‘Spontaneity’ By Marilyn Stephan

I met a guy along the beach who claimed that he could write a story based on spontaneous content. If I gave him a topic then, he could turn into a story.
Well, I wanted to test his claim. So, I suggested a knotty piece of driftwood as a topic. He took out his pad and pencil and began to scribble.

“As I was walking along a beach. I noticed a piece of driftwood had recently washed ashore. Just laying there and slightly moistened by the morning dew.
I approached the driftwood curiously. I studied it for a moment. All at once it hit me to turn it over. Beneath it I saw a sea urchin, a couple of snails and a strip of kelp.
I thought how intriguing was this discovery. The snails were alive. The kelp held moisture as it laid entangled on the driftwood and the sea urchin was balled up like a scared porcupine.
I thought I would take a few pictures and send them home to family and friends who had never stepped foot on a beach.
I twirled the driftwood around to it’s side. There was a hallowing that had been naturally forged by it’s seaward travels.
I peered into the hole. I gazed my eyes upon an octopus. This driftwood was teaming with life. I decided to lay it back down on the wet sand for another to discover.

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