‘The Synchronicity Of Coincidence part 1’ by Alan Greer

My book goes through my life’s experiences (48 years) from growing up in Glasgow, with a very bad education through to moving to Aberdeen, then New Zealand, eventually ending up in the south east of England.

My journey shows the Synchronicity of how many events, which at the time, seem random are indeed all connected, Teaching me , what’s for you, won’t go by you.

During my journey, I was the victim of an unprovoked attempted murder attack, I had been stabbed by a stranger, causing me to died briefly, during which time I was shown something which caused me great upset, especially as a practicing Christian, believing it to be random memories from my past, until I found the very place I was shown, it actually existed, this let me some 19 years later to take a trip to the heart of the Peruvian rainforest in order to partake in 9 of the well known Ayahuasca (plant medicine) ceremony.

This was because of the link regarding our bodies realising large amounts of DMT as we are dying and ayahuasca giving us a large amount of DMT, in order to better understand what I had been shown and why.

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