‘Alien Ways’ By David J. Rank

Alien Ways is a 99,000-word novel set in 2155 on Tierra, formerly called Earth, the hub of intergalactic organic intoxicants trade.

Forced from a career with the United Nations of Tierra’s Bureau of Alien Affairs, Darci Salazar is reduced to petty consulting jobs for drug-addled alien tourists in the Chicago Polity of the Great Lakes Amalgam LLP, a surviving political entity following a century of wars, mass migrations, plagues, famines, and redefined national borders because of rising sea levels and a warming climate.

A royal Kh Ktian, Lady T’Chk, hires Darci to find her stolen husbands. Darci accepts, seeing it as an opportunity to keep a roof over her head and postpone accepting a job with a secretive interstellar security firm she despises because of its brutal militia practices.

The search for the alien’s husbands leads Darci into Tierra’s lucrative underground sex trade, Luna’s spaceport ILSA—where she must ask her estranged father for assistance—alien embassies, interplanetary corporations, and onto the trail of a prolific serial killer secretly tied to an intergalactic conspiracy she must stop before it leads to interstellar war.

This unpublished novel was selected as a semifinalist in the 2019 Screencraft Cinematic Book Competition, finishing in the top 10 percent of entries, both published and unpublished.

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