“Transcending the Wackadoodle” by Cinda Lawrence

Life – every life — is a “wackadoodle” – a mish-mash of random and not-so-random ups and downs, ins and outs, bumps and curves, nooks and crannies, farts and whistles, miracles and mistakes, dreams and dragons. It is all so much of a wackadoodle that the human brain (that small part we use) can hardly comprehend how to navigate the complexity and insanity of it all.

I realized over the past few years that the only way I would survive and prosper in this crazy wackadoodle world was to learn how to “transcend” the wackadoodle….to transcend it, laugh at it, embrace it and love it with everything that’s in me.​

Hence, my book: Transcending the Wackadoodle.

“Transcending the Wackadoodle” is a collection of non-fiction essays about the experience of being alive and how to transcend the wackadoodle we each experience each day of our lives.

The book is divided into three chapters:

• “Emotion: Feelings About Feelings”
• “Communication: Words About Words”
• “The Mirror: Reflections on Reflection”

Each essay falls into one of the above categories and is written with the objective of illuminating the reader’s mind and touching the heart with the simple, but often neglected message, “I care, I wonder, and I understand”. By communicating this message, the essays within will help the reader to access the necessary internal tools for “transcending the wackadoodle” of this beautiful, painful, confusing and mysterious experience of being alive.

“Transcending the Wackadoodle” is an accessible book not only in the way it expresses how each of us may heal ourselves and each other.

Transcending the Wackadoodle
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My desire is to guide the reader on how to access the tools each of us has inside our heart and mind that can help us to transcend the wackadoodle of this life — by restoring once again the beauty and wonder of what so many of us have lost; by recognizing the simple magnificence of breathing in and out.

My journey, whether I win or lose the daily battles or the whole struggle, is to transcend and transport my mind and spirit – and my fellow humans – to a place beyond the wackadoodle…. to the land of Transcendence.



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