Something or Other Publishing is happy to announce The New Cuppa SOOP Awards!

In England, a Cuppa is the British slang word for “A cup of tea.” Nice to enjoy with friends, relax and especially, when reading a book. The Urban Dictionary defines it as “a few, or a couple of”. We think it’s the perfect term to describe the amazing new flavor Something or Other Publishing’s Wednesday SOOP Winners feature which will feature a few special winners each week – those who have earned a Cuppa SOOP Award.

Soups are delicious! Everybody loves them! Well okay, most people; but, in this case, our Cuppa SOOP recipes will contain healthy ingredients to strengthen and enrich the Authors, Readers and Service Providers beginning to understand who and what we are. So this week we’re announcing that starting in July SOOP will be announcing our Cuppa SOOP Awards each Wednesday – right here on this blog.  We’ll be giving out a variety of prizes, from Stock, Broth, and Bouillon to other exciting rewards for those creating value for others as we work together to create this revolutionary new publishing platform.

So join us in the kitchen. Our community is growing everyday and we love interacting with you. SOOP’s team is grateful for the support we have received throughout the journey, and starting next week we’ll be providing even more support to you, in the form of valuable Cuppa SOOP Awards.


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