‘A look into the writer’s mind’ by The Outsider

Let’s first start off by saying, I am not writer myself but I have found a love for the writer’s mind. Writing may be one of the hardest and time consuming things you could do. One can not pick up a pen and paper and become a writer. There is so much thought that goes into the littlest of details. From the stitching on a chair to the smells in the air. Sadly I have not met a happy writer or a writer who hasn’t gone through hell, for that matter. A writer’s mind is disturbing and I don’t mean that in a rude way. It’s dark a brooding but it comes with a gift. The gift to make a world that you would fall in love with. A writer’s goal is to make a world that they wished to join and escape from their own. What separates us from the writer is their amazing second view. Things we see in a day to day bases is totally different for a writer. They can put everything they see into a masterpieces. But there is a price to pay to being a writer. They my open up in a book but not in person. They fear their own minds. They fear it might be too much for another person. Someone close to me said “Having a writer’s mind is painful. You see ever-thing on another level and it gets confusing and sometimes too much to handle.”

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