Become a Submissions Scout

We’re pleased that you are thinking about joining our team as a Something Or Other Publishing (SOOP) Submissions Scout! Your work will be vital; we are an author-driven publishing platform. You will help new authors get published and bring new books to life.

As a SOOP Submissions Scout – you will:

• Find authors to submit a story in one (or more) of our 25 genres. Fiction or Non-fiction – any
story should be able to fit into at least one of our categories. These are never-before published
works that will not only be considered for one of our anthologies, program titles but could get the
author into our writer’s contest and eligible to win cash prizes!

What do you get in return?

• You will receive $10 for each QUALIFIED entry. That means an author-submitted story that meets the minimum editorial standards and gets at least 25 votes. The story will then be reviewed to determine if it will move on to being
published in an anthology.
• When that story is published, you also earn 0.25% of the book royalties.

How do you find people?
• Look in writing groups, author groups and self-publishing groups.
• Look on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, keeping an eye out for such things as hashtags for
“author”, “writer”, or “ghost writer”.
• Change your LinkedIn profile, calling yourself a “Submissions Scout”, and people will start reaching
out to you.
• Post about SOOP’s contest.

What does SOOP Need from you?
• Your name, as you want it displayed for the referral tab.
• Your PayPal email, so we can pay you.
• Your energy and eagerness to earn money as you help bring talented writers into our network!

Please email us at [email protected] to become a Submissions Scout.


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