Something Or Other Publishing Releases Anthology of Women-Centric Stories

MADISON, WI – Something Or Other Publishing is proud to announce the release of the next entry in their renowned anthology series, “Women Write Now: Women in Trauma,” a collection of personal stories of trauma and recovery from women around the world.  

Curated by Best-selling Author and Editor of SPEAK Magazine Edna J. White, who contributed her own piece “Layers of Me” to the project, “Women Write Now” compiles the experiences of several writers, professors, artists, and mothers through their tales of survival and empowerment after life-altering events of violence and domestic abuse.

“I wanted to share my story during these uncertain times to help others suffering from PTSD,” White wrote about crafting her addition to the book. “By sharing these aspects of my life, I hope to encourage others to never give up on themselves.”

Featuring the work of established poets and storytellers such as Gretchen Mayer-Yeh and Alexandra Vigue alongside new voices coming forward to share their narratives for the first time, the anthology aims to elevate these challenging but inspiring episodes so that they may reach the hands of educators and women of all ages who will find empathetic perspectives on them.

While the subjects discussed throughout the pieces in the collection are often seen as taboo and disturbing, “Women Write Now”  pays particular attention to the healing mechanisms its authors have developed to cope, along with their efforts to create a healthy dialogue to discuss them.

“Growing up, I experienced domestic abuse and substance abuse up close with someone I loved deeply, and that has changed who I am and always will be,” wrote the author of the memoir “Once Upon a Pink Balloon,” Laura Marlene Harper. “This story gives a raw look at what these situations are like, in the hope to eliminate shame and taboo surrounding the telling of such stories of trauma and recovery.”

Although a continuous effort to empower and enact change to improve the quality of life of women everywhere ties the anthology together, the many experiences these brave writers shared come through a multitude of different artistic visions that include memoirs, poetry, and a slice of life, and experimental, non-linear narrative. 

Mimicking the issues handled in the anthology, the edition is adorned with the designs of artists Veronica Coello and Dragan Bilic, who envisioned a cover art that imitates a blooming flower, representing the birth of a better self, and uses vibrant reds and pinks that allude to the historical struggle for women’s equality and the fight against breast cancer.    

SOOP is thrilled to bring this selection of influential feminist texts to audiences in need of tales of survivorship and wishes that they serve as tools of empowerment and self-help for those experiences in their challenges and struggles, believing firmly that an honest and empathetic viewpoint can be a cathartic aid in the way to recovery and happiness. 

“Women Write Now: Women in Trauma” is available on Amazon, SOOP and mainstream outlets.


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