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We wanted to share with you one of the video clips about our Author Anne Marie Waters’ book “Beyond Terror”

Western democratic societies are built on an open exchange of ideas. In recent decades, however, all criticism of one particular topic has been so consistently labeled as ‘racism’ or ‘hate’ effectively sabotaging any dialogue on this topic and making it nearly impossible for the truth to emerge. Anne Marie Waters, a British politician, did the unthinkable.

She spoke out, publicly, on the topic of Islam, and having started in the liberal Labour Party (UK) is now mischaracterized as belonging to the extreme right.

Beyond Terror addresses Orwellian nature of this problem, laying out the facts about Islam’s concerted and shocking efforts to undermine the fabric of Western Civilization, and how this broad movement, affecting every Western nation, is being aided and abetted by liberal political parties.

This book seeks not to attack an enemy, rather to inform the populations of nations already under attack, to enable a wider discussion about immigration from the non-Western world, the teachings of the religion of Islam, and the collusion of far-left groups with Islamists and jihadists.

This book 

An Honest, Brave Exposé” – by: RMWALKER

The above statement is one of the many 5 STAR ratings on Amazon. Here is the rest of the comment:

I find this book merits five stars, although I as yet have completed reading only half of it. I have read ever since 911 about two-dozen books disputing the claim that Islam is a religion of peace. (See Oriana Fallaci’s books, as well as Bat Ye’or’s, and Robert C. Davis’s Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters, for example.) Anne Marie Waters’ book ranks among the best. It is thorough and well written. She provides many examples of Islam’s insidious infiltration into Western culture’s public school systems. Her work is unique in that it addresses the widespread prejudice and discrimination against persons slandered as “racist” and “Islamophobic,” i.e., white people who offer fair-minded criticisms of totalitarian regimes. I sincerely recommend adding this book to your library.

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