, together with insights into some aspects of Brazilian culture.November 18, 2021Vote
‘Motherland [ Dedicated To All Motherhood]’ By Ekoh King’s, , God is also a victim, it is true what God can't doesn't exist So said, the little boy but what is this dice God couldn't choose a better family, God couldn't choose a better country God couldn't choose a better orphanage. God couldn't save a mother dying of cancer So said, the little boy but why is this dice? He said, God is also a victim As he is always in a prison of Mans free will He is in the club every Fridays, toss and Drunk to mans Leisure of lust. God is also a victim...November 17, 2021Vote
‘Broke’ By John Jeffire, , George fights on the piers of of early 1900s Detroit to bring home extra money to feed and clothe his wife Matilda and their children. When a test of strength is held--with a hefty prize--he cannot resist the challenge. The stakes are high, and he cannot afford to lose. This story is based on the life of my great uncle, George Riley Meadows.November 16, 2021Vote
‘Mornings In Vannigan’ By Taylor Neal, , A look into the intimate reality of #vanlife from my reflections on the quiet mornings which bring so much joy and gratitude in their unconventional beauty. Two women living on the road, finding the need for intention and mindful awareness in each moment as our days unfold. In the way the roads wind through the mountains, we take every turn slowly, savouring each view, unaware of what to expect around each bend, and remaining open to whatever comes our way as we hold one another close.November 15, 2021Vote
‘Mornings In Vannigan’ By Taylor Neal, , A look into the intimate reality of #vanlife from my reflections on the quiet mornings which bring so much joy and gratitude in their unconventional bwo women living on the road, finding the need for intention andNovember 15, 2021Vote
‘An Ancient Herb that allows him to travel through time’ By Keith Burkholder, , Gavin takes in an ancient herb. It allows him to see and travel in time. This amazes him completely.November 14, 2021Vote
‘A Uniqueness of experience in the world behind the waterfall’ By Keith Burkholder, , The world is different behind this waterfall. It is appealing to the person in this story. This person wonders what lies behind it.November 14, 2021Vote
‘Unknown life noticed in the night sky’ By Keith Burkholder, , Humans that see unknown life in the night sky. They wonder where it is from in general.November 14, 2021Vote
‘Seeing different shapes in the ceiling of his bedroom and time travel’ By Keith Burkholder, , He is able to time travel by seeing different shapes with the dots on his ceiling in his bedroom.November 14, 2021Vote
‘Feeling the tensions of the dead while at this cemetery’ By Keith Burkholder, , Living humans who visit this cemetery can feel the tensions of the dead. The dead can be felt as living in such a fashion. This is amazing to both the dead and the living as well.November 13, 2021Vote
‘The story of a survivor’ By shefriendofstars, , The story of a 14-year-old survivor.November 13, 2021Vote
‘THE SIN’ By shefriendofstars, , The story of a boy and his mother who believed in good deeds.November 13, 2021Vote
‘PAPERBOATS’ By SHEFRIENDOFSTARS, , Woman life has no better comparison than paperboats.November 13, 2021Vote
‘BREAKING THE CHAINS’ By shefriendofstars, , The story of a woman who loves freedom.November 13, 2021Vote
‘BLINDED IN LOVE’ By shefriendofstars, , The story of a girl who is crazy about romantic novels.November 13, 2021Vote
‘A SAD DREAM’ By SHEFRIENDOFSTARS, , The story of a girl who loved her home.November 13, 2021Vote
‘The lost memories’ By shefriendofstars, , The struggle of a lady diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease to hold on to her memories a little longer. Her friend who suffered a lot of misfortunes in her life want to forget everything and go back to her childhood. A story of friendship scattered in the storm of fate.November 13, 2021Vote
‘the roblox pro ‘ By caleb fransson, , he breaks beds in bedwarsNovember 12, 2021Vote
‘Human life evolving through time’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about evolution through human life. Human life evolving through time.November 12, 2021Vote
‘A Place in the Solar System where people care about one another’ By Keith Burkholder, , A place where people are cared about in the solar system. Earth, for some time, has been a bad place. However, now there is a place where goodness is a reality for all.November 12, 2021Vote
‘Men and Women Earth who only date outsiders from other planets’ By Keith Burkholder, , People on Earth who only date beings from other planets. They prefer this method of dating.November 12, 2021Vote
‘Three Blonde Wigs’ By Candace Webb Henderson, , How three blonde wigs brought twin sisters closer and developed a deep, lasting friendship remains to be part of our family. There are those friends that are indeed one of life's great joys. There are three main characters, Candy, Connie (twins) and Lisa (best friends). The story begins in a small midwestern town, Danville, IL, on a warm spring day. During this time they spend together, their characters are tested as their parents leave them home alone while being watched by a beloved neighbor (Karen) from her house on the hill. The girls are just fourteen; find out what happens when they are left alone in their home over night with their fearless Dobermans and their neighbor watching them from afar.November 12, 2021Vote
‘The Mystique Ways of the Ouija Board’ By Keith Burkholder, , Donna and her friends go on an adventure while playing with the Ouija board. It is something they will never forget.November 11, 2021Vote
‘They called it a near miss’ By Jennifer Geer, , This story is about about how a wife handles the constant verbal abuse by her husband and, this day, what she did about it!November 11, 2021Vote
‘Casey’ By joe quandt, , perhaps the best known figure in sports literature gets a contemporary makeover. Something I'd wondered ever since i was a kid: what happened to him afterwards?November 11, 2021Vote
‘Goodbye, Home’ By Mango Sorbet, , Raine remembers her old home, and the memories she had, after she moves to a new city.November 11, 2021Vote
‘Unique experiences that happen in a small town in Nebraska’ By Keith Burkholder, , I just added town to the title. This is the same story as before.November 7, 2021Vote
‘The Texan – Harrowing’ By Texas Dan, , A U.S Mercenary is sent to Australia to investigate a series of murders at a mining facility. What he encounters is more than what he bargained for.November 7, 2021Vote
‘Unique experiences that happen in a small in Nebraska’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about alien occurrences in Nebraska. It is a science fiction story about such happenings. Alien life can appear anywhere at any time.November 7, 2021Vote
‘The powers of time travel in the realm of the tornado’ By Keith Burkholder, , He gets caught up in a tornado. He time travels while this is happening to him. This is a unique for anyone to time travel as well.November 5, 2021Vote
‘WIRED DIFFERENTLY’ By Bodé Enítàn-Bobbington, , I remember walking to the take the taxi, in my hands were two bags – left hand was a black duffle bag with my best clothes, piled with my all my music CDs; in my right hand was my black travel suitcase filled with my suits, sneakers, and other stuffs I can not remember. Walking with me was my mother who had in her hand another travel suitcase, as she dragged it, in her eyes I could see as they became teary. I wondered in my heart what would I have to say not to make my mother shed tears to see me leave her as her only son, the child she nurtured for years. My mother knew this day would come, but she never imagined that it would come so soon. She kept telling me to have my bible close to me, and to never forget where I come from and never forget ‘whose child I am’. So I hailed a taxi, in the process of negotiating the price with the taxi driver, I told him the destination was Victoria Island, he said the fare would be N1, 500.00, and I agreed. I looked at my mother, trying to signal her to bring the suitcase as she did not want to let go of my suitcase she had in her hand. I had to slowly let loose her grip from the suitcase, then placed the bag in the trunk of the taxi. I hugged my mother, and because I avoided to make the situation feel too emotional I walked quickly to the taxi, with my mother saying out loud, ‘Do not forget to call me when you get to your sister’s [Oyinkan] place. This is the part I remember vividly, as the driver drove off, I looked at my mother’s reflection through the side mirror as she waved to me. All I could see was the bright light from the sun shinning against the side mirror. I tilted my head differently to make sure I saw my mother’s face; I stuck my hand out the window and waved back.November 4, 2021Vote
‘Semen changes him to robotic in nature’ By Keith Burkholder, , After washing his hands in the sink he turned robotic in nature. This happened after he touched a bit of semen on his underwear.November 3, 2021Vote
‘Mars has now become a world in which humans can live and breathe on’ By Keith Burkholder, , Mars has become a livable planet for humans to live on. This is what this story is about.November 3, 2021Vote
‘The Semi-Truck Experience within her mind that was nightmarish and mind opening’ By Keith Burkholder, , This woman has a bizarre dream about being decapitated. It happened in her mind because she was in a car accident. This dream was massive in her mind and kept her thinking about life for many days.November 3, 2021Vote
‘The Alien Identity’ By Keith Burkholder, , Sarah was abducted by aliens from another world. They took her away from Earth and did research experiments on her. She experienced how other life sees Earthlings.November 3, 2021Vote
‘A mystery to us all’ By Keith Burkholder, , How an airplane carrier lands into a different world. This world is different than planet Earth. It talks about what he encounters while in this world as well.November 3, 2021Vote
‘A Bouquet Of Golden Roses (poem collection)’ By Gladius Albus, , A Collection of Poems written by Wattpad writer Gladius Albus. Contains three poems- Behind The Cedar Tree The Red Diamond DreamNovember 3, 2021Vote
‘IPL’ By York, , Testing NotesNovember 3, 2021Vote
‘His First Swimming Lesson’ By Keith Burkholder, , It is about Simon's first swimming lesson. He is learning to swim and this is exciting to him.November 2, 2021Vote
‘The man with the destructive penis’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a man who is bisexual. It is about how unique his sexual prowess is. It is a story about a man who loves to go on sexual escapades as well.November 2, 2021Vote
‘He Dreams of a train barreling in his bedroom while he is asleep’ By Keith Burkholder, , George has this unique dream. He dreams of a train barreling through the middle of his bedroom. It is a scary dream but a dream that remains with him for some time.November 2, 2021Vote
‘He Falls Off Cliff and goes to a new world’ By Keith Burkholder, , Kevin falls off a cliff. He then enters a new world when he falls off of it. This is a world that is different from planet Earth.November 2, 2021Vote
‘Creativity through mental telepathy’ By Keith Burkholder, , Keith has a creative mind. He can draw pictures through mental telepathy.November 2, 2021Vote
‘Raise Your Hand’ By C.C. Nannis, , When Angela's pen pal makes a handful of horrible assumptions about her, she's one stamp away from ending their relationship forever in a fit of rage! Angela's mother has a different point of view though, and the young girl learns a very valuable lesson about taking the time to think things through and asking questions before rushing into saying words she'd regret.November 2, 2021Vote
‘Titan’ By test, , Tseting The NotesNovember 1, 2021Vote
‘A Bad Day’ By Jean Martin, , A man finds his wife making waffles on Sunday morning, and talking about taking the kids on an outing. He rants and shouts, but she can't hear him. He spends the day ranting and shouting. Finally, his wife explains that he's dead, and nobody cares what he has to say anymore. Which doesn't stop him from making a fuss, even after his wife sells the house, and moves away. He stays where he is and he stays angry. Because that's all he has.November 1, 2021Vote
‘The Martian Railroad Conductor’ By Keith Burkholder, , Martian being that turns into a railroad conductor while on planet Earth.November 1, 2021Vote
‘Sexual Transference’ By Keith Burkholder, , When a person changes sexuality after a major event occurs in his life for this to happen.November 1, 2021Vote
‘The Grave keeper and time travel into different times in the past’ By Keith Burkholder, , The grave keeper in this cemetery can travel in time. It is a unique way for him to see and travel in the past.November 1, 2021Vote
‘The Mask That Transforms Him into An Earthling’ By Keith Burkholder, , This Martian has a mask that can turn him into an Earthling. This is a unique way for him to transform in such a fashion.November 1, 2021Vote
‘The Struggle Is Real’ By Missy Moore, , “The Struggle is Real” is an inspirational and very realistic book encouraging people today how to get through tomorrow with the weight of struggle on their shoulders.November 1, 2021Vote
‘Glob the Quiet Frog’ By Lucy Downer, , ‘Glob the Quiet Frog’ is a story about embracing being an introvert and learning how to find your voice. The tale opens with Glob, a desert rain frog from South Africa, who has yet to find his squeal. Desert rain frogs (as featured on David Attenborough’s ‘The Perfect Planet’) are the size of marshmallows, but emit a high-pitched squeal larger than their size would suggest when they gather at night to feed. Glob, however, is too shy to participate, so sets off one night on a journey to find his voice. On his adventure, he encounters three other animals for whom quietness is a strength. From the chameleon, he learns that blending in is a survival technique; from the South-African antelopes (the Kudu) he learns the importance of listening, and from the elephants he realises that being quiet is a powerful tool that doesn’t make your voice any less valuable. At the end of the story, Glob returns to his tribe, to join in with the nightly chorus in his own special way. ‘Glob the Quiet Frog’ is a picture book for 5-7 year olds, written by myself and illustrated by my older sister Sophie. It reflects on our own experiences of being negatively labelled as ‘shy children’ whilst growing up, and aims to spread the message that being quiet is not a flaw, but a power. The book also carries a strong environmental message, shining the spotlight on endangered animals, and educating young children on under-represented species.November 1, 2021Vote
‘An Adventure with time travel in the mix’ By Keith Burkholder, , Time travel that occurs in this story. This is about how someone travels in time and then goes back to the present. It is full of adventure as well.November 1, 2021Vote
‘Flying Gargoyles took over this town’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about how gargoyles take over town called Dixon. It discusses how they go about doing this.November 1, 2021Vote
‘A Passageway in space that leads to everlasting peace and serenity’ By Keith Burkholder, , Leaving Earth and going elsewhere in the solar system. The turbulence on Earth allowed this to happen.November 1, 2021Vote
‘He Hears Voices While at the Beach’ By Keith Burkholder, , Victor is able to communicate with the lake he swims in. The lake is able to talk back to him and this excites Victor. It is a great conversation both have.October 31, 2021Vote
‘Imagination Gone in Different Directions’ By Keith Burkholder, , It is about someone who imagination works in unique ways. It is hard for such a character to fathom as well.October 31, 2021Vote
‘A Laugh that changed the focus of the universe’ By Keith Burkholder, , Laughs from centaurs that change the focus of the universe. Changes in the rotations of other planets, too.October 31, 2021Vote
‘A Stranger on Earth from a different planet in the solar system’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about some from a different planet who is now on Earth and seeing it firsthand.October 31, 2021Vote
‘Jade Cove’ By Tony Martello, , Rico gets cast away during a ship wreck and drifts in the ocean aimlessly. He lands in a cove but suffers from hypothermia and is disillusioned by dreams of finding El Dorado and reality. You decide what is real vs. fantasy in this interesting work of historical fantasy fiction.October 31, 2021Vote
‘Fairy Tale’ By Kopenope, , A story of future Kolkata, forensics had developed so much that the memory of the dead person's last day can be viewed as a dream by any person, using a machine known as "SYNC". But to beat the system, of finding murderer's information by using Sync - criminals created a drug which can delete memories of a person.October 31, 2021Vote
‘Where is Home?’ By Abby Peace, , Abby woke up one day to the shocking news that she and her four young children would lose their home. Despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and naysayers all around her, Abby managed to provide a stable home and a sense of security both to herself and to her children.October 30, 2021Vote
‘The Elevator Game’ By Samara Han, , Yuna and her friends play a game that they believe is just for fun, but what happens when everything turns out to be real? What happens when they meet a whole other version of themselves? In this short story, everyone must face their fears, past actions, and feelings as they encounter a whole other dimension that no one knew existed. Will they be able to get back to their world?October 30, 2021Vote
‘The Traveler and Space and beyond’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a story about a traveler who explores space and beyond. It means the world for him to do this.October 30, 2021Vote
‘A Time to Remember and Celebrate’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a story to remember someone who was great and celebrate their live on planet Earth.October 30, 2021Vote
‘The Cherry Of Her Lips’ By Ann Wuehler, , Joan, a secret witch, and Rosmaria have become allies, in an uneasy world where both are expected to play certain parts. Joan plots the death of her aging, scheming husband, Rosmaria's father, rather than let him plan she has an accident so he can marry a young local widow. Rosmaria longs to be free to live life as she wants to, her appetites quite monstrous, bloody and consuming. With her target, the local prince, announcing he will marry some foreign princess, Rosmaria urges Joan to repeat the ritual Rosmaria's mother went through to get a child. Joan cannot have a child, and cannot ensure her place at Wulfhall much longer. This goes badly, but it might also be the answer the two women seek.October 28, 2021Vote
‘Crawler’ By J. G. Sweeney, , Unable to move following a stroke, Kathy lies helpless in her hospital bed as an entity she calls "Crawler" approaches to torment her every night. Since her roommates are oblivious to his presence, Kathy must find the means—and the will—to fight back before Crawler's malevolence overwhelms her.October 28, 2021Vote
‘The First Date Kiss’ By Nermeen Mageed, , This is a story of a girl named Risa going on her first date with her boyfriend Lea. They have known each other for a long time, but with many trails they had to face between them they never really became a couple. At first it was always hard for Risa to be near Lea because she erased his memories of her to protect them both, but after all the conflicts conquered they are finally able to be together. On this first date, they were a bit awkward because they really did not know what to do. Risa, knew what she wanted to do was to thank him for saving her life and hoping to get her first kiss. During their date, it seems they were able to have fun eating, laughing, and most of all just having fun. When it came close to sunset, they head over to the park to watch the sun goes down to enjoy the rest of their date. At nightfall, Risa finally got her wish come true and her first kiss making this the best date ever.October 28, 2021Vote
‘Perfection not required’ By Sarah Jessica Taylor, , This is a true story reflecting upon the handful of final years with my dad before he passed away with cancer when I was 14. I explore how the belief that if I were perfect, I could hold our lives together ruled me for so long, as well as the discovery that I made for my own life, as well as in my father's death when I let that belief go. This is a story for anyone who has lost someone dear to them and wishes to reconnect with their tender truth as well as reframe what their role in the journey may be now. Thank you.October 27, 2021Vote
‘Frankenstein’s Snowman’ By Jessica Thompson, , The parallels between Frosty and Frankenstein abound in this short story about our main character being consumed by a passion for discovery, creating a murderous man of snow, then spending the rest of his life regretting his efforts.October 27, 2021Vote
‘The Intruders’ By J. G. Sweeney, , Two desperate goblin outcasts, Fram and Sterk, hunt for food—and redemption—in a suburban English garden. Unfortunately, gnomes already live there and will fight to the last breath to defend their territory. Can Fram and Sterk regain their place in the goblin realm?October 27, 2021Vote
‘The Alien Identity’ By Keith Burkholder, , Sarah's identity is taken from aliens from another world. This is a bizarre story about such an instance.October 27, 2021Vote
‘The mental domain of Phillip’ By Keith Burkholder, , The inner workings of Phillip's mind. It is how it works in general.October 27, 2021Vote
‘Wade Fransson Test of this link’ By Wade Fransson, , This is a test of the process for Alive from the CoreOctober 26, 2021Vote
‘Let’s Get outta Here!’ By Ron Slover, , A high school student suffers from epileptic seizures that take him time tripping.October 26, 2021Vote
‘The superhero with powers to change someone through sight’ By Keith Burkholder, , His ability to change a person through sight. This is a power he has and it is magnificent.October 26, 2021Vote
‘Why DO Candles Flicker Just Before the Rain?’ By Fletcher Graves, , A man in a large city struggles after a breakup and the future until an unexpected woman stumbles into his life.October 26, 2021Vote
‘The Grass and the Tree’ By Danny Oliver, , The grass becomes conscious of itself after being mesmerized by the Tree for many generations. With this new self awareness, they begin to build societies and begin competing with the Tree in any way they can find, meanwhile the Tree does and says nothing the whole time.October 25, 2021Vote
‘Corpses and their way of existing again on planet Earth’ By Keith Burkholder, , Corpses coming back to life again. They take over life in the town they are from. They are something to be taken seriously.October 25, 2021Vote
‘The Pink Button’ By Dannelle Gay, , I was raped by my mother's boyfriend when I was 14 and couldn't tell anyone for multiple reasons. This is my brief story and how I overcame to take control of my life and become the strong woman that I currently am. I plan to donate my profits from this book to a women's group that helps other survivors.October 25, 2021Vote
‘Legend has it’ By Sophie Laliberté, , In a world much like our own... Legend has it that a river demon turns people into fish before eating them. Is the legend true? This is what two teenagers will have to find out.October 25, 2021Vote
‘Lost and found’ By Drikus du Toit, , A young boy named Arthur is taking to the police station to be questioned for a murder he potentially committed. He explains his whole life to an officer and what caused certain events to occur.October 24, 2021Vote
‘Love Too Late ‘ By MiArtx, , About a guy who accidentally killed the girl he loved but only realized he loved her till after he lost her.October 24, 2021Vote
‘The song in these fists’ By Gashian Cotton, , There is music in everything, so when you hear it in strange places there's nothing wrong with getting lost In it all. Scott has one hell of a boxing match ahead of himOctober 23, 2021Vote
‘TOO LATE’ By lewis preacher, , The story of David Cornol an eighth grader who's being bullied in school and is getting fed up with running he doesn't want to go to his father a policeman a stay at home mother who just wants peace but doesn't know how to communicate with her son so he turns to a friend for help and that's where things go really wrong.October 22, 2021Vote
‘Loompa Fairy: Doris x Willy Wonka’ By sam, , Doris, the Oompa Loompa, has been working for Willy Wonka for years, but what happens when Mr. Wonka starts to take more interest in the Oompa Loompa? Will Doris reveal their feelings to Mr. Wonka, and does Willy feel the same way?October 22, 2021Vote
‘The Inner Working of a Broken Mind’ By Salsie, , A man loses his wife to a serial killer and the killer kidnaps his son, so he wrestles with his morality. He has to decide whether or not to get his son back or end the life of the man who ruined his.October 21, 2021Vote
‘The Old Gods are Not Dead’ By Valerian, , In a world destroyed by mankind's overzealous growth, some ancient force will awaken to aid the dwindling species and restore faith and hope.October 21, 2021Vote
‘Flying Can Be Fun’ By terry bryant, , You've heard a lot of scary stories that can happen during a simple plane trip, right? Delays, rental car, lost luggage, crummy passengers, and so on. Is it possible to encounter most of these tragedies on the same flight? Sure it is. These and others are just a normal trip for me. Let me prove it to you.October 21, 2021Vote
‘Of Abominable Love’ By Zayah Wrights, , Of Abominable Love is, essentially, the tale of a love like no other. A love many would gladly look down upon, *fling* insults at or even go as far as shunning family and friends over. It offers a look into the idea of reversing the roles and twisting the plot to fit a specific narrative; one that seldom occurs in our communities because, really, how many times have you ever heard of a woman confronting her husband's mistress only for the unthinkable to happen?October 21, 2021Vote
‘Gulf Shores with the Family’ By terry bryant, , A vacation trip with the family back in 2000. The motel I chose, was much to be desired. The pictures on the internet turned out to be deceptive. Downright awful. "A motel near a BBQ joint in a chainsaw movie would have been an improvement" My interaction with the manager, in a dual to get my credit card refunded is a scene my family has never forgotten.October 20, 2021Vote
‘Being shot out of a canon and landing into a new universe’ By Keith Burkholder, , Isaac being shot out a canon at a circus then flying into space. This is the trek he leads.October 18, 2021Vote
‘Being shot out of a canon and landing into a new universe’ By Keith Burkholder, , This person lands into a new universe after being shot out of a canon. His name is Isaac.October 18, 2021Vote
‘Riding on the back of a dolphin while in space’ By Keith Burkholder, , Garrett is able to ride on a dolphin's back while in space. He was able to do this while in the ocean and then the dolphin was able to fly out of the water and head into space, too.October 18, 2021Vote
‘The Spaceship enters a domain in space that is unfamiliar’ By Keith Burkholder, , The spaceship from Earth enters a different dimension in a different universe. This amazes the travelers greatly.October 18, 2021Vote
‘The deceased on Jupiter can hear voices of the living on planet Earth’ By Keith Burkholder, , The deceased can hear voice from those alive on planet Earth.October 18, 2021Vote
‘The Moon grows arms and legs and moves about the solar system on its own’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a story about how the moon can move throughout the solar system. It is interesting that it can do this in this story.October 18, 2021Vote
‘Mental Chaos’ By Keith Burkholder, , This character has mental illness. It is about how he has it and how it affects him.October 18, 2021Vote
‘Stay with Me’ By Marcus Lopés, , The moment their lips touch, Tyler knows. Nathaniel is the guy who reaches into the special place inside his heart, who makes him laugh, and who, despite his better judgment, he’ll take to meet his mother. Doesn’t matter that he comes with a warning sticker: Lover Beware. Because Tyler is used to always running straight into the line of fire. Only this time, one of them might not make it out alive…October 18, 2021Vote
‘The Wishful’ By Joseph Lindquist, , Nickolaus Pacione submitted on behalf of author of this one, the story plays up a news event from 2019 that basically most of Tampa Bay pretended didn't play up -- Sam's Club caught wind of this and was trying to keep a straight face seeing the story play up in Chicago. This is a piece within the 2500-2600 word range.October 17, 2021Vote
‘nothing to lose’ By lew preacher, , the story of a teenage woman who's father left her and her mother when she was two years old..she had a child that she left on her mother to take care of while she goes out and searches for ways to come up fast,she meets a rich guy and goes for it all.October 17, 2021Vote
‘Lifting his house from inside of it by using mental telepathy’ By Keith Burkholder, , Michael is able to use his mind via mental telepathy. He is able to lift his home this way.October 17, 2021Vote
‘Riding the rainbow and landing elsewhere in a different universe’ By Keith Burkholder, , This person is able to slide down a rainbow and land into a different part of the universe, a different universe altogether.October 17, 2021Vote
‘The Moon smiles toward planet Earth’ By Keith Burkholder, , The moon just outside of planet Earth smiles. This story is about how the moon smiles toward planet Earth and its citizens.October 17, 2021Vote
‘She hears voices and sees images from these voices’ By Keith Burkholder, , Deborah experiences delusions. She experiences voices and sounds related to them.October 17, 2021Vote
‘Mental Hiccups’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a story about someone with mental illness. It is about how it affects him. His name is Harvey.October 17, 2021Vote
‘Revenge of the Gay Zombies’ By Keith Burkholder, , The zombies are able to combat against the villains. They get their revenge in a gruesome way.October 17, 2021Vote
‘Humans that can change into shooting stars and survive in space’ By Keith Burkholder, , It is about five humans that can change into shooting stars while traveling in outer space.October 17, 2021Vote
‘Two lives from two different planets on a date’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a date with two people from two different planets. They are on a date in this story.October 17, 2021Vote
‘My Special Companion’ By urqueenmaejesty, , A girl together with her companion took a revenge for her entire family. Can she forgive the demons that slaughter her family? Can she forgive herself? This is a story of the revenge of the girl named Chantrea.October 17, 2021Vote
‘A Boy’s Superhero Dream Comes True’ By Eric B, , A mini-sequel to Eric B’s published book entitled “Realm of the Invader” (Night Crusaders Series Episode 2), this story takes the reader to a northern California suburb, where 10-year-old avid comic book reader Max Phillips dreams of meeting and having an adventure with a real-life superhero. A freakish near-disaster occurs that brings Max’s greatest desire into fruition: he finds himself up close and personal with one of the Night Crusaders. Now what happens when a young boy has an actual superhero all to himself?October 16, 2021Vote
‘What Life will take over Earth billions of years of from now?’ By Keith Burkholder, , The question is what will take over Earth? This event could happens to Earth in billions of years.October 16, 2021Vote
‘Mars has now become a world in which humans can exist on’ By Keith Burkholder, , Mars has evolved into a different world. It is a world where humans can now exist on.October 16, 2021Vote
‘The superhero with powers to change someone through sight’ By Keith Burkholder, , This superhero has powerful vision. He can change a person through his vision because that is where his greatest powers are.October 16, 2021Vote
‘A New Awakening of Life after Decapitation’ By Keith Burkholder, , After his head decapitated, he has a second life. This is his second chance at living.October 16, 2021Vote
‘Laura’s unique ability to travel in time’ By Keith Burkholder, , Laura is able to time travel. It is a unique way, nonetheless.October 16, 2021Vote
‘Mental Attacks’ By Keith Burkholder, , Weird mental experiences this person has while asleep and in bed.October 16, 2021Vote
‘Martian Life that turns Robotic on planet Earth’ By Keith Burkholder, , When Martian life turns into robotic form on Earth. These are the changes that take place.October 16, 2021Vote
‘Putting Together a Human Being and Time Travel’ By Keith Burkholder, , Scientists who put together a human being. Then travel in time as well.October 16, 2021Vote
‘Pumpjack’ By Perrin Drumm, , A rudderless young man finds unexpected connection in an oil field.October 16, 2021Vote
‘We are stuck’ By Adela Lalzai, , a high school student who has trouble at home decide to live alone in a very cheep and almost abending building, where she meets an old women that is very interested in her. but the sutdent finds out that the old woman is not what she seem.October 15, 2021Vote
‘Carson’s experiences’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a story about how Carson experiences extraterrestrial life. It is unique to him while he is camping.October 15, 2021Vote
‘Imagine Going a to Place that accepts you as you are’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a story about a person who go elsewhere and is accepted as he is. He has no worries about being judged at all.October 15, 2021Vote
‘Unknown life noticed in the night sky’ By Keith Burkholder, , There is unknown alien life spotted in the night sky. It is wondered how they would react to life on Earth.October 15, 2021Vote
‘A World that opens John’s mind in the basement’ By Keith Burkholder, , John has a great experience in his basement. His mind get open due to the experiences he has down there.October 14, 2021Vote
‘Reincarnation of Ralph into his second life’ By Keith Burkholder, , Ralph reincarnates from the dead and lives his second life.October 13, 2021Vote
‘Jaded Lover’ By CherrellDC, , A lover with a tough past brings our main character pain and pleasure she never knew she wanted.October 13, 2021Vote
‘The Living Dead exploring the solar system on their own’ By Keith Burkholder, , The dead coming to life to explore the solar system on their own.October 9, 2021Vote
‘The afterlife of David’ By Keith Burkholder, , The life of David when he comes back to life. It is his form of reincarnation.October 9, 2021Vote
‘The Souls of the dead-on planet Earth reincarnate on Mars’ By Keith Burkholder, , Souls that come to life again on planet Earth. This is their reincarnation period.October 9, 2021Vote
‘Corpses and their way of existing again on planet Earth’ By Keith Burkholder, , The reincarnation of corpses on planet Earth. It is about their life again in their second life.October 9, 2021Vote
‘A Whole New Life at the bottom of this fascinating lake’ By Keith Burkholder, , Life that is different that the world on land. The adventures of these two people who experience this.October 9, 2021Vote
‘I’ll Tell You Who’s Mad’ By Iestyn Edwards, , How my mother had me sent to an educational psychologist and wished she hadn't.October 9, 2021Vote
‘The universe owes us nothing except for the Gift of Life and Luck’ By Sicebise Msengana, , Do you struggle to find meaning in life? Are you feeling powerless and at the mercy of circumstances in your life? What if The Universe Owes us Nothing Except For the Gift of Life and Luck could motivate you to take responsibility for your life and live a life of purpose, happiness and freedom in spite of current painful situations in your life? Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. Come along for a bumpy, yet a realistic ride and discover what lies ahead. The Universe Owes us Nothing Except For the Gift of Life and Luck tells human accomplishment and tragedy from an African-centred perspective. This book comes with personal and historic overview of how things are the way they are and what we need to do to create a better world for the future generations. From either the scholar to those who spend their lives searching for answers to some of life’s difficult questions: the “Why me?” and “Why does the world have little love and too much hate, suffering and pain?” questions. Chapter by chapter with expert analysis and in-depth research, this book takes you through all the vital aspects and seeks to dispels common myths about personal happiness, freedom, problems in Africa and the world in general. Human evolution didn’t happen through a peaceful, static and monolithic process. It took countless sacrifices, bloodshed, failures, and successes which influenced the world we live in.October 8, 2021Vote
‘Happily ever after’ By Aamena.AR, , A story about three boys and one girl who live in a house and four of them are broken. Suddenly a thief breaks into their life and two mainly stupid things are stolen. Read it out to find out what got stolen and how these friends deal with the thief.October 8, 2021Vote
‘Odin’ By Zenstateofmind, , Odin, is the story of a boy who crawled his entire existence, when he could have walked. Even soared... Literally. This story reveals history repeating itself time and time again. We live in a world where parents do their “all”to secure a beautiful future for their kids- their plans affect their children’s marriages, career choices and even their lifestyles. Odin (meaning a mythical god) would have had a more thrilling and fulfilled life, if he’d at least tried resisting the comfort his father had always provided him. Instead, he lived an ordinary man with no purpose or future. He couldn’t even take care of his own father because, all he knew was how to be taken care of. Parents don’t realize it’s one thing to guide a child, and another to not give him the chance to take risks, learn new things, unlearn some teachings or practices which doesn’t always match the child’s life purpose. Most parents impose their belief systems and opinions on their kids. Some just want to continue to provide for their kids without thinking of newer ways to teach him survival. In turn, the consequences follow; The parents deny themselves access to what better lives their kids could have provided for them and for themselves (it’s not just finances but in finding real love and happiness, which is the essence and purpose of living) and some of these kids live with resentments and regrets. Odin is every child out there who is scared to step out of their comfort zone, parental consent or societal stereotypes, in fear of being labeled a rebellious child.October 7, 2021Vote
‘Eternally Encouraged.’ By Adam Botha, , Take a moment to imagine that there was someone by your side watching and encouraging you to be better moment by moment… How would you show up differently? How would your behaviour change? How would your heart change? How would you change?October 7, 2021Vote
‘A One Night Stand with An Alien in Female Form’ By Keith Burkholder, , A young man who has a one night stand with a woman who internally is a Martian.October 7, 2021Vote
‘Dinosaurs coming back life from planet Earth’ By Keith Burkholder, , Dinosaurs come and reincarnate in present day Earth.October 7, 2021Vote
‘Human Life on Planet Earth as it is’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about how human life exists on planet Earth as it is.October 7, 2021Vote
‘The Growing Universe with more planets on the horizon’ By Keith Burkholder, , More planets being developed in our great solar system.October 7, 2021Vote
‘THE SOFT KNOCK, THAT NIGHT.’ By Stallin, , Mitali was late and her worried father's ordeal to find her as the incidents unfolds... " It was getting late enough to be worried. I once again stepped into the balcony and looked down. Except for a drenched street dog that was lying down miserably near the gate, there was not a soul to be seen anywhere. Rain water had puddled under the lamp post. A breeze ruffled the mango tree in the courtyard and a few twigs fell down and broke. Thunder rumbled in the distance. Did I hear a soft knock at the door? I turned back… Hoping of Mitali back from college, I rushed to the door. The knock got intense by now. I unlatched the door open. It wasn’t Mitali. A muddy, out of breath, with a pale white layer of dust and tears on her face, a seven or eight-year-old girl was looking at me. Before I could get the sense of her being there, she reached to my hand and started pulling me towards the stairs. She wanted me to go with her, somewhere. Something, definitely, was not right!October 7, 2021Vote
‘When Cedar Cathedrals Fall: Why All is Never Really Lost’ By Katie Phipps Hague, , A true story of innocence lost, homelessness, betrayal, abandonment, and an eventual coming full-circle to embrace the beauty in the suffering and the very real power of generational and ancestral bonds.October 6, 2021Vote
‘The Ghosts that Haunt the College’s Vicinity’ By Keith Burkholder, , A team of ghosts that are scary and haunt a college's domain. They develop after living in a nearby cemetery.October 6, 2021Vote
‘Imagine Changing the Weather with your Mind’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a story about a woman named Sally who can change weather patterns with her mind.October 6, 2021Vote
‘An Alien Within’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a story about alien abduction of a human being.October 6, 2021Vote
‘Complete’ By Nona Ly, , A glance into the mind during its final momentsOctober 5, 2021Vote
‘Rainy Pains’ By Nona Ly, , A grasp on the aftereffects of a chaotic event.October 5, 2021Vote
‘Cuba Story’ By Victoria Hainsworth, , Romance, music, dance–with an air of mystery and danger! An inherent passion for salsa motivates Tilia to travel solo to Havana to dance with the world’s fifinest salseros in Cuba. When she loses travel documents and is locked out of her bank account, she is forced to rely on the aid of a jinetero–a street hustler–named Jorge. Will her immediate attraction and connection to him shatter her expectations of romance, adventure and self-fulfifillment? Or, will his sense of freedom forever open her eyes to a vast array of human experi- ences she never knew existed? Based on a real life travel adventure.October 5, 2021Vote
‘Times Table’ By Shareef, , Times change, people change, but do people's morals change; that's what these women will find out during their first moment of arrival at this unknown location.October 4, 2021Vote
‘Mommy, Why Is My Skin Tone Different Than Yours?’ By CJ Johnson, , Chrissy is a 6 year old girl who embarks upon a journey of seeking answers about her skin tone. After noticing that her mother, Teresa, is much lighter than she is, Chrissy is confused about her mother’s racial identity. Her mother, Teresa, educates, uplift, and bestows knowledge upon Chrissy so that she can then teach others about the beautiful term called “melanin”. Chrissy learned that there are many different shades of brown and that her melanin is indeed poppin’!October 4, 2021Vote
‘The forbidden forest ‘ By Chizu, , This story the forbidden forest is about a forest that should not be entered because no one ever returned..the people who lived right in front of that forest were to make sure that no one goes inside the forest but they failed...this story revolves around 5 university students who want to write a report on supernatural things for their assignment..they found out about this forest through a video which went viral a few years ago...they went to investigate that forest and entered it even though they were strictly told not to the old man who watches the forest..he told them that the forest was cursed..after they entered the forest a series of terrifying events start..and every one die leaving the main character kai..after going through a terrible time he finally gets a bit of hope for saving his friends...October 3, 2021Vote
‘The forbidden forest ‘ By Chizu, , This story the forbidden forest is about a forest that should not be entered because no one ever returned..the people who lived right in front of that forest were to make sure that no one goes inside the forest but they failed...this story revolves around 5 university students who want to write a report on supernatural things for their assignment..they found out about this forest through a video which went viral a few years ago...they went to investigate that forest and entered it even though they were strictly told not to the old man who watches the forest..he told them that the forest was cursed..after they entered the forest a series of terrifying events start..and every one die leaving the main character kai..after going through a terrible time he finally gets a bit of hope for saving his friends...October 3, 2021Vote
‘The Forbidden Forest ‘ By Chizu, , This story the forbidden forest is about a forest that should not be entered because no one ever returned..the people who lived right in front of that forest were to make sure that no one goes inside the forest but they failed...this story revolves around 5 university students who want to write a report on supernatural things for their assignment..they found out about this forest through a video which went viral a few years ago...they went to investigate that forest and entered it even though they were strictly told not to the old man who watches the forest..he told them that the forest was cursed..after they entered the forest a series of terrifying events start..and every one die leaving the main character kai..after going through a terrible time he finally gets a bit of hope for saving his friends...October 3, 2021Vote
‘The Message’ By Joshua Romano, , The Earth receives an indecipherable message from aliens, and nobody cares. Years later a lone computer programmer finally cracks the code and opens up a world of trouble for himself.September 30, 2021Vote
‘The Bureaucrat’ By Joshua Romano, , Fourteen years after the collapse of society, Walter Smith, Planning and Operations Section Manager, emerges from the government's bunker to bring the efficiency of government bureaucracy back to a ravaged world.September 30, 2021Vote
‘The Android’s Revenge’ By Robert Eggleton, , With the help of an android, a maltreated child plots revenge against the meanest daddy on Earth.September 29, 2021Vote
‘My Daughter Tahani’ By Anupriya Khare, , A woman's journey with her daughter Tahani.September 29, 2021Vote
‘Thank God for our mojo’ By Jojo Fraser, , This short story reminds us that our mojo is always in there, sometimes we just need to wake it up. It challenges the labels, comparisons and expectations put on us and offers a fresh perspective, giving natural tools to help release our own magic.September 28, 2021Vote
‘Maxine’ By Ike Adegboye, , A well decorated National hero seeks the enjoyment of the mundane in a time of peace. However, he faces a harrowing truth with a reminder from a distant memory.September 27, 2021Vote
‘An angel in a black dress’ By RPD, , Alice is fed up with his life, his father died when he was young and his mom was alcoholic. His mom used him as her money source. He tried to suicide multiple times but was unsuccessful. One night, he woke up by a disturbing noise of his window. He saw outside his window, a girl was flying towards him. He was shocked with the skill the girl had, she asked him to look behind him and when he turned around. He saw his body on the bed and his mouth was wide open with the piece of glass. He was dead. The angel took him to different places from court of universe to different world where different species lived. He soon chose a place where he decided to stay and a lot of truths and lies about him was discovered.September 26, 2021Vote
‘Imagination is for everyone’ By Povi-tree by LevG, , A young boy with autism tells his way of seeing the word eventhough other kids day he imagines to much.September 26, 2021Vote
‘The Queen and the Quisling’ By Faith Mcmahon, , A well known and loved princess sets off on a journey to overthrow her father from the throne and become Queen.September 24, 2021Vote
‘ethics 102’ By ajg, , A retired army interrogator, needing income for a recently opened psychology practice, takes a one-time situation interrogating his father's son, from a second marriage. The victims being the son's wife and stranger.September 24, 2021Vote
‘Madame Suzanne changes the life of Melissa’ By Keith Burkholder, , This tarot card reader is able to change Melissa's life for the better. The tarot card reader's name is Madame Suzanne.September 23, 2021Vote
‘The Person who stops aging after age 30’ By Keith Burkholder, , It is about Donna who stops age after the age of 30. She looks 30 for the rest of the time.September 23, 2021Vote
‘A New Race of Humans Now Exists after the Aftermath’ By Keith Burkholder, , After the planet dies, a new race of people take over Earth and exist there.September 23, 2021Vote
‘UFO Life Detected on Iowa Farmland’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about how a farmer detects UFO life on his farmland in Iowa.September 23, 2021Vote
‘The Mask That Transforms Him into An Earthling’ By Keith Burkholder, , This Martian transformed into an Earthling while wearing a certain mask.September 23, 2021Vote
‘Spirits that exist on the moon just outside of planet Earth’ By Keith Burkholder, , Spirits from Earth that exist on a moon just outside of planet Earth.September 23, 2021Vote
‘The Living Dead Reincarnate on planet Mars, a unique phenomenon’ By Keith Burkholder, , This story is about the dead on Earth reincarnate on planet Mars.September 23, 2021Vote
‘Zozo’ By DJ Robbins, , The Ouija board demon Zozo possesses a young girlSeptember 23, 2021Vote
‘Zozo’ By Doug Robbins, , A young girl is terribly possessed by the Ouija board demon ZozoSeptember 22, 2021Vote
‘The next galaxy and beyond in our great universe from here on out’ By Keith Burkholder, , A world that is different from our known galaxy. This is a universe that is different from our known solar system.September 22, 2021Vote
‘The superhero with powers to change someone through sight’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a superhero with powerful vision. He can change a person through sight into anything he wants to.September 22, 2021Vote
‘Men and Women on Earth who only date outsiders from other planets’ By Keith Burkholder, , It is about men and women who only date others from other worlds. They do not want to deal with people from Earth in this fashion.September 22, 2021Vote
‘The way of life that Perseus leads’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about the unique life of Perseus. It is about different adventures and chaos as well.September 22, 2021Vote
‘Loved HER and Loving HIM’ By Maricar Noveno, , Honora,a bisexual girl,love her best friend named Anavi.She love Anavi not just as friends but as her crush.Honora once confessed to Anavi even though she is still not ready because Honora can't still accept herself being a bisexual.Her parents also didn't know about it.When Honora turn 18 and have her debut,she confessed to her mother that she is a bisexual and love a girl.Her mother accepted her for that and she was so happy because finally she can love Anavi.She is ready to love someone.After a day,Honora immediately went to Anavi's House because four years have passed without ever seeing each other again.Anavi was so cold to Honora,and Anavi didn't even call Honora in their nickname "Bee and Honey".When Honora said to Anavi that finally She's ready,they can't no longer be.Honora found out that Anavi love someone who is a cheater.Honora pretend that it's okay to her but it hurts so much.Honora is always there for Anavi because they're best friend.Honora became rebound of Anavi, because it's boyfriend name "Dake" always cheat and Honora is the one who can make Anavi Happy.Until one day,Dake call Honora.It said that he is on the bar with Anavi.They can't go home because they were to drunk.Honora immediately go to the bar.But Honora only saw Dake.Anavi is not really in the bar.When Honora wants to go home,unforeseen Dake kissed Honora.Dake confessed that Honora is really her love,she just use Anavi to be close in Honora.They didn't know that Anavi is listening in Somewhere because Dake troop send pictures to Anavi.Anavi get angry to Honora and Dake.Honora wants to explained but Anavi didn't let her.After the issue, Dake always annoy Honora to love Him so Honora change her Sim card.After one day,Honora always text and call to Anavi but she didn't notice that she is sending it to a wrong number.After 2 months, Honora went to Anavi's house and she found out that calls and texts has been send in other number.She also found out that Anavi also love her from the start.Anavi said that She love Honora in the past four years but Honora is not ready so she didn't confessed until Dake came.They became really close to each other and Honora once ask permission to Anavi's Mom.Anavi's Mom said that they can't be until they graduated.After 2 years,they finally graduated so they celebrate.Anavi ask when she will meet Honora's parents but Honora can't still has a chance to said it.After they celebrate, Honora asked her mother and her mother give her permission with a condition.Honora's Mom said that she wants to meet Anavi in their house so Honora planned to take Anavi Tomorrow. Because tomorrow is their Anniversary.After that,she buy flowers for Anavi in a Flower shop and walk to Anavi's House.She call Anavi to meet her but Anavi didn't answer.Until she saw Anavi in one restaurant with it's Ex.Honora hate cheaters so she didn't let Anavi to explain and come closer to Honora.She just ran to the shore where they always meet.Until one boy, gave handkerchief and handled her an umbrella.The name of Boy is Keefe,Keefe is the one who received calls and texts.Keefe wants them to be friends.After one day, Dake visit Honora's House,Honora thought that Dake will just annoy her again but she was wrong,Dake explained that they are just having a closure.And Dake said that Anavi will go to America.Honora immediately go to the airport and found Anavi.Anavi said that she will go to America to work so she will leave Honora.Honora didn't let her but Anavi insist.Anavi said that there are few chance to go back.Honora became sad after Anavi left her so she went again to the seashore where they always meet.Keefe is in the seashore too.They talk to each other and cry.Keefe escort her to home.It said that if she wants to go together with Honora tomorrow.After a day,Keefe went to their House and Honora Can do nothing but to go.Because her parents gave permission.They spend three days going around but Honora said that Keefe can't court her because she still love Anavi.Honora is looking for a job but no one is hiring her,until one day,one company call her and she's hired.She just need to fill in the form that needed.She found out that it's Keefe.Keefe help her to find a job easily because Keefe is a Ceo.Months had passed and Keefe continue courting Honora and Honora gradually fell in love to Keefe even though she still can't move on to Anavi.They enter a relationship.They became really close to each other and They're anniversary came.Honora thought that Keefe is cheating because she saw a girl with Keefe in the fau before their Anniversary.She didn't also recieve any calls or text coming from Keefe.Honora became sad,until the midnight came.Keefe suprised her and they will go to Japan, Honora's dream destination.Before the end of their trip.Keefr proposed to Honora so Honora said yes.They go back to Philippines and live in Honora's House.They celebrate wedding engagement in tagaytay.Honora's friends found out that Anavi came back in the Philippines.Honora can't believe. After a day,they immediately Applied for the wedding.They once went to El Nido Palawan where they will be married.Honora once saw Anavi in the road and Almost can experience an accident.Keefe save Honora from accident in the road.Honora can't believe that Anavi is in El Nido Palawan but she Just ignored it because she's engaged to Keefe.Honora miss Anavi so much.After they went to El Nido Palawan,they planned for wedding.Honora said that their wedding planner is familiar but she can't remember who is it.Before the day of the wedding they disobeyed superstitions of the elderly for their wedding.,Before the hour of their Wedding.Honora talked to their wedding planner.She found out that their wedding planner is the mom of Anavi.She found out that Anavi went to America for operation,not for her work because Anavi has a heart problem.Honora was so shock,Before the sunrise came, Honora go to the island where they will be married and she saw Anavi's myday that has captioned "I love you my til death--"Honora realize that she still not ready to marry Keefe so she ran away.She went to the park where Keefe and Honora date because she saw Anavi in it's myday in front of it.After looking around,she saw Anavi running away.Honora chased Anavi until they get to Anavi's Dorm.Honora forced Anavi to talk to her.They talk for a 30 minutes but Anavi didn't let her to love her again.Anavi said that Honora don't deserve Anavi.She will just hurt her.Anavi ran away to the dorm and Honora chased her again until they get to the road.While chasing Anavi,Honora didn't notice that there is a car that will bump her.Honora got accident,and have her amnesia.Honora can't remember Keefe and only remember Anavi.Honora want to find Anavi because she thought she's the one the she really love.But she realized that Keefe is the one that she really love when her memory comes back.After she got her amnesia,she remember one memory everyday that have been forgotten.Honora request to Keefe to let her find Anavi to have a closure.At first,Keefe didn't let her but in the end, Keefe gave consent and Keefe will go together with Honora finding Anavi.After they find Anavi,they talk to have a closure.The closure ends,and Honora's heart finally is in peace.Keefe proposed again to Honora and their wedding happened.After a year,they have their house and car and lastly lord gave them a child.Our door bell rings,i found a usb in the gate.I open it in my laptop and I saw a video clip.Honora saw Anavi in the video clip.Last message of is the content of the video clip."Hey,Bee!Ahaha pasensiya na ha?Ayoko na kaseng masaktan ka pa.Alam kong napapanoood mo na to ahaha wag ka iiyak ha?IHindi ko na to masasabi Sayo ng personal kase konti na lang ang buhay ko sa mundo.Alagaan mo sarili mo ha?Mahal na mahal kita hahah pasensya na hindi ko hiniyaan ituloy pagmamahal natin dalawa.Sorry maikli lang buhay ko e masasayang lang oras mo Sakin.Wag mo ma ako hanapin ha,siguradong kabaong na lang makikita mo hahaha malala na yung sakit ko at hindi na ako magagamot.Salamat sa lahat Honey koooo.I love youu.Byeee"September 22, 2021Vote
‘A World that opens John’s mind in the basement’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is about John's life in his basement. It is about traveling in different worlds as well.September 21, 2021Vote
‘The powers of time travel in the realm of the tornado’ By Keith Burkholder, , Being able to escape a tornado by traveling in time.September 21, 2021Vote
‘Jonathan’s full and venture filled life’ By Keith Burkholder, , It is about the adventures of Jonathan as he travels through time. It is full of zest, variety and adventure.September 21, 2021Vote
‘A Tribute to The Fallen’ By ANTEROS, , A poem I wrote for the WtC 911. I am a new writer, retired EMergency Medical Technician of 24 yrs.September 21, 2021Vote
‘First Day of Schooll’ By David Weaver, , First day of first grade! Taking the roll!September 20, 2021Vote
‘It doesn’t land on Earth’ By Keith Burkholder, , Life from another world that avoids landing on Earth.September 20, 2021Vote
‘Walking on Water’ By Keith Burkholder, , People on Saturn that are able to walk on water.September 20, 2021Vote
‘An unidentified life experienced by Sarah’ By Keith Burkholder, , Sarah and her experiences with interacting with unidentified life.September 20, 2021Vote
‘A Geek on Earth who has alien contacts he communicated with in his bedroom’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a story about a teenager who is a geek and he maintains contact with alien life from other worlds.September 20, 2021Vote
‘The Universe is about to end’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is a story about the ending of the universe. It is an assumption about how it would end as well.September 20, 2021Vote
‘One Second More’ By C.C. Nannis, , When Lorenzo's tiny stalker becomes a problem at school, he wishes to the moon and back for him to go away, but after learning the story behind the action, he finds reconciliation not only with the boy, but with his own childhood demons as well.September 17, 2021Vote
‘The Drouth’ By Dennis McCurdy, , As a child I walked the furrowed fields with my grandfather. The beauty of memory is that he still walks with me.September 15, 2021Vote
‘Coyote Winter’ By TH Reed, , An old man get a visit from a coyote who enters his home through the doggy door on a cold winters night.September 15, 2021Vote
‘Sacred Light’ By Kamilah Wong, , Deep in the forest sleeps a fairy. A benevolent fairy who lights up the world around her. After seeing a child fall and cry, the fairy gifts her some of her light. But when the child returns to her town, and more and more people come to learn about the fairy. Their greed grows until they strip the fairy of all her light, eventually driving the fairy away, never to be seen again.September 14, 2021Vote
‘Sacred Light’ By Kamilah Wong, , Deep in the forest sleeps a fairy. A benevolent fairy who lights up the world around her. After seeing a child fall and cry, the fairy gifts her some of her light. But when the child returns to her town, and more and more people come to learn about the fairy. Their greed grows until they strip the fairy of all her light, eventually driving the fairy away, never to be seen again.September 14, 2021Vote
‘A Nervous Wrinkle’ By R. B. R. Verhagen, , Nicole is facing a spiral in her mental health, but her boyfriend, Joel, is not helping. When he drops her home after a failed attempt to alleviate her suicidal thoughts, she is left alone. She contemplates taking her own life and runs a hot bath to do so, but is interrupted when a fledgling bird flies into a window. She takes the bird inside and places it in a cage. In the process of accommodating the bird she forgets the bath, and ends up flooding the bathroom. Because of these distractions, Nicole falls asleep before she can do anything harmful. When she wakes, the bird has died, and her mother has returned home from night-shift. Nicole must confront the morning, which she hates, but although the blackbird has died in the night, her mother has become aware of her needs, and Nicole may not have to face the darkness alone in the future.September 14, 2021Vote
‘Mirror MIrror’ By Milton Trachtenburg, , Marianne was bright and already on a road to success except for the fact that her drug-using and abusing husband, Dan has made her life a nightmare. The road to recovery demanded that she find a way to free herself from him. She looks at herself through the mirror and tells herself what she needs to hear.September 13, 2021Vote
‘Love at a karoeke bar’ By Pranks, , While having the time of her life at a karoeke bar in Goa her eyes suddenly land on the boy she has been crushing on since her first day of office. Read ahead to find out what happens when the girl meets her crush accidently at a bar and falls in love with him all over again.September 12, 2021Vote
‘The Witch and the Prince’ By ACKal, , Oriana, an acclaimed ice witch, tries to face her trouble sleeping well, after the events of the War. However, nightmares haunt her mind each time she finds rest. The only possible solution would be a magic ingredient. One day her life shifts as she is hit by a deer in the forest. The prince finds her and takes her to his castle to treat her, and they develop a relationship the witch didn't know she needed. Through the story, she gets better, physically and mentally until she realises she doesn't need the magic ingredient which will solve all her problems.September 12, 2021Vote
‘The White Night’ By Abhishek Pandeyar, , Anurag didn't know while returning home in that dark and foggy evening that his doubts about supernatural life in the mountains of North India would be removed in such a horrific way.September 12, 2021Vote
‘The Chandler’ By Victor Rutledge, , He made candles, until the Goddess brought him a book, and then he made Magic. He would become more than a candlemaker, and perhaps more than a hero. It was all in the wax.September 11, 2021Vote
‘Defense Mechanisms’ By Keith Burkholder, , He leaves planet Earth due to anxiety because of wars and goes elsewhere to find peace.September 11, 2021Vote
‘Imagine Traveling Through Time and in Space by Use of a Computer’ By Keith Burkholder, , A person who travels through time and space via a computer.September 11, 2021Vote
‘Human Life on Planet Earth as it is’ By Keith Burkholder, , Human life as it is on planet as we know it now.September 11, 2021Vote
‘The Living Dead exploring the solar system on their own’ By Keith Burkholder, , The living dead seeing and exploring our universe on their own.September 11, 2021Vote
‘Suddenly Alien’ By Victor Rutledge, , What happens if a pacifist Alien Species is confronted with a Hostile adversary from whom they must defend themselves? They might try to find other species who can do the job, and groom them as a defense, leaving them free to exist without violence. Now consider the human race, as one of those species chosen to be a defense. How could it be done? Who would be the agent of such a conversion? Let us see.September 11, 2021Vote
‘The Honey2’ By william Jones, , Tried to get the best honey in the world during covidSeptember 10, 2021Vote
‘Tom’ By Chad Rhoads, , A writer, hitting rock bottom, finds kinship with a homeless man named Tom that people feared. Through his own journey trying to find out why he writes, he learns the truth about Tom and the river, helping him realize why he chose to write stories.September 10, 2021Vote
‘THE NEW ERA’ By Lin, , Skyla literally been trapped in her town during lock down which it is been almost a year. People is getting sick and die pretty fast caused by a so called CrA-001 (Crotonium Virus). Government declare a new rule and regulation for the screening called Biometric Hand Scanner(BHS) Test and vaccination programme for each people who has been living in the Saint Hills and Spring Hills. Skyla's mother already received the vaccine and after that day she's been hospitalized for almost 2 weeks. The doctor and nurse didn't allow her to visit her mother with lots of reasons. Everything's seems so wrong. She didn't know what had happened outside of her town. She also didn't know what actually happened with her mother in the hospital. Until that night she found something interesting. She was following the flash light and it leads her into something. Something that changed her mind. Something which telling her that everything wasn't okay all this times. Everything has crushed and burned.September 9, 2021Vote
‘Imperfect Runway to Glory’ By Florence Igboayaka, , Some of us never knew there was life outside the academia or were not so enlightened or swayed in that direction. For Isang, this was not known only until recent years. The idea had always been education, school and more school. Not knowing that outside the academia, there was another life. In this book, Isang explores her life events from Secondary School, through to College, to the University and life till date. Some may say establishing her business was an epiphany that was avoided or she was sheltered from. This book explores the options outside of academics and what can still be achieved with them. Isang’s life to date is demonstrated in these few pages and helps equip, motivate and enlighten those who may not know life outside of the school classroom setting. In a nutshell, there is more and success is a school not often taught or studied.September 9, 2021Vote
‘Passion’ By J. Cortese, , What still abides.September 9, 2021Vote
‘Suki The Little Alchemist’ By Laura A’Bell and Indie Mae, , Join Suki in the forest as she discovers a range of plants and herbs and flowers with magical properties. Learn about borage, calendula, rosemary and more magical herbs and plants and join this whimsical adventure through the Whispering Winds as Suki meets some glorious fairies who share their knowledge. Written by Laura A’Bell and her 4 year old daughter Indie-Mae, this beautiful story is complemented with exquisite illustrations from Giselle Vles. The book has been carefully crafted with recycled dusty pages and a hardcover to last for generations to come.September 9, 2021Vote
‘Cats and Dogs.’ By Barry Nelson, , In an apocalyptic world two long time enemies become unlikely allies in a struggle for survival against a menacing predator.September 8, 2021Vote
‘Desperate Times’ By Joyce, , Have you ever been in a situation where no matter what you do you can't seem to get things right. No matter how hard you try, things can't seem to go the way you want. It's like a broken glass...when you try to pick up the pieces together you end up hurting yourself. That's the story of Young Maria.September 8, 2021Vote
‘Poet by Choice’ By r.e.joyce, , A gathering of poetry and musings by an author with a divergent personality conflict. His many personalities allow him to travel across genres and pay homage to the vast array of life, love, and laughter.September 8, 2021Vote
‘An Adventure with time travel in the mix’ By Keith Burkholder, , Time travel and the adventures this person has.September 8, 2021Vote
‘The Mask That Transforms Him into An Earthling’ By Keith Burkholder, , A mask that transforms another life into an Earthling.September 8, 2021Vote
‘Earthling invited to prestigious university on Venus to present a given lecture’ By Keith Burkholder, , Person from Earth invited to give lecture at a university on planet Venus.September 8, 2021Vote
‘The Cream and its major effects over Michael’ By Keith Burkholder, , The cream he uses to increase his powers of strength.September 8, 2021Vote
‘Woods fever’ By Devon Commons, , Woods Fever is now adapted into a film and will be release this October! it tells a story of Danny, that lost his cool one night after leaving home begin disobedient to his mom. he always runs off into the woods but this time it wasn't like the last. he goes missing for two days causing his big brother Marcus, and his mother to call the cops to search for him but the cops has not found any clues of Danny in those woods at night. Marcus decided to do things in his own hands by going out to those woods of darkness to search for his little brother Danny by asking a few of his close friends to help him do so. while they all search things started to get deep and they started to discover something dark, unknown that lives within those woods that wants to imitate humans and possess them to kill for him which is his name is "Woods Fever." they all have to survive the night without becoming apart of it and survive the night while searching for Danny before all is lost.September 7, 2021Vote
‘The Riverbank.’ By Barry Nelson, , A family experiences a night of terror as they face an unknown menace emerging from their once peaceful river.September 7, 2021Vote
‘The Last Faberge” By Tim Williams, , The hunt is on to find the missing Faberge Eggs before the world is set ablaze in nuclear war.September 7, 2021Vote
‘Gavin’s form of time travel’ By Keith Burkholder, , This is the way Gavin travels in time.September 6, 2021Vote
‘ The chaos of life in space’ By Keith Burkholder, , The adventures this person goes on while in space in general.September 6, 2021Vote
‘Semen changes him to robotic in nature’ By Keith Burkholder, , His ways of turning robotic.September 6, 2021Vote
‘What if planet Earth could talk?’ By Keith Burkholder, , What would Earth say if it could talk?September 6, 2021Vote
‘Sharks!’ By VulpidN, , We live in a society where everyone loves sharks and in each house there's an aquarium now you probably think this is weird but it all started that day.September 5, 2021Vote
‘”The Sixty Niners “‘ By Big Jeff, , My high school summer adventure from the beach's of southern California through Mexico and the Yucatan peninsula across the straights to an abandoned plantation in Cuba to steal b