1st Annual Short Story Contest

Welcome to SOOP’s first annual Short Story Contest!

We’re accepting submissions for flash fiction, short story and short non-fiction submissions in the 25 diverse literary categories listed below. There will be cash prizes and publishing contracts for the submissions that get both the most votes from readers and score highest with our panel of judges. A vote is simply a reader’s name and email, indicating interest in your submission. These contracted submissions will be published in carefully curated anthologies, similar to a 25 Servings of SOOP Volume I, with royalties for published authors.


  1. Grand Prizes – $250 for the top submission across the Fiction Categories and $250 for the top submission across the Non-Fiction Categories, plus a publishing contract offer that includes double royalties.
  2. 1st prize for each qualifying category – $50 cash prize, plus a publishing contract offer.
  3. 2nd for each qualifying category – $25 cash prize plus a publishing contract offer.
  4. 3rd for each qualifying category – Free copy of an Anthology, plus a publishing contract offer.

The Process:

  1. To enter, please complete the submissions form below. Be sure to select the correct category from the drop down menu.
  2. You will receive an email with a voting page link. Per the email, please send it out to your family members, friends, and fans and ask for votes. Each vote requires only the person’s name and email address, submitted in support of your work.
  3. Your submission must receive at least 25 votes in order for you to be eligible for prizes and/or a publishing contract offer.


  1. 10/31/20 — Fully complete submissions must be submitted and eligible by 11:59 PM CDT on October 31.
  2. 11/3/20 — Winners will be announced on November 3.

Procedures & Rules:

  1. Each story category must include at least 25 qualified submissions to guarantee an award. To qualify, a story submission must be complete, meet our minimum editorial standards, and receive at least 25 votes. SOOP may, at its discretion, issue awards to categories with fewer than the minimum qualified submissions.
  2. SOOP will, at its discretion, issue publishing contract offers to authors of submissions beyond those recognized as 1-3 in each category. SOOP typically offers contracts to less than 20 percent of the authors from whom we receive; we expect that percentage to remain consistent.
  3. Authors of submissions that we are interested in publishing, regardless of whether they win, will receive a contract offer by November 15. 
  4. Submissions that do not receive a contract offer by November 15 can be assumed to have been rejected, even if they received at least 25 votes by October 15. 

Please click here for a full list of the Rules, which the Author acknowledges as having read and agrees to by submitting to the Contest. If you are 13-17 years old and therefore ineligible to participate at this time, please fill out the linked form as we plan to launch a teenager-specific contest in the Spring.

Fiction Categories with Max Word Count:

  1. Fantasy – 5,000 words
  2. Science Fiction – 5,000 words
  3. Dystopian – 5,000 words
  4. Adventure – 3,000 words 
  5. Romance – 3,000 words 
  6. Detective & Mystery – 5,000 words
  7. Horror – 3,000 words 
  8. Thriller – 3,000 words
  9. LGBTQ+ – 3,000 words
  10. Historical Fiction – 5,000 words 
  11. Young Adult – 2,000 words
  12. Children’s Fiction – 2,000 words

Non-Fiction Categories with Max Word Count:

  1. Memoir & Autobiography – 5,000 words
  2. Biography – 3,000 words
  3. Self-help / Personal development – 3,000 words
  4. Motivational / Inspirational – 3,000 words
  5. Health & Fitness – 3,000 words
  6. History – 5,000 words 
  7. Families & Relationships – 5,000 words
  8. Humor & Entertainment – 2,000 words
  9. Business & Money – 3,000 words
  10. Religion & Spirituality – 2,000 words
  11. Politics & Social Sciences – 2,000 words
  12. Travel – 5,000 words
  13. True Crime – 5,000 words


Submit Your Short Story

  • What is the title of your short story?
  • A brief summary of your short story.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, doc, docx, rtf.
    Upload a self-proofread, self-edited copy of your Short Story / Contribution.
  • Please select Genre for your Short Stroy
  • Please provide the name of one indie bookstore in your region that may be interested in carrying copies of an anthology should you be published in it.
  • Please provide the names of the first twenty people who would buy copies of an anthology should you be published in it.
  • Please provide the name of someone who may be willing to write a positive Amazon review for the anthology should you be published in it.
  • What is your email address?
  • Please provide your first and last names.
  • You may view the Anthology Program Terms and Conditions at: https://soopllc.com/anthology-program-terms/



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