‘Keys to the Kingdom’ by Glenn Griffiths

Kingdom Wars
Wars for the Kingdom
Keys to the Kingdom

Take history and events leading up to current events and put them into a story people Will understand. Similar to how the “Lion Wich and thé Wardrobe was compiled” by C.S. Lewis.

Write the story as historically correct but change the names etc to be fantasy sci-fi characters whereas readers may find the characters and storyline more acceptable and understandable.


Liberals or the Left = the Sodgorrians after Soddom and Gomorrah. A stealthy cult whose members secretly infiltrate societies and governments throughout time.  A godless and faithless group whose sole purpose is instant gratification, wealth, power, and stomping out any belief in a higher power other than them. A perverted group bent on one world domination.  With no moral compass and beliefs in human sacrifice and pedophile rings, this group is bad.

Islam = The Dark Ones
Nazis= Zenonittes
Patriots= Bright Star People

Throughout thé Millenias thé battles between good and evil waged. Thé wars between darkness and light. Two epic confrontations had already ensued.

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