Get Involved in SOOP’s Short Story Contest

There are four main roles in our Short Story Contest and Anthology Program:


Authors are invited to submit short stories and short nonfiction pieces to our contest. We are accepting submissions in 25 categories. To be eligible for cash prizes and publishing contracts, submissions must meet editorial standards centered around literary excellence and inclusivity and must generate a minimum of 25 votes from an author’s fan base.

Category prizes are $35, and the grand prizes (one per) in fiction and nonfiction are $250. Eligible submissions may be offered publishing contract offers at SOOP’s discretion.

Authors who are offered and who accept a publishing contract are additionally compensated via royalties.

Learn more about participating in our contest as an author here.


Scouts recruit authors to participate in our contest via their personal networks. Successful scouts are great matchmakers between contest categories and authors who are skilled in those categories. This role is especially suited for professionals in the literary field.

Learn more about becoming a scout and compensation here.


While curators are also expected to recruit authors like scouts, their primary focus is evaluating qualified submissions against our editorial standards and the curator’s vision for an eventual anthology. Curators choose the highest quality submission per 25 qualified submission “heat” as well as a second and third place. Curators are skilled at turning 20-25 diverse manuscripts into a cohesive book, offering encouragement, and bringing out the best in a story. Curators are compensated via royalties.

Learn more about becoming a curator here.


Judges review the curators’ first, second, and third place choices per heat and choose finalists and grand prize winners. This position is pro-bono but judges will be heavily promoted on our website and through our newsletters.

Learn more about becoming a judge by emailing Dave Rank, our Contest Coordinator, at [email protected]


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