Women Write Now: Women in Trauma

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Women Write Now: Women in Trauma is an anthology of personal stories and poetry exploring trauma and recovery from women around the world. This anthology focuses on a collection of pieces contributed by women of all ages, backgrounds, situations, and experiences and supports them as they process trauma and show true resiliency through creative empowerment.

This is the newest anthology from Something Or Other Publishing and seeks to support these women as they grow their readership and tell their stories. Anthologies from SOOP have been increasingly successful, garnering excellent reviews and critical acclaim.

Once Upon a Pink Balloon by Laura Harper
The Body Remembers by Alexandra Vigue
Pain, Death, and a Horse by Gretchen Mayer-Yeh
Turning Pain Into Power by Julie Bilotta
Finding Purpose Again by Liz Reeder
Down for the Ride by Rylie Rockwell
Through It All by Catherine Athieno
You Might Eat Organic, but You’re Still Full of Baloney by Alia Luria
Okay by Ashlyn Inman
Selected Poems from Gathering Broken Light by Heather Lang-Cassera
Becoming Me – From Vulnerability and Fear to Strength and Resilience by Jenny Rortvedt
A Recovery Story in Several Parts by Lindsey Zelvin
Layers of Me by Edna J. White
The Wow Factor by Lakisha Wilson
Dual Diagnosis by T Nicole Cirone
Not All Love Can by Amanda Stevens-Loper
Rebel by Nature (and Probably Nurture): a Story of a Mental Health Therapist by Terri Parke
How to Process Feelings in an Abusive Relationship by Gurpreet Dhariwal
Following the Current by Giana Hesterberg
Poems I Wrote to the Beach by Salome Solomon

About the Author

SOOP’s Author-Driven Book publishing model is revolutionary. It combines the best elements of both traditional and independent publishing while taking advantage of social media and crowd sourcing. Our authors control the process of platform building, contracting, and development, and they earn higher royalties than with other publishing houses. We call this new model author driven publishing, and it’s all about educating and empowering authors to realize their own goals of success.

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4 reviews for Women Write Now: Women in Trauma

  1. Terri Parke

    As I was able to read through ‘Okay’, I became really interested to see what would happen and how she would recover from her trauma.
    I really enjoyed the pacing and how it is written

  2. Leticia Turner

    I really enjoyed reading ‘Down For The Ride’. It’s something I would read for my own leisure time. The plot is well thought out, the story line flows smoothly, and there’s an element to mental health relating to seemingly supernatural experiences that is enthralling.

  3. Michael A. Cultrera

    I had the time to read the Kindle version of [Down For The Ride] and it was very powerful. I can relate to the panic attack and aspects of bipolar very closely. I was also able to feel the emotions of panic and and disbelief as I read about Kraig’s passing. [The author’s] writing is vibrant (if that is the right word) and it takes you places.

  4. Valeria Reyna

    Some of these aren’t actual traumas and should not be marketed as such. The editor of this book should not have allowed some of these “traumas” to be published to fill a book and make sales. If some of these women knew what real traumas were, but I guess the title sells.

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